Spilling Rice in the Kitchen: Spiritual Meaning

According to popular belief, spilling rice in the kitchen or any other food can bring bad luck, this can even be true when we are talking about coffee, salt or sugar. But rice is different, it means happiness.

In the old days at weddings, it was common for guests to throw rice at the bride and groom, because it meant prosperity, abundance and happiness, so I’m going to go ahead, if you spilled rice in your kitchen, there’s nothing to worry about. See below a little more about it!

Meanings of spilling rice in the kitchen:

If you wake up excited in the morning, you believe that the whole day will be a success, until you go to prepare your lunch and that’s it, all the rice ends up on the floor… 

Skeptics believe there is nothing mystical about it.

But, if you believe in spiritual meanings, you can believe that your day will still be a success, because what looks like a “disaster” will bring luck, joy, prosperity, abundance and lots of good news for the next few days.

You will get a lot of money. So don’t complain the next time something like this happens to you. Something great is coming to your life.

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