Prayer Blessed Be Thy Purity (Roman Catholics)

Prayer Blessed Be Thy Purity (Roman Catholics)

There are not many prayers to the Virgin that have had as much support in popular devotion as Blessed Be your Purity. After the Hail Mary that gathers the praise of God for the words of the Angel, this prayer expresses the honest, pious and modest praise of those who enthusiastically recognize the beauty of Mary’s soul. You will learn more about this prayer below.

Prayer Blessed be your Purity – Meaning

The fervor for the Virgin Mary can be found in any corner of the planet. And it is that the Mother of the Lord is a beacon of light for all Christians. Under her affectionate mantle we find ourselves protected and we have the power to face any kind of problem. The prayer Blessed be your Purity is a brief prayer of authentic Marian devotion.

Few lines that nevertheless shelter a lot. Adoration for Our Lady, the one who cares for every human being at all times. It reflects the devotion to a divine being that illuminates our lives. The mother that we all adore and without whom we would not understand our lives.

Prayer Blessed be your Purity

Blessed be your purity and forever be,
for a whole God rejoices, in such pleasant beauty.
To you divine princess, Blessed Virgin Mary,
I entrust you on this day, soul, existence and heart.
Contemplate me with pity, do not abandon me, my Mother.

Creation of the Prayer Blessed Be Your Purity

As is often the case with many religious prayers, their origin is diluted over the centuries. According to tradition, the person who wrote it was a poet from Seville of the 16th-17th century. He is not one of those with a great reputation, but a being of faith who wrote poems to survive. However, the fervor he felt for the Mother of God enabled him to write a prayer that would go far, both in his time and in his best dreams.

There is no evidence of the poet’s name. Perhaps he himself had decided to eliminate it so that only what was truly important would remain, the devotional prayer to the Mother of God. It is also ignored if the text was longer. In certain versions, a last verse can be found after “do not abandon me, my mother”, which should be continued by “die without confession in the last anguish”.

Meaning of the Prayer Blessed be your Purity

Purity is an affirmative virtue consecrated by the Lord. With it, the candor of the soul is expressed and it enables human beings who possess it to approach heaven. It exalts and spiritualizes. If we add this to the Mother of God, her merit increases unstoppably. The Virgin is all innocence. She was begotten without blemish and from her the Lord was born.

There are no shadows in Her, as there are among men. By calling her Holy Virgin Mary we refer to the fact that Jesus, the Redeemer, came from her. She symbolizes the temple of God, the divine place in which Jesus exhibits his love.

When the prayer Blessed Be your Purity says look at me with mercy, pray to the Virgin for compassion. Her author knew that being the supreme mother, the one who never forgets us, her request will never fall on deaf ears. The prayer Blessed Be Your Purity is a devotional prayer to the Mother of the Lord, believed to have been composed by an unsuccessful 16th-17th century poet.

Blessed Be Your Purity: The Simplicity of a Marian Prayer

To extol Mary in her Immaculate Conception, I wish to share with you a beautiful prayer, which surely many of you will not only remember but also pray frequently. All of it is a praise to the Mother of God and our Mother, but it is also a manifestation of the desires of our hearts, as well as a filial request for protection. I’m talking about Blessed Be your Purity.

It begins with saying “Blessed” which is a kind entrance to reach the heart of Mary. This is usually a spontaneous ingenuity of those who adore her Son: like that woman in the Gospel, we all have to call her Mother Blessed. It is usual that we do so, since the Blessed Virgin is the one who best shapes, after the Son, the beatitudes. It is pointed out that they are the self-portrait of Jesus; so, they equally perfectly portray the life of Mary. That is why it is very pertinent and natural to greet her as “blessed”.

“Let your purity be and forever be.” We thus enter the soul of Mary, and with fascination, and perhaps also nostalgia on our side, we extol the purity of her heart throughout the course of her existence. We contemplate in her her “full of grace” from her Immaculate Conception, also in the Incarnation, next to the cross and in her maternity over the Church.

With the adoration of children we point to him as the archangel Gabriel: “you have obtained grace before the Lord”. We have admired her since the eternal choice of the Lord to be the instrument of the arrival on earth of the Incarnate Word and we have contemplated her in eternity, ascended to heaven in body and soul. And we thank you that all this has happened with your “yes” to the Lord in our favor.

“For all a God rejoices in such pleasing beauty.” The look of the Lord is shown forever fascinated by Mary, and in her, her modest slave, he does immense things to make her beautiful. Since the beauty of Mary is found in the love that she obtains from God. The Father beautifies the heart and the mother’s breast of the Word that became flesh and lived among us, so that the beauty of God’s love reaches all men.

“To you divine princess”. To “you”, we say observing her blessed face, we address the Virgin with a deep and filial trust, to the extent that we say: “Divine princess”. With great admiration for her we relate her to the family of the Sovereign: she is the daughter of the Lord Father, mother of the Lord Son and wife of the Holy Spirit.

It has occurred to us to call her princess, in the same way that on other occasions we call her queen. She is the same, what matters is that we know that she is part of the most intimate family of God, that divine “blood” flows through her soul. She, who first among all of us has been deified by the incarnation of the Son, who became a man so that man may become a son of God.

“Blessed Virgin Mary”. Her bosom is the blessed altar of Jesus, the Redeemer, just as her heart is, in which we will always find ourselves with her Son. Mary’s is a virgin breast for a virgin birth: “Blessed Virgin.”

Mary is the blessed sanctuary of God, the site of his presence, bearer of love, sacred place in which the Lord shows himself loving and redeeming. “Maria” is the name of the unique human creature and that cannot be repeated. “Mary” is the woman who “among all of them”, in the entire human family, is chosen, is summoned and is enlisted by divine purposes for an existence intimately linked to the saving mystery of her Son.

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