The holy white death and its mooring prayers

The holy white death and its mooring prayers

You are looking for prayers to the holy white death , you came to the right place stay in this post as we are going to describe prayers dedicated to the white death in any situation, as well as ties for that loved one we want by our side and many times It is very complicated for us.

Prayers to the holy white death

The holy white death or as it is also affectionately known the white girl is a highly popular figure in Mexico, a figure that thousands of men and women pay tribute to, venerating and adoring her, currently the cult of the holy death has spread throughout all over the world, this due to the large number of migrants scattered around the world who have brought their cultures and beliefs to other countries.

There are many people who, through prayer, go to the holy white death, to ask her for a favor in any situation they are experiencing, and with all the fervor and confidence they have in her, they pray confidently and hoping that she will listen to them and He will heed your call and you will know that favor that you long for. Next, we will describe some prayers dedicated to her:

God father almighty creator of heaven and earth of everything visible and invisible, Lord we ask permission to invoke the holy death my white girl, my wonderful rose.

Holy death, holy death, holy death, we ask you to come to us and join us in the joy we feel when we are with you, my white girl, my wonderful rose, guide us on the right path and protect us from all evil.

Holy death, holy death, holy death, come, we ask you, our lady, to venerate you and let you feel, and fill us with joy because by being with us you give us protection and above all we fear because with the virtues you possess we will be able to overcome all obstacles, Blessed death of my heart do not abandon us and give us your protection.

Holy death, come we ask you from our hearts, thank you, thank you, thank you, holy death for being with us and in the name of God the almighty father we offer you and pray the following novena of prayers, thank you white girl, thank you wonderful rose for your stay with us blessed be”.

Blessed death, we appreciate your spiritual stay with us and we thank you infinitely for listening to us and we appreciate your protection that you give us and we ask you to come every time you are invoked by us or someone of us needs you, my white girl, we thank you Blessed be the most holy death, thank you for granting us this great time of joy.

Thank you holy death, thank you wonderful rose, thank you white girl.Amen.

for protection

Holy white death on this day I come before you, to invoke your presence so that in this way you come to my aid, I already have time requesting help and protection for myself (say your name) since I feel very vulnerable. Blessed death, my white girl, take care of my being.

I ask you, my white girl, to protect me from all the envy that surrounds me and that can damage my soul, Lord deliver me and keep away from me all those hidden enemies who only wish me ill and also deliver me from capricious destiny. I implore you to take care of my body, my mind and spirit, help me to stay whole (o) and whole (o) to give my love to all my loved ones.

Blessed and beloved white girl help me to get out of my mind all those problems that torment me day and night, I also ask you to help me eliminate from my soul the feelings that hurt me so much and remove from the path the stones with which can trip. I also ask you to break the blindfold on my eyes that makes me stay in the dark.

Oh most holy before you I come to ask you for total protection, just as I also come to ask your forgiveness if at any time I have offended or failed you with all the intention. In this way I also ask you for (say the name of a special person) so that you also take care of her like me.

Prayer for love to the holy white death

Oh, Santísima Muerte, love has knocked on my door, but dear Santa Muerte, she has behaved capriciously with me, I find myself dejected (o) because I love and I am not reciprocated (o). The suffering of impotence seizes me when I see that I do not have in my hands the solution to my problem.

I beg you with great sadness to listen to my prayer, I hope you listen and feel how my being beats when my white girl is speaking, the person I want is an impossible love, but I want the miracle of having her by my side to happen, that becomes possible that’s why I come to you, who are kind and miraculous.

I want that person to become my partner and be reciprocated (or) with all his love, I will be grateful to you and with him or her I am a faithful believer of your creed. I will beg you for the necessary time so that my request is fulfilled while I wait, I will prove my loyalty by giving my offerings for a long time for you my dear Santísima Muerte.

Oh, White Sister, I trust you and I put all my faith in you, I hope you listen to me and fulfill my wish. So be it. Amen.

for strong problems

 Holy death today I kneel before you, to ask you to listen is very brief, but with great prayer value before the need that torments me so much. I am here prostrate (or) before your presence to ask you to listen to my pleas before this favor that I need so much goddess of my heart do not abandon me.

(Ask with great faith for the problem you have so that it can be solved)

Oh my white girl, with all my heart I ask you not to forsake and come help me in such a situation with the great power that God gave you to solve the problems of mortals. My holy white death bless me always and have mercy on me and my need (repeat what you want).

I beg you for everything I am going through, never forsake me my girl, always bless me and all the people who surround me and love me, that they learn to love themselves, and together we enjoy a world full of love, joy and happiness. harmony.

Blessed are you forever.Amen.

(Repeat 3 Times)

Love tie with the white death

You want to tie that loved one to you that you want so much by your side and that for some reason does not correspond to your feelings towards him or her, do not worry that the mooring that we will describe below is very effective, you just have to do it with great faith and do all the steps to the letter, and you will see how the holy white death grants you what you want so much that man or woman you want so much will come to you irremediably loving you and just wanting to be by your side:

The materials to use 

  • photo of the person you want to tie
  • your photo
  • Image of the white holy death
  • Honey
  • A needle
  • red candle
  • Lighter or matches

Step to follow

The first thing you should keep in mind before starting the mooring is that you should do it in a quiet place without interruptions. To begin, you will take the red candle and with the needle in the entire candle you will write the full name of that person you want to tie to your life.

Then you are going to light the candle, then you are going to take both photos and you are going to place them one in front of the other, that is, they must be face to face. Both photos you are going to dip in the honey must be completely covered.

After you have both photos completely covered with honey, you are going to place them in a glass or container and on it, they will proceed to place the image of the white holy death and you must say the following with a clear and death voice:

Ardent affection and great passion I feel for you (say your name) and from this moment when I finish this prayer these same feelings will be in your mind and heart towards me (say your name).

From this precise moment both your feelings and your thoughts can only be controlled by me, both your mind and your thoughts are subject to the influence of the holy white death.

I call you, I need you, I order you to come look for me and to arrive before me bowed down. Showing all the love you feel for me.

(Say his name one more time) You are going to come surrendered (a) at my feet and in this way fulfill all my wishes and whims.

Lady of the night, dominant lady of the entire universe and earthly energies, I ask you to influence and dominate the mind of (repeat her name again). Dominant lady, your most holy white death, bring it to me already among me totally dominated.

so be it so it will be amen

Once you have finished with the prayer, you are going to place the candle in front of the glass or recent giving you the photos submerged in the honey, you are going to let the candle be completely consumed, when it is completely consumed, you will proceed to take all the ritual materials and You are going to find out in your garden and in this way you will see how this person comes to bend at your feet faster than you expect.

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