Holy death, prayers for protection

Holy death, prayers for protection

In this post you can find prayers to Holy Death for protection , through which you can ask Holy Death for her protection, to keep away from you and all your loved ones any evil or damage that surrounds them. Be sure to read the post that may be of interest to you.

Prayers to Santa Muerte for Protection

The veneration and devotion to the holy death, the bony one, the white girl or an endless number of names that her faithful believers have affectionately attributed to her is immense, mainly it could be said that the holy death was a cult only of the Mexicans however In recent times, beliefs towards her have spread to many more countries, in this way there are thousands of people who come to her to request a favor that is urgently needed or simply to request her grace and protection for them and theirs. .

Most of your faithful devotees or believers in exchange for your received favors or your protection usually offer you something as a form of thanks, but it is important to note that if you offer something to you, it must be that it depends directly on you and that it is not difficult for you. comply because in this way he would be failing the holy death in the face of the promised offering, and it should be known that if the promise is not fulfilled, he can take revenge for such an act of irresponsibility.

So if you want to request a favor from the bony one and in exchange you are planning to promise an offering, it is good that you think very well about what you are going to offer and, in this way, that you can fulfill it as promised. If you are looking for protection from the white girl, then we are going to describe a series of prayers that will help you invoke her to beg for your protection and that of your loved ones, just remember to do it with a lot of faith, trust and devotion towards her and you will see that she fulfills you. :

My Dear Holy Death, My Adored Black Girl,
Thanking you so much for everything you do, have done and continue to do for me, I ask you to light my path and remove all aggression, obstacles and limits from my path, so that I can continue to progress freely towards happiness and prosperity. I especially beg you, Boney Girl of my heart, not to allow anyone or anything to harm me, and to show whoever may try to harm me in any way what happens when someone dares to threaten a son, protected and protector of La Patrona .
Please make my enemies desist from being enemies, and if they insist on being enemies, before they can even try to do something against me, they feel in their skin and in their lives ten times the damage they want to do to me.
I ask you this, my Blessed Death of my life, giving you my absolute devotion.
So be it, with your blessing. Stay with me and always have me with you.

Accompany the prayer with three our fathers, in this way to pray the prayer you can light a black candle as well as three sticks of some incense of the aroma of your choice in this way you must light a cigarette of the brand of your choice which must be offered to the bony girl as it is affectionately known, our holy death.

In this way you can also offer the bony girl some sweet bread, a glass of some good tequila, a glass of water or a black flower or the darkest color that you can find where you buy it.

Prayer for protection from enemies

Oh my bony today I acclaim you and I come before you, to ask for your help please abandon me do not leave me alone, go to this desperate call that I make you my white girl I need your collaboration now, tomorrow and always, I need your will for life, for my life is your will.

In those stormy days where I can’t see that ray of the sun in the eternities, I know that you are there to give me protection and keep away all those bad enemies who only seek to harm me from my path and in this way you will always offer me your holiness, precious mother, always bringing happiness to us your children and dispelling our problems, through your divine actions.

Blessed death today more than anything I ask you for me here and now, I beg you my white girl to spill on me and all my loved ones both friends and family, your protection and care. Always protect us, my queen, keep away from our paths all those evil and envious people who only seek to harm us and do us harm, help us to be worthy of your vigil, holy mother, repel and keep as far away as possible everything that comes to harm and destroy , allows you to live in peace.

Being sure that you, Our Holy Death, will always be covering us with an aura of protection, the one that will drive away all the bad guys and their works that will keep us away from their malicious toxic will, our pure soul is under your care, my beloved and holy mother, protect my being, and that of your beloved children.

so be it so it will be Amen

Holy death prayer protection and luck

Oh my white girl, you are great, you are powerful, glorious Santa Muerte, you who are a faithful companion and friend, I ask you to always accompany me on the path of my life, never to abandon me, help me to choose well who I can trust with my life. I also ask you not to abandon me in difficult moments that I may be facing in my life and I hope with all my heart, to be able to have the blessing and the privilege of seeing you on the last day of my life.

You who more than anyone know all those secrets of fortune and good luck I ask you with all my heart to allow both to revolve around me with all force and naturalness in this way my life is always filled with luck prosperity but above all your divine protection my bony.

I beg you to allow me to be able to participate in your great powers and for me, I ask you to fill my life with good luck, abundance, prosperity and above all with a great divine protection that no one who wants to harm me can ever break it because you are great and powerful my beloved girl.

Your altar will witness the correspondence that I will have for you, possessor of the great secrets of luck and fortune. Move away powerful holy death with your breath and will. All those threats and dangers that hang over me, banish misfortune so that the brightness that your light confers, reaches those who need it.

Provide me with good luck, in chance and business, may fortune show up at my door, and may abundance and prosperity reign in my house. I will thank you with offerings and you will have my fidelity forever. Thank you faithful friend and colleague.

So be it so be it so it shall be amen.

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