10 Signs Your Angel Uses to Communicate With You

Many times we want signs from the spiritual world and we wonder how to make our angel communicate with us, tell us which way to go or how to comfort us from a great sadness or difficult situation, we are frustrated by remaining blind or deaf to our requests, we start to feel, ignored, forgotten.

This feeling is not real, our angels are constantly sending us messages, all the time. But the intense vibrations that our daily lives have make us live distracted and we often ignore them and become blind and deaf to their attempts to communicate a message.

Signs always have to do with our 5 senses, you can perceive them with sight, smell, touch, hearing and even taste. The angels occupy all of our senses to try to find a link between us that we can strengthen with time and constant work.

In this article, we are going to tell you 10 signs that your angels and archangels use to communicate with you, some are very subtle, others are really evident. Check out!

1. Presence of feathers in your path

Did you find a feather on your way? This is one of the most obvious and clear signs of an angelic presence, especially if your feather is white or gray.

When you see a white feather it means that you are on your way and that things are going well or if you are in a bad moment, it is a sign that soon everything will start to get better, a message of hope and good luck from your guardian angel.

If the feather is gray it means that you should be careful, you are probably going through a turbulent time or you are about to make a wrong decision, which will probably bring you problems, it is a way of indicating a care so that you stay on the right path or return to your destination if you are moving away from it.

If it is a brown feather , it is a warning sign indicating that you are not making a clear decision, your mind or thoughts are clouded by low vibrations that will give you a bad outcome in your life, it is a primary sign of protection from your angel. .

2. Bell sounds 

We often immerse ourselves in our thoughts, in something that overwhelms us, a trip or a plan that we are deciding to do, some things that present us with uncertainty or fear.

If at these moments you suddenly hear a bell ringing in your thoughts or even on the radio or sound in the street, it is a way for your angel to indicate that he agrees with you in your thoughts and that what you are doing is correct, think, in a few words, it means that everything will be fine, that you are walking your path, your destiny and your mission in this life.

3. Numerical series

Angels often communicate with us through numbers. Or numerical sequences, for example: 11:11 or 3:33. Has it ever happened to you that you always see the clock at the same time? It is very common that in the case of 11:11 it is used to make a request to your angel, as it is the time when the dimensions align for a moment and the communication between the two dimensions is strong and clear, making your angel listen. perfectly what you need to communicate

Many people say they were driving and saw that the license plate on the car in front of them had the same sequence of numbers that they had seen before. Or even buy tickets, for example if you see a lot of 8s it is a sign of constant abundance. 

Or good news that will come into your life very soon. 333 means your angel is close to you.

4. Songs

Many times we are thinking about a difficult situation, love, family, economic or of any kind, and the moment we shut up, we hear on the radio or in any other medium a song that speaks precisely of the problem that has been presenting itself to you. Coincidence? Not always.

Often our vibrations are so low and it is not so difficult to see the signs of the angels, coincidentally the moment you think of a problem with your partner, your music sounds, or a song that talks about the situation you are experiencing, these are messages about the way forward. 

Listen carefully to the music and get out of the thoughts that oppress you, you will feel calm and often begin to find a more peaceful solution to your problems.

5. Angel lights

This is the most divine sign of all on the list, the lights of angels are a strange and beautiful sign that usually have people with a very high spiritual preparation and with open and well worked channels of communication with the angelic world. 

Constant prayer and getting closer to them through meditation, rituals, aromatherapy and other elements will make these beautiful signs begin to appear in your life.

These lights that you can see clearly with your eyes in broad daylight or even at night are similar to the flashes of a camera. They can be of different colors or simply white. 

Depending on the color, it will be the angels or archangels that will be with you at that moment, helping you.

These lights are seen by people sometimes in times of great suffering or anguish or when a difficult time arises, it is also a way for your angels to comfort you in a beautiful way, if you see them at another time, you can have a channel and a very special contact with them, cultivate that relationship, which will give you the most beautiful moments of your life.

6. Dreams

We often dream of beings that we do not know physically, and they interact with us or even tell us messages or advice about some situation that happens in their daily lives, they are angelic representations, which present themselves in this way to help you overcome or avoid problems that arise in your life.

There is also a belief that if you want to know your angel’s name, do a ritual before bed to specifically ask his name, when you are sleeping, he will very likely give it to you in dreams.

If on a difficult day you fall asleep full of stress or sadness, and coincidentally the next morning you wake up extremely relaxed and calm, you have most likely been visited by angels and archangels who came to your aid so that you could be reborn the next day.

7. Fragrances

Just as there are scents to attract your angels and archangels, there are scents that angels leave so you can feel their presence, pleasant fragrances like flower scents or like jasmine or roses, whether upon entering a place, home or your room. , smelling a delicious sweet and unusual aroma is a sign from your angel, to indicate that he is with you in these moments.

Often when we do a ritual or light a candle to our angel or archangel it is good to accompany with an aroma with these characteristics, it promotes the connection of all your senses with your guardian angel and your archangels, you will have a lot of peace and tranquility, return from your scent a magical sensation of communication.

8. Chills

Sometimes, when we are in a difficult or dangerous situation, we feel a shiver in a part of our body, as if our pores open, this is a sign of caution that you must take into account because you are approaching a danger or from an area of ​​negative energy to you, when you have this feeling, use protective spells and preferably get out of that place or situation as soon as possible.

Our angels are intimately connected to our sixth sense, when a bodily signal of this magnitude is presented it is important not to ignore it.

Sometimes this situation occurs even in stressful decisions, whenever you feel a chill, or the feeling that someone is touching your back, stop for a moment, ask for help or a sign from your angel and try to get rid of situations that can put you in danger.

9. Children and babies

This sign is beautiful, if you had or had a baby, it has possibly happened to you that he often smiled when looking at a specific place, even pointing to a place where there was no one. 

Children have very high vibrational channels, and yet have the connection between the angelic and human worlds fully open, children are capable due to their high level of innocence, if you notice this situation at any time, rejoice, angels visit your home and family constantly.

10. Messages and images

Has it ever happened to you that you suddenly have a bad moment, you get depressed or sad, and you find a message that motivates you and precisely about your situation, that you find them when you need them, at that moment, that day, it’s not by chance, they are angelic messages to show the way and lift the spirits. Even to show the way forward.

You often see images of angels at an unexpected moment, or a friend gives you a prayer with an image of an angel, any of these signs is a message from your angel to tell you that he is there with you, supporting you, comforting you. you and saving you from all unexpected situations in your life.

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