Rosary to the Sacred Heart of Jesus How to pray it?

Rosary to the Sacred Heart of Jesus How to pray it?

Here you will find the latest on how to correctly pray the Rosary to the Sacred Heart of Jesus with all its mysteries and complementary prayers.

How to pray the Rosary to the Sacred Heart of Jesus?

To pray the Rosary to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, we will begin by making the sign of the Holy Cross, all the prayers are repeated ten times, we pray the Our Father once, a Hail Mary and a Glory Be. With these steps we can perform the Rosary to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The prayers that we must repeat ten times are:

  • Lord, you have said: “Seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you, ask and you will receive.” I seek, I call and ask for this grace.
  • You Lord who have said: “All that you could to my Father in my name will be granted to you.” To your Father and in your name I ask this grace.
  • Lord, you have said: “The heavens and the earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.” My sweet Jesus, grant me this grace.
  • You Lord who have said: “I am love, light and peace.” Give me peace, health and tranquility at home.
  • Lord, you have said: “Everyone who believes in me will be saved.” In You I believe and from You I hope the salvation of my soul.

Note: Each prayer must end with the Our Father once, only a Hail Mary and a Glory Be. After finishing the 5 prayers we will end with the Creed.

Rosary to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Litanies

We can perform this prayer that pays devotion to the Rosary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus with a rosary made up of five major beads and thirty-three minor ones. The thirty-three accounts refer to the thirty-three years that our Lord Jesus Christ lived on this earth. The five largest refer to the crown of pious affections, the five correspond to each of the thorns that Mother Margarita saw in the crowned Most Holy Heart.

This devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus begins with the following prayer.

«Soul of Christ, sanctify me, Heart of Christ, ignite me, Body of Christ, save me, Blood of Christ, intoxicate me, Water from the Side of Christ, wash me, Passion of Christ, comfort me, Oh, good Jesus, hear me, Within your Wounds, hide me, do not allow me to separate from you, from the evil enemy, defend me, at the hour of my death, call me, and tell me to come to you, to praise you with your saints, forever and ever. Amen”.

  • Before reaching the larger accounts, we will say with affection and devotion the following words: « Sweetest Jesus! Make my heart according to yours».
  • To each account of the majors it is said: « We adore you Christ afflicted in the Garden, still despised by ungrateful men in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist. You only Holy; you only Lord, you only Most High Jesus».
  • To the minor accounts it is said: «We adore you, Most Sacred Heart of Jesus: light my heart with the divine fire in which you burn».
  • At the end of the prayer: « The Our Father and Hail Mary are prayed, with the following final prayer» .

Closing Prayer

Oh! Jesus, who with an ineffable miracle of the love of your Heart deigned to give yourself everything to delicacy us in the Sacrament of the Altar, grant that all of us who detest and cry with all our hearts for the insults and sacrileges committed by ungrateful mortals against You in this sacred mystery, let us be on fire with the affections of the same Sacred Heart, and let us praise the mercy of the same Divine Heart with worthy praises for all eternity. Amen”.

Prayers of the Rosary to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

There are different prayers apart from those mentioned above, with these prayers it is intended to cultivate and exercise much more devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, among them we have:

Prayer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Lord Jesus Christ, who deigned to discover the ineffable riches of your Heart with new benefit of your Church; grant that we may reciprocate the love of this most sacred Heart, and compensate with worthy gifts the injuries done by ungrateful men to the same most afflicted Heart. Amen.

Many other prayers emerge from this prayer, which have served for the faithful believers to connect in a stronger and deeper way with the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The prayers that we present below are part of the worship of the Divine Heart of Jesus.

Invocation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Oh! Most powerful heart, Lord of all hearts! Subject our hearts to your empire; exercise it in just souls and compel with your power that ungrateful and rebellious hearts serve you. Oh! Heart, most perfect specimen of all hearts! Make ours similar to yourself in humility and meekness, which you wanted us to learn from you.

Praise and adoration to the Heart of Jesus

Oh! Divine Heart of Jesus, worthy of the adoration of men and angels! Oh! Ineffable and truly incomprehensible heart, worthy of being adored with infinite praises for being the source of all goods, for being the origin of all virtues, for being the object in which the entire Holy Trinity among all creatures is most pleasing! Oh! sweet heart of Jesus! I deeply adore you with all the senses of my poor heart, I praise you, I offer you all the praises of the most loving seraphim, of all your heavenly court and all that the Heart of your Most Holy Mother can give you.

Exercise of love to the Heart of Jesus

Oh! Loving Heart of Jesus! Most noble heart, most generous, most liberal, most meek, most humble, most ardent in the love of men! Oh! Heart of my Redeemer, of my Father, of my Spouse! Oh! Heart, refuge of my soul, victim for my sins, rest of chaste souls! Oh! Most amiable heart, wounded with the lance for my love!. I love you with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my strength; and I wish to continue this love all the moments of my life and that all men love you with equal love.

Sorrow for the injuries committed against the Heart of Jesus

Oh! Heart of Jesus, most loving of men, and at the same time extremely outraged by the forgetfulness of your love! I ungrateful sinner, vehemently moved by the insults and offenses that you suffer from our ingratitude, especially in the Most Holy Sacrament of Love, I come to you, acknowledging myself guilty, and asking for forgiveness for myself and for all men. Oh! Sweet heart, if I could erase with my tears and blood all the sacrileges and offenses committed against you!

Chaplet to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

This is a short prayer and for the most faithful believers it is a prayer that can be repeated every day, it seeks to exercise in the practice of love and kindness.

For the realization of this Chaplet, the beads of the Rosary are used, which can be a standard rosary.

  • On the large beads, pray: ” Oh Most Sacred, Divine and Adored Heart of Jesus, to you I give myself and consecrate everything and without reservation”.
  • On the small beads we will repeat ten times: «Divine Heart of Jesus, Inexhaustible source of Love and kindness».
  • The listeners respond: “Be our refuge and shelter, now and at the hour of our death. Amen”.
  • At the end of the chaplet, repeat 3 times: «Divine Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. Amen”.

Offering of Father Colombiere to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Oh! Holy Heart! Teach me, I beg you, the path I must take so that, entirely forgetting myself, I may achieve the purity of your love, whose desire you have instilled in me. Embrace me with vehement desires to please you; but I feel that in no way will I be able to achieve what I want without that great help, which only You can give me.

So perfect in me, Oh! Most Holy Heart, all that is pleasing to you and according to your will. I certainly know that I disgust and resist; but, if I am not mistaken, I would not want to resist: it is your turn to give and perfect everything. To you only, oh! Most Holy Heart, all the glory of my holiness will be owed, if it finally deserves to achieve it: nor do I want to aspire to the same holiness from now on for another purpose, but that of your glory and praise. Amen”.

Irresistible Rosary to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

This is a Rosary that is performed in order to request a special grace from the Sacred Heart of Jesus, this on the occasion of a serious need, consists of the recitation of an initial prayer, five Supplication prayers and a final prayer, which I prayed with much devotion and faith it is possible to achieve the requested grace.

In the  Irresistible Rosary to the Sacred Heart of Jesus , we seek to connect with the love of Jesus Christ and also ask for forgiveness for all our faults and offenses towards him. We will begin to pray it making the sign of the Holy Cross. Then we will pray an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory Be.

The following prayer begins the Irresistible Rosary to the Sacred Heart of Jesus : « Oh my most loving Jesus! Thinking of your Heart so good, and seeing that it is all mercy and sweetness for sinners, mine rejoices and fills with confidence to be well received by You. Oh my! How many sins have I committed! More now, like another Peter, like another Magdalena, I cry and hate them in repentance, because with them I offended You, who are the Supreme Good. Ea, then, forgive me, I ask you for your pious Heart, and that I die before offending you, and live only to love you. So be it”.

Then we will perform the five supplications and a final prayer.

First plea:

Heart of Jesus, you have said: ask and it will be given to you; seek and ye shall find; knock and it will be opened to you; I ask, I seek, I knock at the door of your tabernacle, so that, if it is your greatest glory, you grant me this grace that I ask of you trusting in your promises. (Petition).

You must repeat the miraculous prayer ten times: Miraculous prayer: Sacred Heart of Jesus I trust in you! Glory be to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, amen.

Second supplication :

Heart of Jesus you have said: everything you ask my Father in my name, he will grant you: I ask him in your name, that if it is his greatest glory, grant me this favor that I beg of you, trusting in your promises. (Petition).

You must repeat the Miraculous Ejaculation and the Glory ten times.

Third supplication:

Heart of Jesus who has said: Come to me all of you who are afflicted and burdened, that I will relieve you: I present myself to you full of needs, so that, being of your greatest glory, you may use your mercy towards me, granting me this grace that I need so much (Petition).

You must repeat the Miraculous Ejaculation and the Glory ten times.

Fourth supplication:

Heart of Jesus that you said: let it be done as you have believed: increase my faith in such a way that I believe in your merciful love for me, and deserve to receive this favor that I request, being for your greater glory. (Petition).

You must repeat the Miraculous Ejaculation and the Glory ten times.

Fifth supplication:

Heart of Jesus, you have said: heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will be fulfilled: show it. Lord, granting me yes, this grace that I ask of you, if it is for your greater glory. (Petition).

You must repeat the Miraculous Ejaculation and the Glory ten times.

Closing sentence:

Oh most lovable heart of my Jesus! You have done so much for us, miserable creatures, and you have made a donation of Yourself to us without reservation: how can you deny us the things we need, and that are nothing compared to your love? And what can you refuse us after having given us your Heart, symbol and pledge of all gifts? Here I am, prostrate before You, with full confidence of obtaining the grace that I ask of you, as long as it is according to your glory and conducive to my eternal salvation. Amen.

It is recommended to perform the Irresistible Rosary to the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the first Friday of each month, but if it is your wish you can do it daily.

History of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

In the Catholic Church, the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a symbol of devotion and love, which makes clear reference to the heart of our Lord Jesus Christ and is represented as a divine symbol. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is fully centered on the current that refers to the figure of our Lord Jesus Christ. This symbol is conceived as the vital center to express the delivery of absolute love towards our Lord Jesus.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus is a divine expression that seeks to render total and full devotion to Jesus. The Sacred Heart of Jesus has a clear reference to the feelings of love that our Lord Jesus Christ has for humanity. These feelings of love and devotion are reflected in the Gospel of Saint John.

This devotion was born as an invitation for those who wish to practice love in Christ Jesus. Over the years the number of congregations and families that practice this devotion has increased. Around the world millions of believers have faith in the devotion to the Rosary to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Jesus’ death

It is important to understand and give a form to the genesis of all these beliefs, the purpose of explaining the origin of each one of the aspects of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It is also intended to give the reader a broader perspective on this ancient cult tradition.

According to some theories about the causes of the death of our Lord Jesus Christ, he gave a loud cry before dying on the Cross. William Stroud who has a doctorate degree and is president of the Royal Medical Academy of Edinburgh, said in 1847 in his article “The physical cause of the death of Christ”, that the cause of the death of Jesus Christ was a rupture in the heart with hemopericardium.

He alleges that in most cases of heart rupture with hemopericardium, the dying emit a loud cry, much like the cry Jesus emitted before his death. In this last cry, Jesus established a strong connection with his heavenly father and gave himself into the hands of almighty God.


The crucifixion of Jesus was carried out on a Friday, this was because the Jewish day of rest was Saturday. But according to the Gospel of John, which is considered the most faithful of all in terms of historical data, it was a Saturday. In the Jewish tradition, the dead had to be buried before Saturday, which makes the act of crucifixion even more traumatic. 

The Jewish soldiers had as a way to end the life of the crucified, breaking their legs, with this they caused the death of the men who hung on the cross. When the soldier in charge of ending Jesus’ life saw him and could see that he was dead. The soldier decided to strike a blow with a spear, this in order to make sure that the crucified was really dead. 

According to “the Gospel of John” blood and water came out of the pierced side, which left the soldier and the spectators extremely surprised. This way of dying gives more support to the theory that the final cause of Jesus’ death was the breaking of his heart. 

People who die of a ruptured heart with hemopericardium, normally accumulate blood in the pericardial cavity of the heart, due to this when Jesus was pierced by the spear this perforation gave rise to the exit of an immense flow of blood.

Symbolic birth of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

We can understand from the aforementioned that the elements that make up the image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus are closely linked to the very fact of his death, the wound in the Sacred Heart, the image of the Cross coming out of the heart, the crown of thorns . All these elements make up the passion and love of Jesus Christ for humanity, love for which he gave his life on the cross. 

The Catholic tradition gave name to the famous spear that pierced the side of the body of Jesus Christ, called it “Lance of Longinus” this is because the bearer of the spear was a Roman soldier named Longinus. Although not much is known about this soldier, we do know that he was a Roman centurion.

Origins of the Devotion to the Sacred Heart

Although devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus took place long before the 13th century, its strongest mass dissemination took place in Europe. One of its main promoters was San Buenaventura de Fidanza, an Italian Franciscan and doctor of the church. Buenaventura was a faithful and great devotee. German Cistercian nuns also played an important role in spreading this devotion. 

Saint Gertrude of Helfta also had an important role. Dr. Santa Catalina de Siena was a great devotee of the Sacred Heart of Jesus during the fourteenth century and also the Blessed Dominican Enrique Suso. During the 16th century, the Dutch Jesuit theologian Saint Peter Canisius also exercised enormous devotion and was a faithful believer in the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Saint Margaret Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Sacred Heart of Jesus has existed since the beginning of the church. When reflecting on the side and the open heart of Jesus, and how on the side of his body blood and water had come out. From the sacred heart of Jesus the church is born and the gates of heaven open. The Heart of God is venerated above all things.

Santa Margarita María was the name of the faithful and devout believer, who on June 16, 1675, had the joy of witnessing the appearance of our Lord Jesus. Saint Margaret Mary tells that the images she witnessed were those of a heart that was surrounded by flames that transmitted love, it was also surrounded by a crown of thorns, it also had an open wound through which blood emerged and from inside the heart it could be seen. see a cross come out

In this apparition Saint Margaret heard Our Lord Jesus say: “Here is the Heart that has loved men so much and instead, from the majority of men, receives nothing but ingratitude, irreverence and contempt, in this Sacrament. of love”. With these words Mary interpreted a clear message and it was the practice of devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

In this devotion two aspects can be highlighted that are extremely important and fundamental “love and reparation”. A love that is born from the love of Jesus towards his people. And the repair and relief of the many offenses that humanity commits against God and the sacred scriptures.

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

Saint Margaret was born on July 22, 1647, in a very small town called Lautecour, in France. She was the youngest of five siblings. Margarita’s father, whose name was Claudio Alacoque, worked as a judge and notary, her mother’s name was Filiberta Lamyn, not much is known about her mother.

One of the members of the Alacoque Family was a parish priest and his name was Antonio Alacoque, and he was in charge of baptizing María three days after her birth. From a very young age, Margarita was connected with God, even at an early age she considered Jesus Christ the only owner and lord of her.

From a very young age, Margarita’s dedication was very great, so the smallest fault or sinful thought was extremely unpleasant for her.

Saint Margaret’s Vow of Chastity

When she was still a child, and immersed in the path of God, one day during the holy mass in the elevation of the host, she made a solemn promise to God to remain pure and chaste. From an early age she learned to pray the Holy Rosary, when Margarita prayed the Holy Rosary she did it with great impetus and fervor, she does it daily as part of her routine. She assures that due to her great devotion, her Blessed Virgin reciprocated by freeing her from danger.

He studied at the Poor Clares school and at the age of just nine he made his first communion. Margarita affirms that from the day of her first communion, her worldly pleasures were extremely unpleasant and bitter for her. Although she was very young and sometimes she made the mistake of falling into temptation, she claimed that the experience was extremely unpleasant and made her reflect on God Almighty.

Margarita was the victim of a terrible disease that kept her paralyzed for several years. But after her great idea of ​​consecrating herself to the Blessed Virgin and offering to preach her divine devotion. Shortly after Margarita began to preach, the Blessed Virgin granted her the miracle of healing her, an event that increased Margarita’s faith even more.

Life through the Rosary to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Tragedy came into her life at a very early age when she received the disastrous news of the loss of her father, leaving her fatherless. To make the situation worse, Mr. Claudio Alacoque’s mother and her two brothers invaded the house, taking power of everything that was in the home. The mother, Margarita and five children were left in a position that resembled that of a slave.

The sisters were extremely vile and despicable women, they kept their rooms under lock and key and were incredibly bossy and terrible tempered. Margarita was forbidden to leave the house, she couldn’t even go to church and she suffered from constant scolding by the sisters of her late father. Margarita, faced with all those difficulties, locked herself in her room and there she practiced her faith with prayers and prayers. 

When Margarita was more afflicted and full of sorrows, she heard the voice of our Lord who told her that she imitated the life of pain that the Divine Master had had, a life full of pain suffered in his Passion and Death. After this, the pains and sorrows that she faced Margarita she received them with greater pleasure, because this life of pain and sorrow was similar to the life of Christ which she suffered tirelessly.

One of the things that made Margarita suffer the most was the treatment of her grandmother and her aunt towards her dear mother, but Margarita consoled herself and her mother by saying that they should surrender to the love of God almighty, and there comfort their regrets.

On one occasion, Margarita’s mother became terribly ill with Erysipelas. The doctor who treated her mother said that there was no cure for this disease. Margarita made the decision to attend mass to pray for the health of her mother, and when she returned home, her mother had begun to heal in an inexplicable way. The faith of this young and devout woman continued to grow, the testimonies of life that she had were unusual facts for the time.

Margarita felt deeply attracted to the Tabernacle where Jesus was sacramented in the sacred Host. Every time she went to the temple, she tried to get as close to the altar as possible. The love that Margarita felt towards Jesus in the Eucharist was immense and incredible, her greatest desire in her life was to be able to speak to him and listen to him.

It is perhaps the story of Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, one of the most important since through her the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus had a very large increase. This large number of followers was due to the tireless effort made by Sister Margarita to spread the love of Christ. This is why it is important to mention her, due to her hard work for the propagation of this devotion.

At the age of eighteen, Margarita was forced by the desire of her relatives to participate in social events where she had to dress up to look beautiful. Social parties and courtship were not things Margarita liked, since they left her soul deeply sad and afflicted. Her religious heart only wanted to devote herself to devotion in prayer and solitude that allowed her the maximum connection with God.

The devil tempted Margarita with the idea that if she headed for the religious world and then failed, when she returned she would have to deal with the enormous shame and discredit that failure would bring her. He began to pray to the Virgin Mary, after her prayers, the demonic thoughts of him were driven away and the deception of temptation put by the devil disappeared. The Virgin Mary convinced her to help and defend her. 

After receiving Communion, Margarita felt a deep connection with Jesus and he told her “I am the best thing you can choose in this life. If you decide to dedicate yourself to my service, I will give you peace and joy. If you continue to live in this world, you will be full of sadness and bitterness.” From that moment on, Margarita decided to become a nun at all costs and against all odds.

In 1671 was the year in which Margarita was admitted to the community of La Visitación founded by Saint Francis de Sales. When she entered the convent of Paray le Monial one of her companions wrote some encouraging words about Margarita, in those words she assured that Margarita never bothered her companions and that she always showed exemplary behavior despite the scolding and humiliation she constantly received, These difficulties are assumed by Margaritas with enormous patience and resignation.

Margarita was an assistant to a sister who was difficult to deal with, this sister was characterized by having very harsh and violent methods against María. Her superior sister claimed that she was desperate for how quiet and calm Margarita was, and for this she punished her with such vile penances. Although Margarita never showed signs of weakness or displeasure, she always maintained a serene and calm demeanor, which characterized her.

Precisely on December 2, 1673, the Sacred Heart of Jesus appeared before Margarita for the first time. The event begins when Margarita asks for permission to go on Thursdays from nine to twelve to pray to pay devotion to the Blessed Sacrament of the altar, she did it in gratitude for the three hours that Jesus spent praying and suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Apparition of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

When I was in the church praying, the tabernacle where the hosts were was opened and before Margarita appeared the image of what we know today as the Sacred Heart of Jesus. With his finger Jesus points to his heart and says “Behold, the heart that people have loved so much and instead receives ingratitude and forgetfulness”. You, Mary, must seek to make amends to my heart and profess devotion to this heart.

God had entrusted Margarita with an enormous mission, this was to spread devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. God argued that the world had become very cold and every day the love for God was even weaker so it was necessary to strengthen this feeling. Margarita’s mission was very clear to spread love for the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

For more than a year the Sacred Heart of Jesus manifested itself before Margarita. God asked him to celebrate a party in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus every year, then on the Friday after the celebration it was time to receive the body and blood of Christ.

In one of the many apparitions that the Sacred Heart made before Margarita, it made wonderful promises to the young and faithful believer. One of these promises was the blessing of the houses where the Sacred Heart of Jesus would be exposed and honored. She also proteus to give peace and happiness to the believing families. He said that you would turn the fishermen into good and pious souls, and those who were already good he would turn into saints in his reign.

He assured that he would be at the hour of death of those who were faithful to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, those who kept their traditions always present, such as going on the first Friday of each month to ask forgiveness for the sins committed. The Sacred Heart of Jesus bathes with his protection all those who trust in him and who place their faith in the love of Christ.

In one of the apparitions of Jesus Christ to Margarita, she asks her why she should be chosen and what are the reasons why she should spread this message. In the conversation she accuses herself of being a sinful woman and of having a cold heart to feel enough love for God. To which Jesus replied: “I have chosen you who are an abyss of miseries so that my power may appear more; and as for your coldness to love God, I give you a spark of the love of my Heart”.

After God gives the spark of love to Margarita, she begins to feel an incredible feeling of love towards God, the sensation of heat was so incredible that the effect it produced on her was somewhat surprising. It is said that in the harshest winters Margarita sometimes had to open the windows since the heat that emanated from her heart was so strong that she herself felt that she could burn from the scorching heat.

God always asked Margarita to be obedient above all things. This meant obeying the orders of her superior mothers, it ensured that if she was obedient to her, the devil would have no power over her.

Margarita fell seriously ill. All the sisters were extremely worried about Sister Margarita’s situation. Then one of the superiors said that she would begin to believe in the apparitions of the Sacred Heart if Jesus grants the miracle of healing to Margarita. Then the sister asked the Sacred Heart of Jesus for Margarita’s healing, and she was immediately healed.

After Margarita’s healing, the sisters and the Mother Superior began to believe in the Sacred Heart of Jesus. After this and by the work and grace of God a chaplain was sent to the convent where Margarita was, the convent was called San Claudio de la Colombiere. The envoy of God was a Jesuit, this man achieved that in the company of Jesus the devotion to the Heart of Jesus was accepted.

After all the events that occurred, Margarita was named Mistress of Novices. In this new role, Margarita taught the novices devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This teaching consists of showing the fundamental aspects of devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. She was to offer prayers, sufferings, masses and communions for reparation to the holy image of Jesus.

Shortly after, he began to teach his brother, who was a merchant, the practices to render devotion to the Sacred Heart. Margarita’s brother made enormous progress. Some Jesuits began to detail that in places where devotion was rendered, people began to become more believers and their prayers were recited with greater fervor and joy.

Places where devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus spreads

In many parts of Europe faith and devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus takes place, we will name the history of how this devotion came to each of these places.

Arrival in Spain

In Spain it came through the Jesuits, this lay tale with great devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus to Spain, also came to America conquered by the Spanish kingdom.

King Felipe V of Spain, reaffirms the faith for this devotion when he receives a letter from Benedict XIII in 1727, in the letter the pontiff asked the King to celebrate masses in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, these masses should be celebrated in all the kingdoms and domains of Henry.

Also in the year 1733 a blessed named Bernardo de Hoyos, a theology student at the Colegio de San Ambrosio de Valladolid (This college is currently the National Shrine of the Great Promise). Bernardo belonged to the company of Jesus. Then in April of the same year, the Jesuit Agustín de Cardaveraz sent him a letter where he asked him to translate a sermon that he was supposed to preach. 

The author of the letter was the Jesuit José Gallifet and it dealt with the beginning of the festivities of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. After reading this work by José Gillifet in 1733, Bernardo Hoyos felt that he had the new mission of spreading devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus throughout Spain. 

In May of the same year, Bernardo is blessed with the presence of God, who tells him in an apparition that he has chosen him to preach the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Spain. Bernardo assured that God had promised to reign in Spain as a sure fact, besides he would have more veneration for that land than for any other. 

He asked for help and information from the spiritual director, Juan de Loyola. Loyola wrote a work dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus entitled “Hidden Treasure in the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. The financing of this work was made by the Archbishop of Burgos. Very important books on this subject were also distributed in different religious centers of great importance and in some convents in Spain.

The first Novel of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was celebrated in Spain in 1735, it was very relevant in Catholic schools in Spain and caused a great impact on the lives of believers at that time.

Arrival in Latin America

When the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus spread throughout Spain, due to the tireless work of the Jesuits. He was also seen driving in the direction of America and the Philippines. The arrival of this devotion took place in America for the first time in the Republic of Ecuador, precisely on March 25, 1873. There the congress was held to pay homage and devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

The celebration took place in Quito, this with the full approval of the National Government, it was held in the Basilica of the National Vote. 

In Peru, the celebration of the Sacred Heart of Jesus has been held since 1878, and it takes place in the church of San Pedro de los Jesuitas (also known as the Basilica and Convent of San Pedro). During the month of June these celebrations take place in the temple and last for a full month. The celebration ends with a procession in honor of his image.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus was named patron saint of the Navy in Chile and was also named patron saint of railroad workers and patron saint of the Pontifical Catholic University.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus occupied an important place in Colombian history. In 1902, Archbishop Bernardo Herrera Restrepo proposed that the nation should consecrate itself to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, because the country was facing the last months of the “War of a Thousand Days.” The importance was such that in May of the same year decree 820 was issued, where it was highlighted that the Colombian nation is consecrated to the Sacred Heart.

Then the end of the war was attributed to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, since on November 21, 1902, the Treaty of Wisconsin was signed, which ended the war.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus has spread throughout much of Latin America. The consecrated countries are: Venezuela, Costa Rica, Mexico, Bolivia, Honduras, Chile, Nicaragua and Peru.

Image result for sacred heart of jesus church

There are places that pay homage to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, such as in the city of León, state of Guanajuato, Mexico, where we can find the Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In Mexico it is very common to find a chapel that pays homage to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in almost any Catholic temple. 

What is a Rosary?

To begin, we will explain what a rosary is to contrast the Rosary to the Sacred Heart of Jesus , so we will understand a little more what this Catholic tradition consists of. The rosary is a definition that comes from the Latin “ rosarium”. The rosary name is used to name a type of prayer made by the Catholic community. This prayer is made up of a series of prayers that develop the prayer itself.

It is believed that the tradition and execution of the holy rosary began in the 800s. At that time many of the believers could not read or write, so the priests created a prayer that was easy for all believers to learn. In the 13th century, the rosary became very popular among all believers.

The origins of the rosary date back to the year 800. Because many faithful could not read and could not follow the Breviary, the priests devised a prayer that was easier to develop. From the thirteenth century, the rosary became popular.

The rosary is a way to commemorate and display the various mysteries of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ. Within this prayer there is also a series of prayers that are responsible for shaping it. The prayers that shape the rosary are: Our Father, the Hail Mary, the Glory, the Jaculatory, the Hail and the set of the Mysteries.

The mysteries of the Holy Rosary are divided into four large groups:

The Sorrowful Mysteries, the Joyful Mysteries, the Luminous Mysteries and the Glorious Mysteries. The origins of the rosary date back to the year 800. Because many faithful could not read and could not follow the Breviary, the priests devised a prayer that was easier to develop. From the thirteenth century, the rosary became popular.

It is also important to know that within the prayer of the Holy Rosary there is a series of prayers that are responsible for shaping it. We are referring to the Our Father, the Hail Mary, the Glory, the Jaculatory calls, the Hail and the set of Mysteries. The latter are divided into four large groups: the Sorrowful Mysteries, the Joyful Mysteries, the Luminous Mysteries and the Glorious Mysteries.

how to pray the rosary

It is an act in which we are going to reflect, there must be a lot of love in us and we must be willing to learn, all this to achieve a deep connection with God. We have to understand that millennia can pass and perhaps the way of praying the rosary is different, but the essence must always be the same. The rosary is a way of observing and admiring the life of Jesus through the eyes of Mary.

There are different types of rosaries but in this part we are going to focus on the traditional Rosary. Let us understand then that the rosary is a way to connect with the Virgin and God and enter a state of greater reflection and love.

To pray the Holy Rosary we must perform the following steps:

  1. We must make the “Sign of the Holy Cross”.
  2. Pray the “Our Father”.
  3. Pray three “Hail Marys”.
  4. Pray the “Glory”.
  5. After these steps we must announce the first mystery, and then pray the “Our Father”.
  6. Pray ten “Hail Marys”, we must simultaneously reflect on the mystery that we have just intoned.
  7. A “Gloria” is prayed and then the “Fatima Prayer”.
  8. You have to announce the second mystery and then pray the “Our Father”.
  9. We must repeat step 6 and 7, and then announce the third.
  10. We repeat 6 and 7 again for the fourth mystery.
  11. We repeat the same process for the fifth mystery.
  12. At the culmination we should pray a “Save the Blessed Virgin Mary”
  13. And finally we must “Pray the prayer after the rosary”

In this final prayer we can investigate since there are several prayers with which we can culminate the “Holy Rosary”. But we can also conclude this prayer with a personal prayer in which we thank God for all the blessings and conclude the divine prayer.

mysteries in religion

In religion, the mysteries are those that cannot be accessed with the use of reason. They are also considered pieces of tradition in Christian culture, they reflect scenes from the Bible where faith plays a leading role in the development of history. This genre was born during the Middle Ages, and was characterized by the use of certain types of characters such as angels, demons and God.

These works went through a process of editing and approval by the religious clergy and were then used to spread religious mandates.

Mysteries in the Holy Rosary

The mysteries of the Holy Rosary are ordered through a weekly schedule, to give us a guide of which are the mysteries corresponding to the days of the week.

  1. The Joyful Mysteries: these are performed on Monday and Saturday, they consist of five prayers.
    • The Incarnation of the Son of God.
    • The Visitation of Our Lady to her cousin Elizabeth.
    • The birth of the Son of God in the portal of Bethlehem.
    • The presentation of Jesus in the Temple.
    • The Child Jesus lost and found in the Temple.
  2. The Sorrowful Mysteries : these are performed on Tuesdays and Fridays, they consist of five prayers.
    • Prayer in the Garden.
    • The scourging of Jesus tied to the column.
    • The crowning with thorns.
    • Jesus carrying the cross on his way to Calvary.
    • The crucifixion and death of Jesus.
  3. The Glorious Mysteries: these are performed on Wednesday and Sunday, they consist of five prayers.
    • The Resurrection of the Son of God
    • The Ascension of the Lord to Heaven
    • The coming of the Holy Spirit
    • The Assumption of Mary into heaven
    • The Coronation of Mary as Queen and Lady of all creation
  4. The Luminous Mysteries:  these are done during a single day of the week on Thursday and consists of five prayers.
    • The Baptism in the Jordan.
    • The wedding at Cana.
    • The announcement of the Kingdom of God.
    • The Transfiguration.
    • The establishment of the Eucharist.

What are the Litanies?

The litanies are a series of praises and supplications, this series of supplications are composed to worship God and the saints. The litanies are normally recited or sung by one person and the other people who are participating in the prayer repeat and answer them.

In some definitions they take the litanies as verses in the form of poetry, as if a son dedicated a poem to his mother. These verses must be directed with love towards God, the Virgin and the saints to whom they are being dedicated.

Although the litanies are not exclusively for praying the Holy Rosary, since they alone are a prayer that pays homage. They can also be used to pay homage to the Virgin, when we feel like connecting with her.

Holy Rosary form and uses

To carry out the Holy Rosary we must have the object that executes it. This object is made up of an ordered string of fifty beads, which are placed in tens. In other words, every ten accounts there is a larger account that indicates the beginning of the following sentence. The string of the rosary is almost always joined by a crucifix, on top of this crucifix hang some beads that are called free section .

In definition, the rosary is defined as a succession or string of different elements, in this case prayers of different types, which make up a great prayer. We can then say that the “rosary” is a prayer shared by different people around the world. 

The name “rosary” has also been adopted by society for more everyday use. A clear example would be the use of Rosario to name a person, for example the actress Rosario Dawson or the singer Rosario Mohedano. 

There are also localities with the name of Rosario, in the Mexican municipality of Rosario (Sinaloa state), also the Chilean locality of Rosario and the Argentine city Rosario in the province of Santa Fe. The name Rosario has spread around the world and it has given names to many places and people, demonstrating the importance of this ancient and popular prayer.

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