Prayer to Sell a Lot in my New Business

Prayer to Sell a Lot in my New Business

Each prayer has a magic, a power and a purpose. Such is the case of the prayer to sell a lot in my business, this applies when productivity has dropped, there are few clients or, simply, you want to market your products more. In this article we explain the reason for this prayer and we show you three prayers that you can repeat at any time of the day.

Prayer to sell a lot 

When we decide to start a project, we do it convinced that everything will turn out well for us, the idea of ​​failure and disappointment never crosses our minds. However, there are factors that conspire to prevent this from happening.

Among others, we can mention: the bad vibes of selfish and envious people, wrong decisions, few clients, low sales and the economic environment that overwhelms us.

In those moments, we invoke the protection of all the saints so that they intercede before the Lord and help us, one of the ways to do it is by praying the prayer to sell a lot in my business .

This is a powerful prayer that helps us in cases like those mentioned above, but also keep in mind that it must be accompanied by honest work and good intentions.

Since you cannot, on the one hand, ask God to collaborate with your plans and, on the other hand, cheat to get more sales. These two actions are contrary and being so, the prayer will not take effect.

So if you want prosperity and a successful venture, have as your goal to make a profit and, at the same time, benefit your peers. Set fair prices where both win and offer excellent quality items.

The deception of merchants is a reason for them to reduce their sales and it becomes bad publicity because whoever is deceived spreads the word among others, alienating potential customers.

So, turn your business into a prosperous space full of positive energies, where everything good enters and spreads to those who have the joy of buying your products.

Does this sentence work for all types of businesses?

In answer to this question we can tell you that it depends on your intentionality, if greed and the desire for power have taken over you and you plan to obtain money at all costs regardless of who you harm, then prayer will not be effective for your business.

This is because you cannot be with God and with the devil, asking the Lord for help and acting against his command. If this is your case, first cleanse your heart of all negative feelings and then say your prayers.

Regardless of the branch to which you dedicate yourself, the prayer to sell a lot in my business is effective when you repeat it with faith and certainty of being heard by the Almighty.

Also remember that there are thousands of ways to show your gratitude for the graces received, one of them is to share the benefits with other people who need your help.

How to pray this prayer?

Above all, it is recommended to have a humble attitude, giving thanks to God because you already have a business of your own that will bear good fruit. Then meditate on what you want to achieve with it.

Every morning, when you get up, say a prayer giving thanks for your business and asking that it gradually prosper. Pray also for your customers so that their money is blessed and they can buy in your establishment.

Pray for the workers in your charge, so that they and their families do well. Ask for their health so that they continue to be responsible, honest and fulfilled with their tasks. Pray to our beloved Father so that every day your clientele grows and you can sell more, ask him to make you make good decisions and that no obstacle, no matter how great, can defeat you.

At the end of the working day, no matter how tired you are, take a moment to praise God, remember that your health, safety, energy and strength have been the fruit of his protection. Do you know how to pray the prayer to sell a lot in my business? Well, it’s the easiest thing to do, focus on your requests, prepare to communicate with God and let the words flow from your heart.

To complement below, we offer you three prayers that have that purpose, recite them with faith, your belief and devotion are essential for them to fulfill their objective.

It is also advisable to accompany these prayers with others typical of the Christian religion. Many use to light candles to the saints or do some kind of ritual. All this will depend on your convictions.

Different prayers for sales to increase

Both on the Internet and in written documents you can find a wide variety of prayers that are intended to increase sales and expand your business successfully.

Some of these are related to how to attract customers, obtain fortune, improve the sale of merchandise, there are even prayers not only for businesses but also for those employees who are in charge of sales.

With regard to sellers, it can be said that they generally get a commission for each product or item sold, so if they pray to be more productive in their work, this will result in the profits of your company.

That is why, in the next section, the seller’s prayer to sell a lot is included, additionally you will find a prayer that you can recite when you have sales but they are very few and, finally, a powerful prayer to sell more.

Seller’s prayer to sell a lot

According to the words expressed by a large number of people, this sentence is very effective in attracting customers, increasing profits and raising money.

An example of this was expressed by the owner of a carpentry, who stated that his business had few clients since almost no one hired his services. Then he proceeded to say the prayer to sell a lot in my business and everything changed.

Immediately the situation was transformed from having no clients to many requesting their services, with which the carpentry was prospering and increasing its productivity.

As a sign of gratitude, the man continued to repeat this prayer every day, in addition, he made it known to colleagues and friends, spreading his fame in the commercial context where he operates.

You can also do the same, for this you can repeat with faith the prayer that we present below or you can also proceed to build your prayers, following this example.


I am grateful to you, Lord, for all the good things that you attract into my life, showering great blessings on my existence and protecting me as only a Father knows how to do with his son.

For this reason, today at your feet, I continue to implore your love and protection, so that you allow me to carry out my work responsibly and honestly. Remove from my life all envy or unhealthy thinking.

Rather, help me to be a better salesperson day by day, so that each client comes to me to be served. Likewise, may the other vendors also be blessed with your grace.

Also bless the owners of this business so that they continue to prosper and with them, I do. Bless everyone who enters this place and our families.

Make sure that the business that arises between us is for the good of all, that a commercial relationship is produced that benefits us both. Protect the place where we stand. Only You can do it Lord, I trust you.

Beloved Father, from today my sales will increase because I leave this business in your hands. 

As a special recommendation, it is suggested to pray this prayer to sell a lot every time you notice that your sales are decreasing, it is also good to light a white or yellow candle imploring the desired prosperity. You will see how success will immediately come to your establishment.

Prayer to improve sales

In this case, the prayer applies to those situations in which businesses have sales but want them to increase. By which it is meant that, although we are prospering, it never hurts to continue praying to Our Lord so that he continues to help us.


Dearest Father, at this moment I kneel at your feet to thank you for the opportunity you offer every day, I thank you for my business, my family, my employees.

I thank you because you fill me with health, energy and strength to start each day of work with courage. Thank you for the customers who come to my store, acquiring everything they need in it.

Everything has been advantageous to me, glory to You for it, my profits have been increasing and my workers feel happy because they have also benefited.

Today I ask you, Beloved Father, that these blessings continue, that sales increase and that I can expand my business for my good and that of everyone around me.

Help me, Lord, to be generous and collaborative with those who need me. Open my eyes to see the good in life and enlighten my path and my mind to act honestly and appropriately. 


The previous prayer can be prayed in any type of establishment. It is only recommended to do it out loud once you have reached the space where the company or business is located.

To complete the procedure, when you have already repeated the prayer to sell a lot, pray the prayer that Jesus taught us (The Our Father) and a Hail Mary.

Strong prayer to sell a lot

It is very similar to the first sentence of the seller that we present in this article, but remember that you can transform it to your convenience and needs.

In this situational context, consider at all times that the more honestly you act, the better chances of being heard by God you have.

In the same way, we invite you to pray with faith, with sincere words that flow in your thoughts and heart. Decree that you are going to sell that much each day. Nourish yourself with the positive energy that the universe gives you.


Lord, today I feel sad and disconsolate because I see with regret that my work does not yield the desired results despite all my effort and dedication.

At this moment I implore you to give me strength to overcome the obstacles and vicissitudes that come my way. Keep away from this business the envy and bad faith of those who want to harm it.

Increase, Sir, sales and attract more customers to this establishment. For them I ask blessings and health, that their prosperity be great and that they come to buy everything they need in my establishment.

Grant me, my God, intelligence and prudence, to effectively manage this business that I represent today. Give me peace, Lord, give me peace.

Protect my clients, suppliers, workers and families, freeing us from any spell, evil or evil ritual that they have placed against us.

You are great and powerful, you know what I need right now, even if I haven’t said it; That is why I implore you to grant the wishes of those who comply with your teachings. I beg you, Lord. 


Pray this strong prayer to sell a lot with devotion, first of all thanking the Creator for your business, since it represents a great opportunity in your life.

Proceed to pray inside the establishment itself, choose a time when you are alone and in complete silence, it can be in the morning when you arrive at the business.

Accompany prayer with action, in other words, ask, but also work hard, offer your best, teach your workers to treat customers well so that they return.

Make your business a clean and orderly place where disorder, scandal and rudeness, far from attracting people, drive them away.

Accompany this prayer to sell a lot with other prayers typical of the Catholic religion, such as the Our Father and the Hail Mary. In addition to this, light a white candle.

Below we present a video with a prayer dedicated to Saint Matthew to attract more buyers and, consequently, increase profits,

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