Prayer To God To Win A Trial Now

Prayer To God To Win A Trial Now

Any legal process is complicated and more so if we talk about a trial. Either by winning it or losing it. And if it is you who is accused or the one who accuses. It can also last a long time or not depending on the severity of the case. We must not leave everything in our hands, we can also resort to a prayer to win a trial , if we feel desperate.

Prayer to win a lawsuit

Divine god. You who are the father of us all. And the greatest love a person could have. I implore you to help me in my needs, especially in these moments where I am in a legal trial. To be able to come out of it unscathed, victorious. May your heavenly power be with me on this arduous journey. Since you are the only one who can put me on trial.

You are the one who truly knows me and knows what I feel, beloved father. You have known me since before I was born and my development in this sacred land, fruit of your creation. Therefore you know that here in this situation I am the poor victim. And that everyone wants to see me defeated father. But I know that with your love nothing will happen to me.

You are a conscious and pious being who sees everything. You see that I have always been a kind person, full of gratitude and love with those who come to me. You know that I have never been a person of bad intentions with others and I help those who need me. Everything good that I am is because of you, everything that I apply in my day to day has been what you taught us. Please, I implore you to help me find a way to escape this horrible experience that does not allow me to live in peace.

Be my judge, lawyer and jury in this process, so that I find the truth of my case. Since there is no one who really knows what is true and who has what it takes to defend me. Help me so that the truth finds a way to emerge and that all see it. So everyone can see how innocent I’ve been in this whole dilemma. Do not let anyone who is defending me make a mistake and if that is the case, intervene, so that I do not end up being guilty.

You know that like any of your children I have made mistakes. But that I immediately try to amend them. I am not a perfect father, this is why I need your help and I know that you will not abandon me in my moments of crisis, I know that you love me despite everything. Give me the necessary strength to get ahead my god and to be more aware of what is said in this trial.

Summons the Virgin Mary who is the ally and protector of sinners. To San Judas Tadeo who is a defender of impossible causes. To Saint Michael the Archangel to help me in this powerful battle. Bring them together so that together with you, they are unstoppable in order to win this injustice that I am facing.

I put everything in your hands because I trusted you and the wisdom you have, father. You will get me out of this martyrdom and I know that my life after this will be better than ever. Because I will further implement all your virtues in my day, until death. Thank you father, I will always be grateful for your kindness. 

Prayer before a legal trial

Blessed jury, son of God and of the Virgin Mary. Do not let my body tremble during the trial, nor let my blood run cold when hearing the verdict, because I know that you will be holding my hand at all times. You won’t let me fall.

Anyone who rants at me or treats me badly, you will forgive them because they don’t know the truth that you, my god and I know. Also what they want to cast an evil eye on me for acts that I have not committed, that is transparent for them, that they do not distinguish me. That they don’t hurt me with any object since I know they are blind with lies.

Shield me with your divine armor. Just like the blanket they used to wrap your sacred body, cover me too. So that the words, the looks and the hands do not come to hurt my soul or my body. That way I won’t fall into the earthly abyss that we all call prison. By the intervention of the Holy Trinity. 

 Prayer to the holy death to win a trial

Oh glorious and revered Santa Muerte. You who take care of those of us who are in a state of fragility and of our knowledge. You do not know how to distinguish your faithful followers, since you do not notice if others consider them good people or bad people according to others. You only look at what is deep in his heart, if there is kindness, compassion and kindness. I come to you, in this part of my life that I wish was not happening but unfortunately it is, so that you protect me and help me in these moments of injustice.

I ask you, pious lady, to put your blessed hand in so that you impart true justice to those who doubt or attack me. Please intervene in the balance of this battle so that I will be the winner. You who know what dictates and what were the actions of my heart, take care of me. Just as you are, take care of everyone when the night comes.

I beg you to attend to the cries of need that run through my body and my spirit. Pierce everyone with your bright light of truth and justice. Show them with that light the path that they do not see because it is full of darkness, the judge, the jurors and that person who denounced me. Teach them.

Oh kind lady. Apart from myself, I find myself fighting for justice. I ask you to protect others who are going through the same thing as me, those who want to be sentenced as guilty. That they have no evil in their hearts and that they are noble, kind and considerate people. Do not abandon them, even though they have had their faults they are still innocent.

So I leave everything is your pious hands and miracles. I know that you will be my judge and that through my lawyer you will intervene. Nobody but you knows what I did and what I didn’t do. And if I acted in a bad way or not. Take care of me and do not abandon me my great lady. 

Prayer for everything to go well in a trial

You who are our Lord Jesus Christ. The one who has dominion over justice. Jesus of Nazareth. Thank you for leaving us so many teachings and facts that support your words. As well as your sacrifice, that you helped us pleasantly to no longer be eternal sinners and you loved us no matter what else. Everything you did and continue to do proves it.

I come to you in these moments of insecurity. Because I know that you are waiting for me with open arms to help me full of love, understanding and compassion for what I am going through. I implore you to surround me with hope and to give me the necessary strength to pay attention to my emotions, my fears and my regrets so that I can face my circumstance in the best way.

I beg you to change this nightmare. Don’t let my feelings occupy all my thoughts. I’m asking you because I can’t be cloudy with them. Fear, worry and unhappiness do not let me see beyond what can happen. Only with you I feel surrounded as a sphere of carefree and well-being.

I need you to be with me every step of the way. Speak through the judge of my case and the jury who will render my verdict. You who always help those who are most in need and those who people grab because they have weaknesses. Don’t leave them alone either. Do not let us fall into the malicious hands of evil.

Help me with the legal procedures that I need to be able to succeed. That you know they give headaches for all the permits they have to go through but with your help I know it will be something fast. I let myself be for you, blindly because I trusted you. 

Recommendations before and after the sentence to win a trial

Before you start praying, you need to completely cleanse yourself of all those bad energies that you feel and those that have been thrown at you. Because sometimes people with the word dirty the soul. What you have to do three days before the trial begins is to cleanse yourself with rosemary water. You will have to bless this water beforehand with an Our Father.

Once you finish bathing, you start praying, try to do it when you are alone. Because the other people close to you can transmit their fears as the day of judgment approaches. Once you finish praying, light a white candle to purify your energy. You’re going to say three Hail Marys for the three days before the trial.

The last day you are going to light a red candle this symbolizes the passion for which you are making these requests and to enhance the power of this prayer to win a lawsuit . At the end you have to pray an Our Father. Positive mind and with such high confidence so that on that day you will be victorious and with nothing to hide because you are totally innocent.

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