Learn how to pray the Serenity and Tranquility Prayer, here

Learn how to pray the Serenity and Tranquility Prayer, here

A prayer of serenity and tranquility is very important when we feel distressed, after praying we will recover the peace and trust that we must have in God and they will feel better. Here we will teach you how to make a powerful prayer.

Prayer of serenity and tranquility

Many people, due to the current pace of life, need a Prayer of Serenity and Tranquility to feel good and regain control of the situation, when we feel anguish, restlessness is that we have moved faith away from our hearts, that is why pray a prayer of serenity and tranquility is important for God to feel honored again.

Let’s take a deep breath and allow our lungs to fill with air, now we exhale slowly, we surrender to God everything that is causing us anguish because we fully trust in him.

We join our hands, bow our heads and raise our hearts to our God and pray: My Father, Eternal Father, I ask your forgiveness for allowing me to feel fear, fear, anguish, anxiety and all those feelings that show my weakness, Lord.

I apologize for it, and I thank you Lord for everything you have given me my Lord, I want to thank you beloved Father for all the teachings, thank you for allowing me to recognize them and grow from them, making me a better person.

I know that all the trials you put in our way are because we are able to overcome them Dear Father, my father, and I ask you again for forgiveness for losing confidence and allowing anguish to take over my being, but I am human Lord and to err is my condition.

I ask you my beloved God, return to me peace, serenity and tranquility that allows me to see the solution that you already have prepared and that my disturbed heart does not recognize. Lord, give me the wisdom to give myself fully to you, in order to receive the solution that allows me to cope with the situation.

Allow me Lord to recover the Serenity and Tranquility that I need so much to be a kind, loving person and give serenity and tranquility to my loved ones. I want to thank you for your patience, your love and your always timely response to my requests.

Thank you Father in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

How to do it?

It is no secret that the world we are living in is in upheaval, societies are constantly changing and those of us who follow God’s path note with concern that many of our neighbors are moving away from him.

We are living under circumstances of great difficulty and competition, there are various situations that are out of our hands and as we are earthly beings, the first thought is to try to maintain control of everything, that is when we begin to lose serenity and tranquility, because we move away from the trust we have placed in God.

By then losing trust in God, instead of maintaining tranquility we move away from it, that is why we must learn to pray to recover it and overcome the situation that managed to unbalance us spiritually.

We must then to begin to be aware that the situation moved us from our center and we must then take back control of what we can control, which is nothing more than ourselves, therefore, I must first of all surrender the situation to God.

After I surrender everything to the Lord, I take a deep breath and begin by becoming aware that what I cannot control is in his hands and I trust that he will solve everything for the good of my family and myself. (See also: Prayer for rebellious children )

I must begin my prayer asking for forgiveness for having given entrance to my heart to mistrust, by losing trust in God, we lose peace, tranquility and serenity, therefore, we must ask for forgiveness. Then we must be thankful for everything material and immaterial received, everything we have in life is because God has allowed it, has made our way easier and has supported us to achieve our goals and dreams, for this, we must give thanks.

Then we ask for serenity and tranquility to return to us, we must recognize before him that our life is better when we trust in Him and accept his designs, we must emphasize our request and be thankful for receiving it, for having been heard.

After making the prayer we can make a prayer in the name of Jesus Christ and perform a praise to glorify his presence in us. At the end you will see how you will feel that serenity and tranquility return to you. When you finish creating your prayer you can share it with your loved ones, this will make you feel even better, because if they go through a similar situation you will know in advance that you have already supported them.

It is also advisable to give yourself a space just for you, when you feel that you begin to lose control of things, and you begin to feel that you are going to lose your serenity and calm, give yourself some time to reconnect with God, tell him silently not to allow that your life gets out of control and that you give him everything that may be causing you uneasiness.

In opportunities it is the most advisable, pray your prayer of serenity and tranquility and recover peace. By giving yourself that space with God you will be breaking chains and taking away the strength of despair. Then we leave for you another Prayer of Serenity and Tranquility

Lord you who are my light, illuminate my path so as not to deviate from you

Give peace to my heart, forgive me for feeling restless.

Thank you Lord for everything you have given me, which nourishes my life and makes me better

I ask you Lord receive everything that is disturbing me

Give me wisdom to make decisions,

I love you and I need you my Lord

You are the only one capable of calming and returning serenity and tranquility to me

In you is all my hope

Take away from me all thoughts that take away my spiritual peace.

I approach you because I trust you

Fill me again with your happiness and joy,

My Lord, You know my emptiness, my fears, my fears

I give them all to you my Lord

Fill me with your grace and your light.

Let the Holy Spirit touch me

And from me only flow your wise word my Lord

I am faithful to you, because I trust you and you never fail me.

I give you my life Lord, my mind, my heart

Strengthen my faith and my hope

and there will be no fear to bend my faith.

Forgive my faults my Lord

Let the fear inside me go away

Touch my heart, cover it with you, so as not to feel

Nothing that makes me feel uneasy

You are my strength I know of your mercy

I trust your word

Just thinking about you comforts me.

Thank you Father, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

The received serenity is based on leading your life full of trust towards God, this will allow you to have a peaceful life with yourself and your loved ones and that spiritual serenity will be reflected in all your surroundings. By being serene and calm, you will remain calm in the face of any unforeseen event that may represent a risk or threat.

By performing the prayer of serenity and tranquility we will be touching our emotions in a positive way, therefore, the change will be immediate and we will feel comforted in God. On the contrary, a person who responds impulsively to an adverse situation, instead of solving and making the best decision, may further complicate the moment.

How to control emotions?

Emotions are part of human life, there are positive emotions such as joy, love, happiness, but there are also negative emotions such as anger, anguish, anxiety, among many others. If people allow themselves to be dominated and give way to negative emotions, beyond finding solutions, they will strengthen the problems.

Also this type of negative emotions have an impact on the health of the person, staying in a state of restlessness, anguish or stress, sooner or later will have a pathological effect, which not only involves the affected person, but the family as well. find yourself facing a sick loved one or an inaccessible loved one.

Life is definitely a roller coaster, in its journey we find highs and lows, the highs are always associated with triumphs, achievements, positive affects, while the lows are definitely associated with defeats, losses and more.

Therefore, faced with this reality, we must find a way to overcome everything that we consider that can be negative in order to lead a life marked by serenity and tranquility and for that we have to learn to identify negative feelings, situations that can lead us to feel out of the emotional balance necessary to be able to move forward and lead a life in peace.

There are many studies and theories regarding the control of emotions, however, it is valid to ask ourselves, are we really in control of our emotions? There are those who say yes, others are absolutely convinced that no.

However, there is evidence in scientific studies that says that if you are able to interpret your emotions you will be able to control them and to this scientific theory you must add the confidence you have to leave situations that you do not control in God’s hands. When we feel a positive or negative emotion, it is nothing more than a nervous impulse that our body is sending us, therefore, the way in which you will use that energy is up to you.

What happens when that energy gets out of control and instead of being used in a positive way, it is externalized and internalized in a negative way. The human body is shaped in such a way that we can react to stimuli. The amygdala in the control center of emotions, it is from there that nerve impulses are emitted to respond to a stimulus. (See also: Prayer to bless money )

Instinctively the response is necessary even as a survival response. What then is the problem, if we are trained to respond to possible threats? It could be that this instinctive energy is triggered without there really being a threat, causing us moments of anxiety, depression and another series of negative emotions.

If the brain and our response is not momentary to the stimulus received, but we remain anchored in that feeling, then it ceases to be a warning signal to respond and becomes an emotional health problem.

Therefore, it is extremely important to learn to know ourselves and detect the sensations and stimuli that precede those emotions, to avoid triggering the signal that will make you take an impulsive response or emotions take control. By managing to delay or stop the process, you will be in some way in control of your emotions

Having then identified the sensation that precedes the emotion that we want to control, we must then make use of our emotional intelligence, by understanding the state of mind, we will act from the cause that generates that state of mind and not on the consequence (anger, sadness).

In case it is too late and the negative emotion has preyed on you, then you must begin to control it from your virtues and gifts, recognize what your strengths are, your merits and in this way and from that positive energy begin the search for what that caused the negative emotion.

Another effective technique to avoid emotional states that do not bring you well-being is to try to place your attention on another matter, think of something that keeps you centered and ask for the accompaniment of your spiritual part, trust.

Try to think about the immediate future, this will help you precisely to think that the present is already past and that in reality there is a future and everything will be fine, it will help you maintain control. Allow yourself to attend to what is causing you anguish later, you should not pay attention to it immediately, perhaps it is not the time to concentrate on the solution, leaving it for later is better and you will avoid negative emotion.

Think of the worst scenario that can happen and you will realize that what is happening to you at that moment is not so terrible, you will immediately feel that it could be worse and this will make the emotional response less powerful.

It is important to point out that self-control is not infinite, at some point we will be strengthened, but there will be others where for some reason we are not so tolerant and we do not have real control of the situation either, because it is recommended that from time to time you take a time for yourself, it is healthy and strengthens you as a person. The secret is to learn to recognize your emotions, you must be honest with yourself about the reason that is generating that emotion in you and do not fool yourself.

Strengthen your confidence in the spiritual and you will see how you will take control of your emotions, a prayer of serenity and tranquility to God, will make you put into perspective what is happening to you and what is causing you to lose control.

We must ask God to return to us the serenity and tranquility, that allows us through the Holy Spirit to recognize in the gifts of wisdom, intelligence, strength, mercy and reap the fruits of the Holy Spirit: like love, joy , patience and peace.

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