Catholic Prayer to the Devotion of the Thousand Jesuses

Catholic Prayer to the Devotion of the Thousand Jesuses

Through the reading of the following article we will be able to know in depth everything about the Catholic Prayer to the Devotion of the Thousand Jesuses , we will know about its mysteries and everything that surrounds this ancient and wonderful prayer that has passed for many years.

Origin of the Thousand Jesuses

There is a story which tells us that, in Bogotá, lies the origin of the day of the Holy Cross, this discovery is the discovery of Santa Elena, the cross where Christ died, however, the origin and popularity of this prayer comes from ancient celebrations of the ancient people of the Romans.

Summary explanation of the use of the Thousand Jesus Prayer

The use that is given begins by pronouncing the name of Jesus a thousand times, we consider banishing from our homes and from everything that surrounds us the forces of evil and the evil one in himself, after having done that, we perform the prayer of an Our Father to help prepare our spirit, we repeat Jesus 3 times in each decade of the rosary repeating phrases of attachment to our Lord Jesus Christ.

How to pray the Thousand Jesuses?

This tradition is based on pronouncing the name of Jesus a thousand times to weaken and defeat all evil forces, this as unequivocal proof of the victory of good against evil, we make a wooden cross (but if we already have a cross at home it is not necessary to make one) or it can also be an olive tree.

In the verse of the Holy Bible (Matthew 1,21) it is explained that Saint Joseph in his dreams had a brief conversation with an angel, in that dream that angel told him that the name of Jesus meant “The Savior”. In the biblical verse (Luke 1, 31-33) the Archangel Gabriel at the time of the annunciation comments the same thing to the Virgin Mary. That’s why his name has so much power.

The strength that this name has so powerful above all others comes from its meaning, it is a name before which, in all existential planes, every being kneels their knee, to venerate this name of the savior. To carry out a correct worship of this name, we make a modest altar, we occupy a cross in the middle of it, blessed water, two candles and a few flowers.

The most common way in which the thousand prayers to Jesus are made is by crossing himself with the sign of the Cross. In total silence, we ask with all our hearts what we want. After this process is finished, we perform an act of contrition, in other words, we sincerely regret something bad that we have done, later, we pray an Our Father, then a decade of the rosary begins.

Beginning of the prayer of the Thousand Jesuses

This is when the prayer of the Thousand Jesuses begins , we begin by commemorating the Holy Cross asking her to advocate for us, both now in the kingdom of the living, and in the kingdom of the dead, always asking for her favor. If at the moment of death the evil one wanted to tempt our soul, we will tell him that he will not have control of our soul because we have said Jesus a thousand times.

The beads of our rosary will be passed one by one, saying and repeating for each one Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, (in total there would be about 50 times) and once the prayer of the complete rosary is finished, we finish by praying a Glory be to the father, to the son and the Holy Spirit, an Our Father is prayed and a final prayer is made, having made the prayer of 20 rosaries we will have culminated the thousand Jesus.

the closing sentence

In this prayer we tell Jesus Christ that we adore him and that we also bless him, we recognize that with and through his Holy Cross he redeemed himself before the whole world. We repeat the name of Jesus twice and then we say Jesus Christ, then Jesus is said once more, Jesus I love you as much in my life as I love you in my death, finally, we ask Jesus to give us his salvation.

The petition

In this prayer we communicate with God and remember the holy cross, the place where he reaffirmed his miracles through his passion, we ask him to give us courage, that we can reach heavenly help in order to obtain eternal life in the kingdom. from the heaven. We pray in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, who lives and reigns by the side of God the Father Almighty, forever and ever, and we end with an Amen.

prayer with holy water

In this prayer we ask that Our Lord Jesus Christ be with us, to which the one who leads the prayer responds “And with your spirit.” Here we ask the blessing of God the father almighty, we ask the blessing of Jesus Christ his son and finally of the holy spirit, that is, of the holy trinity.

Date of celebration of the Holy Cross

Although it is true that the discovery of the true and legitimate Santa Cruz is celebrated on May 3, it can be prayed and celebrated any day of the year. It is said that the evil one lives and is happy in the hearts of those people who practice a lifestyle ruled by sin, therefore, it is recommended to perform these prayers, confess and maintain a lifestyle as similar to Jesus Christ our Lord .

The act of contrition (repentance)

While it is true that the prayer of the Thousand Jesuses is important because it gives us strength against the evil one and against sin, the most important part for it to have strength is to repent wholeheartedly of all the bad things we have done, to have clarity in our mind and make an act of contrition. Here you will see an example of how to make one:

Oh Jesus!, Oh God! Almighty father, I declare my pure and sincere love with all my heart for you above everything in this world, I declare a deep and total repentance with all my heart for all the sins I have committed, for all the good things I have stopped doing, I ask forgiveness because by having done these acts I have offended the two of you, Jesus and God, absolute representations of all that is good in the world.

Oh God! I come before you and I offer you everything I have, I offer you my life, in your name I will perform any action in order to have redemption for my sins, through your infinite grace I will do penance for my faults, through your grace I promise not I will be committing every single sin I have committed so far.

Oh God! I promise to make a pure and sincere confession, exposing my soul to you, revealing each and every one of the mistakes I have made, I promise to take communion as many times as possible. Oh God! For the achievements of your life, passion and death, I ask you please, have mercy on me, give me a little of your grace to never fall again and to be able to live a lifestyle that is as Christian as possible. We end with the prayer of an Our Father.

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