Christian prayer to travel under the cover of God the Father

Christian prayer to travel under the cover of God the Father

The Christian prayer to travel, allows protection to those who travel and are exposed to any type of accident. For this reason it is that those should leave full of blessings from God. When prayer is performed, body and soul must be entrusted to the will of God. With the objective that the trips are blessed, in the search that life is protected from any attack of the enemy or the evil one.

Christian prayer for travel

Oh my lord, I put this journey on you. May your merciful hands free me from any danger that may arise. It allows you to control any event.

Your love gives me the confidence of your protection. Show me the way to arrive safe and sound to the destination that I have framed. Protect my life with your mantle Lord Jesus Christ.

Allow your light to take me to the right point of arrival and accompany me on the way back home. I ask that your hands be on this journey. Allow me to reach my destination through your blessing.

Your divine blessing is what protects my life. It is thanks to you that doors open for me and no one has the opportunity to close them. May this trip be filled with your blessing and protection, do not allow there to be a setback.

My Lord Jesus Christ allows your angels to be around me, with the aim of protecting me from any evil. That any act of the enemy related to danger is not possible.

Lord I implore you to do your will and not mine on this journey. That the return to my home is similar to that of my departure. Do not allow any plan of the evil one to be executed. May the darkness not rise on this journey.

I am always represented under your name my Lord Jesus Christ. I declare that the grace of God entered my life. They are the ones who will accompany me and manifest their act of presence in any place I go.

This trip is covered by the company of our lord. He guards every step I take through his merciful blood. I feel grateful to you, my God for filling this trip with blessings. (See also how to do the Prayer to Put a Person Having a Nervous Breakdown to Sleep)

Thank you for filling my life with your merciful hands, keep me and deliver me from evil. I thank you that because of you I will arrive safely from this trip. Your glory and your power under the centuries of centuries, amen.

Why is it done?

People always in a moment of life are presented with the situation of leaving their home to undertake a trip, whether for pleasure, work situation or some emergency.

The Christian prayer to travel, allows your life to be protected in the round trip process. God is the one who allows us that our life is full of blessings in any path we undertake. That is why life must be entrusted to our Lord.

The labor process for the angels must be activated. Looking for them to fight in our favor, protecting our lives from any evil. God allows his army of angels to be available for the protection of humanity. That is why it should be used honestly.

For this reason, it is recommended that every time you leave your home, whether traveling, working or for any other type of outing, you commend yourself in prayer. Since you need God’s blessing to be safe.

It is important that the prayers are made while maintaining faith in our heavenly father. You must admit any type of failure that you have had with our Lord and apologize from the heart for every bad action you do. (See Article: Prayer request to God  )

Respond to God with faith and humility, always seeking to improve as a child of the Lord. Repent from the heart and work to have better attitudes. Recognize that we are not pure beings, rather we are full of imperfections, always looking for Jesus Christ to dwell in our souls. Manifesting his merciful love in us.


The Christian prayer to travel is of the utmost importance to carry out a safe exit from our homes with protection. It is necessary to mention that the universe is made up of spiritual movements that are directly related to the evil that satan constantly carries out.

It is necessary to mention that the children of God do not have the capacity to escape without faith from the snares of evil enemies and all those who are considered their demonic hosts.

It is for this reason that it must be prevented at the time a trip is made. No matter how far you have to go. It is therefore not recommended that you do not make a request for protection to God every time you move to other places. Filling life with security.

Even the simplest trips should be filled with God’s blessings. Since the demonic hosts are located in any territory that is not protected by God. That sometimes cause dangerous accidents in the lives of believers of God.

It is extremely important that before making the trip you connect with our Lord. With him you must consult through the pastor, in order to leave with spiritual coverage.

You must always pray before leaving and maintain a conversation with our father, seeking his approval of the departure. In addition to this, in this way the priority purpose of why the trip is being made will be fulfilled.

On the other hand, it should be requested because you have protection during the trip. With the objective that your body and soul be under the mantle of the Lord, allowing his protection to be on you.

Always seeking to be in contact with the mantle of God, it is recommended that the prayer be made before boarding the means of transport that you are going to use, whether it is boarding a vehicle, plane or ship.

Many recommend that prayers begin a week before the trip. This is done in order for God to accept the departure to the stipulated destination. In turn allowing our Lord to support you with the factors of making the trip. (Know also the Prayer to the Holy Spirit before reading the bible )

On the other hand, it collaborates by removing obstacles so that problems do not arise, allowing God’s protection.

How should we pray?

The most important thing to perform a prayer is to do it with faith. That is why you must have confidence in what God gives you. It is our lord is the one who protects our life.

It is necessary to always trust in the blessings that God gives us. In addition to this, it is important to mention that we have a promise with him with reference to communion with God.

It is also important to mention that when a prayer is made we accept to be under his will. For this reason we must have a lot of confidence that when we pray when we go on a trip he is allowing us that everything is fine and he will accompany us right in every step we take.

faith in praying

Faith moves mountains, that is why it is so necessary when praying. On the other hand, it should be considered that before praying the soul should be available to our Lord Jesus Christ, in order to communicate without any problem.

Our communication must be honest and simple, since God only asks to open our soul before him. This under a simple language. Don’t have fancy words. In search of the gentleman not being predisposed.

God will not judge you, he will forgive you and give you the help required to protect you. You must trust and believe in our lord. When you begin to believe you will be able to perform your own prayers spontaneously.

God must be asked spontaneously using the exact words of what is specifically desired. Since the Lord should be asked for things clearly. It is not right to ask vaguely.

It is necessary to ask clearly in prayer

God wants us to express clearly through our words what we want, that is why it is necessary to express clearly and bluntly what we are asking for, in this case protection when traveling.

Prayers exist to communicate with God through his son Jesus Christ. He will be our guide, according to the will of our Lord and Supreme Father. You have to have confidence in what you ask for and how you ask for it.

When a Christian prayer is made to travel, without any faith or belief that our Lord is capable of helping us in what we ask of his children. It is impossible for God to protect you.

In the same way, if you go on a journey without God’s will, it will not have the ability to protect us, since it is being carried out by the evil one. For this reason it is recommended that before traveling you should pray, with the aim of informing God of your plans.

It is not proper to move without the direction of God, since this brings bad consequences, since it is the work of the evil one. Disobedience is capable of generating disasters that we can regret. Since God always looks for the best for us. (See Article: Night Prayer Psalm 4 )

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