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What is a Disciple of Jesus?: Meaning and History

Disciple . Most of us have heard of this word. Sure when a teacher has a student who for him is his favorite, and gives him the knowledge that the teacher acquired through the years. In his particularity, he passes from generation to generation and the good thing about this is that his disciples learn many more things that their teachers did not know. It’s a matter of perfecting each lesson learned. Which leads us to new ways of discovering things that perhaps we did not know. And it always happens that the student surpasses the teacher.


The disciples through history is extensive and even in many fields. These aspects can be in the art as well as Hokusai and the more than 150 disciples of him. Science such as the case of Marie Curie and her daughter Irene Curie. Philosophy as Plato’s disciple , Speusippus. It all depends on what matter it is applied to.

But what is a disciple?

The word disciple comes from the Latin discipulus . What does the one you want to learn mean? They are those who listen, analyze and learn in the best way the field of study in which they specialize. But to be able to call you in this way, a tutor or teacher is needed who has all the main wisdoms so that you can later have them and modify them according to your experiences.

What is a disciple according to the bible?

Now, it is a totally different world when we talk about this term in the Christian religion and especially in the holy scriptures, the Bible. Let us remember that Jesus Christ, the son of God, who in this case is the teacher, chose among many people 12 apostles such as; Simón, Andrés, Jacobo, Felipe, Bartolomé, Tomás, Mateo, Tadeo, the other Simón, Judas Iscariot, Juan, and Pedro.

Being these last two as the favorites of Christ and those who chose the most in leadership. These who are his disciples to help him in life to do activities on behalf of other people, during and after his death spread the teachings of Christ, especially in the church. All this is demonstrated in the new testament.

disciple biblical meaning

The New Testament speaks of the immense work they do. Trying to keep the least of Christ in terms of what he wanted to share and teach. Being a disciple of our Lord is not limited to those named in the Bible. You can only be if you think you deserve the title. We all can be.

Characteristics of a disciple according to the bible

Not everything can be as simple as it seems, a few qualities are needed to be able to act as such. The disciple’s bible as a model for future learning. It has that name for being the guide to all those who want to have Jesus Christ in their hearts and in their lives. Such as spreading all those stories that he left in the sacred scriptures and transform them into teachings to those people who do not have faith or who follow the desired path for them. These are the following main characteristics that a disciple must have according to the Bible:

Fervent commitment to Christ

As for the wills and desires that are no longer towards oneself. And they happen to do only and exclusively for Jesus. When you detach yourself from other worldly things as we are used to, life can be different and take another path more beneficial than the one chosen by God.

Extreme love towards other people

Love. It was one of the most important teachings that Jesus Christ left to his disciples and to us as well. He was a faithful follower that if we loved each other, without prejudice in between, without differentiating either or of any bad resemblance. Good was going to triumph in this world created by his almighty father, just as peace would reign in every corner. In order to show God that we are capable of that and much more.

Engaged in soul service

This is very important to have the courage or willingness to be humble with others. In this world where everyone is selfish and tries to sink the lives of others. It’s easy to forget that we can be humble and show compassion. But God’s mandate that there is enough of that in our souls just to be good.

Being sensitive to the presence of the holy spirit

This means that the holy spirit is always with us from the moment we are born. Always surrounding us with the wonderful power of him. But being truly sensitive to him is when you accept Jesus Christ in your soul as an essential part of it. Once you do, you will feel the Holy Spirit and God Himself every day. You just have to take the first step.

Absolute control of the word of God

Let us remember when centuries ago the disciples spread the word of God and it was not an easy task. Much had to be sacrificed and many more killed for her dominance over all others to prevail. It is something so true that it should never be doubted. Since it manages to unite and give reasons to many people who are disoriented, without any path. His commands are responsible for there still being some peace in this world, and it is only because of his blessed words.

total purity of ethics

God made us in his image. This means that somewhere in us our ethics and morality are perfectly good. Since he is perfect. And we have the ability to resemble him in many ways. Also because despite the fact that we will always be sins thanks to Christ we have the opportunity to redeem ourselves from all evil that we have stained in our lives as well as in the eyes of our almighty father.

Share the Christian teachings left by Christ

Let’s highlight. The holy scriptures say that a good disciple is one who goes around the world and promulgates the word of God. Your will can move seas and mountains if you think so. Especially if we talk about crowds of people who just want to find someone to help them stop being people despite what they see. They are totally blind without the teachings of god. But you have the ability to change that, highlight who you really are as a faithful son of our father and promote the masses so that they are united under the protection of God.

Christians as a community left by Christ

It is incredible how Jesus Christ always had in mind the idea that man to spread his word cannot be alone. Everyone functions correctly if he is with a group of people close or related to him, such as family. And Christ was aware of that, in this way he saw to it that we have a community that we call family. And it was precisely the only thing that has survived over the centuries.

Be pious and just soul

Money has divided families, businesses, dreams and hopes. Only for the greed of having more than others. God makes it very clear that you cannot be a Christian and love money since in your heart there cannot be room for both since the two feed money very differently. One elevates you with pure good things and the other what it does is take you to the abyss of perdition.

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