Learn all about the Prayer to the Holy Spirit before reading the Bible

Learn all about the Prayer to the Holy Spirit before reading the Bible

Many of the passages in the Bible were written by men whose relationship with God was incomprehensible, they all had something in common, the Prayer. He knows in the next post the Prayer to the Holy Spirit before reading the Bible.

Who is the Holy Spirit?

According to scripture, the Holy Spirit is considered part of the divine trinity. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. At the end of the old testament we find that God is crucified by the people who at the time received him with great pleasure.

Everything was part of the same purpose, but when Jesus left this world and rose three days later, he told his disciples not to worry about the future, nor to be sad. He would go away but he would send the Holy Spirit of God, the comforter.

The disciples understood the message and believed in their hearts that it would be so and since then they received him in their hearts and accepted him as a fellow traveler in the race of Christianity.

The main function and the best of all is that the Holy Spirit of God has come to comfort and guide the children of the Father of Heaven. Here are some of its outstanding features:

  • Comfort and encourage the broken in spirit
  • fortify
  • Helps to discern between what comes from God and what does not
  • Convince the non-Christian of sin, justice and truth
  • He is able to bear witness among those who are of the same faith.
  • Discern what your heart wants to ask or announce to God when sometimes you have no idea how to express it.
  • It becomes your best friend, your best ally, your guide and your guide.
  • He knows what is best for each child of God.
  • It intervenes when in your heart you want to lodge recriminatory or revengeful feelings.
  • By taking it with you, it is able to make you bear fruit such as joy, peace, patience. Others as kindness, benignity. It teaches you to have patience, meekness and temperance in situations that you cannot control.
  • He is the only one who can take you to a level of adoration of the Father in a sublime and original way.
  • It is responsible for rebuking you when you commit acts that go against your principles.

The Holy Spirit of God has a charming peculiarity and that is that it does not leave you at any time. You can always take it by the hand with you, anywhere and in any circumstance, however indescribable it may be. It takes you to places you never imagined knowing and its only mission is to lead you to fulfill the will of the heavenly Father without getting lost or left or right. It becomes part of you, of your daily life, of your center.


The person of the Holy Spirit seals you at the moment you receive Christ in your heart, as the only and sufficient savior and mediator of men with God. At that moment he takes hold of you and does not abandon you.

The Holy Spirit is important for the Christian because it allows for a more direct and effective communication with the father. It makes you understand God’s designs, whatever his will is. He convicts you, the Spirit brings you to a higher level of gratitude than usual.

One of the things that most favors having the Holy Spirit is the discernment that it gives you when reading the Bible alone or in company. This is because he knows God better than anyone. Through him we ask for wisdom to study the word genuinely and not in a wrong way.

It is important to know this person and thus you will reach a world or a supernatural level. It may be that what seems normal and intriguing to you right now, at one time you will only see it as something that the same Spirit taught you.

It is wonderful how the Spirit is able to reveal hidden things to you that you never thought you knew. From small biblical passages to things superior to science unimaginable.

Prayer to the Holy Spirit before reading the Bible

Holy Spirit of God,

Thank you for existing!

Thanks for your company,

For taking care of those who believe in your existence.

Thank you for guiding me to the path of truth.

You who console the one who has lost the will to fight,

I ask you to direct me, give me the necessary discernment

To understand each letter in the Bible.

Do not let my knowledge speak, nor my own understanding.

Allow your direction to guide me with firm steps

Teach me your word and help me teach it to others

With holy reason.

Help me through writing to learn more about the life of Jesus

And to create the habit of reading it every morning.

If I have to exhort any brother, let me do it

Putting to work each one of your fruits:

Love, to love the one who is difficult to love.

Kindness, to recognize that others also need my help.

Patience, to understand others as if it were myself.

Peace, that which surpasses all understanding.

Benignity, to always look at the good and the pure in people.

Temperance, in every circumstance.

To know how to respond and have the right attitude at the right time.

Joy, that ineffable joy help me to feel it and impart it to others.

Your word says that against such things there is no law.

There are many things, stories and passages in the bible that,

At first glance I can not address, or understand.

But I know that you can help me in that aspect.

I do not recognize, nor will I recognize another dildo that is not you.

You came at the best time so that we would never feel alone again.

Thank you for the details you have with each one when studying the bible.

It’s amazing the way you reveal to us what has to be and,

That’s what I mean when I say you’re Great and you don’t quit.

My big dildo, My friend!

In the name of Jesus, Amen!

Who should do it?

The Prayer to the Holy Spirit of God does not lie in respect of persons. But yes, it has been established that those who received Jesus bear the seal of the Spirit and that by faith they will give account and do prowess.

For this reason it follows that those who have received God as their true and faithful justifier are those who can pray freely to the Father and the Holy Spirit of God will give the necessary discernment to understand his word. However, those who with faith ask God, this according to the will of the Father, will be granted.

Recommendations to the reader

Prayer is a main part of the life of each individual that allows us to achieve a close relationship with Jesus. In the Bible there are numerous sayings that impel us to maintain prayer every day and with duty; as Ephesians 6:18 says: “Furthermore, whenever you go to God, let the Holy Spirit direct you. Stay alert and don’t give up.” (See Article: Prayer of protection for children )

In your supplications, reliably solicit each of the individuals who are part of God’s general population. The request is something that is created in an individual way, for which, we should try the following tips and more by raising a Prayer to the Holy Spirit before reading the Bible:

  • It is necessary that you get away from everything, from music, from the cell phone, from the radio or from any equipment that in the end causes you distraction. To support him, you can locate a quiet place in the house, work, reflect, etc. and transform it into your extraordinary supplication room.
  • Compose a summary of the pleading needs you have and divide them by classifications. This will allow you to remember what is essential and also focus on your requests. Similarly, it is an excellent method to see God’s reaction and also if there is any point of view for which you should ask more.
  • Set a particular time that you can pray each day. You may have trouble keeping up early on, but if you stick with it and are consistent, you will find that praying and reading scripture will eventually become a part of your daily life.
  • Take an interest in supplication meetings and meet other people who offer you their trust. Replicating together will reinforce and encourage you to continue this training; In the same way, God rejoices when his young women are gathered in his name.
  • Despite asking at a certain time, do it discreetly throughout the day. Reveal to God the expectations, fears and contemplations of him. Talk to Him as if you were talking to a colleague and do not delay in letting Him know everything that happens during the day.
  • Call on God to let you understand what your statement says, and then read your Bible. Keep a heart prepared to receive the message, and in case you do not understand what you read, pray again and trust in the intensity of the Lord. Keep in mind that the Bible is God’s method of addressing us; and on the off chance that you don’t think about it, you can’t develop into trusting him.
  • Try not to ask only about your needs, but also about those of others, about your family, colleagues, people who treat you terribly, society, the nation and the world. Remember to be grateful to God and congratulate him for each of his characteristics.
  • God knows your heart; so it’s horrible to trick it or camouflage your real goals. When you implore, be direct with Him and ask for absolution of your transgressions, but also refrain from falling into them again. God’s affection is infinite, however, you must not continue to do what is detestable either.
  • Plead with confidence. Supplication works when one genuinely has faith in the intensity of God. You don’t deserve to repeat similar words every day, in case they don’t matter to you.
  • Try not to ask God for your own will, but God’s will. He can give him what he needs, however, that does not imply that what he asks for is superior to his provision.
  • The moment our desires do not have the results we need, we accuse God, but as a general rule, we only have our own will. In this way, it is wiser to reliably bestow all that is within His power and let Him choose.


There are inferences that writers and Bible students have made about the importance of making a Prayer to the Holy Spirit before reading the Bible. They explain the participation of this being in many sermons and it is thanks to the fact that:

The Holy Spirit is an individual: The Holy Spirit is not a thing or a “what”; He is a “who”. He is the third person of the Holy Trinity, although he may seem more puzzling than the Father and the Son, he is as individual as he can be. (See Article: who wrote Psalm 121 of the Bible )

He is totally God: The way in which the Holy Spirit is the “third” individual of the Holy Trinity does not imply that he is mediocre compared to the Father and the Son. All three persons, including the Holy Spirit, are fully God and have solitary piety, equal brilliance, and unique magnificence.

He has reliably existed, even in Old Testament times: Despite the fact that we have adapted most things about the Holy Spirit and Jesus into the New Testament, He has reliably existed. God exists endlessly in three persons. In this way, when we read about God in the Old Testament, let us remember that it is the Trinity. It is best explained in the Prayer to the Holy Spirit before reading the Bible.

In Baptism and Confirmation the Holy Spirit is obtained: The Holy Spirit is secretly available on the planet and generally we do not obtain it. Be that as it may, an individual receives the Holy Spirit in an exceptional way unprecedented for immersion and is strengthened in Confirmation after receiving the savior in his heart. (See Article: Miraculous prayer for bible studies )

Christians are sanctuaries of the Holy Spirit: The Holy Spirit lives in an unusual way in Christians, in this way, there are no moral consequences, as Paul explains in his epistles: If anyone possesses the Holy Spirit of God, he must keep himself in holiness .

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