Do you know how many miracles Jesus performed?

Do you know how many miracles Jesus performed? Learn all about them, here

Every day our Heavenly Father is thanked for the sacrifice his son made for humanity. In addition to them, we should be thankful for how many miracles Jesus did in life, to show on earth that God was for all of us. It is complex to really know how many miracles he performed, however there are many that are recorded.

How many miracles did Jesus perform?

The exact number of miracles that Jesus performed is not really known. However, it is verified that in a great period of his life he dealt with this task, it is in the New Testament gospel where some of the best moments in his life stage are reflected.

A good example of this theme is reflected in Mark of the 489 verses, almost half speak of the miracles performed by Jesus. Despite this, it is complex to list it correctly.

Eighteen miracles can be counted in the book of Mark. While the book of Matthew and the book of Luke has twenty miracles. However these miracles are above. Because some separate texts speak of summaries of activities related to the miracles of Jesus.

Mark in 1:34 indicates that he healed many sick people, through exploring and casting out demons. Despite this, in the Gospel of John the miracles performed by Jesus are reduced to a lesser extent. Put in his narrations there are only seven, those that I consider most outstanding.

Since the book is considered a very symbolic element, that is why its theme is not by chance. This is related to the fact that the number seven in the Bible represents perfection and excellence, in this case for my Lord. Know, what are God’s promises for the family ?

He represents the first of his miracles in John 2:11. Then it can be seen that in chapter four, in verse 54 it is said that this was the second miracle recorded in his adulthood that Jesus performed. In this way the miracles that he performed were verified.

 Miracles that Jesus did

Among the most outstanding miracles are:

  • The wedding of Canaan.
  • John 4:43-54 speaks of the healing of a son of a royal official.
  • On the other hand, the healing of the sick in the pool of Bethesda stands out.
  • In John 6:1-15 also the multiplication of loaves.
  • On the other hand the walk on the water.
  • Also the healing of the born blind.
  • In John 11:1-44 the resurrection of Lazarus.
  • On the other hand, in the gospel of Mark 1:41 he cures lepers.
  • In the gospel of Matthew 15:32, he multiplies the loaves for hungry people.
  • According to Matthew 14:14 heals the sick.
  • From Luke 5:20 we know that Jesus heals the paralyzed.

The miracles that Jesus performed allowed the people of his time to understand that he was connected with God. In addition to this, he generated the promise that in the kingdom of God there were no diseases, neither hungry people nor unfavorable people.

These miracles that Jesus performed served as a sign to show the new world that had arisen thanks to the arrival of the son of God. Currently, despite various scientific studies, it is not known how many miracles were performed for sure.

But if you are aware that Jesus did it with the aim of establishing the kingdom of God on earth without any problem. It is for this reason that the gospels consider them miracles.

What are they?

The miracles of Jesus were the reliable proof that Jesus is the messiah that was spoken of in the prophecies of the old testament. He is the son of God, that king who would come from heaven to earth. As indicated in the word of God through the prophets and embodied in the scriptures. Jesus has elements that are considered outstanding that notify the proof that his doctrine is real and is not constituted under false stories.

Jesus from the beginning indicated that he was the son of the mighty God and that he came with the mission imposed by his father to forgive the sins of man through his sacrifice of body and earthly life. That is why he performed a work worthy of the son of God. Which in turn has features of man. Among the best known miracles of his is when he cured a paralytic, this story is written in the Gospel of Mark.

God performs wonderful actions that we should not judge because he is superior and our creator. Man must accept every action and worship it. The son of God who had a mission on earth is one of the most important characters in the Western history of mankind.

He was given the mission to live on earth alongside man, live as one, die and rise from the dead. With this, the prophecy that God had declared in search of cleansing the sins of man through the death of his only son was fulfilled. Demonstrating that the word of God is sacred.

God will always continue to be the merciful and understanding creator of humanity, which is why the miracles that Jesus performed, with the mission of guaranteeing that the kingdom of God is perfect and that he awaits us there, was carried out successfully and was recorded in the Gospels. . (Learn about praying to bless money )

It is important to mention that Jesus indicated that faith is what moves everything, that is why with it you can achieve any miracle you want. Without it you cannot be embraced by the great mercy of our Lord.

For this reason, there are testimonies recorded throughout history with the aim of demonstrating that God loves us and for this reason he sent his son to offer his word to man and fill him with love and respect for others. Proving that after death, everyone who repents of his sins and believes in God will be rewarded with eternal life in the kingdom of God.


Jesus was in charge of going through all the lands that occupied the area of ​​Galilee. He set himself the goal of offering the word of God, in the synagogues. He cried out about the kingdom of God. Which resulted in the sick being allowed to heal and the disabled to get better through his kind, miraculous and merciful hands.

The word miracle originates from the Latin word mirari. It is considered that its meaning is directly related to amazement and admiration, miracles are described as those elements that are related to events that are considered impossible to solve.

But despite the factors that make it impossible, they can be carried out without any coherent explanation. For Saint John this action is called a sign and that is why he described the events that Jesus is the protagonist of in this way.

All the acts that Jesus performed in the name of God in life, are considered signs put in Greek, they are shows of power with a wide range of surprising levels. Jesus had the ability to heal those sick, because he was the son of God and one of his missions was to show the glory of the Lord’s heavenly kingdom.

On the other hand, he resuscitated those who had died, either in a few hours or in days. And last but not least, he guided those who were diverted from the path of God, when he performed exorcisms that killed the demonic entities that they had inside.

Even the miracles of Jesus today are observed daily, because he is our savior and we always have him present in our hearts… That is why many believers ask him for miracles and it is considered that even despite the times there are still people who receive His word and in turn the hand of Jesus leads them to the miracle that they ask for with faith and love for the Lord.

Many closed people who did not believe in the word of the Lord were covered by the miracle of Jesus. When he was on earth fulfilling his merciful and kind mission for humanity.

This allowed them to be filled with love and just as they receive love, they deliver those who are disoriented in life, making them find the path of good, as Jesus always says. Even in many cases the new believers were not Jews, they could even be Philistines or any other culture. Since God has no distinction.

On the other hand, Jesus taught that there should be people who, through prayer, miraculously make their illnesses disappear, because as long as you work with faith and believing in God, everything is possible. Even this can be considered the greatest gestures of love and miracle towards our Heavenly Father.

Finally, Jesus taught us through his miracles that life with faith allows them to achieve all kinds of miracles, it is only necessary to believe in God to move each mountain because it is the main element for a miracle to be achieved. (See the article The Power of Prayer )

act of power

With his miracles, Jesus sought to demonstrate that he had majestic power. However, many believe that the miracles performed according to the Gospel of John were not performed out of compassion.

Since it implies that the pain and suffering of the people who suffered before the miracle were not caused by acts of compassion. Similarly, it was not to show his great power or announce the arrival of the new kingdom that God had prepared for his children.

According to the miracles narrated in the Gospel of John, he had the objective of preaching himself. With the aim of telling who he was and why he came to earth, where it is possible to know, thanks to this, the aspects of him as a person and his intimacy.

John’s miracles are considered important puzzle pieces. This allows the way in which Jesus is spoken of to be distinguished.

7 miracles shown in the book of John

In the seven miracles that are reflected in the book of John, they include details that show the facts in an exceptional way. Perhaps for this reason, when the last supper is held, Jesus indicates that no one has done works similar to his.

Between these; the Canaan weddings where the water became 600 liters of wine, a situation that was not generated in village weddings. On the other hand, when he decides to heal a son of a royal official. On the other hand, Jesus had already taken care of curing Canaanite’s daughter. In addition, these events were carried out meters away.

In addition, the time of illness of the person who was paralyzed from Bethesda is highlighted, which was 38 years, while other gospel books have people with an approximate 18-year illness.

Another example of detail is that when Jesus multiplies the loaves, he asks how so many people will be fed. For this reason, it is considered that this miracle focused on testing the apostles and believers. Since he already knew what to do. Since he has a divine condition that allows him to know everything.

On the other hand there is the miracle in which he walked on water. In this it stands out that the boat was whipped by strong winds. However, when all this happened, the sea calmed down and they reached the place where they had to go. On the other hand, the healing that he gave the blind man is of great importance because he was born blind.

Lazarus Resurrection Case

The most exceptional miracle performed by Jesus was that of the resurrection of Lazarus, a character who had died four days ago. The remarkable thing is that the other resurrections had only been dead for hours. This is why the apostle John called all the others signs instead of miracles.

It is for this reason that they are considered revelation facts. These signs do not have great value on their own, since their job is to represent. since his primary objective was not to help people, rather it was a method of evangelization with his followers, as God had wanted. With this he demonstrated that the power of the son of God is majestic. He may also be interested in knowing what the cross means for evangelicals ?

What can be learned from the miracles of Jesus?

In the scriptures where the miracles performed by Jesus in his earthly life are recounted, the usual word for miracle is not used, rather it is translated from the Greek word that means to lose, which can also be translated as ability or in this case powerful works.

On the other hand, each prodigious act is considered, since the observers of their miracles produced great admiration and the bearer of the omens of God. On several occasions the observers and the disciples of Jesus were impressed by each one of his feats. These signs that Jesus performed were the truest miracles of our Lord.

authenticity tests

There are factors that guarantee that the miracles of Jesus were really performed. It is important to mention that during each miraculous act Jesus did not seek to draw attention to himself. Rather he always named that this was the work of our Lord. Well, all the merits were awarded to the Heavenly Father.

Every time he performed a miracle he praised God and knelt before God seeking that the miracle be performed correctly. With the objective that the miracles of God were in manifest.

Unlike magicians, healers and illustrators, Jesus did not take care of performing methods such as hypnotism, or exhibitions, much less shows. He did not perform rituals that generated a show. He only focused on the person and with a caress of his hands the miracle happened. This is proof that he was working for and by his Father who had entrusted him with the task of showing his kingdom on earth and sacrificing himself for sins.

Even on certain occasions Jesus had the kindness to recognize the faith of those who benefited from his miracles. An example of this is the Galilean city of Capernaum. There were many demon-possessed people and thanks to their faith and the word of God, each demon was expelled. In the same way he took care of curing anyone who felt bad.

When Jesus performed his miracles, his objective was to cover the physical needs of people and get rid of the souls of demonic entities. He didn’t mean to satisfy his curiosity. Likewise he did not perform miracles for his own benefit.

The details that are known about the miracles that Jesus performed are related through four gospels. His miracles were performed before a crowd of people. Many of them had lived in the period in which the first gospels were written.

The apostles who decided to recount each miraculous event that Jesus performed as faithfully as possible. Honoring the word of God and documenting each event correctly.

Even the Jews who opposed Christian beliefs never denied the miraculous deeds performed by Jesus. Therefore all the events shown by the gospels are completely reliable. These religious were only concerned with questioning the power with which they were carried out, since they did not consider it correct that the word of God be used.

The miracles of Jesus were never denied. Rather during the first two centuries after his birth, life, death and resurrection, alignments of the miracles of him were made. That is why it is considered that there is a solid basis that determines that each miracle is carried out with an authentic basis. Since the gospel gives reliable and authentic data.

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