Learn all about the prayer of the Blood of Christ, here

Learn all about the prayer of the Blood of Christ, here

The prayer of the blood of Christ is one of the most beautiful prayers that exist, and its power of protection is unimaginable. Here we will teach you all about this powerful prayer.

Prayer of the blood of Christ

Our daily life has become a viacrucis, we have so many responsibilities that sometimes we feel overwhelmed, overwhelmed in activities, it is precisely in these moments in which we feel overwhelmed in our capacity for attention and response that we must stop and evoke prayer of the blood of Christ.

When we are overwhelmed, something unexpected can happen to us, due to lack of attention or perhaps because of haste, so pray at that precise moment the prayer of the blood of Christ to protect us, to make us feel serene and at peace.

We must also pray the blood of Christ before leaving the house, it has to be a habit in us, not only when we feel vulnerable, we must pray it every day to go out and be protected.

We must pray the following prayer every day to protect us from bad influences, from an accident, from people who approach us and come with bad intentions, from gossip, envy, jealousy, in short; by having faith in what is done, that faith is transformed into energy to the point that the negative is pushed away. That is why the human being must have a lot of faith and hope.


Lord Jesus, you who shed your sacred blood on the Cross, it was not shed in vain my Lord. Cover us with your precious blood, because it is powerful my Lord. She seals every person who wants to harm us, every event that can hurt us my Lord, she keeps away every enemy that tries to approach me.

With your blood, all destructive influence that may occur in any part of the world is blocked and wherever we are, regardless of the place, or the phenomenon, as long as your blood covers us, my Lord, we will be protected.

With the Power of the Blood of Jesus
we bind forever all actions of the evil one and to keep them under surveillance we ask Jesus to send the archangels
Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel,
Saint Raphael and all his court of Holy Angels.

With the Power of the Blood of Jesus
we seal our house, the people who visit it and all the blessings that come to it in the form of food or goods my Lord.

 With the Power of the Blood of Jesus
we seal all our loved ones Lord, protect us in all the places we must visit and that all the people with whom we must deal are also sealed by your blood my Savior.

With Your precious Blood we seal our entire beautiful country and each one of its inhabitants so that love, mercy and peace may always reign in it, my Lord.

 We thank you Lord for your blood spilled in our lives since by it we have been saved and protected from all evil.Amen.


The prayer of the blood of Christ is assumed in both Catholic and Christian, Protestant and Evangelical churches, the beautiful and powerful prayer of the blood of Christ is also referred to in the Holy Book, being considered an element of surrender and purification.

Believers have always referred to the prayer of the blood of Christ as a prayer of protection and their devotion is based on the blood shed by Jesus in his sacrifice to heal and so that all the sins of man were forgiven. (See also: Prayer of Protection against theft and assault ).

Therefore, the blood of his son Jesus was the price paid by God, it was the delivery of our Savior to purify us and free us from the slavery of our sins. It is the overwhelming proof of God’s love for each one of us, if he did not love us he would never have accepted the suffering of his only son to save us.

From that enormous act of love arises then the devotion of the believers on the Blood of Christ, his blood could not have been shed in vain, being the greatest act of love and mercy seen and never surpassed.

What is it for?

Praying is one of the ways in which we stay close to God the father, every Father wants to be loved by his children, feel them close and know that they trust him, our God is no different, he loves to be close to his children, listen to them and serve them . Prayer must be a habit in all believers, in all people who have faith, since prayer strengthens us, gives us tranquility and peace.

By praying we bring blessings, we can also intercede for others who need a prayer. The prayer of the blood of Christ in particular is one of the beautiful prayers, since it has a very important meaning since it is related to the protection of everything and everyone.

It is a prayer that always evokes redemption, salvation, the love shown by Jesus and peace. If you have never prayed for the blood of Christ, start today and make it yours forever. After making the prayer you will feel that Christ is by your side and protects you from all evil, what better way to wake up accompanied by the Father. Know how many miracles Jesus did

Making this beautiful prayer of the blood of Christ, keeps us in intimate communion with our Lord Jesus Christ, we will feel at peace and protected by his infinite love. It will help us to remain hopeful in the face of any adversity, in the face of any fear we will feel strengthened to face it.

We will be able to cast the demons away or simply they will not even see us because Christ lives in our life and we are protected by his sacred blood. His holy blood is for healing and protection for our souls.

We can make prayers of the blood of Christ to raise her up and ask in any situation or need that we feel we must attract her attention, her care, her protection and her love, so below we will leave some prayers of the blood of Christ that can serve you to initiate your communion with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Prayer of the blood of Christ at dawn

Beloved Father, Risen Jesus Christ, we thank you my Lord for this new day

We thank you for shedding your blood and blessing us

We thank you because your Sacred Blood protects us

Your Sacred Blood Purifies us my Lord

Your blood is not spilled in vain my Lord, I cover myself with it and I feel you by my side accompanying me to start this new day, this new opportunity my Lord

Thank you for your infinite love that makes me feel at peace, that opens the paths that I walk because I am blessed my Lord Jesus.

Spill your blood on my loved ones and protect them too my Lord, you know they are my life and I love them as much as you love us my Lord.

Allow us to leave and arrive safely at our home, fulfill everything we have planned and arrive with enough energy that allows me to honor you my God, and thank you for the wonderful day we all had, thanks to your love and divine mercy. Amen

We can invoke this beautiful prayer of the blood of Christ for any need we have in our lives, we can ask for protection for our family, for our job, to ask for consolation, to free us from demons, as a seal. This prayer and our communion with Jesus will allow it to be heard, to touch us with his power of protection and healing.

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