Dreaming of wasps The answer does not sting!

Dreaming of wasps The answer does not sting!

The dreams that we human beings generally have are diverse and witty on certain occasions. In this sense, it is common to dream of animals, clothes, television characters and even absurd objects. On this occasion we write an interesting article where you will be able to know what it means to dream of wasps, do not stop reading it.

dream with wasps

Everything that we human beings dream of has a specific meaning, depending on the elements that are involved in it, and on the circumstances that we are going through at a given moment. In this sense, dreams are as varied as everything that is around us, and their meanings are diverse and witty; It is also common to dream of animals, although there are some aspects of daily life that contribute to this happening, such as being in contact with some species, watching a related movie, or watching a television program.

Now, dreaming of wasps is different from dreaming of bees, despite the fact that both creatures are similar, their meanings are different. Thus, when you dream of wasps, it is usually characterized by fear of these insects, which can accidentally sting anyone who gets in their way. Similarly, dreaming of killing a wasp is not the same as dreaming of being stung by one of them, so these small details are also decisive when establishing the meaning and interpretation of these dreams.

Meaning of dreaming about wasps

Many people dedicated to onirology, which is the field of study of dreams and their meanings, state that, in general terms, dreaming of wasps indicates that it is necessary to be cautious and very careful, since these creatures in dreams they are not a good omen. In this sense, when this happens, it is advisable to stay away from the conflicts that arise nearby, not to get involved in any way since the person could be seriously harmed.

On the other hand, there are those who claim that dreaming of wasps indicates that you are going through a period in which you are vulnerable, which is why you feel susceptible and fragile. Therefore, it is likely that you have experienced a misfortune in your life recently, which has left you exhausted and hurt. It should be noted that this type of dream is also associated with somewhat negative feelings, but this will depend on many factors, since this is only a general vision of the meaning of dreaming about wasps. Each case will be explained in detail later.

black wasps

Within the wide variety of dreams related to wasps that may exist, one of the most common and frequent is dreaming of black wasps, and when this happens it is nothing more than a warning from the person’s subconscious, which indicates that the The problems you are going through at that moment are extremely harmful, which is why it is urgent to give them a solution as soon as possible.

This is also a dream that reflects that the person feels a little envy, that is, that there is something internal that leads them to feel a certain type of resentment and jealousy for someone else, which is, obviously, a negative feeling based on aspects inferiority and dissatisfaction, which do not allow you to live your life to the fullest.

wasps that sting

When a person dreams of wasps stinging his body, this is an indication that right now he is feeling an imminent fear that someone wants to hurt him behind his back; although it can also symbolize a warning from the subconscious that an enemy is speaking ill behind his back, or has bad intentions. Thus, after having this type of dream, it is best to confirm these suspicions that have been revealed by the subconscious, and find a way to confront that person.

In addition to this, when someone dreams of being stung by a wasp, it means that there are people around them who are envious of them and want them to suffer, which may be due to the fact that they have achieved something that others have not been capable of. In this sense, someone may be criticizing you behind your back, and the subconscious has realized it and tries to warn you through this type of dream.

Now, when it is a woman who dreams of wasps stinging her, this announces the possibility that someone very close to her is very envious of her, which can be something easily unfounded by some other woman who is attracted to the same person as her. the dreamer Thus, if the person is in a relationship, from now on she will have to take care of her friends, because one of them is also interested in her partner and that can cause serious problems. It should be mentioned that the meaning of this dream is the same, when only the annoying flapping of the wasps is heard, but they do not sting.

wasps and bees

This is another of the dreams that can occur, but contrary to the others, this type of dream in which wasps and bees are involved, usually has a positive meaning. In this sense, it is an omen of work success and prosperity, that is, it anticipates a prompt improvement in the workplace and in business. However, such a fact also implies that you are going to start dealing with a new type of people, and friendships that probably may feel envy or jealousy will be left behind, so an examination of friendships should be made to distance those who They have negative energy.

yellow jackets

Dreaming of yellow wasps is something peculiar, since these insects are usually extremely vengeful towards those who try to attack their colonies, causing multiple and painful stings; in this form, there is a person very close to you who is also trying to take revenge or get even for some event that has taken place recently. Thus, it is convenient to evaluate the actions carried out, to distance as much as possible that person who wants to cause harm.

wasps flying

Those dreams in which wasps are visualized flying around, indicate that you are afraid of your opponents because they have a series of resources to harm you, which is why it is best to move away, in order to avoid altercations with them. Thus, it is appropriate to prepare for any event that may occur, in order to avoid the occurrence of catastrophes or major problems; Only by being forewarned will it be possible for these insects not to cause any harm.

dead wasps

Dreaming of dead wasps is a good omen and means that you are facing problems, which is why if they are trying to betray you they will not succeed; In addition, you are a persevering person with character, so these are positive aspects.

Wasps on the body or head

When someone dreams that they have wasps on their head or on their body, this means that this person is terrified by some event or because it may take place. It may be that the wasps are visualized climbing the body, touching it or not, but in any way it means that these various threats are taking away your sleep, without being able to rest at night and therefore it is necessary to face such a situation.

big wasps

It should be mentioned that all those problems that these insects represent are affecting you more than usual; In this sense, there are dangers that are imminent and gigantic, which is why they must be avoided, since if they are not, they will inevitably occur, and it will cost a lot to return to normality.

Dream of a wasp nest

When a person dreams of a wasp nest, this experience reveals a deep fear or concern for certain situations in life that are not so serious or harmful in reality. Similarly, if the honeycomb of wasps that appears in the dream is not too aggressive, it is an indicator that the person is taking all the necessary precautions in his life, and is being totally responsible regarding the different situations that arise. they introduce you. For this reason, he will be able to overcome all these situations without suffering major complications.

Now, when in the dream the person locks himself up destroying a wasp hive, this is an indication that he is having a very bad behavior, so these insects will turn against him immediately.

wasps that chase

Another common situation is to dream of wasps chasing you, and when this happens it means that you should be very careful with your closest friends, because one of them is going to betray you in a short time, or is looking for a way to hurt you. . This traitor may be a family member, a friend, or a co-worker; the truth is that he is someone close and who is trusted. Therefore, it is appropriate to be alert to prevent this altercation, as far as possible.

In addition to this, dreaming of chasing wasps is also a reflection that you are running away from some problem, and if the wasps manage to reach you, it is a clear way of warning you that you have not done enough to put an end to your worries. On the other hand, if you manage to flee from this persecution, it is clear that you have made the best decisions in favor of solving the problems.

Dream of driving away wasps

Although the wasps in dreams may be chasing or stinging people, in some cases it is the person himself who is driving away the wasps that are around him, and when this happens what it means is that he or she he is trying to get rid of his enemies, as well as toxic people who may be negatively influencing his life.

Dream of a wasp nest

Now, when a wasp nest is visualized in dreams, this is usually interpreted as a reflection on how to act in the face of various dilemmas that cause some concern, since serious consequences can occur if there is a mistake.

Dream of killing wasps

When a person dreams of killing one or several wasps, it means that they will soon settle accounts with someone who has hurt them in the past, or recently. In this sense, it is not appropriate to allow other people to play with someone’s kindness or feelings, so no one should abuse trust.

Dreaming of wasps: other meanings

In addition to the types of dreams with wasps that were mentioned in the preceding paragraphs, there is another set of dreams that are not so common, but they do occur. The same are indicated below:

  • Dreaming of wasps and spiders indicates that the time has come to make an important and influential decision in life, as well as the indication that it is time to order certain habits and customs. This dream also usually indicates that you are worried or worried about the next changes that may occur in your life, but it is not necessary to be so overwhelmed, since everything will most likely turn out well.
  • Dreaming of wasps and ants indicates that you are a person willing to work as a team, because you like it and enjoy it. Generally speaking, you are doing well at work and in life, and this good streak will continue for a long time.
  • Dreaming of killing a wasp means that you are taking complete control of the situation, that is, that you are the person in charge of your life. In the same way, if you have just gone through an annoying or uncomfortable situation, this dream indicates that you are going to come out of it successfully and victoriously.
  • Dreaming of frequently hitting a wasp nest means that you are being involved in some recurring problem, due to bad behavior.
  • Dreaming of the sting of a wasp means that our enemies are better prepared than us, so it is more convenient not to get involved in any type of lawsuit or altercation, since we can be seriously harmed.

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