To Earn Money in Abundance a Powerful Prayer

To Earn Money in Abundance, a Powerful Prayer

In this article we will touch on a topic that many people take as important since it is one of the necessary provisions in life, here we will deal with prayers to earn money. We invite you to know more about the prayer of how to earn money.

Money is considered the important provision for our daily lives, since through it we cover some of the vital needs such as food, medicine, and even affects other activities of human beings.

As for this, there are some sentences to earn money, which are the ones that we are going to try to illustrate and explain in the most understandable way so that the reader has a clear idea of ​​what it is about teaching with this topic.

prayers for money

When we find ourselves with needs or cravings for our money luck to change or for our finances to rise unexpectedly and we experience a stroke of luck, as well as the need to have our pockets full.

It is at this precise moment that some people tend to seek prayer to earn money as a solution according to their beliefs. As for this, we are going to recommend some of them to the reader, which we will detail.

As we said in the previous paragraph, one of the causes of despair that affects many of us at some point in our lives is not being able to count on enough money to pay off debts or purchase food or products that we need. we need

This becomes a real impediment for our peace and tranquility to be affected. We ourselves can be providers of solving this inconvenience only by executing or putting into practice the most intense and strong faith that we can have.

We can achieve all this by giving our economy the necessary prosperity and carrying out the appropriate and directed procedures so that all this happens with perfectly positive results.

As a recommendation for this type of adverse situation and that often brings us anguish, restlessness and anxiety, we suggest that the reader review the prayer to Saint Expeditus, for the same purposes.

Data of interest

Many times we have heard of the enormous power that the psalms have in our daily lives. They are true words of blessing that God gives us through his word.

We must keep in mind that with our faith alone and together with miraculous prayers we can achieve real changes and get out of those situations that often disturb us human beings, mainly when it comes to economic crisis.

In this article we will indicate to the readers the most common prayers for this purpose. Likewise, there are many saints of money who are guarantors through prayers to achieve our economic improvement.

Archangel Uriel

As we all know Archangel Uriel belongs to the seven that are around the Divine Presence. This Archangel works with his fire, it is he who provides protection and miracles through which he will grant us profits and prosperity in the economic aspect.

This Archangel works in relation to Psalm 70. We must say prayers with great humility and supplications to achieve true favorable results.

Regarding this, we can make this prayer for direct assistance from the great Archangel Uriel.


Glorious Archangel Uriel, (say the name of the person making the request), I give myself totally to you, with love, respect and devotion, begging you through your divine power, to ask you to wrap me in your sacred mantle and grant me the miracle that I ask of you through this prayer.

I need you, your powerful qualities to keep in my heart the blessing of the miracle that I expect, to recover my economic path. I thank you from this moment, so much mercy and consolation for my anxiety and sorrow.

This is part of the prayer to Archangel Uriel, through which we can direct our requests to the Archangel and also wait confidently for the answer we need to be in a feeling of peace and tranquility.

This prayer to earn money and abundance is given to us by Archangel Uriel himself, so that we can always have the necessary provision in our lives and be able to fully comply with our obligations and basic needs, since as children of God, these do not they may miss us.

Likewise, this prayer is for people who are sad, worried, or who are in great need of both money and other concerns.

Uriel is the Archangel of provision and not only brings us money into our lives, he also transmits us peace, love and wisdom, in times when we are not knowing exactly what to do. He will let us know what we should do.

This prayer to earn money given by Archangel Uriel is the most beautiful gift we can experience, it is also considered a great blessing.

We must allow Uriel to enter our lives and we must discuss with him our complaints, concerns, anxieties and he will give us the answer that God has for that purpose.

When the prayer to earn money is evoked to Archangel Uriel, we must be fully focused on the power and infinite love of Almighty God, he through his loving Archangel will not show the solutions and will give us grace.

This prayer is for all kinds of people, however it is made especially for those who suffer for different reasons as well as for believers who feel identified by the message of light and love for those who are in a situation of anguish, desperate for money and family problems.

We must be fully sure that what we ask for in prayer is sure to be given, we must achieve this with great faith and gratitude.

how to pray

Before starting we must take three deep breaths.

We will inhale and exhale through the nose.

While we perform the moment of deep breathing and with a calm mind, we will feel.

With great faith.

-The wonders and works created by God.

-The love that surrounds you.


– Gratitude and merit.

We must think about the immense greatness of the universe; since this prayer is in order to connect with the main source that is God, in order to attract money into our lives, as well as success, abundance, riches and well-being.

“I ask you, oh, Prince Uriel, I ask you to separate me as soon as possible from this situation of poverty, and from all lack or need, I urge your mercy and the miracle that will calm my soul in this situation of anguish and despair.

I turn to you with my plea to your divine mercy, forgive me for my mistakes and return your trust to me in this psalm of victory, where you will always be my savior. So be it”.

Plea to get out of economic misery

When we are in real and true ruin, that situation can really change for the better and in a positive way, if your prayers and requests are directed to the divine and spiritual forces of prosperity.

As a piece of advice, we can determine that we should do the prayers every night before going to bed, and we will do them with great faith and ceremony.

In this plea to Archangel Uriel it is about demonstrating an intense faith in him, and on our part we must have full confidence in what we ask of him in terms of any desires we have or needs.

We must also keep in mind that through these pleas we will be able to obtain the necessary resources to overcome any economic difficulty that we may be presenting.

Likewise, the Archangel is asked that through his disciples, the angels and archangels, we will obtain the clemency that characterizes Uriel, and in this way get out of that difficult situation that we have.

Uriel is an Archangel of great benevolence and generosity, which makes him a special figure so that we ask him with all humility and wait for the answer safely and confidently.

According to data released recently, Uriel went from being an Archangel figure to an Ascended Master, all of which means that he has become a highly revered and respected image among devotees and believers in him.

Psalm for prosperity to San Judas Tadeo

In this psalm of prosperity we can find a great blessing from the miraculous saint who is considered very effective as San Judas Tadeo. With the plea to San Judas Tadeo your prosperity will have many positive fruits for you.

This prayer should be done in the morning hours trying to do it constantly putting our faith in each of the words.

Through this prayer to San Judas Tadeo, believers in this great Saint can request protection for their own money as well as for the finances of humble people.

He is also asked to free us from any serious situation, especially those that make us fall into situations of lack of money and economic resources. We can also make a prayer to earn urgent money, it is done in the same way to San Judas Tadeo in case of difficult and desperate situations.

Likewise, he is asked for mercy, to return the economic support that we have. We request peace and the solution of all our problems, especially when we find ourselves plunged into situations of despair and anguish.

San Judas Tadeo is the best balm to give us peace of mind and give us hope since it gives us the strength to overcome difficult times in terms of lack of economic inputs.

Prayer to earn urgent money call luck

Many people think that luck is born with some, we must say that this is not the case. It is created and it becomes good or bad according to our personal attitudes.

According to the opinions of a British psychologist, luck does not exist, it is the person who has the luck or carries it, we can also determine that many great and positive things can happen to us with it.

Going to the topic at hand, money is a factor that allows people to do countless things, as well as fulfill goals and dreams that without money would be even more complicated.

Although we must clarify and we all know that money is not the total happiness of the human being, what we can do is achieve and earn a lot quickly knowing how to do it.

In this opening prayer we ask God for our personal need, to give us abundance, to us and to those close to us.

For multiplication of money

It is a very powerful prayer used to request guidance from the spirits of fortune and that our luck stays on our side, at all times, even in games of chance, or wherever we are immersed.

prayer for surrender

This plea, as its name says, is so that our money does not go out of our hands so quickly, or that it gives us more, it is a request, although quite short, but it is usually very effective for that purpose, to We detail it below.

Lord, I come before you this day with great urgency. Today is the day that I need more money and urgently, I know that you listen to me, and that you are by my side in difficult times. I ask you Father to give me your prompt help, I need money urgently, I do not care how it arrives as long as it is honest and does not harm others. I trust you Lord I know you will grant it to me. I believe in you Lord. Amen.

This prayer to earn urgent money is usually very effective if the need we have is as its name says urgently and we need it for the same day. We must bear in mind that the money may come as a surprise, all we have to do is have faith and it will happen.

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