Oshun: Prayer for Love, Work and Health

Oshun: Prayer for Love, Work and Health

Some people have beliefs, we could say that they are special, since they are devoted to certain gods and thoughts that are not strictly religious, in this article we are going to deal with the prayer to Oshun , a popular goddess to whom many fulfilled promises are attributed. Learn more about her.

Who is Oshun exactly?

She is a Goddess, who is characterized by being kind, sweet, cheerful, generous, she is full of grace and has great charisma and charm, she is known as a dance lover. Oshun is also considered very popular and appreciated in Yoruba mythology.

She is credited with the gift of giving health to sick and brokenhearted people, she is considered attractive to fertility in terms of land and women, she also grants prosperity, also known as the goddess of fresh and sweet waters.

Likewise, this goddess, as we said, loves dancing, and because of this, the person who knows and adores her dances her worship in honor of her, has the characteristic of wanting everyone to be happy.

According to some opinions, it is said that she is present when people laugh a lot, she loves to laugh, she uses her energies to allow laughter and fun to exist, it is also said that when she is present, people become sexy and flirtatious.

She is considered very powerful and because of this, she is taken into account as the main or queen of the witches, she has magic and mysticism. She also has the particularity that she likes to cast spells, especially those that have to do with romance and seduction.

She is a specialist in granting wishes in relation to feelings and the heart, she does this as long as it is respected and invoked correctly. She possesses the techniques of love, pregnancy and success.

People who try to invoke this Goddess should keep her happy at all times and fulfill what is promised to her, one should not promise something that cannot be fulfilled later. People looking for her must show loyalty and keep her wishes in mind.

Other interesting facts

Likewise, people approach Oshun to ask or try to resolve a particular situation, it may well be love, fertility in women or try to sweeten a certain person or get closer to the person who asks. She is also invoked to get prosperity, money, open roads.

It also has an impact on marriage matters, it has a characteristic of dominance over the part of a person’s abdomen, for this reason it is asked for help in cases of complicated deliveries or so that everything goes well in that regard. According to data from some people, Saturday is considered the special day to make prayers as well as rituals.

Prayer to Oshun dancer of the 5 handkerchiefs

It is usually quite frequent that some power is attributed to some omnipotence, this has happened in civilizations of long ago, as an example we can remember Venus, Aphrodite; and likewise we find in the part of the ancient east the goddesses Ishtar and Astarte.

Also in relation to West Africa, the power of love is attributed to him, as we said to Oshun, attributed by the Yoruba representation.

In the same way it is called Orisha of fresh waters, for this reason it is associated with marriage, gold, fertility, love. She is also assigned the name of Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, she is the main figure as patron saint of Cuba.

According to the beliefs and practices of this type of worship, they usually have altars for this apart from the recitation of prayers, it is customary to put copper coins on the altar, because this material is important to her.

It is recommended that these prayers and acts or rituals be carried out on Saturday, specifically when the prayer to Oshun dancer of the 5 handkerchiefs is performed, a yellow or gold candle will also be placed.

For moorings of love

Through this prayer to Oshun, the goddess Oshun Dancer of the 5 handkerchiefs is directly invoked in order to get the specific person we want to fall in love with us, through this prayer.

In this prayer to Oshun, it is requested through the powers of the goddess that the person for whom it is being requested be bathed in essences of love in order to fall madly in love with the applicant.

In this prayer the request is made and the person is named directly and it is asked that he be tied up and fully in love. Likewise, it is requested that this be as soon as possible as the need of the person requesting it.

Also with this prayer Oshun is directly asked that the person for whom love is requested, be imprisoned by love for the interested party, that he fully depend on that love and that he remain clinging for an indefinite time, without being able to see to no one else.

This prayer is requested to be granted within a maximum time of 24 hours, at the request of the person himself. For this reason, it is done with great certainty of receiving the prompt achievement of the meaning of it.

Prayer to Oshun in Yoruba

The language or language of the Yoruba, has its origin in Nigeria – Africa and Cuba, they took it as their own language from the moment it was brought by slaves from Africa. There are various prayers that Oshun’s affections recite, some in the Yoruba language.

This is a native language of Nigeria – Africa and in Cuba it was adopted as its own when it was taken by African slaves.

It is very important for the Yoruba that their prayers are made in the native or original language, because they consider it more powerful and effective, as well as that it is answered quickly.

There are some prayers in the Yoruba language for different requests and purposes, as we said before, these usually have a great significant value among the practitioners of this religion. They are sacred to them and have great religious and spiritual value.

prayer for love

With this prayer to Oshun for love , sensuality is transmitted as well as the characteristics that they present as the water of the river, the charisma with its luminosity can illuminate any place as well as its great feminine image that recalls fertility and eroticism.

It is good to transmit so that the reader knows and is aware of it, the goddess Oshun likes offerings, mainly those that have to do with honey, due to her contagious laughter she can place you close to her spell or give you chills.

Apart from the charm and generosity that characterize Oshun, she is considered dangerous; since she becomes dangerous when she crosses. It is argued that Oshun is sweet as honey, however that honey can become bitter.

There is another characteristic of this goddess, which is that despite her beauty and loquacious attitude, she presents feelings of loneliness and sadness.

Some people say that the goddess is heartbroken because she loves herself and according to her, no one loves her in the same way.

This goddess is in charge of manipulating the path of each individual in relation to sensual liberation, as well as feeling with the same individual, which allows her to manage and access the physical form.

Oshun feels very satisfied with her body, as we said, she likes to dance, swim, she is fluid like water, she loves to squirm just as she likes to take a bath without clothes, just as she likes good situations.

She also likes beautiful jewelry, and likes the tinkling of her body jewelry. Oshun is moved by his own physical appearance, he likes to look at himself in the mirror, he has a mirror on the belt that he wears, in which he constantly admires himself.

Anyone who wishes to pray to Oshun must keep in mind that they must let themselves be carried away by Oshun in order to feel calm about their sexual aspect. For this to happen, according to various opinions, three steps must be taken for the goddess to grant it. These steps are summed up in dance, dance, dance.

As we said at the beginning, this goddess likes dancing very much, and it is through this that they control shyness, when the individual is carried away by her through dance, he usually feels wild, and must lose himself in the music, achieving thereby raising energy and allowing them to control shyness.

Oshun is worshiped in Nigeria, at the Ibo-Osun festival. In this veneration of her, women dance in homage to her, in order to get her attention and grant her favors.

According to certain opinions of people, this goddess, when she manages to incorporate herself into the body of any woman, will make her dance incessantly but with movements like the flow of the river, she also makes the jewels sound while the desire and need to look at herself develops in her to mirror.

Create a safe and sensual environment

The environment for this must be ideal, adequate, for this it is suggested that the lights be turned off and a candle lit, the music will be at a low volume in order to slow down the melodies or drums and thus allow relaxation.

Look at yourself without judging

An important feature of all this is that the individual feels comfortable with himself just as the goddess feels comfortable with her own, it is advisable that the person is completely without clothes, standing in front of a full mirror.

The important thing about this is that the person observes himself and does not have any criticism of himself, observe his chest, his color, his breasts, curves and the butt as well as the areas that he usually never observes himself.

Among these parts that you do not usually observe are: toes, hands, armpits, knees, etc. As the person becomes more in tune with her own beauty, she will feel more satisfied with herself and she will feel more beautiful.

The purpose of these three steps is for them to be safe, confident, sure of themselves, so that when praying to Oshun they can do it out of love and the person’s self-esteem is transmitted to the goddess.

Prayer to Oshun to request love

Next we will give a brief explanation of the prayer to Oshun for the request of a love.

In it, the powerful strength of the goddess Oshun is requested once again, she is asked for a specific love that the person is in need of, her powers are invoked in terms of gold and light, as well as the characteristic of being a representation of water. sweet and the purity of the crystal.

Likewise, it is requested that nothing disturbs or clouds the desire of the person who is requesting the petition. The intention of this prayer to Oshun is to achieve true love, which has the characteristics of lasting, eternal and safe. Likewise, there is a prayer to Oshun to recover a love , this goddess is also in charge of this type of request.

Likewise, it appeals to the strength that it possesses over the sacred waterfalls, the sweet protection of the goddess is invoked by appealing to her feminine and seductive figure, it is requested that the requesting person not shed tears for the loved one or for anything.

In the same way, it is appealed to grant strength and sublime nectar, which allows it to know how to respect and revere.

In previous paragraphs, the prayer to Oshun for mooring is also mentioned, which is also known as the prayer to Oshun dancer of the 5 handkerchiefs; it is used to attract love and keep it.

For marriage

Oshun is cataloged as the goddess of love as we said before. She is the one destined for the protection of couples, to whom a prayer is made that is directly related to the desire to increase the desire and love of one’s partner.

Also through it is the possibility of achieving that the couple can conceive a healthy offspring. When rituals exist or homage is paid to the goddess, this is directly related to the situations already mentioned.

It is said that Oshun is akin to the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre and through this affinity allows her to bring angry lovers together or closer, however it is not recommended to pray to Oshun, because what is required is that in the relationship there is trust that has been altered and must be recovered.

In several of the documentations that we have of Oshun, she is described as a capricious and vain goddess, who tries to achieve the objectives, it is thought that when the couple is without children, they should be happy or be in a good relationship with it.

The prayer to Oshun is made for various purposes such as requesting love or mooring for a couple, they are also made for married people or in marriage, to enliven love. Prayers to the goddess for this purpose are thought to be the best that can exist and be practised.

For the money

This goddess is not only known as the queen of love, she is also considered positive for money, prosperity and economy. She may be asked to blaze trails when there is a need for prosperity and to do so consistently.

The similarity of the goddess Oshun in terms of streams, springs and rivers, apart from relating her to fertility and love, is also identified with monetary matters, for this reason prayers are made for money, and because of this people who make them never again have ruin, misery and never go hungry.

Especially in Santeria practices, the prayer to Oshun for money , is based essentially as its name says to get money, it is closely related to Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, since as we mentioned earlier the symbol of the goddess is the coin. coppermade. Oshun’s favorite color is yellow; These two symbols refer to wealth.

When prayers are made to request money, it must be taken into account that faith is essential and devotion for it, then we will describe a prayer for money, we will make a summary of it.

Money Sentence Analysis

In relation to her, it is about requesting Oshun through prayer to grant us the possibility of having money, and this is requested using the fact that she is considered the owner of gold, she is also asked to illuminate and open the paths of the requesting person of the need.

All this must be asked with great faith and devotion. In the same way he is asked for protection by the family, asking him to spill his gold, and that the family does not go hungry, needs anymore, the blessing of the goddess is requested and future prosperity is requested.

When the prayer ends, what the person is asking for is reaffirmed and the following prayer is added:

“Oshún, candid and loving, protect us all in our homes, allow our families to be united and pour out on all your devotees a river of wealth, material progress and joy.”

for protection

People often resort to prayer as direct communication to talk to God, through them you can ask or thank for a specific favor or existing need.

It is considered as the means to return to the encounter with the spiritual and has the power to give thanks and request through an intimate conversation with God some specific need, through prayer we can also have communication with saints and helpers.

With prayer we are allowed to increase or decrease our faith, as well as the confidence that we have in what we request increases, however faith is the first tool that must exist as a fundamental piece of each person.

Faith must always be elevated because through it, people feel safe in asking for their need or request. There is also the prayer of San Alejo, well known among believers, which is for the protection of unwelcome neighbors.

Prayer is usually practiced as the main option in order to ask for help, protection or a certain favor. In relation to this, the goddess Oshun offers her favor to people, granting them help and protection.

To health

As we have already determined on several occasions, the goddess Oshun is cataloged by her believers as the most powerful; They also consider her the queen of witches due to her enormous power.

It is also highly requested to request your favors in terms of health. Likewise, and as we have already said so many times, it is characterized by offering help in relation to money, love and prosperity of those who need it.

The believers in the goddess Oshun who have requested her favors and do so with confidence, await the answer with certainty since they are clear that she will do it, because there is no request that she does not fulfill, as long as it is made with devotion and true love. .

His followers fully trust their own health or that of any family member or acquaintance, doing so with the certainty that both health and long life will come.

Likewise, all ailments will cease and in difficult moments it will serve to strengthen the person himself, his body, its waters will drain all the bad and end the suffering and the person will heal and enjoy full health.

prayer to get pregnant

In the same way Oshun is known as the goddess of fertility, her followers who are mostly women, consider that the prayer to Oshun on the request to get pregnant, is usually very effective, apart from the suggestion to use the favorite colors of the goddess to May it be the strongest and most powerful prayer.

Among the colors that Oshun prefers are the warm ones: light yellow, gold, she also likes colors such as soft orange and light red.

It is recommended that when women pray to Oshun, they wear colors that please the goddess and that they do both the prayer and the request with all devotion and faith.

What are the 7 powers?

It is considered one of the religions born by the Africans themselves, who were brought as slaves. This religion has its beginning in Cuba and is the combination between the African religion and the Iberian Catholicism of the Yorubas.

Because the slaves were prohibited from practicing their religions, they found a way to satisfy their religious ideas, at that time this religion was created with the combination of both customs.

The seven African powers is composed of several Orishas which we can mention among them: Changó, Yemayá, Obatalá, Elegguá, Oggún, Orunlá and Ochún. All these Orishas usually represent the characteristics of human life, which we detail below:

Obatala: is responsible for bringing peace and harmony.

Elegguá: open doors and remove obstacles or difficulties.

Changó: has the power in terms of enemies.

Oggun: he is considered the owner of the iron and grants work to the unemployed.

Orunlá: opens the doors on the present and past.

Yemayá: is considered the owner of fertility.

Oshun: is the patron saint of gold and marriages.

Oshun is associated directly and in the sentimental part with Shangó. She is considered a second wife, it is said that due to this relationship the jimaguas are born, little Orishas, ​​who are usually identified by two twins.

According to researched data, it is said that the Goddess Oshun is the only one who is allowed to go and reach Orula, with the purpose of requesting and advocating for protection and mercy for the beings of the entire world.

Orula granted her the title of queen on the path of Ifá, this due to the loyalty that the goddess Oshun always professed to her.

What place does Oshun occupy in Cuban Santeria?

Ochún is considered a Goddess that belongs to the Yoruba pantheon; she is characterized as the goddess of voluptuousness, of sweet things, of love. This goddess pours honey, she is admired in Cuba and inspires great respect.

Without a doubt, the fact that she has joined the patron saint of Catholics such as the Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre, with this it is definitively achieved that she is respected and honored by santeros and Cuban citizens in general.

Likewise, the religion of the babalawos transmits a lot of respect to Oshun, since Orula, who is another of the seven powers, respected her considerably. You tell the legends that once Orula, at a certain moment in her life, did not have to eat and presented other problems.

At that time Oshun was still his wife, she daringly begins to guess despite all differences in customs and traditions. At the moment that Orula returns she finds various foods on the table, eggs, fish, vegetables.

Orula asks him where all that food came from; to which she replies: “A man came, and I asked him a question.” In relation to this, Orula is left thinking and asks: “Which letter did you guess with? Which one allowed you to make him satisfied?” to which he replied: “the five”.

Right away Orula tells him: “From now on that number will be yours”. Due to all this teaching is the reason why the babalawos appreciate Oshun.

We must determine that the Oshunes or goddesses are not all the same, because some were serious and others somewhat more cheerful. Because when they came to earth, they came in different paths or avatars.

Legend of Oshun with Cuba

The legend of Oshun tells that when the goddess knew that her children were in Cuba, they were sad and alone, and they also missed her a lot; the goddess Oshun goes to Cuba to comfort them, also wanting to dance and enjoy with them.

Oshun was worried about making such a trip to Cuba. Due to fear, he went to visit Yemayá, goddess of the sea, and told her: “Yemayá, I have to cross the sea and go find my children in Cuba, but the long trip scares me.

They say that I ask him: you who have been to Cuba, tell me what Cubans are like? To which she replied: “It is very similar to Africa. It is not cold, it has palm trees and coconut trees, calm rivers, the nights are long.

All Cubans are not black, there are white and mulatto like here.

Oshun, responds at that moment to Yemayá that due to the fear he feels for the trip and the Cubans, grant him two gifts. And he asks her to soften and straighten her hair, with ocean waters and also to lighten her skin.

In this way when I am in Cuba I will no longer be black or white, I will be adored by everyone: mulattos, blacks, whites and in this way they will all be my children.

Yemayá in a majestic attitude grants him the requested gifts and for such where Cubans become graceful with a patron saint, who has characteristics of all her children. Which is known as the Virgin of Charity.

Oshun’s followers have increased as has the myth of the goddess associating her with love, fresh water and the Yoruba pantheon. This goddess is often feared for her severity when claiming requests that are not met, she is characterized by remembering human values ​​in terms of gratitude.

Oshun is very honored and respected on the island of Cuba, this is due to her great miracles, the people who are in tune with her entrust themselves so that she grants them sweetness, relief from violence.

Oshun represents the intensity of the feelings and the spiritual and sensuality of humanity, as well as all the delicacy, love and femininity. Among some of the characteristics that she possesses is that she wears her long black hair loose and adorned with flowers as well as gold bracelets as an adornment on her hands and arms.

It usually represents the religious characteristic and is also a symbol of strong punishment. She is the only goddess who has the power to reach Olofin to intercede for the beings of the earth.

Her physical appearance is characterized by being a very beautiful and friendly mulatto, with straight and very soft hair, among her gifts is being an excellent dancer, she loves parties and is very cheerful.

He has the ability to solve problems or create fights between men and Orichas.

There is a river in Nigeria which bears his name. Hau who says that he lived in a cave in Ijesa, and that he is still there. As we mentioned in several paragraphs of this article, she was Shangó’s second wife.

In the city of Osogbo, a name that comes from the combination between Oshun and Ogbo. It is in this city that it has the greatest number of believers in it; although in Nigeria she is likewise worshiped and revered mainly in Yorubaland.

Oshun’s water runs granting life. This water has algae, minerals, living plants, hence it provides food and nutrients to fish and other forces of the sea that live in water.

The foods that characterize Oshún are gofio palanquetas with honey, candies and melao. Also chard, chayote, Chinese sweet oranges, escarole, yellow rice and corn flour among others.

Also all the sweets that are known. Lisas, eels, guabinas, shrimps and prawns. The meals for her are seasoned with watercress, almond trees, water flower, spinach and pumpkin or auyama.

It is also said that the goddess Oshun had two children with Oduduwa, named Orunmila and Inle. Oloshe, who was a girl, had her with Oduduwa and also had Paroye with Orunmila. She also had Logun Ede with Inle.

At the beginning of the land, Oshun had the job of cooking for the Orishas, ​​they did not appreciate her and she stunned all her powders until the moment they considered her. She is the only Orisha, who although she is the youngest of all, has the power to supplant everyone, including Obatalá.

Yoruba legends tell, the goddess Oshun made a change to Yemayá, her long hair was given to her in exchange for beautiful colored fabrics, and with what was left she was able to make beautiful hairstyles. Due to the above, the science of cosmetics and hairdressers is born.

Oshún is known because she participates in the creation of the pregnancy and presides over the embryo with Yemayá, Obatalá is also the one considered to grant the human form.

The rituals or works that are done to the goddess Oshun preferably on Fridays or Saturdays and can also be performed monthly on the dates of 5, 10, 15, 25, with the characteristic that it must be before the sun goes down. These requests will have a duration of 5 days.


In the article that we have just discussed, the theme of praying to Oshun is developed, which as we already mentioned and the reader may have realized the figure that represents such a goddess in the spiritual and religious part of some people who practice that way of thinking. believe in Oshun as a goddess.

It also has a direct participation in Santeria, it is a member of the seven powers of Yoruba beliefs.

She is characterized by the fact that she is a giver of help through her prayers for different moments, such as health, love, love spells, she is even a revered figure for pregnant women and is a specialist in the protection and creation of the fetus from the embryo within the women.

It is also revered and highly respected on the island of Cuba, where it is known as Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre. She is a goddess characterized by joy, she likes dancing and jewelry, sweets, as we develop throughout the text of the article.

They usually ask her for those creatures that are on their way, as well as being a protector from childhood to even adolescence of those new lives that are generated.

We hope that this article has achieved the purpose that we want it to have, such as the full knowledge of the reader on this sometimes not very developed subject, we hope that it will serve to make the reader clearer about the entire subject that we have discussed here.

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