The Twelve Fruits of the Holy Spirit according to the Bible

The Twelve Fruits of the Holy Spirit according to the Bible

You are a religious person and you like to keep the Holy Spirit in mind and you also need to know what the Twelve Fruits of the Holy Spirit are according to the Bible, don’t wait any longer and keep reading because you can find it here.

Who is the Holy Spirit?

It can be said that within the Catholic Church the Holy Spirit was in the Holy Trinity the third person whom God served. Within the bible it is said that the Holy Spirit helped the father and the son from the beginning of life until his death, but despite this in the passing of time, said character is seen as a different person who had a character different from the other apostles servants to God.

What are the Fruits of the Holy Spirit?

These fruits are considered within the Catholic Church as the perfections of all people created by the Holy Spirit thus giving eternal glory to each one, implying that the same Spirit gave his power to each one so that we possess virtues to which Together we can be great people.

In itself, it is said that the fruits created by the Holy Spirit are so that in addition to having various virtues, God is also present and thus takes care of us in every step we take in our lives, not to mention that by opening ourselves to them we can reach a world where the Kingdom gives full faith and peace in our daily lives.

What are the 12 fruits of the Holy Spirit?

The fruits of the Spirit are characteristics that the Holy Spirit forms in each person as principles of what many believers call eternal glory. The Church indicates that these twelve are listed as ecclesiastical tradition which are Charity, Joy, Peace, Patience, Long-suffering, Goodness, Kindness, Meekness, Fidelity, Modesty, Continence and chastity.

These are the fruits that the Holy Spirit produces throughout the lives of those Christians after receiving their seven gifts, which they receive together with their theological virtues when the sacrament of baptism is performed, and in turn these gifts are increased by complete the sacrament of confirmation.

We could of Christians are like trees, once they are ripe they will bear their sweetest fruits, they will not be sour and very good at first glance, those who are saints are those who have known how to deliver all these fruits, since they have known how to practice the cardinal virtues “Justice, fortitude, temperance, prudence”. We must bear in mind that this should not be confused with these fruits human values.

Fruits of the Holy Spirit in the Bible

Since the world of religion exists, we can find within the sacred book called the Bible the twelve fruits that the Holy Spirit possesses, which are:

  1. love or charity

This is the main fruit of the Holy Spirit, it is the foundation and root of all the other fruits of the spirit. The people who share this fruit, it is logical that this can communicate the soul its flame, which makes them love God with all their hearts, with all their strength as well as with their whole mind and also makes them love their neighbor for love of others. God.

The person who bears this fruit makes him see Jesus Christ in his life, since this allows him to act on his actions in life. If a person lacks love, no merit can be found for eternal life, no supernatural action can be found, nor can he find complete happiness.

  1. Joy or Joy

This fruit comes naturally from charity, it is like the perfume of a flower, the heat that emanates from fire or the light that the sun gives, it gives the soul a deep satisfaction, this is caused thanks to the taste that is obtained from the victory achieved by the person himself, as well as for having done some good deed or having done good.

Joy cannot disappear through problems, on the contrary, this joy grows in the midst of problems, since that is when it becomes most necessary for people. When a person is in communion with God, that person is happy and in turn seeks to make other people happy.

  1. Paz

Peace is the perfection of joy, this represents the enjoyment of being loved and by being loved we refer to God, since that is where the security of peace comes from having God in our hearts, because this is the joy that surpasses the enjoyment coming from the flesh or the material objects that we could have, and to obtain peace we must immolate everything to God.

  1. Patience

It is a balance of all personalities, patience is necessary to be able to overcome the disturbances that the struggles produce in us, as well as to find ourselves in harmony with the people with whom we deal, since these may have different character, education and aspirations. Patience means knowing how to suffer, for people who are Christians it is knowing how to resist the tests that God gives, it is the opposite of impatience, this is rather seen as the patience of God that has worked internally in each one of the people, the God’s infinite patience has no limits therefore, patience has to be communicated directly to the believer through the manifestation of God in his life, this fruit is not only said to be an attribute of God but is the Lord of His glory for all patience.

  1. Long-suffering

Long-suffering is the fruit of the Holy Spirit, this is courage or encouragement in those difficulties that are opposed to good, it is a supernatural encouragement to conceive and execute the works of truth. This fruit gives the soul a great amplitude of generosity, for which it must know how to wait for the hour of Divine Providence, it is the fruit that allows us to persevere in the face of any difficulty we may have.

  1. Benignity

This fruit Benignity also means kindness, It is to be kind to other people, the opposite of harshness. The word Kindness comes from the Greek: jrestótes, we can be good people without being benign, this having a rude and grotesque treatment with other people, kindness makes people more sociable and sweet in words and in the treatment we give to others. others, despite the rudeness that others may have. This is a great sign of the holiness of a soul and the action of the Holy Spirit in it. 

  1. Goodness

This is a quality of good people, so Kindness means more generosity, leading good deeds, having a good character, or showing our Christian love to others and our neighbors with deeds. Kindness is that force that allows us to help others, since this is the affection that we have to benefit other people. We can see in God that goodness is infinite, the Bible proves it.

God told Moses:

“I will cause all my goodness to pass before your face, and I will proclaim the name of the Lord before you, and I will have mercy on Israel and be gracious.”

So it is said that goodness is the effect of the union of the soul with God, infinite goodness, this instills the Christian spirit on other people doing good and healing in imitation of Jesus.

  1. Meekness

This fruit comes from a Greek word (prautes), this has the meaning of affability, gentleness or bad temper, meekness is able to bear discomfort since this fruit can manifest itself when people are totally surrendered before God. This is capable of helping people avoid having some violent reactions, it opposes the anger and resentment that people may feel and in turn is preventing them from falling into feelings of revenge within Christianity.

This makes the Christian soften his words and that they have a good treatment in the face of the arrogance that some people may have when addressing them. In the New Testament, the word meekness refers to the inner attitude, this is the part of the fruit that forms the Christ-like character and this is produced only by the Holy Spirit.

“The meek are not recent in the face of any adversity, because they accept everything as a wise effect and loving purpose of God.”

The Christian who has meekness will put up with other people, this even so with his words he will respond meekly, this leads him to perfect courtesy so that we can reprimand without rancor, discuss without intolerance, face the truth without resentment and get angry without sinning .

  1. Fidelity

Those who bear the fruit of fidelity defend their faith in front of everyone and are not afraid or ashamed to hide it from anyone. This fruit has a certain facility to be able to accept everything that must be believed, it is the firmness that we have to be able to hold on to this and to be sure of the truth that we believe without feeling any type of doubt. At the moment in which the person delivers the fruit of fidelity, he is glorifying God, who is the absolute truth.

  1. Modesty

This fruit eliminates everything that is rude or harsh, this can be seen in every Christian in his behavior, his way of being, his way of dressing, even in the way he talks to other people. This helps the senses not to focus on vulgar things just as it helps Christians to be discreet and careful with their bodies in order to avoid being an occasion of sin for other people. This fruit also helps us prepare and maintain our body so that in our weakness we may be worthy of God’s abode.

  1. Continence

It maintains order within people and, as its name mentions, helps people to contain concupiscence in matters related to eating, having fun and drinking as well as in different pleasures of earthly life. The satisfaction of all the different pleasures of life is ordered by certain instincts that are ordered by continence as a consequence of the dignity of the children of God, this fruit (Continence) keeps everything in order inside each person .

  1. Chastity

This is the fruit of the victory achieved over the flesh and makes every Christian a living temple of the Holy Spirit, that chaste soul, whether virgin or married, reigns over her body a great peace, as well as the wonderful joy of the very intimate friendship that could be had with God.

Fruits of the Holy Spirit for children

Within what would be the Fruits of the Holy Spirit for children, it can be said that in addition to the twelve corresponding fruits for both young people, adults or older people and that also covers the children’s world, there is the fruit of temperance which leads them so that little by little in their development they can understand the great virtues that the Holy Spirit can give them for a life of great successes and learning.


Within this virtue it is possible to find what is the moderation of appetite and different pleasures of life with which a balance must be possessed which helps to allow the different opportunities that come out and can join the world.

Every child who grows up with this virtue will have the character not to give in to any external problem in his life, since he will have the necessary values ​​and beliefs, in addition to this they will also be able to maintain in a correct way each act he performs within his childhood or life. for the fact of maintaining impeccable conduct, even change your reputation among your peers.

Within the childhood of each child it is very important that this virtue exists so that they learn to fulfill each objective or goal that they set for themselves and thus make them understand that with it they will be able to have total control of each will they have against an instinct or desire. , without seeing the adjacent limits, since they will have the honesty to move forward smoothly and thus they will not have to worry about any distraction that is not necessary for their life.

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Within the times, Christianity has shown that the Holy Spirit can get closer to the soul and helps calm various concerns generating peace in people, these habits are better known as the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit . In general, this term is seen differently within the Christian religion, but even so, when it comes to Catholic life, seven gifts are recognized, which are cited by Isaiah. Among the gifts we can find the following:

Fear of God

This gift is considered as an idea found in each of the religions and is generally characterized by the fear that God possessed of the ideas of respect, admiration and submission before God before his will, which is why in many religions he is feared. to this one for the final judgement.

As far as the Catholic religion is concerned, it can be understood that the Fear of God is simply the understanding of the complete respect for God and thus not having any fear of something strange. Despite this, Pope Francis for the year 2014 made sure that the majority of the disciples managed to understand that such a gift was not to fear our Lord God, but so that we knew that no servile fear should be possessed, since while you had the joy of this everything could turn out well at any time in life.


Said gift is integrated so that it is possible to possess a great loving knowledge directly towards God of all people and all those things that refer to him, so that his knowledge is always carried by holiness. This means that the same Holy Spirit is in charge of giving said gift to those pure and simple souls who love and worship God, for this reason this gift is closely linked to the virtue of charity to give the perfection of the teaching. towards the life of the great Lord.


With this gift, the person is given a stronger and deeper way to understand all those different mysteries that happen in a miraculous way. This gift is given to those devoted to religion, but in order to fully develop this gift, one must have a very faithful life to God and achieve personal holiness.

This gift is united with the virtue of faith and is considered one of the most useful in the theologians environment, since they can carry out deeper investigations on all those truths of God that have not yet been revealed and achieve all the powers within these.


Within this gift, people will be able to understand all those things created by God to which they are signs, along with this gift is the virtue of faith, thus giving a better way to be able to play all things created by God correctly and thus manage to see the trace of him. With this the Holy Spirit manages to give people what is nature, infinite wisdom, and the goodness found in God.


With this great gift the Holy Spirit gives infinite perfections to the virtue of prudence, giving a choice within each situation that is lived to be used, this gift is not only used in those moments of great decisions but also in those that despite Being small in life, a wise decision must be made in the same way.

In general, this gift gives most people a great help, since people usually think many times before making a decision, so they are in the correct area of ​​consciousness. An example of this gift can be given to Catherine of Siena who was a counselor of a completely extraordinary degree and was also the right hand of Pope Gregory XI whom she managed to convince to return to Rome against many cardinals.


The Holy Spirit created this gift with the simple objective of being able to foster within the will the unique and infinite love for God, giving a completely special feeling for everyone, since God has always wanted his devotees to have him in the face of great treatment of fidelity and love. This is why the great Holy Spirit with this gift teaches people in an easy and simple way to understand that our Lord only wants to be seen as a friend and thus be present in each one when they need it.


This gift is only given to those souls who have infinite obstacles and eagerly desire to overcome them to move forward, usually with this gift the Holy Spirit helps to practice various virtues. Giving this the virtue with the same name gives resistance and great clinging to any problem, whether they are attacks, dangers or in such cases different health difficulties that the person is facing.

How Should Gifts Be Used?

The best way to have a gift and be able to use it in the right way is by having a great love for God and a great desire to be able to do something for the good of oneself or for others, which is based on the bible, because if you do not have this, the purposes you want to accomplish will not be heard by God.

We must bear in mind that all the gifts that the Holy Spirit gives must be highly valued, since all the gifts are very necessary in life for the simple fact that they help us maintain a great functioning of ourselves and thus we do not belittling someone with other gifts. Keep in mind that any gift that the Holy Spirit gives you, be grateful and use it in the most loyal and good way you can in order to serve our Lord in a joyful way so that he can be present in all your life and in yours .

What are Gifts for?

The Holy Spirit usually gives these gifts and virtues to each person in order to give them the necessary growth and a purpose which makes people see that their gift is to help themselves and others at any time in life.

It is good to know that the gifts are not given as a reward for spirituality but to serve others and thus we can encourage each other to be even more devoted to our Lord, by using them in the correct way we can show everyone that we do not They are a believer that in reality God does exist in each life.

You are very attentive to know more about the Holy Spirit, its Fruits and also its Gifts to obtain the loyalty of God and to be able to continue being devoted to him, do not wait any longer and click on the following video:

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