Where am I going? Who am I? Where do I come from?

Where am I going? Who am I? Where do I come from?

Where do I come from ? This is an essential question, which of course we have all asked ourselves at some point and we have not been able to answer it with certainty. Many accept the answer given by religion, which tells them that God is the creator of everything; and others are adept at science’s answer, which holds that creation occurred by chance, after an initial explosion.

Where do I come from? Catholic Vision

This is one of the great questions that we have always asked ourselves, and the answer is, unfortunately, another question, does man come from the monkey, or have we lived deceived until now? When I seriously think about part of the fundamental questioning of Missionaryism, about the question: Where do I come from ? life project . A great anguish nestles in my conscience, at the thought that my great-great-grandfather may have been a monkey.

It is not just the fact that he is an ape, but because, due to this essential questioning, man has not become aware of the Great Dignity with which he has been distinguished, for the fact of having been a creation of God, his image and likeness.

I have certainly understood and accepted the theory of the evolution of species. It is easy to understand the similarity between a dinosaur and a lizard or crocodile, leaving aside the sizes. It is easy to admit the process of regression to the sea of ​​whales and dolphins. It is easy to observe the similarities between prehistoric birds and current birds, although every day there are more scientists who attack that theory.

But to give an answer to the question Where do I come from? There is such an enormous qualitative difference between man and ape that my common sense cannot assimilate that it is claimed that we have the same origin.

The great questioning – Science vs religion

On the question where do I come from? philosophy, and what the evolutionary theory holds I question:

If man descended from the monkey, at what point did the Great Evolution take place, that is, when the monkey remained a monkey and a man-monkey appeared? At what instant did God infuse the monkey with his soul and turn him into a man? Why did he turn a monkey into a man and the other monkey, he left him alone in that? And if it had been so, what a bad move God would have made to the “monkey – monkey”.

If we look closely at the theory of the evolution of species, its arguments have an acceptable logic and the divergence between primitive and current species is reasonable. But to find out, where do I come from?

I reason that it makes sense that Adam and Eve were not yellow-haired and blue-eyed, and that, indeed, they may have had some physical resemblance to apes, just as some individuals or races, such as the aborigines, may have today. , but from there to the fact that we have had a common origin, I have a hard time believing it.

It also makes a certain impression to hear all those scientific theories about the origin of the universe and the origin of life, to answer the question about Where did I come from?, which in essence are just that, theories; and observe how when one formulates questions to people about these theories, they give an answer with full conviction and reasoning, which when analyzed does not seem very rational, and the vast majority are questionable because they lack an exact scientific basis.

However, we have been so exposed to this reasoning of the evolutionary origin of man, that it shocks me to observe how men of faith, too, more simply accept those theories, which are just that: theories, instead of accepting the spiritual foundation of the origin of the man.

religious position

For those of us who believe in God and know the immensity of his power, it should be easier to accept that there was a time when God created man from clay and through a divine breath, breathed his spirit into him.

To answer the question Where do I come from? life project , from my point of view, observing the qualitative difference between man and ape, it should be easier for the man of faith to believe in the Catholic foundation of the origin of man, instead of subscribing to the highly questionable theory of evolutionary origin of man, of which today there are many scientists who absolutely reject it.

Of course, this article is not about disqualifying the different theories that exist about the origin of the Universe or the theory of the evolution of species that, as far as animals are concerned, seem very logical.

The crux of the matter is to stimulate deep reflection, also using logic and common sense, regarding how acceptable it is to continue supporting the theory of the evolutionary origin of man, to answer the question about Where did I come from?

I also ask myself another question and it is: Who was Charles Darwin? Was he a man of good faith, simply faith, or no faith? Or was he part of some organization and was there some ulterior motive behind his statement about the origin of man? I think that this question is essential and we should also ask ourselves if we have not lived in deception until today.

Who I am?

To know who I am and to be able to be aware of where I am going, we have to look back at the past. Theories imply that for a building to be great, it has to be planted on a good foundation, but if the foundations are not solid, a great building cannot be built, and as a result we will always have to be making repairs to make it stand.

I have always thought that it is essential for man to rediscover himself. That he who does not consider his past is not going to consider his future. Man has to reflect deeply on this questioning. If man descends exclusively from the monkey, then he will be condemned to live in the jungle in which we are living at the moment and that will worsen with the passage of time. But if man’s origin is God, and he acts according to his precepts, his final destination will be the glory of the Lord.

So who am I really?

“Then God formed man with dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being,” according to Genesis. “He created, for God the human being, in his own image, in the image of God he created him, male and female he created them.” So, if we are not descended from the monkey, where do we come from? What is man? Who is the man?

I defend that man has to rediscover himself. God made man in his image and likeness. God formed man out of clay and breathed his spirit into him through his nostrils. In this sense, Sister Eugenia Elisabetha Ravasio says that God told her that man is his masterpiece. On the other hand, Saint Faustina Kowalska maintains that the world is sustained by those holy souls that exist in it and that the day these souls disappear, the world will disappear. Who is man that, in union with God, he has that power?

Mother Teresa of Calcutta says that on some occasions she was able, through prayer, to stop the rain. Who is the man who can, in union with God, stop natural phenomena? The Virgin of Peace says in one of her messages that humanity, through fasting and prayer, can stop the laws of nature.

Why is it that so many apparitions of the Virgin are recorded sending us messages of reconversion, which are messages that invite us to rediscovery, and messages of change in ourselves? Who is man that the virgin Mary, who is the mother of God, is so worried about him?

Who is man for God, who is the great creator of everything, to send his son to redeem his sins and rescue him from the clutches of the evil one? Genesis indicates that after God created the sea and the earth, the sky and the stars, after having created nature and the animals, God created man on earth to exercise his domination over everything created. .

When an artist gives life to his masterpiece, he breathes into it all his being, his greatness, all the best he can give of himself. So, who is man for God, the absolute creator of the Universe, to say that man is… his masterpiece?

But… how can we be so blind! The Devil, using the man as his puppet, has managed to make the man cover his own eyes, so that the man does not know who the man is. Man is… the masterpiece of creation. And after this statement, I must say that discovering and becoming aware of it is the most significant challenge we have.

For that reason, nothing can be above man, neither governments, nor companies, nor ideology; everything has to be at his service, to help him grow, to help him discover himself.

Where I go?

Here is another reasoning: if man is not descended from the ape, if God created man in his image and likeness, if man is something more than his body, if man is essentially spirit, if spirit is energy, if energy is not destroyed but transformed, if God is the absolute force par excellence, if God is the energy par excellence, if man was created by God…, then man’s final destiny must be to return to God.

But for man to become aware of what God is, he must begin by valuing what is not God. To value love, you have to know the existence of lack of love. To value joy, you have to know sadness. To know fullness one must know what emptiness is. To appreciate the light you have to know what darkness is.

For that reason, God gave man his free will, so that, through it, man could know many different situations as he lives his life, so that valuing what is not God, he can come to have knowledge of what yes it is

The ultimate reason is God

God will grant such a great prize, at the end of this life, for those who act according to his precepts, that it is worth the effort that must be made on earth, to be able to enjoy that prize that God has for us, for all the eternity.

“Many are called and few are chosen”, because only the chosen will be those who have the ability to appreciate and appreciate what God has destined to give them. God does not discriminate against anyone, God permanently finds a way to make people believe in different ways, “but he who does not believe, even if he sees that the dead rise, he will not believe…”.

For this reason, knowledge, together with prayer, are extremely relevant, because they are the path that must be followed, by which the light that will illuminate us is turned on as we go deeper, each time with greater clarity, in the understanding of what that God asks of us, of the true meaning of life, and the awareness of what true life is.

Today’s man looks to the past and can hardly believe the simplicity of the knowledge, behavior and tools of our predecessors. We must trust that the men of the future can do the same, but from a perspective closer to their origin, so that in this way, the evolution of men is the true evolution, the evolution of their inner spirit.

Where do I come from? Where I go? The Hindu point of view

The religious answer to these questions belongs to the realm of beliefs and the scientific answer does not clarify where the initial explosion came from. What is true is that the question, where do I come from? it has to have a personal answer, because the only one who can give it an answer is oneself, in order to give each one’s life a meaning and a purpose.

Deepak Chopra offers this third answer, which rescues the sacred nature of the human body, with its extraordinary order and intelligence, using the knowledge of science. However, for science it turns out that consciousness, creativity and the soul are not material things, that does not mean that they are not real or that they do not exist for us as human beings, since they constitute a mystery that we are eager to discover.

The answer

The answer to the question where do I come from? it is in the inquiry and the end of the inquiry is the meeting with the creator. In India they have the belief that the whole universe is within oneself, therefore, in order to know where I come from?, we must know ourselves.

They advocate in India that those who want to get objective answers abroad must end up finding themselves, because reality is as we observe it and anyone who has explored the creation beyond everything must have seen God.

Deepak Chopra holds the idea that the only possible answer is that we have created ourselves. This seems to be more of a blasphemy than an answer, from a religious point of view, however, this does not mean that we are gods, what it means is that we have created ourselves at the level of the soul and thus we will continue to create ourselves indefinitely as long as we wish. .

For this belief, the true sacred body is the soul, the connection between the eternal and infinite and the world, because for this belief consciousness is more than thought and has the freedom to go beyond. It was not thought but the soul that created love, music, art, altruism, wisdom, that is, the best that all human beings have; the thinking mind is a slave to the ego and is amazed at creation, but is still far from awakening.

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