How to Pray the Holy Novena to the Holy Spirit?

How to Pray the Holy Novena to the Holy Spirit?

The Novena to the Holy Spirit is a kind of prayer that is performed for about 9 days in a row which is addressed to the Holy Spirit of God so that it is he who grants the gifts of the spirit to believers. In the following article we will know everything about this kind of Prayer to the Holy Spirit.

Novena for the Anointing of the Holy Spirit

You can ask for a kind of powerful outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Our Lord Jesus Christ died on the Cross of Calvary so that all human beings may be transformed by the Spirit into the children of God, always participating in his holiness. However, they must want it, ask for it and prepare to receive it.

Opening prayer for every day

My God! God of love and of all truth. The author of the sanctification of each one of our souls, whom I humbly prostrate before your great sovereign Majesty, who detest in the bitterness of my heart each and every one of my sins, such as the offenses committed against you, worthy of becoming loved above all things.

Oh infinite goodness! Who would never have offended you! I ask you to forgive me, oh beloved Lord, God of all grace and all mercy, please forgive me my continued infidelities; not having had the courage to be able to execute anything that was good, after so many times your mercy and your grace have requested me, they have come to reprimand me, threatened me and also lovingly inspired me.

It weighs heavily on me, because I repent for the ungrateful correspondence and for the unworthy blindness with which I have come to incessantly resist your sweet and divine appeals. More on this day I firmly propose with your help not to be rebellious to you anymore, to continue your tender inspirations with great docility.

To this end, please illuminate, oh source of light, what is my understanding, so I ask you to strengthen my will, just as you come to purify my heart, please fix all my thoughts, all my desires and also the affections, and make me worthy of being able to taste the fruits that are blessed that your gifts come to produce in the souls that possess you.

Please grant me the graces that I ask of you through this Novena, if they are to be for your greater glory, and for me to see you, love you and praise you endlessly in your glory. Amen.

Final prayer for every day

Among the final prayers is a hymn to the Holy Spirit which must be performed after the opening prayers, the prayer corresponding to the day of the Novena to the Holy Spirit Complete . Except for the last day.

Hymn to the Holy Spirit

Come, oh Creator Spirit! our souls visit, the breasts, that you raised, fill heavenly grace.

For you are the Paraclete Spirit, Gift of the heavenly Father, living source, sacred fire, holy, spiritual anointing.

In your setiform gifts, your paternal promise, eternal finger of God the Father, inflame our tongues.

Enlighten our senses, inflame our hearts, arm our bodies, which are weak, with your virtue.

Separate the enemies, give us divine peace and being you our guide let us flee all evil.

For You to the Father and the Son, in this mortal life let us know, and always believe your Divinity.

To God the FATHER be glory, to the SON immortal glory and to the Holy Spirit for all Eternity.


O Holy Spirit! The Divine Comforter of my soul, the fire, the light and the heavenly ardor of human hearts, if it is for the glory of your holy Majesty that I get what I desire and what I ask of you on this day, please, oh beloved Lord in granting it to me kindly; and if not, direct my request, thanking me that it must be for your greater glory and good for the salvation of my soul. Amen.

Now each one is going to withdraw interiorly and ask for the grace that they most need. Once the request is made, each day will be concluded with an antiphon, a verse, response and a prayer from the following that are found in the antiphon.

Prayer for the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit

Oh, beloved Lord Jesus Christ, that before ascending to heaven you promised that you were going to send the Holy Spirit in order to complete your work in the souls of your Apostles and also of your disciples, please deign to reach grant me the same Holy Spirit so that He may be the one who perfects in my soul the great work of your grace and your love.

Please grant me the Spirit of Wisdom so that I can come to despise the things that are perishable in this world and only aspire to the things that are eternal, I also ask you for the Spirit of Understanding so that I can illuminate my mind with the light of your divine Truly, I ask you for the Spirit of Counsel so that I can choose the safest path at all times to please God and win Heaven.

I ask for the Spirit of Strength so that I can come to carry my cross with you and in this way courageously overcome all the obstacles that oppose my salvation, the Spirit of Knowledge so that I can come to know God and also to know myself. myself and to be able to grow in the perfection of the science of all saints.

I ask the Spirit of Piety so that I may come to find service to God so sweet and kind, and finally I ask the Spirit of Fear of God so that I may come to be filled with all loving reverence for God the Father and fear in any way to displease him. Please mark me, dear Lord, with the sign of your true disciples and come to encourage me in all things with your Spirit. Amen.

For the Feelings Gifts of the Spirit

This is a detailed prayer that must be performed on each of the days of the Novena to the Holy Spirit, that is, on each of the days from the first to the ninth, this prayer must be performed after the prayer of the day correspondent. The sentence goes like this:

“Come, Holy Spirit, please fill all the hearts of your faithful and kindle in them the flame of your love. Oh, God, that with the light of the Holy Spirit you come to illuminate all the hearts of your faithful, come to grant us that once guided by the same Spirit, we can enjoy what is right and we can rejoice with his heavenly consolation.

Come, Holy Spirit, by your great gift of Wisdom, I ask you to be you granting us the grace to be able to appreciate and estimate the goods of heaven and that you show us the means to reach them. Glory

Come, Holy Spirit, by your great gift of Understanding, that you come to enlighten our minds regarding the mysteries of salvation, so that we can come to understand them perfectly and come to embrace them with fervor. Glory

Come, Holy Spirit, by your great Gift of Counsel, come to incline our hearts to have to act with good righteousness and justice for the benefit of all of us and our fellow men. Glory

Come, Holy Spirit, by your gift of Fortitude, I ask you to strengthen us with your grace against all the enemies of my soul, so that we can always get to obtain the crown of victory. Glory

Come, Holy Spirit, for your great gift of Science, I ask you to teach us to be able to live among earthly things so as not to lose the eternal ones. Glory

Come, oh Holy Spirit, by your great gift of Mercy, we ask you to inspire us to live soberly, righteously, and piously in this earthly life, in order to reach heaven in the afterlife. Glory.

Come, oh beloved Holy Spirit, for your eternal gift of Fear of God, and be the one who wounds our bodies with your great fear so that you can work for the salvation of our souls. Glory”


O my God, who has come to unite the nations in the confession of your name, please grant us that those who have come to be reborn through the water of baptism may have the same amount of faith in their hearts and also the same piety. in their actions.

Oh God, who came to send the Holy Spirit to the apostles, please, I ask you to hear the prayers of your devotees so that they come to enjoy true peace, those who, by your grace, have managed to receive the gift of true peace. faith. On this day we ask you, O God, that your Holy Spirit kindle in our hearts that same flame that Christ came to bring to earth and ardently desired to be lit.

Inflame, O my Lord, each one of the hearts with the fire of the Holy Spirit, so that they may come to serve you chaste in body and clean in all their hearts. Please enrich our hearts, O dear Lord, by pouring out with great fullness your Holy Spirit by whose wisdom we are created and by whose providence it is that we are governed.

On this day we pray to you, oh Almighty and eternal God, that your Holy Spirit be the one who defends us and who dwells in our souls, so that in the end, we can become the temples of his glory.

We ask you, oh Holy Lord, that on this day according to the promise of your Son, the Holy Spirit is the one who leads us to the full knowledge of all the truth that is revealed. Through Christ our beloved Lord. Amen.

Novena to the Holy Spirit

This novena begins with the sign of the cross, then the prayer, Lord Jesus Christ, is prayed. This prayer is addressed to the Holy Spirit so that it is he who grants people the gifts of the spirit.

One of the first prayers that must be performed on each of the days of the novena is the act of consecration to the Holy Spirit.

Act of Consecration to the Holy Spirit Daily

O Holy Spirit, receive the absolute consecration of my entire being, which I do to you on this day so that you may deign to become from now on, in each of the moments of my life, in each of the actions that I have, to may it be my Director, my Light, my Guide, my Strength, and also all the love of my Heart.

I abandon myself without any kind of reservation to your divine operations, and I want at all times to be docile to your holy inspirations. O Holy Spirit! Please deign, oh holy spirit, to form me according to the model of your beloved son Jesus. Glory to the Creator Father, Glory to the Redeemer Son, Glory to the Holy Spirit Sanctifier. Amen.

Invocation to the Holy Spirit

Oh Holy Spirit come into our souls Oh Holy Spirit! and from heaven sends a ray of your light. Come, oh father of the poor, come, from the frank gifts, come, from lucid hearts I repair. Come, oh comforter, sweet and sovereign, the guest of souls, the soft gift. In the various setbacks rest to work, temperance in the ardent consolation in tears.

Holy light of every Christian man, the intimate part of the chest, which fills with much chaste love. In man nothing is found without your protection, and nothing can be without You, pure and holy Spirit. With your pure waters he washes everything stained, he also waters what is dry, make the sick healthy.

To the hard heart I ask you to bend your hand, and soften the souls that sin stained. Return to the right path everyone who is lost, and light the ice cream through your holy fire. Please grant your faithful in you trusting of your high setenary sacred gifts. Increase in virtues make all men deserve happy rest from eternal joy. Amen.

After this prayer, you must begin with the corresponding prayers for each of the days.

First Day (Friday)

The first day of the novena must be held on a Friday, so we begin as follows:

O Holy Spirit! The Lord of Light! Please on this day Give us, from your clear heavenly height, your purest radiant splendor! We ask you oh beloved Holy Spirit of God.

the holy spirit

Only one thing is important: Eternal Salvation. Therefore, this alone is the thing to be feared: sin. Sin becomes the result of ignorance, also of weakness and indifference. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Light, Strength and Love.

With its 7 gifts, it illuminates the mind, also strengthens the will, and also inflames the heart with the love of God. In order to ensure what salvation is, we must invoke the Divine Spirit daily, because it is “the Spirit that comes to the aid of our weakness. Well, we do not know how to get to ask to pray as appropriate; but the Spirit himself intercedes for us” Romans 8:26.


Oh Almighty God and eternal Creator, who have come to conceive to regenerate us with water and with the Holy Spirit, and have come to give us the forgiveness of all sins, please allow us to send from heaven upon each one of your children the 7 gifts of your Spirit, the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, the Spirit of Counsel and also of Strength, the Spirit of Knowledge and Mercy, and please fill us with the Spirit of Holy Fear. Amen.

Second Day (Saturday)

We continue with the second day of the Novena to be held on Saturday, which we begin as follows:

Come, O Father of the poor! Come, the treasures you hold. Come, the Light of all that lives!

The Gift of Fear

The gift of the Holy Fear of God is what fills us with a great sovereign respect for God, and makes us fear nothing more than to offend him by sin. It is a kind of fear that arises, not from the thought of hell, but rather from the feeling of reverence and filial submission to our Heavenly Father.

It is a fear of the principle of wisdom, which comes to separate us from worldly pleasures that could somehow separate us from God. “Those who fear the Lord have a willing heart, and in his presence they humble themselves” (Ecclesiastes 2:17).


Come, O blessed Holy Spirit of Fear, please penetrate into the most intimate of all my heart, that I have you, my Lord and my God, before my face forever, please help me to flee from all the things that may offend and please make me worthy before the pure eyes of your Divine Majesty in Heaven, where You live and also reign in the unity of the ever Blessed Trinity, God in the world that has no end! Amen.

Third Day (Sunday)

This third day of the novena must be done on Sunday, since we start on Friday with the first day. The prayer is as follows: “You, of all comforters, are the best, please visit us to the troubled heart, give the grace of pleasant peace.”

The Gift of Piety

The gift of Piety is what arouses in all hearts a kind of filial affection for God himself as for our most loving Father. He inspires us, by the same love for Him, to come to love and respect all the people and things consecrated to Him, in the same way as all those who are invested with His authority, His Most Holy Mother and with the Saints, the Church and its visible head, our parents and superiors, our nation and its rulers.

Whoever is filled with the gift of Piety does not find the practice of religion as something heavy, but rather as a delightful service. Where there is love there is no work.


Come, O Holy and Blessed Spirit of Mercy, take possession of my whole heart. Ignite within me such a love for Almighty God that I find satisfaction only in His service, and for love of Him lovingly submit to every kind of legitimate authority. Amen.

Fourth Day (Monday)

The fourth day of the Novena corresponds to Monday. The sentence is as follows: “You, sweet relief in fatigue, pleasant refreshment in the heat, solace in the midst of misery.”

The Gift of Strength

Through the gift of Fortitude, the soul becomes stronger in the face of natural fear and comes to endure the performance of an obligation to the end. Strength is what imparts to the will a kind of impulse and energy that moves it to carry out, without having to hesitate, the most arduous tasks, to come to face dangers, to be above what is human respect, and also to endure without having to complain the slow martyrdom of the tribulation even of a lifetime.

“He who endures to the end will be saved,” Matthew 24:13.


Come, O Spirit of Strength, please lift up my soul in times of trouble and adversity, please sustain all my efforts of holiness, also strengthen my weakness, furthermore I ask you to give me courage against all the assaults of my enemies, May I never become confused and separate from You, Oh my God and my greatest Good. Amen

Fifth Day (Tuesday)

The fifth day corresponds to Tuesday. The sentence is as follows: “Immortal Light! Divine Light! Visit these hearts of yours and fill our most intimate being!”

The Gift of Knowledge

The gift of Knowledge is what allows the soul to be able to give created things their true value in their relationship with God. Knowledge is what unmasks the simulation of creatures, reveals what their emptiness is, and is what makes their true purposes known as instruments at the service of God.

It comes to show us the loving care of God even in what is adversity, and it leads us to glorify him in each of the circumstances of life. Please I ask that we be guided by your light to give priority to the things that should have it and we also appreciate God’s friendship above all else. “Knowledge is a fountain of life to him who possesses it” (Proverbs 16:22).


Come, O Blessed Spirit of Knowledge, and please grant me that I may come to perceive the will of the Father; please show me the nullity of the things of the earth, that I come to have an idea of ​​their vanity and use them only for your glory and for my own salvation, at all times above them looking at You and also at your eternal rewards. Amen.

Sixth Day (Wednesday)

The next day is Wednesday which corresponds to the sixth day of the Novena to the Holy Spirit. The sentence is as follows: “If you withdraw your grace, nothing pure will remain in man, everything that is good will become sick.”

The Gift of Understanding

Understanding, like the gift of the Holy Spirit, is what helps us grasp the meaning of the truths of holy religion. By faith is that we know them, however, by understanding is that we come to learn to appreciate them and also to desire them.

It is the one that allows us to penetrate the deep meaning of the truths that are revealed and, through them, to enliven the novelty of life. It is our faith that ceases to be sterile and inactive and also inspires a way of life that bears eloquent witness to the faith that exists in each person. We begin to “walk worthy of God in all things pleasing and increasing in the knowledge of God.”


Come, O Spirit of Understanding, and enlighten our minds, that we may know and believe in all the mysteries of salvation, and that at last we may deserve to see the eternal light in the Light, and in the light of glory have a clear vision of You and the Father and the Son. Amen.

Seventh Day (Thursday)

Please Lord heal our wounds, also renew our strength. In our aridity pour your dew. It also washes away guilt stains.

The gift of advice

The gift of Counsel endows the soul with supernatural prudence, allowing it to quickly and correctly judge what to do, especially in difficult circumstances. The Council applies the principles given by Knowledge and Understanding to the countless concrete cases that we confront in the course of our daily duties as parents, teachers, public servants and Christian citizens. “And above all this, pray to the Most High to make your path straight in truth” Ecclesiastes 37:15.


Oh Come, Spirit of Counsel, please help me and also guide me in all my ways so that I always do your Holy Will. Incline my heart to what is good, separate me from everything that is bad and direct me along the straight path of all your Commandments to the goal of eternal life that I long for. Amen.

Eighth Day (Friday)

It bends the will and also the heart of the obstinate person, melts what is frozen, warms what is cold. Guide the steps that have gone astray!

The Gift of Wisdom

Coming to encompass all the other gifts, like charity coming to embrace all the other virtues, Wisdom is often the most perfect of all the gifts. Of Wisdom it is found written:

“Everything good came to me with her, and innumerable riches came to me through her hands.”

It is the gift of Wisdom that strengthens our faith, that strengthens hope, that perfects charity, and that promotes the practice of virtue to the highest degree. According to the words of the Savior:

“Take up your cross and follow me, for my yoke is sweet and my burden is light.”


Come, O Spirit of Wisdom and reveal to my soul the mysteries of heavenly things, their enormous greatness, power and beauty. Teach me to love them above all and above all the passing joys and satisfactions of the earth. Help me to get them and possess them forever. Amen.

Ninth Day (Saturday)

You, in all those who at all times come to confess you and adore you, in your 7 gifts, descend. Give them relief in death. Give them life with you on high. Give him the joys that have no end. Amen.

The Fruits of the Holy Spirit

The gifts of the Holy Spirit are those that perfect the supernatural virtues by allowing us to practice them with greater docility to divine inspiration. As people grow in the knowledge and love of God, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, the service becomes much more sincere and also generous and the practice of the virtues more perfect.

These fruits, in turn, make the practice of the virtues more active and become a powerful incentive for even greater efforts in the service of God.


Come, Oh Holy Divine Spirit, please I ask you to fill my heart with your heavenly fruits:

  • Charity
  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Patience
  • Benignity
  • Goodness
  • Faith
  • Meekness
  • Temperance

May I never be tired in the service of God but rather, by continuous and faithful submission to your inspiration, may I deserve to be eternally united with You, in the love of the Father and the Son. Amen.


The Lord has said through his word that he will not leave us orphans; He comes and goes to us; and he will gladden our hearts, hallelujah, hallelujah. Please lord send oh beloved father your Holy Spirit and they will be created. And you will renew the face of the earth.


O Holy God, who has come to instruct all the hearts of the devout faithful with the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit, please give us the right feeling with this same Spirit, and the ability to enjoy His consolation at all times. Through Jesus Christ our Lord, your beloved Son, who lives with you and who reigns in the unity of the same Holy Spirit, God for ever and ever. Amen.

First day

You should start with the preparatory prayers for every day.

O Holy Spirit! The living Source of the divine waters that, in the creation of the world, you came to sanctify the immense ones that surrounded the world and of the waters of the Jordan in the baptism of the Lord Jesus Christ, our God; On this day I beg you to be in my spirit, so arid and dry, the Sacred source of living waters, that never runs out and jump to eternal life; and the grace that I ask of you in this Novena to the Holy Spirit, if it is for your greater glory and for the good of my soul. Amen.

Second day

You should start with the preparatory prayers for every day.

O Holy Spirit! That overshadowing with your virtue, and filling it at the same time with grace, you worked in an ineffable and omnipotent way the infinite work of the Incarnation of the Eternal Word, in the virginal womb of your heavenly Spouse: overshadow my soul and grant me the grace necessary for me to be worthy of receiving the same divine Word made man and sacramented for my love, and also the special one that I ask of you in this Novena, if it is for your greater glory, and good of my soul. Amen.

Third day

You should start with the preparatory prayers for every day.

O Holy Spirit! The Celestial dove that, opening the heavens wide, came to descend on our beloved Lord Jesus already baptized in the Jordan, symbolizing: that from the moment he took on human nature, the fullness of Divinity already inhabited him.

Come down on mine poor and miserable and fill it with the gift of wisdom of advice, understanding and strength, knowledge, piety and fear of God; and give me, oh my lord, the grace I ask for in this Novena, if it is for your greater glory and for the good of my soul. Amen.

Fourth day

You should start with the preparatory prayers for every day.

O Holy Spirit! The lucid Cloud that shadowing Jesus transfigured and glorious on Tabor, illustrated that Holy mountain, and sheltered the Apostles in their excessive fear, communicating to them after the Ascension of their Divine Master much light, fervor and grace; enlighten, protect and fertilize my soul so that I may be a worthy disciple of Jesus, and give me the grace that I ask of you through this Novena, if it is for your greater glory and for the good of my soul. Amen.

Fifth day

You should start with the preparatory prayers for every day.

O Holy Spirit! Gentle wind that filled the Cenacle and gave strength and courage to the hearts of those who were waiting for you, praying fervently united with one soul and one heart: occupy, oh Spirit of life and love! the whole house of my little spirit, my memory, understanding and will: and give me the grace that I ask of you through this Novena to the Holy Spirit, if it is for your greater glory and for the good of my soul. Amen.

Sixth day

You should start with the preparatory prayers for every day.

Oh Holy Spirit! Clear light that illustrated the understanding of the holy Apostles, communicating to them, as a divine Sun, all the light they needed for their perfection and for the conversion of the world: fill, oh beautiful light! all the sinister sinuses of my interior, so that I know you and make you known to the whole world; and the grace that I ask of you through this Novena to the Holy Spirit, if it is for your greater glory and for the good of my soul. Amen.

Seventh day

You should start with the preparatory prayers for every day.

O Holy Spirit! Sacred fire that, appearing visible over the Apostles on the day of Pentecost, divinely inflamed their hearts so that, ablaze in your love, they would later ignite the whole world in the same sacred flames:

Ignite in your most holy ardors my frozen heart, so that, burning my spirit in them, ignite in your divine love as many as I meet; and give me the grace that I ask of you in this Novena, if it is for your greater glory and for the good of my soul. Amen.

Eighth day

You should start with the preparatory prayers for every day.

O Holy Spirit! Burning flame of charity that with the fire of your love inflaming the hearts of the holy Apostles and of all Apostolic men, you communicated to them the gift of tongues for the conversion of the world.

Inflame with the sacred fire of love my heart and my tongue so that I always speak governed by your Spirit, and fervent in charity, inflame everyone so that they faithfully observe your divine commandments; and give me the grace that I ask through this Novena to the Holy Spirit, if it is for your greater glory and for the good of my soul. Amen.

ninth day

First you must begin with the preparatory prayer for each of the days.

O Holy Spirit! Essential charity that, diffused in human hearts, you divinized them by communicating all the divine graces that are included in our seven gifts, and understand how much the spiritual life, proper to each one, needs, and the one that you wish to communicate to all men: spread them O most holy Charity! in my heart so poor of your 7 gifts, and with them publish your greatness. Amen.

After this kind of prayer, instead of the antiphon, the verse, the answer and the daily prayer, the following prayers will be said:

Antiphon for the Ninth Day

On this day the 9 days of Pentecost were already completed; today the happy joys are produced, when the Comforting Spirit descended on his Apostles; today, scratching the radiance of the divine fire, it was that the Holy Spirit rested in the form of tongues distributed on each one of them; today he makes them fruitful in words, he inflames them with his love and also fills them with his innumerable charisms, alleluia, alleluia.


Oh Holy God, who have come to instruct on this day all the Hearts of the faithful with the kind of illustration of the Holy Spirit, please give me the right feeling with this same Spirit, and to be able to enjoy at all times your consolation. Through the beloved Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives with you and who reigns in the unity of the same Holy Spirit, God for ever and ever. Amen.

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