The Venerable Prayer to Saint Martin Caballero

The Venerable Prayer to Saint Martin Caballero

The following article has the purpose of presenting and explaining everything related to the Prayer to Saint Martin Caballero , who he was, what his Prayer means, what its purpose is and why it is so important for the Catholic Church, in turn we will indicate the steps to follow, in a concrete and simple way to perform this sentence correctly.

Who was Saint Martin Caballero?

San Martín de Tours or better known as San Martín Caballero, although in Mexico he is known more than anything as the patron saint of the needy, was born in the year 316, almost approximately 1700 years ago, in Roman Hungary, although his education was given in Pavia, Italy, at the age of 15 San Martín was already strongly attracted to religion, but his father was a military speaker so due to circumstances he was forced to enlist in the Roman imperial guard, where he served on horseback in Italy and then in Gaul, hence his nickname “Knight”.

After distinguishing himself in different battles, following his formed Christian conscience, at the age of 20, Martin finally decides to leave the Roman army to serve God. Although it was not as simple as he thought, since in order for his superiors to free him from the army, he had to go to his last battle, since if he did not attend he would be imprisoned for cowardice, but luckily for him, that day the enemy agreed a truce and there was no conflict, after that Martín was released.

From then on, he dedicated all his time to the service of Jesus Christ and the Church, where one of his first most recognized acts was to organize another monastery, that of Marmoutiers, a short time later, this already had 80 religious, where he did many healings and wonders through his prayers and blessings, in addition to becoming a bishop at the age of 27 where he won the affection of all his people.

Why is Saint Martin important in the Catholic Church?

At the age of 21, in the city of Amiens, France, he lived a totally unforgettable experience that would mark him for the rest of his life, that cold winter day, he found a beggar shivering near the gate of that city. cold, seeing him in such a state, Martin grabbed his own cloak and cut it in half, then gave it to the homeless man, since the other half of the cloak belonged to the Army.

Just after such an event happened to him, he had a dream in which he claimed to see Jesus Christ, wearing that part of his cape, and thanking him for his act of consideration, saying: “Today you sheltered me with your mantle.”

Who is Saint Martin Caballero’s patron saint?

He is patron of France, Hungary and all those cities of Utrecht in Holland and Buenos Aires, Argentina etc. He is the patron saint of soldiers, weavers and textile builders, he is a highly revered saint, especially in Latin America.

For several generations he has been considered the patron saint of work and opportunities, he is prayed to so that customers abound in a business, to have better opportunities to be hired in a job, to get salary increases, for good luck and more, that is why the Prayer to San Martín Caballero for business is performed .

Prayer to Saint Martin Caballero for money and work

“In the name of God Supreme,

Mr. San Martin Caballero,

Extract the salt from my house;

Give me luck, good work and wealth…

O Merciful Lord,

Indicate to your servant Saint Martin, persevering and jealous patron of the spirits,

That raise your voice in this precipice in which I find myself,

To facilitate your honorable help in my high needs,

That with his mercy grant me breath

In these moments of trouble: (Make the request with great enthusiasm).

That, with its wonderful power, separate those who want to cause me evil

And protect me from all affliction and malice.

I bless you this day

In mention of the clarified virtues of his holy commitment.

Admired Saint Martin, Holy Knight,

I ask you with great faith and respect

You got me from the God of Mercies

May my paths in good, work and wealth

They open clearly, so that I never need what I need.

O great Saint Martin, deliver me from opposing people

And cover me from all harm.” Amen.

Then pray Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be. Do the prayer and the prayers for three days in a row .

To conclude this article, mention will be made of the most requested and common purposes by the population at an international level, which are; go on a diet, leave an addiction, exercise and above all obtain money and work, and the Prayer to Saint Martin Caballero is a great support to be able to achieve all those goals, unfortunately with the passage of time the believing population has been reduced considerably specifically in the last 70 years.

It must be said that the belief of each person is respectable and acceptable, but if you belong to the majority of Catholic people who continue to faithfully believe in everything related to Jesus Christ and the Christian faith, we share the following prayers, which will help you in your life both physically and psychologically.

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