Learn how to pray for the family united, provided, and free from all evil

Learn how to pray for the family united, provided, and free from all evil

The prayer for the united family serves to keep the ties between the members that make it up strong, praying keeps the family always on the path of love and solidarity because prayer helps good feelings flow from each of its members.

Prayer for the united family

Before beginning the prayer for the united family, we must be very aware of the need for each member of the family to contribute from their individuality a small part of themselves, so that this family is always provided with what is necessary, such as love, solidarity, food, clothing, shoes, education and remember that by staying on God’s path you will also be free from all evil.

With love and great honesty, let us begin by making the sign of the holy cross: In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen. Let us join hands, bow our heads and begin to pray out loud or in thought.

Lord, here I am surrendered to you once again, first to thank you for this unique and special family that you gave me, I thank you for my husband, a wonderful, hard-working man to whom you give every day the necessary strength to be a provider father, head of household.

I thank you for my beloved children because with each passing day they show me that they are good people and give me the peace of mind to follow your path Lord, as your angels that they are. I want to thank you Lord because even without asking you to send your beautiful angels in times of difficulty so that I do not feel helpless or in need.

I want to thank you infinitely because you have never abandoned us, in difficult times I have felt your presence very close to us and you have guided me to make the right decisions that allow us to keep the family together even in difficulties.

My God, my beloved Lord, I want to ask you to continue blessing our family as you have done so far, so that we remain united in love, overcoming difficulties together, collaborating from each one of us and bringing blessings to the home.  Amen.

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Generally, when everything is going very well in the family, the prayer for the united family is one of gratitude and it is simply requested that everything continue to flow as is the moment that is being lived, however, it is possible that if the family is going through some difficulty or some member of the family is a little far from the family nucleus, the prayer for the united family varies a little.

You should start the same by thanking the Most High, but you should be more explicit in your requests, all with the purpose of asking God to allow you to recover union and peace within the family. That is why we will now make a prayer for the united family that can help you ask for a family that is dissociated due to some circumstantial situation, to return to the path of union.

Also remember to make an act of contrition, place your body, soul and heart in each of the words, do not forget that God knows our problems, however, the word has strength in prayer and by making us solicitous of his mercy, he will serve us

My Father my God, today I find myself here prostrate before your presence first to thank you for my beautiful family, I thank you for making the paths of my beloved husband and mine meet, that between him and it clean and pure love was born. honest that allowed you to recognize it and send us two of your beautiful angels so that we could take care of them and love them.

Today Eternal Father, I bow before you because my family is in a moment of difficulty and I fear for its disunity, evil stalks my home and I come before you not to ask you to ward off evil from my family, but to strengthen faith , the wisdom so that my children, my husband and I recognize it and know how to take the path that fulfills your purpose Lord.

I am sure that what we are experiencing at this time is a test from which we must learn and it will also allow us to strengthen our family ties, I only ask you, my Lord, that you give us your light to drive away the shadows. (See also:  The Power of Prayer )

Fill my Lord our lives with happiness, with joy, with love so that my family stays in union always, give me Lord the necessary strength to guide it along the path of good and family union, I know that in your love I can do everything Lord my my father.

In the certainty that my words are heard by you, beautiful Lord, I thank you because your love and blessing have entered my home in this moment of prayer and each one of the members of my family has been blessed with your presence, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

How to do it?

To pray for the united family, it is important to begin by giving thanks, because the Grace of God is what has allowed us to form a family. We can start the prayer by thanking from the timeline that makes us feel most comfortable, remember that thanking is a way of acknowledging what has been received, the further we move away from the present, the more we realize how much we have been blessed.

We can also build the prayer for the united family speaking in a general way, my children, my husband, but we can also individualize our blessings and requests and personalize them by including in our prayer the names of each of the members of the family.

It is important to recognize that most of the time the mother is the central axis of the family and the order and harmony of the family nucleus falls on her, however, if her case is far from the common one, we only have to recognize who in our family is that central axis (dad, grandfather, grandmother, aunt, etc.).

That person on whom this responsibility falls, must assume their possible mistakes and sins, which in some way may have influenced the dissociation of the family, if we are building a prayer to recover the family union.

When we recognize our sins and mistakes by making an act of repentance in a conscious way, we correct and avoid them and this, of course, has a positive influence on our family nucleus, therefore, to include the request for the forgiveness of our sins in the prayer for the family. together, we have already begun to walk the right path.

Humbly make the requests that you consider you need to maintain or recover the family union and please leave the compass open to receive the blessings that the Lord considers that you need. What do we want to say with this, many times we lose faith because the answer received is not the one we want or the one we exactly ask for, but that is the answer that the Lord considers is the one we deserve at that moment.

We must of course be thankful for having been heard at the end of our prayer, because if something is certain between heaven and earth, it is that our prayers are heard and heeded and for that, we must give thanks to the Lord at the end of our prayer.

How to maintain the family union?

Many times we see as models families that live in harmony and love, families where their children are obedient, loving and successful in all the activities they undertake, we see how love and respect are maintained between parents and in the entire family nucleus and we wonder , how do they do that?.

In this article we are going to give you some tips so that your family is that ideal with which you dream. We must be very clear that our family is unique because there are no equal human beings, the human race is very diverse, we are only equal in that we were created in the image and likeness of God, but each one has their own personality.

Based on that difference, we can begin to generate family dynamics and activities that are to the liking of our family nucleus, not necessarily what works for the Ramírez family, works for the García family, that is why we must be creative and get to know each other very well as a family.

When we start doing things that please the family, this translates immediately into moments of peace and harmony. We only have to recognize what pleases our loved ones and have those details of love that allow family unity.

Something very important to maintain family unity is to strengthen effective communication channels, that is, we must be very attentive to listening to what each of the family members has to say. Parents cannot be taxing and deaf beings, what this does is create enormous distances and gaps that distance our children from us.

While it is Christian to leave everything in God’s hands, it is important to always listen to what our loved ones have to say to us. In that always open and respectful communication that must exist in the family nucleus, it is important to remember the importance of each member of the family collaborating in maintaining the family union.

It is important to strengthen ourselves in the love of God, in family prayer, to be an example for others and to become that family that we used to see in other homes. We must never allow day to day to steal the moments to share with the family, tiredness cannot defeat us, let us ask God for strength to always maintain those spaces.

In those moments when we sit or share as a family it is good to catch up on the things we did, remind them of the things we like and the things we don’t like, it is also important to inform family members that the things they have changed in you as a person, since human beings change over the years and we must make it known, to avoid situations that may cause discomfort in the family.

Forgiveness is a fundamental part of a harmonious relationship, if any member of the family made a mistake, it is necessary for the family nucleus to forgive that member who could have caused some damage to the family, this will make that person reconsider and do their best effort to change and improve.

Always tell each other how much you love each other, how important they are in your life, recognize your achievements, your gifts and virtues, never neglect the love that should be given every day, everyone is important in the family and you owe it to them. make know (See also: How many books does the Reina Valera Bible have ).

There are magic words and sentences that make people happy, that turn a bad day into a good one, simple words that when put together can be powerful, when used at the right time they change attitudes, these words are: Thank you, I love you, please, I wish you a happy day, how beautiful (o), you that exquisite food and many others that when heard draw a smile on the face of whoever hears them and satisfaction in whoever says them.

As you can see, these are very simple steps that will allow you to maintain harmony in your home and, of course, always maintain family unity. Start today and you will see how in a short time you will observe the changes at home. Place each of the family members in the hands of God, pray for the united family, remember that it is a precious treasure for which you are asking and you must protect it, strengthen it and always love it.


Thank you Lord for the family you gave me. Thank you for the immense love that keeps us together. Thank you for all the blessings you shower on each of us daily. I ask you, my beloved God, to always accompany our days and nights.

May peace and harmony be maintained in our home. May your presence always be present in times of difficulty. May you keep us united forever overcome them. May our love and understanding remain strong my lord. May sadness, bitterness and distrust be kept away

And if someone is wrong, forgiveness spills into our hearts. Forgive our sins, have mercy on all of us and pour your kindness and love into our home and our family, to remain united my Lord.Amen.

importance in society

As is known by all, it is said that the family is the basic cell of society, this means that its function and contribution is essential for the social and economic development of nations. When we conform to family nuclei, we manage in a similar way the sense of belonging, security, stability and, of course, progress, development and transcendence.

All this regardless of culture, geographical location, language or race, the human being is grouped, cared for and strengthened. Families, clans, tribes, whatever they wish to call the group of people who relate to and recognize each other as a nucleus, are fundamental for the integral development of societies.

As long as families are strong, healthy and sustainable, strong, healthy and sustainable societies will develop and this is not what I say, this arises from the results of studies carried out at the International University of Catalonia, therefore, the influence that the family in society on a scientific basis, but it also has religious and spiritual foundations.

However, when we identify societies where family nuclei present problems, families are dissociated, these societies present serious problems and begin to show negative indicators of well-being. (See also: Petition Prayer to God )

Among these problems we can name the abandonment of children, school desertion, delinquency, addiction problems that directly impact the quality of life of other members of society, therefore, it becomes a State problem which must respond through social programs and projects that allow reversing the different problems, however, if these programs and projects are directed at the problem and not at its root cause, the results will be unsatisfactory.

We currently live in a society that has significantly changed its family structure, before families were made up of a significant number of members, now families have decreased in size, their composition has changed, just as family dynamics have changed and have become more complex.

Therefore, families have become a matter that goes beyond what is private or the functioning of the family inside the home, so attention is needed from the State, but also from a public policy that contributes to the recognition, support, protection and promotion of family nuclei.

As good Christians and servants of God, we must be very aware of single-parent families, of those that have a member with some special capacity, large low-income families and those families that migrate from their countries looking for new and better conditions, to help to improve their family conditions, maintain the union and the well-being of its members, all of this will translate into the common good of a society strengthened in faith.

At present, it seems that the entire individual dynamic is more important than the family and if we allow it to be so, values ​​are lost and family union is weakened. We must recognize how technology and social trends strengthen family disunity.

It is therefore very important to give the word of God, focused on strengthening the family union, learning to be united over the personal differences of each member. By respecting their tastes, their space and preferences, but also respecting that family meeting space that keeps them together.

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