Prayer to the just amanceba or black death

Prayer to the just amanceba or black death

If you want to invoke the black death or the also known Justa amanceba, you came to the right place in this post you will find the prayer to her, as well as other prayers that may be of your total interest if you want to ask her for a favor. Do not stop reading the post that you will like.

fair lady

You are looking for some ritual or prayer for the just dawn, to make that man or woman pay who hurt you so much and played completely with your feelings and your heart, then we will describe a ritual for the just dawn where, for through your prayer we ask that that woman or that man return, repentant, imploring forgiveness and swearing eternal love.

You will see as if he is not by your side nor does he have peace or tranquility, since only you are his serenity and his love, only you will be in his thoughts and in his life, you only need to do with great caution what is indicated here and do it to the letter and you will see how strong and powerful it is:

The materials to use 

  • An image of the Santa Muerte Negra previously ritualized
  • Two candles (one red and one black)

Step by Step 

The ritual is extremely simple, practical to perform, you just have to wait for a full moon night, just at midnight you will proceed to light both candles and always observing the image of the black death, you will recite the following prayer with great force, security and conviction :

Just amanceba, amanceba. Just as you tame the young man, I want you to tame (Say the name of the person). Don’t leave him in a chair, In bed with a woman. Don’t have quiet time! Black Death, like this, As you led the four thousand Souls from hell, I want you to now lead me to (Say name of person).

If he’s sleeping, don’t let him rest. Her bed, fill it with thistles. And his pillow, fill it with stones, Black Death. Don’t leave him alone. With the devil’s tail Which is the longest there is, I want you to tie (Say the name of the person you love) to me.

That in meetings he does not have peace of mind, until he is completely united by my side, I will pay you for all this, praying this prayer to you, three times at twelve at night, three times at twelve a day.


Black Death Prayer to Control a Person

My dearest holy death, nor adored black girl. I ask you, my bony girl so dear and esteemed, that (name of the person) recognize in me the necessary authority to follow me, as I recognize you the absolute authority, my most holy death of my mind, my spirit and my soul.

I ask you this, my Holy Death of my life, giving you my absolute devotion. So be it, with your blessing. Stay with me and always have me with you.


Prayer to the black death to ask for a favor

It does not usually happen that on a daily basis we find ourselves going through very difficult situations and to which we do not find a way out, these difficult situations totally torment us, they take away the peace and tranquility of our lives, our emotions and feelings are affected since we need with urgently a prompt solution to our problem, that is why we will describe below a prayer to request a favor from Santa Muerte, do it with great faith and fervor and you will see how she listens to you and attends to your pleas:

oh white girl, listen to my prayers, I come to you with humility I ask you with all my heart, do me a great favor.

(Ask with devotion for the favor to be granted).

I humbly beg you to help me solve this request that I make of you, it is for my well-being and do not allow things to go wrong.

I invoke and conjure Santa Muerte, use your power to be able to achieve it, cleanse my path of all negative energy, of envy, the greed that other people have towards me, do not leave me alone, grant me your kindness.

I am sorry for the sins committed, help me so that God forgives me, I believe in you my queen, great lady listen to my pleas, always keep my prayers in mind.

Blessed Holy Death, give me peace of mind, grant me your blessings, I ask you to (ask for the favor again), give me peace and tranquility, calm my soul that is thirsty for your glory.


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