Discover how to have a genuine communion with God, here

Discover how to have a genuine communion with God, here

It is extremely important that our lives be in close communion with God. This element is then considered, a participation in the common, better said then, a union of two or more factors that have aspects in common. This means that in order to have communion with God we must share things in common with him. That is why we must seek him with our hearts and adapt to his will, which is characterized by being loving towards us.

Communion with God

Communion with God is related to sharing situations and emotions in common with the Lord. That is why we must adapt to the characteristics that the Lord possesses. The elements that characterize the behavior of our Creator must be part of the common elements in our lives.

On the other hand, it must commune with the essence that describes God, which is love. If this does not happen, then we can never really have a real communion, no matter how much we make other types of efforts to communicate correctly with Him.

When God took care of creating the human being, he did it with the purpose of living in communion with him. That is why God put his breath in the human body. The Bible indicates very clearly that the Lord draws us to Himself.

Communion with God is part of human creation and is also the permanent call that allows us to be creatures connected with our Creator, in body and soul.

Human beings by nature have an impulse to lead a stable spiritual life, where they yearn for and seek to exercise communion correctly. It is thanks to the process of communion that we have a true closeness with God.

Open ourselves to feel faith

Communication with God is a complex process, because we must open ourselves to feel faith and love him with our hearts. It is important that we know how to understand what it is to communicate on a personal level and a real communication with the Creator. Communication with God must be daily. (See: The Bible )

The thoughts, actions, habits and character must be related to a great degree of communication with our Savior Jesus. The important thing is to relate what we have seen and heard with the elements related to God, this allows a true communication with our Heavenly Father and our Savior.

Those who possess a union with Jesus manifest it through the spirit, through word and deeds. Unity in communion is related to the fruits that we have throughout our lives with Jesus. Those who have a purified soul after admitting the sins and committing to perform them again, is purified and reaches a correct communion.

When we know God we are one mind and soul with Him, which allows us to have a real communion with the Lord. This is provided thanks to sincere obedience.

The easiest way to know if we are in communion with God is knowing how we are at the level of fruits in the spirit related to our Lord. This in turn gives us experience in dealing with the religious aspects of our lives.

It is important therefore that we unite words with facts of our lives related to the strength of the spirit and learn to manage it through the word of God framed in the bible. Well, Jesus highlighted the knowledge that allows us to be part of the communion correctly with our Creator.

core thought

The idea of ​​communion with God is a factor that constantly attracts us. However, there are many aspects in our lives that function as a distraction from the genuine elements that lead us to God.

Living in a fast-paced society does not collaborate much with the endless forms of communication that the Lord wants to have with us, which in turn does not allow us to be able to please God properly as the children that we are. It is necessary that we then act with constancy and leave behind any element that entertains us with the purposes that the Lord has with us.

In addition to this, we must keep in mind that we have to have a mutual and constant exchange with the Lord with the objective that we prosper on a spiritual level and have a life in communion blessed by God.

Relationships with God must focus on a true communication with the Creator, which is characterized by deep elements that in turn represent the needs we have as human beings in relation to the spiritual aspect, provided by God for his creation.


On the other hand, it must be understood that communication with God is considered a necessary way of life to live blessed and full of happiness. We were created to function in accordance with the word of the Lord. We must have a real love relationship with God because that is our nature. (See: New Testament )

As authentic Christians we are committed to cultivating loving concern for others. This allows us to comply with the laws that God has for us, which in turn generates that we have a real relationship with him.

On the other hand, we are commanded as children of God to love and obey him, this because it is He who created us, with the aim of being beings who love him and in turn he pays us with blessings and elements that lead us to prosperity.

It is the path of life and good, owned by the Lord, while satan owns death and evil. We as children of God must enjoy our Creator.

God is the one who does not lead us to rest and be welcomed by his presence full of love to give, only in exchange for authentic fidelity. We must therefore seek to learn how the communion works in our lives that we must have with God. Seeking in turn to end the sin in our lives that threatens our fellowship with the Lord.

Love with our Heavenly Father requires to be mutual, it cannot be unidirectional from either side. We must constantly listen, talk, give and receive with the Lord. This through direct communication with Him.

Why is communion with God so difficult?

Communion with God is destroyed by our sins and in turn with the sin of the world, this element forces the Lord to flee from our lives. Despite this, we are designed to communicate and delight with the Lord.

It is thanks to the power of God that we manage to receive the great consolation and strength that we must have to live in prosperity. On the other hand, as believers and children of God we have not only been rescued from the consequences of sin, we are also invited to be part of a restored communion with the Creator.

Despite all this, the world is still broken because of the evil that leads us to commit sins. This then is an element that affects us as beings of God, even if it is not mastered correctly it affects the relationship we have with the Creator.

When we succeed in discovering and accomplishing what is necessary for the forgiveness and promise of communion with the Lord of the universe, we are able to participate in the sacred sanctuary of the kingdom of God. (Be sure to learn more about faith in God )

divine presence

The divine presence of God leads us to understand that sin is inevitable for us. Despite this, we managed to understand the depth of God’s grace and in turn we managed to understand how He wants to be with us. God wants as much as we do that we achieve a real communion.

After being embraced by the love and understanding of Jesus, our vision must focus on avoiding sin and leading our lives to the richness and mercy of God’s love.

God allows us a life full of hope, the Lord allows us a renewal of communion that gives us true security in our lives, because it allows us a true intimacy with Jesus and with God.

It is thanks to this that we manage to transform our lives through communion based on the union with the Creator. God is glory, therefore with a connection with Him we have an unhindered fellowship.

It is thanks to our daily struggle with sin that we can come to have a stable and growing relationship with God. Christians must be totally confident that with faith and love the actions they carry out will be part of the light of the sovereignty and grace of the Lord.

union and communion

We must delight ourselves under the promise of union and communion with God, which allows us to have a fully Christian life. Christians therefore have to focus on the spirit that unites with Jesus.

We are beings of light who can enjoy a true communion with God. As our union with the Lord grows, the process of communion increases, which generates a true experience of communication with the Creator.

Prayers, on the other hand, are an important part of our lives, as they allow us a real connection with Jesus and the Creator. This in turn establishes a direct relationship with them in our lives.

The benefits that communion brings us from the divine union with the Lord are related to a good life, full of blessings, prosperity, peace and love. For this, believers must not be careless with the communion or connection they must have with God. Rather they should always seek to prosper with the relationship with God.

It is necessary that we learn to savor the love and grace of the Lord that allows us to have communication with our Creator. On the other hand, it is good that we have God’s mercy, which allows us to be drenched in love. All this process is executed through the presence and power of the Spirit that generates a true communion with the Lord. (Be sure to see the Jesus story article )

Some practical suggestions

We must cultivate a hunger for the holy scriptures of the Bible. In this way we can more easily understand who our Lord is and what he wants for us. It also allows us to have a much more fluid relationship in communion.

On the other hand, you should seek to have a relationship in healthy conditions. Which in turn allows a time with God full of communication, understanding and shared joy. It is important to understand then that we were created to have relationships that give life to our soul.

As Christians we must be completely sure of the union with Jesus, which allows a union to be made in communion with the Creator that allows us a joyful possibility.

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