Learn how to pray the evening prayer to the Holy Spirit, a powerful prayer

Learn how to pray the evening prayer to the Holy Spirit, a powerful prayer

The night prayer to the Holy Spirit is a very good one to generate peace in those who perform it. It allows whoever performs it to feel liberated and in turn allows protection in our night. It is important that prayer is done with all the faith and strength you have. Position will cleanse whoever does it of any trace of evil that has surrounded him on the day.

Night prayer to the Holy Spirit

At the time it is time to sleep, the night prayer to the Holy Spirit allows us to enter a trance of peace, desired by all. In addition to this, it offers protection from any element of evil that is concentrated in the darkness of the night.

It is important that if you are going to pray to the Holy Spirit, it is with all faith and strength. With the aim of cleaning from any evil whoever is doing it. For this reason it is extremely important to invoke our Lord Jesus. In order to send us the Holy Spirit to cover us with his protection.

It is thanks to its energy that we will feel happy and with great tranquility at the time of dreaming. With the purpose of having a peaceful dawn full of strength to have another good day.

Prayers are an indicated way of having contact with a divine force, mainly our heavenly father, which is why it is very common to pray to the Holy Spirit. This also helps to rest and achieve nightly needs. It is considered a good way to thank God.

You can trust that thanks to the Holy Spirit you will have a good day. On the other hand, it is always important to thank our Lord for granting us this connection with the Holy Spirit. See article:   Prayer of Protection against robberies and assaults )


I must thank infinitely for your divinity Holy Spirit. I thank you for allowing me to get home safely each day. Your divinity covers me with wonderful days and full of positive work for my life.

Thank you for allowing food and positive elements related to food to be on my table. For having given me a good family and developing good deeds that allow me to grow as a person.

Every night I am safe in my bed because of you Holy Spirit. You cover with your mercy the children of God. Thanks to you I am a good person and I have a mind enlightened by your divinity. Let me be a just man.

You are my guide and guide. Your glory is kind. Holy Spirit, thanks to you my faith is strengthened every day. Because of you I have wisdom and clarity when making decisions. I ask you to grant me the forgiveness of my sins.

May your infinite mercy fill us. Be my guide and protect me from evil, grant me the light and strength necessary to live with energy. You are just the strong of my inspiration Holy Spirit, grant us the honor of touching my soul and lighting my way.

Make us good men, full of goodness to give. That envy and greed are not part of our lives. Do not allow bad influences to relate to us. May the enemy fail to triumph over us.

Let humility enter us and help us collaborate with those less fortunate to achieve eternal faith. Take care of our sleep every night and fill our hearts with harmony and love.

sentence 2

Thank you dear Holy Spirit for giving me a good day today, I appreciate your mercy. For you I am in my home, in the comfort of my bed without being in any danger. On the other hand, I appreciate being able to smile and thank you.

Today I ask you for blessings to develop my life in a splendid way. I ask you to never forsake me. It is because of your mercy that I am well today. It is for you and for the heavenly father that I am a better person every day and you take care of me and guide me.

Today I thank you for allowing me to close my eyes calmly. Put thanks to you rest. My family will be cared for and loved by you, the great Holy Spirit. I thank you for giving me blessings every day great Holy Spirit.

Prayer to have a good day

Holy Spirit you together with the heavenly father I thank you for giving me the blessing of opening my eyes again. For you I have a roof where I can be, rest, safe and be calm.

Today I ask you to give me a good day, calm and full of peace. I implore you not to cross anyone who steals my peace of mind. I ask you Holy Spirit to give me a smile every day. Allow me to collaborate with people who are going through difficult times and allow me some good words of encouragement.

I ask you Holy Spirit I ask you to always be with me. Thank you for helping me every time I ask for it.

Is it difficult to pray prayers of thanks?

The prayers that are made to the Holy Spirit are made up of words that generate gratitude. On the other hand it is a simple way to have a conversation with God. At the moment in which the prayer is made, it is necessary to maintain an intimate connection since communication is much easier.

It must be understood that the more intimate the communication with God, the easier it will be to pray and the more comfortable it will be to do so. In addition to this, the faith with which it is carried out and the desire to speak with our heavenly father and the Holy Spirit will be easier.

When it is done in this way, you realize that you can communicate and God will be listening attentively to what you ask for and what you thank him for. On the other hand, it is important to understand that their answers will be through your loved ones or the achievement of the requests you have, as the case may be. You always have to keep in mind that what is right for you is fulfilled. Always keep in mind that faith moves mountains.

good habit

It is considered a good habit to pray at night, since it is just as necessary as praying when we get up, when consuming food, when leaving the comfort of our home and when giving thanks for something that is granted to us.

It must be understood that this is a good habit, which many no longer carry out as usual. This means that there are few who take care of doing this. It is important to be grateful to that being who gave us life. That in addition to that, gives us love. (See article: Christian prayer to travel )

It should be mentioned that our heavenly father is so merciful that he sent his only son to die on the cross for us. He thereby allowed us to be saved from our sins. This is a good reason to praise him and pray.

Prayer for the Holy Spirit to forgive us

When this type of prayer is made, you must keep in mind and accept that you will not repeat that type of action again, since you must be repentant from the heart. It is not enough to ask the Holy Spirit for forgiveness when you do again the sin will be done again.

At the moment when repentance is made from the heart. Jesus Christ with his enormous wisdom will know that we are truly doing it from the heart.

God is not fooled, since he knows everything. That is to say that he feels when you truly repent. You can do it anywhere, from a religious temple, your house, whatever is good to repent of sins.

forgiveness prayer

Holy Spirit today I surrender to you with the aim of asking for forgiveness for my sins. I know the mistakes I’ve made are wrong. Despite this, I am sorry Holy Spirit. I don’t want to continue having the life I’ve had so far.

Great Holy Spirit I ask you to fill me with your presence. Let me no longer feel the absence of your word. I ask you to give me the opportunity to mold my image in the likeness of you. May my words and actions towards others bring benefits to those who need it.

Grant me the necessary wisdom to preach your word. Allow me to offer my testimony for those who do not have your light and do not know how to connect, achieve it through my preaching. May evil not affect me or make me succumb to sin.

Allow me to have a life full of your presence and protection. Forgive my sins, amen.

people’s hearts

Holy Spirit, I thank you for being good to me and for listening to my pleas. It is you who is with me in every moment of my life. Being filled with your presence allows you to have a simpler life full of peace. I ask you to light my way, you will not regret it.

Having a union with you, the great Holy Spirit, makes you free, since your mercy is full in your life. I thank you for freeing me from problems or making minor complex situations out of them due to the wisdom you give me to solve it.

In front of your eyes, there is no difficulty that I cannot face with faith and love, you are my being of hope and light.

What is the Holy Spirit according to the Bible?

The Holy Spirit of God the strength and power that it has in representation, according to Micah 3:8 and Luke 1:35. For them, our heavenly father sends his spirit to direct his energy towards a certain area, seeking that he fulfills his will.

The Bible reflects that the word spirit is related to the Hebrew terms ruach and pneuma that comes from the Greek. It is mostly related to the elements that highlight the power that God possesses. His actions according to genesis 1:2. It can also manifest itself in the following places:

  • On the breath or breath.
  • It is represented in the wind.
  • It is part of the vital force and energy that is machined in the life of every human being and animal.
  • It is reflected in people’s attitudes, actions and reflexes.
  • It is a direct part of the spiritual beings, our heavenly father and the angels that surround us to protect us from sin.
  • All these factors related to the existence of the Holy Spirit. They stand out for being invisible elements for the sight of the human being. However, they have remarkably visible results.

The Bible describes the Holy Spirit as the hands and fingers of our heavenly father. He is the craftsman of light and mercy for us. Thanks to his hands and fingers we can carry out our work. The most convenient way to use his work is as follows:

  • They are the creators of the universe.
  • Allows the elaboration of the bible.
  • Who determines the miracles performed in ancient times by his servants and preachers.
  • So that those who obey his word, have very good qualities.

Is the Holy Spirit a person?

When we refer to the Holy Spirit as the hands and fingers of our heavenly father, it does not mean that the Holy Spirit is a physical person, it is a spiritual being, as highlighted in the Bible in Exodus 15:8,10. The spirit of our Lord works when he directs it. Like the hands of a craftsman, since they are not independent, it is a combination of brain and body.

On the other hand, the Bible indicates that the Holy Spirit is also water, faith and knowledge. This reflects that the Holy Spirit is not a person. In the Bible, the name of God is indicated, which is Yahveh, that of his son Jesus Christ, however, that of the Holy Spirit is not given a name.

Among the outstanding stories of the Holy Spirit is that of the disciple Stephen who had a vision of heaven. Two people were represented in it, not three. From this the Bible indicates that he was filled with the Holy Spirit. Looking at the sky, he managed to preserve the glory that God possesses and that of his son Jesus, who was standing at the right hand of the heavenly father.

The Holy Spirit is the reflection of the power that our Lord has, in this case so that Esteban would have the vision that he had.

Misconceptions about the Holy Spirit

Our father is in turn the Holy Spirit, since these are one and the same. In addition to this, these are the ones in charge of giving testimonies on earth. The Holy Spirit should not be seen, with characteristics of a person, it is considered a spiritual being. Position is wisdom, death and that energy that allows you to repent of your sins.

According to the Gospel of John, Jesus indicates that the Holy Spirit is his helper. He also describes himself as the paraclete. The Holy Spirit is the one who guides us, speaks, hears, declares the realities, glorifies and receives things related to our heavenly father and his son.

The Holy Spirit, being the power and authority of our Lord, is the one who covers people with faith and goodness. For this reason, when it is indicated that he was baptized in the name of the Holy Spirit. This means that this spirit is recognized as the one that watches over and protects and encourages to carry out the fulfillments related to the will of our heavenly father.

The Holy Spirit is not a person but has a divine nature. According to the Council of Constantinople, which took place in 381 after Christ. Where the doctrine of the Holy Spirit is formed. It is important to indicate that this celebration took place two centuries after the death of the last apostle.

Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity is considered the dogma that relates to the nature of our heavenly father. In turn, it is the primary belief that is used in a large number of Christian churches. (See article:  Christian prayer for my husband to love me )

In this belief, God is considered to possess three distinct elements, which are Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In some cases, minority levels of groups, such as the Oneness Church, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Oneness Pentecostals, as well as the church would visit. They do not consider this type of belief that has been inculcated for a long time possible.

On the other hand, there are the Mormons, who believe in the Holy Trinity, but interpret it differently from the general one. For them it is a more specific interpretation, that is, it has a radical difference in the belief system that has been accepted worldwide in reference to this dogma.

Outside of religions based on Christianity, which have another faith but are in the same way religions classified as monotheistic. The Koran makes important mention of the Holy Trinity. But his theory shows factors contrary to this Christian belief.

What is pray?

The word prayer is also called prarthana which in English is in Sanskrit. Its origins are related to the word para and artha, which are used to denominate praying fervently.

This means that the word is responsible for describing asking our Lord for something with great levels of supplication. In the prayers there must be respect, love, supplication and above all a lot of faith.

The action of praying is a way to express ourselves and give importance to the will of everything that God does at any level. Praying allows the development of elements that relate to action, thought and attitude. It is the one that improves the belief that one has of protection in the name of God.

Thanks to this, there is a belief of divine relationship against those ghosts and ancestors that are related to the decrease of ego and unwavering faith. Prayer performed under frequent signs dissolves the mind and intellect under the universal Christian science system.

On the other hand, it functions as a positive means of so-called awakening of spiritual emotions, also called bhay. In the same way he experiences the communication between God and the Beatitude also called Anand.

Prayer is then a commitment to spirituality. What is related to a movement that allows you to pray frequently and under important elements such as sincerity. Which results in great common benefits.

The prayer is then defined as prarthana in Sanskrit. Which derives, as was said, from para and artha. What relates it to the request to serve it that is related to the direct request to God with a great supplication.

Importance in relation to prayer

It is considered that through prayer there is a development and therefore spiritual growth. This allows activities related to the mind to slowly dissolve.

The advanced intellect and ego in relation to divine attitudes is related to prayer and greater contact with our heavenly father.

The benefits related to prayer

Prayer is directly related to the practice of praying on a spiritual level. It is a practice considered religious that improves the functional development of the song that is performed in the name of God.

This also gives us divine collaboration in relation to spiritual practice. On the other hand, it reduces element like ego. In addition to this, it protects us from ghosts and relates us directly to sinners in forgiveness.

What is the importance of gratitude?

It is considered important because it relates aspiration to the spiritual emotion of gratitude.

Put thanks to the good deeds that are directly related to the connection and communication, it is possible to have a direct and true communication of our Lord and his son Jesus Christ. (Be sure to read the article prayer to start the day at work )

What is the difference between praying with expectation and praying without expectation?

There is a lot of difference, since praying without expectations is directly related to slow results since you do not have a concrete belief in the Holy Spirit.

Which does not allow faster requests and full of divine and spiritually correct energy to be fulfilled. Because it should be added that it is extremely important to have true faith. Since faith moves mountains, creating a better life for those who believe in it.

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