Prayer of the blood of Christ to protect the family from all evil and danger

The prayer of the blood of Christ to protect the family serves to communicate with God and safeguard those who are the most important part of human life. Under thoughts and requests that allow God and you to achieve a direct connection.


My lord today I ask before your feet that you grant me the virtue of the protection of my home and my family. May my loved ones and closest people be blessed with your blessed body and cover it with the blood that was shed on the cross in favor of us.

You my God through your blood cover your love and protection in the homes of my people. On the place where you sleep full of your full blessings. Do not allow evil to enter through the windows and doors. Purify the air that is breathed, so that everything that enters is covered with good energies. May the air that covers the family be pure and breathe through peace.

May the walls, columns, lintels and roof of the home be blessed with your mantle. Let each moment received be filled with victory, love and blessings. Give us the wisdom to enlighten the mind of bad decisions. Do not allow lightning, storms, earthquakes, floods and evil spirits and witchcraft to enter our home.

Allow any reason for threat to our being to be perceived. Do not let the bad energies of people outside our family cover us. May the tranquility of home endure.

Please allow all water that corresponds to the home to flow without any problem through the optimal conditions of the pipes, ducts and pipes. Don’t let our home be invaded by pests or unnatural damage.

May your blood be shed under your protection in every room, hallway, bathroom and dining room of our home. Cover with your blood each member of the family wherever they are. May the edges of the home be marked by your fire. Don’t let danger tuck us in.

Free my family from accidents, gossip, envy, damage, robbery, theft or any curse caused by souls invaded by the devil. May the protection of the blood you shed on the cross free us from enemies. Destroy curses, drive away bad thoughts that lead us to harm.

May the devil not be able to enter our hearts, may your blood free us from the evil of Satan. Do not let him fall into the tricks that characterize him. It covers our body and mind with cunning so that we do not fall into the temptation of the tricks of the devil.

My soul belongs to you my Lord, I am devoted to you until the end of my days. In my heart you live, I belong to you. That is why the evil one cannot against my faith, he is not capable of overthrowing my spirit. My family and I are blessed with your seal of peace and love. Spill your blood in our souls blessed be, amen.

Our homes and the homes of our relatives and closest people are enveloped by the pact of your blood my Lord Jesus Christ. Let those who set foot in our home with good intentions have the joy of a blessed home.

Do not allow people with bad feelings to surround our home with curses. Cover with your divine and powerful blood any hint of victory against the devil. May his intentions never cover our home.

Bless every hallway, room, bathroom, and dining room in our home. That evil does not burn in the home and does not have the power to manifest itself through its tricks. Evil spirits have no cavity in our home. Prevent the forces of evil that want to enter from doing so through your seal of love and prosperity.

May your light illuminate and bless all the good that enters it and may each person who is part of the home be filled with protection and blessings. Let our souls be invisible to the evil one.

Your victorious blood will be our greatest tool of faith to prevent any nefarious plan of the evil one. Do not let me fall into his evil clutches or those I love. Enlighten my relatives, close ones and neighbors on the path of good. Don’t let them fall for the devil’s tricks.

Destroy any plan that does not allow the peace of my home. Do not allow beings inspired by evil to harm my name. May the homes of my relatives and close ones be filled with light and peace. May gossip and ill-intentioned comments not surround us.

My lord, allow your divine mantle to be my power of invisibility of bad energies. May the enemy not perpetuate my home. Do not subject my home to fights, misunderstandings, anger, rage, discord or tragedies. Give me the opportunity to possess the seal of peace, prosperity and love before you my Lord Jesus Christ.

Light up our home with good energies. In the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit, amen.

What is the use of prayer to protect the family?

The prayers related to the protection of the family are made with the purpose of having a healthy and danger-free nucleus. The one who practices this type of communicative action with God focuses on improving any aspect of life that may endanger those closest and dearest to him.

It is considered that the most effective way to communicate with God with these types of prayers is through humility and faith. Above all things, you must believe in the request that is being made and that the creator will provide the wisdom to make the right decisions that will not bring danger to the life in question.

Prayers related to the family are specifically addressed to all those who belong to the family nucleus. As is the case with parents, children, grandparents, uncles and cousins. This form of expression and communication with God allows harmony and peace to reach the homes of each person who dedicates himself to praying for his family.

Those who have the most important space in a person’s life are family members, which is why this type of prayers that highlight values ​​such as love are so requested. They tend to be presented in fairly simple terms.

The prayer of the blood of Christ to protect the family can be expressed by any member of it. Whether they are complex or simpler words, the important thing is with the faith that is possessed when performing the proper prayer. (See also:  prayer for a seriously ill family member to be healed ).

When is it done?

Prayer is a means to communicate with the creator with constancy. That is, whoever practices it can make it a habit. Those who do it constantly can do it at any time of the day.

A closeness with the creator can be generated at any time that the soul requires it, he allows life to be balanced through his divinity. That is why the prayer of the blood of Christ can be performed to protect the family.

This means that there is no time of day to do it or place. You can do it from the comfort of your room to the street or closed areas where you can unwrap yourself.

It depends a lot on the person doing it. In addition to this, it can be done individually or with a company. The prayers that are linked to the family are directly related to the model of the Holy Family. In this case, that of Mary, Joseph and Jesus where the son of God was given love and protection.

Praying, focusing energies and showing faith in the family are among the things that are considered most used by those who believe in God. It is recommended that this type of sentence shows each risk that may be caused in the life of the family member.

It encompasses the peace, protection and well-being of each member of the family.

Is this prayer necessary?

The prayer of the blood of Christ to protect the family. It is important and necessary because the family is considered the building of the achievement of the kingdom of God and is directly related to the mission of the gospel (See prayer to God to forget a love )

For God each member of the family is of importance and they make up the divine sacrament and irradiation of the spirit of the gospel. His protection is essential for the unfolding of the word of the Lord. He is the living part of the church.

What is prayer?

This type of action is the best way to maintain direct communication with God. It is allowed to thank our creator, ask for a request or simply communicate with God, with the intention that he guide the path of whoever prays.

There are several ways to carry out this well-known practice, in addition to that there are no regulatory number of times to carry it out. This type of devotional action is commonly done in private on an individual basis. In it, the person seeks to connect her emotions and thoughts intimately with God.

On the other hand, it is customary to carry out also under an action of delivery and blessing. It seeks to recite to a community the devotion they have for the creator. The best example of this is the cults of Christian beliefs.

Prayer has to be done with great faith, this is the key to its success. This way of communicating with God is the one that shows that God is the only lord and savior, it is the one that gives forgiveness to man and therefore frees sins

This oral expression is carried out both in words or verbal language of a mental type. On the other hand, some cults consider dance expressions and rituals as a type of prayer addressed to their deity. In addition, religions consider the process of repeating praise to their god as part of prayer.

The situation expressed is due to the fact that the elevation of thoughts towards God is allowed. Its expression can be both in the language understood by the one who performs the prayer or through the so-called sacred languages, as is the case of Hebrew, Greek, Arabic and Latin. In some cases it is considered that the prayers are the ones that allow protection and health.

The family in the process of gospel

The ecclesiastical pillar is the family. That is why parents are the main exemplification of a life of Christian traditions. They provide the necessary protection through the lord.

The children see every day how the parents maintain constant communication with the creator. In addition to this, a frequent visit to the temple of God must be made, in search of the family receiving the sacraments stipulated by the Lord.

Its protection is necessary to continue maintaining the customs of veneration of God and the ecclesiastical customs that stipulate the elements that lead to the salvation of the soul.

The exemplification of the word of God in humanity must be worked with love, responsibility, respect and protection. You must constantly ask for the wisdom to make decisions through simplicity.

Family as a contributor to the social expansion of the gospel

A well constituted family is the pillar of the Christian life. It must be kept under an environment full of love, generosity and protection for each other, a process that must be fulfilled by each of the members, asking God for constant family protection. (See article pray for my husband )

Spiritual help between families is a constant job. It is visualized through constant prayer, encouraging the other members of the church to carry out the religious commandments.

Should the word of God be learned in the family?

Faith begins thanks to the parents in the other members of the family. It is thanks to them that communication with God and the explanation of ecclesiastical principles begin.

The requests made by parents in reference to the protection and wisdom of their children. Well, it is what allows there to be believers in the Lord and contributors to the expansion of the word of God.

Is it necessary to pray as a family?

According to the words of Jesus Christ, at the moment in which there are more than two or three believers of the faith, He is present in their midst, said by the Gospel of Matthew 17,19.

That is why praying in community is an honorable way to honor the word of God. Asking and giving thanks is part of the life of a Christian family.

Motivation to pray as a family

The motivation for prayer is directly related to constant communication with the Lord. Reflecting the joys, sorrows, pains and hopes with it. It is a good way to make requests and give thanks every day.

As a family it is much easier to pray and stay connected with God. On the other hand, the family nucleus is of such great importance for the soul that it is the main protagonist when making requests for protection, union and family love. (See also: Prayer for my Alcoholic Husband )

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