Learn the Prayer to put my baby to sleep under the shadow of the Most High, here

Babies are capable of falling asleep in an amazing way. There are occasions where to put them to sleep you will need a song, a reading or simply learn the well-known Prayer to put my baby to sleep, under the shadow of the highest in the next Post.


When talking about a baby, we refer to the stage between the first days of birth until the first year of life, from there it is considered an older infant. Since he begins to acquire greater qualities.

A baby spends 60% of its time sleeping and the other 40% at the mother’s breast. This explains why the dependency that at that time the minor triggers. It should be noted that this is the stage where the most care must be taken.

Praying is one of the most beautiful things a mother can do for her baby. Recognizing that as documented as she may be, she still needs to be on the same page with the creator and request help from her. (See Article: Prayer of gratitude for health )

Prayer to put my baby to sleep, under the shadow of the highest

Lord God Almighty!

How good and pleasant your Will has been.

Your mercy and your truth towards me.

Today I want to thank you for the kindness you have shown to my family.

By giving me the joy of having my precious baby.

Now that we have it with us, I ask you for wisdom to always carry it

On the path of good.

Showing him your love above anything else.

Look at their needs, what is to come at this stage.

I ask you to help my baby fall asleep

And that through it he can harmonize.

Do not let anything that does not come from you affect him while he sleeps

Cover him with your precious mantle, rid him of evil polluted eyes.

Of opportunistic evil spirits whose origins distract the physical

Of the spiritual.

Help us as parents to recognize the physical from the supernatural.

Send angels to guard my baby’s sleep and cover it under the shadow of the Most High.

In the name of Jesus.

I firmly declare that you hear my pleas and that this Prayer

To sleep my baby is received in your sanctuary.Amen.

Why can’t my baby fall asleep?

There are times when your baby does not react to calm, but instead shows his irritability and maintains it until the end. Here we will explain some points:

by hunger

People who are mothers realize that it is so debilitating to get up a few times at the same time to deal with the baby. What few can be sure of is that a percentage of children experience sleep problems and in many cases it is due to unfortunate tendencies or the absence of rest schedules. (See Article: Protection prayer for babies )

Many mothers are exhausted during the break of the day, exhausted by the normality that the children request. Despite the tiredness, a question that arises from a large part of them when the baby wakes up and possibly calms down when she is breastfeeding: is the child woke up because of hunger?

As indicated by a Maternity Coach teacher, it is imperative to distinguish whether the child is crying with anxiety or to connect sucking with slumber. This will solve how to rest and for the mother to remain silent, without the fear of denying the child food.

Sometimes the child wakes up from a rest cycle and is not aware of any other method to fall asleep again, that is the reason for requesting the breast, it is one of the aspects that Michele clarifies. In addition, she says that if the baby is suckling enough during the day to ensure normal progress, it is not important to breastfeed as often at night. (See Article: Psalm 91 a prayer for protection and mental and physical healing )

In this way, the teacher shares a guide to assess whether the child really wakes up from longing or simply from sucking on the breast with the ability to go back to rest:

On the possibility that the baby is hungry, he will nurse longer and after that he will rest again. In the event that she wakes up as a result of a simple habit, he will nurse a little, more times and reserve some effort to fall asleep.

Perceive how much the child rests as a result of the suction. In the event that you rest in any case three hours between each booster, you may awaken your appetite. Michele clarifies that even the most experienced children during their development and in those minutes need more milk to renew their energies.

Try to calm your child in another way. In the event that the child challenges a little at the same time, at that time she calms down with an unexpected strategy compared to breastfeeding, she is likely to wake up from the propensity. Anxious about not being children, he does not calm down effectively and cries loudly.

How does the child leave at the beginning of the night? On the off chance that he figures out how to fall asleep on his own, that means he can soothe himself without anyone else, considering that crying could mean longing or some other uneasiness.

for colic

For some parents, having a child with colic is an uncomfortable situation. It is almost certain that no one in the household will rest unreasonably well for any length of time from this cause.

Babies who experience the harmful effects of colic in most cases do not rest exactly unlike babies who do, in a 24-hour period they can sleep only a couple of hours for this reason.

Colicky babies will generally sleep less during the day even though the biggest difference is at night. Be that as it may, there are certain moves you can make to endure this troublesome period.

Making a daily schedule for a child experiencing colic in babies is essential to withstand those first long periods of pressure. Schedules work very well as they are extremely small as it makes them perceive and anticipate what is to come.

This gives them a feeling of invigoration and in the meantime ensures that there is no reason to worry about the possibility of exhaustion or being pushed.

At the moment when a child feels agony or inconvenience, it is common for us to reach out to comfort him. The problem for children experiencing the ill effects of colic is that they miss the opportunity to figure out how to reassure themselves that their condition needs adult help.

Along these lines, for the most part they have a great help when it comes to falling asleep. This means that they can get unfortunate propensities at the time of sleep.

So once the colic has faded, the unfortunate trends in sleep time still win out. That is the reason why, when they have faded, it is necessary to approach little by little to help the young person to sleep autonomously without adjustments, without leaving the vehicle, etc.

Trying to carefully read the rest sign of a colicky baby is a troublesome task. For them, drainage, hunger or stomach pain are basic diseases that are transmitted in a similar way: with crying. Given all this, it is recommended to practice the Prayer to put my baby to sleep, under the shadow of the Most High.

It is difficult to know the motivation behind why they cry and, in this sense, it is difficult to reliably separate any activity from what they ask us. Despite the fact that it will be difficult to standardize the gratuitous behavior of a child who also experiences colic, here are some proposals:

  • Instead of relying on your baby to signal that he is sleepy, it is fascinating to anticipate his needs by following a demanding daily practice. Check the hours that she has been awake, the hours that she has slept, if there are variations in general, among others. It allows us to see how our baby diffuses the day.
  • In this way, we can ensure that you rest during the day before your exhaustion. Since then, the stomach for a long time due to colic needs to feel several times more horrible.
  • In order for him to fall asleep, I prescribe taking the child to a room without much commotion in the dimmed light a little before resting. Sit with him in your arms and take a look at him.
  • You are likely to notice some even more obviously rest flag here. Likewise, it will allow you to perceive that when you are in a peaceful situation, it implies that the time has come to rest.
  • Most colicky babies should be kept until 20 to 30 minutes after eating. Be that as it may, we should do whatever it takes to not fall asleep during this procedure. We would prefer not to make an agreement, and the result is that the child simply falls asleep in your arms.
  • In the event that the baby cries when he is in his bed-cradle, you should go so that he does not feel alone. Being with him and comforting him until he’s finally done with his head.
  • Additionally, there are ways we can help children lessen the signs of cramping in crying season. Try to have some action between take and postpone. The action on the cover of a game, a book or a tune can tire her child out of her and allow her to put him in his crib when he is exhausted and has not yet slept.
  • Also, it can be interesting to change the motivation so that your child eats after the break and not in a different way. In this line, you get time to process the sustenance before resting and, in addition, you decrease the possibility of tummy discomfort or reflux.

by fever

It has been established as a barrier instrument of the living being against different conditions, so it is not important to reduce it immediately. Consider the general condition of the little one more than the temperature that accompanies him.

Fever, the main driver of medical advice in children, is activated in winter due to opportunistic diseases. Be that as it may, sometimes what the child has is an indifferent temperature rise and should not be treated. As indicated by the pediatrician, fever is considered if the thermometer shows more than 38.5ºC.

for attention

Rest is important for babies to develop as they should. The connection between the absence of rest and the child’s behavior is sometimes obvious. By the time an adult is studied, he or she may be susceptible.

 That is why a baby can end up hyperactive, unpleasant and show scandalous practices, that is, demand attention from their parents and thus interrupt their sleep.

Most rest needs fall within an anticipated range of hours depending on the child’s age, however, each youngster is one of a kind with their particular rest needs.

There is no equation for sleep in babies, as their internal timekeepers are not yet fully created. When all is said, they rest or sleep for 16 to 20 hours every day, evenly spread between day and night.

Parents should usually wake their babies every 3 to 4 hours until their weight gain stabilizes, which is often around fourteen days after birth. After that minute, nothing happens if a child rests for longer periods of time.

In any case, do not get energized too soon, most newborn babies do not rest for a while due to the fact that they are agitated by appetite or fever or because they simply demand their mother’s warmth and that is where it is done. necessary the execution or practice of the Prayer to put my baby to sleep.

After the initial two weeks, newborn boys can rest for up to 4 or 5 hours at a time; This is the rough measure of how long their little stomachs can go without sustenance between sequential feeds.

In the event that an infant rests for quite some time with continual pursuit, it is likely that they will need to breastfeed or bottle-feed more frequently during the day.


  • You need to watch the little one on his back to rest, at least until the main year of age. This position does not create the danger of suffocation, it avoids it.
  • Use to rest on a firm surface.
  • Feed him breast milk to the extent possible.
  • The little ones must rest in the guardians’ room, but in a different bed during the primary year. Mandatory in the initial half year.
  • Eject delicate items and bedding from the outside of the bed.
  • Keep away from loud noises during pregnancy and after birth.
  • Keep away from alcoholic beverages and medications during pregnancy and after birth.
  • Refrain from overheating and resting on top of babies’ heads.
  • Babies should go to sleep according to the prescribed schedule.
  • Stay away from the use of devices not suggested for safe rest, for example, wedges and positioners.
  • Follow the suggestions of your pediatrician, neonatologist, or wellness expert and neonatal concentrated consideration units to decrease the risk of premature death of the newborn child.
  • As a final recommendation, the daily execution of the Prayer to put my baby to sleep, under the shadow of the Most High, is included.

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