Prayer to Implore Help in Difficult Times

Prayer to Implore Help in Difficult Times

Man has always looked for a way to solve complicated situations that are related to the couple, the family, health, work or economic problems, but the most effective way to solve the vicissitudes of life is prayer in difficult moments , which prayed with absolute faith is heard by God, thus having a positive effect.

Why a prayer in difficult times?

Human beings would like to lead an existence free of worries and problems, however, the reality is different. The very dynamic of life causes conflicts to arise in daily events, some more serious than others.

No one escapes this situation, all of us at some point in our lives feel overwhelmed either by a problem of a personal nature, work or study. This can lead us to despair, sadness and even depression.

An example of this is the COVID-19 virus that plagues the population worldwide, leaving individuals in a constant state of fear, uncertainty and concern. Most don’t know what to do in the face of this pandemic.

In addition to this, the measures adopted to stop or reduce this scourge force us to be in quarantine, having serious economic consequences that deteriorate people’s physical and mental health.

What can we do in circumstances like these? As you can see, it is not easy to find a solution, especially since it does not depend on us. So, it is the ideal time to turn our faces towards God asking him to intervene to our aid.

In this context, prayer emerges as a powerful tool that allows us to get in touch with the Lord and have an intimate conversation in which we express everything that affects and worries us.

Do you think you can’t do it? Here we will teach you that you can, it is only enough to let precise, simple and sincere words sprout from your heart, with which you beg God through prayer in difficult moments for the solution to all your problems.

the hard times

It is necessary to emphasize that the difficult events in which we can turn to God are not only those related to diseases such as the one mentioned in the previous section.

Serious events related to the separation of the couple, raising children, vices, loss of a loved one, lack of money to cover basic needs, among others, can also occur within the family.

Sometimes, the concern is a consequence of being unemployed or the salary we have is insufficient. This overwhelms us and makes us feel helpless and bewildered.

Other times, the situation referred to is that we do not have a roof over our heads, having to live in a house with other relatives or friends, without a house of our own. In these cases, you can listen to Psalm 42 from the Bible, which is special for those difficult times.

Feeling alone, without anyone to tell about your joys and problems, without a shoulder to lean on when you are tired, is one of the causes of sadness and depression in human beings.

Thus we could point out innumerable spaces or situations that many consider difficult to overcome. However, it is possible to overcome all these obstacles if we take refuge in God and pray in difficult times.

How to say the prayer in difficult moments?

The first thing you should do is meditate on what is happening to you and how it is affecting you. Do it carefully, analyzing the causes and consequences of what happened.

Tell everything to God, don’t hide anything from him, tell him how you feel, let everything you have stored in your mind and in your heart sprout and flow completely.

Find a quiet place, without noise where you can be completely calm and meditative. Some advise playing soft music or lighting some incense.

Have faith in what you are going to do, without it the prayers have no result. You have to be sure that you are going to talk to God and that you will be heard by Him.

If you don’t know any prayer in difficult times, don’t worry about it, the best prayer is the one that comes from the depths of our hearts, it is the purest and most sincere.

Once prepared, begin your dialogue with Our Lord, begin by acknowledging his greatness and praising his name, then thank him for everything he has given you, then state your problem and make your requests.

Always be grateful and also ask for others. Sometimes we believe that we are the only ones who are affected, but when talking with others we realize that what we suffer are trifles in the face of their problems.

Finally, have faith, have hope, leave fear behind, face situations, repeat positive words and, above all things, remember the text of the bible that says:

«Do not fear, because I am with you, do not worry, because I am your God; I strengthen you and help you, I support you with my victorious hand». (Isaiah 41,10)

Prayers for difficult situations to resolve

The prayers that we present below are your own, you can repeat them without any problem, as well as prepare your own prayers for serious events.

Each prayer in difficult times refers to a specific case, so in addition to the ones we mention here, you can find others on the web according to your needs.

Prayer in difficult times for viruses and diseases

O beloved Father! Today that death and pain surround us, I come to you fearful of what may happen to me in this moment of anguish and desolation.

Only You with your great power can stop this great pandemic that plagues our lives, Only You, beloved father are able to protect us as your children.

Deliver us, Lord, from this evil. Make this curse that has fallen on the face of the earth cease, that it disappear soon from all the countries of the world. Death and suffering also cease.

Do, Beloved Father, that we look at the sky and praise your name, that in a show of gratitude, we sing to you and boast.

Eliminate arrogance and pride from the hearts of the rulers. Enlighten the hearts of scientists so that with your help they find a quick cure for this evil.

I am grateful for always hearing my pleas, do not abandon us my Lord, rather cover me and protect me and my family from all illness and hardship, I beg you, 

Prayer for difficult financial times

My Lord, today I praise you, I bless you, you who have given me the gift of life, who have put a heart on my chest allowing me to live with faith and hope.

At your feet I kneel and I beg you to help me in this difficult moment that I am living, in which my finances are affected and I find myself without money.

I ask you to help me solve my financial problems, enlighten my mind to make good decisions that lead me down the path of abundance.

And when I am full of everything I need, allow me to share it with others who require it. Enlighten me, Beloved Father, today and always. Amen.

Prayer for calm

Almighty Lord, You more than anyone know what my heart feels, because you know me like few others, since without telling you, you are aware of my thoughts and feelings.

Today I am full of anguish and fear for this situation that distresses me, that’s why I ask you to support me and not allow me to fall in the face of adversity.

Keep me firm and hand in hand, guide me along the path of light and hope. That my eyes can see your greatness, that my body can feel your presence at all times.

May fear be part of me and no evil lie in wait for me. Just as you calm the troubled waters during the storm, so I implore you to calm my thoughts.

I praise your name, Beloved Father, I know you hear my pleas and you will grant me everything I long for. Thank you thank you thank you. 

Prayer in difficult moments in love

My God, look at my heart that today suffers because of third parties who stand in the way of my love. Making depression and sadness take over my person.

I apologize for these feelings that I cannot get out of my chest, causing me so much evil and desolation. That is why I implore you to solve this situation that afflicts me.

Lord, who like you to hear my pleas and help me in this difficult time in which I feel alone and withered. Father, make everything resolve soon.

That what has to be is according to your mandate, I will obey your orders without saying anything, but cleanse my heart, take sadness and heartbreak away. Let me see the good things in life and let my heart rejoice at every sunrise. I pray Lord. 

Prayer for difficult times .

The last prayer that we present to you is not for a specific case, but expresses a request in a general way.

Beloved Father, how great and powerful you are, I praise your name in every moment of my life because I know that only You can help me as you have done so many times.

Today I feel sad and defeated, without a fixed course to follow, blind before the problems that torment me.

That is why I ask you to open my eyes to your greatness with your divine light, to get into my thoughts to perform the best action and thus solve what ails me today.

When the darkness takes hold of me, enlighten me; when fear does not let me move forward, give me courage; when my lips fall silent, put the precise words on them; When I’m lost guide me to the exit.

Extend your hands, Beloved Father, in them I leave my tribulations and difficulties, I know that soon you will give me an answer as a sign of the immense love you have for me.

I am your favorite daughter, you bless me every day, you give me a thousand reasons to live, make me enjoy them in your name.

I thank you every day of my existence, I thank you for my friends, my family, because I am healthy, I only ask you to help me solve that problem that you already know and that does not let me sleep in peace. Amen

To end the article we put at your disposal a video to ask God for help in difficult and desperate times. Don’t stop watching it.

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