who was he and what is his legacy?

Saint Nicholas of Bari: who was he and what is his legacy?

Saint Nicholas of Bari is a character who has been granted innumerable favors for more than two thousand years, especially by sailors from shipwrecks, fires or some difficult situation. If you want to know his history, where he came from and much more, continue reading this article.

Saint Nicholas of Bari

Saint Nicholas of Bari , also known as Saint Nicholas of Mira (in the West) was a Bishop of the fourth century whose number of miracles have been so many that around the world there are more than two thousand temples dedicated to him.

The popularity of San Nicolás de Bari throughout Europe is quite important. Also, he is considered the Patron Saint of Russia, Turkey and Greece. In Rome, by the year 550 they had already built a temple for him so that his believers could visit him and ask him for favors.

In Christianity, Saint Nicholas of Bari has also had great importance, and even gave rise to the birth of the myth of Santa Claus, better known as Papa Noel. Saint Nicholas, means “protector and defender of men and peoples”.

He decides to name himself as San Nicolás de Bari after the place where his remains were transferred.


Saint Nicholas of Bari , a dear friend of children, born in the 3rd century into a Christian family. He represents a character the utmost importance of him to them. A man who had been a Bishop, a servant of God, and had a great heart.

He served and helped children and the less fortunate with great love and kindness, performing innumerable miracles thanks to the gifts that had been bestowed upon him by the graces and gifts of the Holy Spirit.

His religious name: San Nicolás de Mira, a place in Turkey that over the years and the increase in his miracles earned him the recognition of “Patron of the Russians” and after his death, some sailors from Bari decided to move his remains so that he could also be his Patron.

His uncle, who was Archbishop of Mira, today Turkey and Elicia, named him a priest, designating him Abbot of a nearby monastery. After the death of his uncle, they had to choose who would be his successor and when they were about to do so, Saint Nicholas of Bari entered , who was immediately hailed as the New Bishop.

He was a man much loved by his community, and for the rest of his life he served as a bishop. After his death, he continued to be recognized for his miracles and favors bestowed upon his believers.

Saints such as Saint John Chrysostom, among many others, have written about Saint Nicholas of Bari , although the Biography was written by the Archbishop of Constantinople, Saint Methodius .

As a child, Saint Nicholas of Bari was extremely helpful with children and the poor, and even his devotion to them was such that when he was orphaned he decided to distribute all his wealth among the less fortunate and that is when he entered the monastery.

He participated in one of the greatest important councils: The Council of Nicaea in the year 325. Constantine, at that time King / Emperor of the entire Roman Empire, sought the council with the Church, so Bishops, delegates of the Pope, among others important figures decide to meet and point to the center of our faith: Christ, who is God with us.

Despite his great number of good deeds and being so appreciated, at the time of the Licino, he decreed persecution and death to all those who declared themselves Christians, for which Saint Nicholas of Bari was imprisoned and cruelly flogged.

Then, together with Constantine, all the Christians were released, including him. It is said that the Saint (Saint Nicholas) gained access to the city of Mira to the heretics.

Finally, Saint Nicholas of Bari died in the year 345 and in Bari, as well as around the world, his fame began to grow for the miracles granted to his faithful.


The number of Miracles granted by Saint Nicholas of Bari is countless, however, there are some well-known ones, among them:

Three children who had died after falling from a tree, but Saint Nicholas of Bari interceded for them and managed to bring them back to life.

An innkeeper had sacrificed three children to offer food to his customers, these were also brought back to life by the saint.

One sailor who was facing a great storm decided to ask Saint Nicholas of Bari to protect them and help them get out of there safely. Suddenly, they saw a light, and in it a figure, which they say was this Saint, immediately, the water became calm.

It is said that on one occasion, the saint managed to intervene and save the lives of three soldiers who had been unjustly accused.

One of his most important miracles occurred during World War II. It turns out that a mother was forced to separate from her son in the middle of an air raid in the city of Bari.

Disconsolate for many hours, she managed to feel joy when her son appeared safe and sound at the door of the house.

This boy relates that he had seen the figure of Saint Nicholas of Bari and he had guided and protected him all the way, until he took him back home.

Operetta Saint Nicholas Arrives

EJerko Grzincic, a Salesian priest, wrote a Christmas operetta which he decided to title: Saint Nicholas Arrives. It consisted of three acts:

Act one, the angels were preparing for a ceremony on earth.

Act Two: Led by Lucifer, the demons prepare to deceive the children.

Third Act: Saint Nicholas finally arrives on earth accompanied by angels.

Then, he wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

Legend Santa Claus

This legend of Saint Nicholas of Bari perhaps begins with a rather particular story, in which Saint Nicholas was still young but his heart and service to others were immense.

There was a man who was already deranged in the town of Patara, he was with his three daughters in absolute misery, so he sees no other way out than to force them to become prostitutes in order to collect some money and survive.

Saint Nicholas of Bari realized the misfortune and the efforts of that man, so without saying anything, one night he sneaked into their house through a window and placed three shoes full of gold and left.

Another version of this story says that he dropped some gold coins down the chimney of the house, which magically managed to fall on some woolen stockings that the young women had placed near the fireplace to dry in the heat.

It is for this reason that we can sometimes see Saint Nicholas of Bari represented with three gold coins in his hands. Over time, the belief began to spread that Saint Nicholas delivers gifts on the night of December 24 to children and less fortunate.

Hymn to St. Nicholas

Father Saint Nicholas, we ask you today to lead us to a safe harbor and keep us safe. Our struggles, life challenges and sacrifices are our storms, but we trust you to take us to a “safe harbor” and allow us to act with intelligence and love.

We can always trust you to help us, listen to us and grant us the favor we ask of you. Rich, poor, sick, sailors, children… we all come to you on equal terms and we surrender to your holiness.

We ask you to intercede for us, your faithful and devoted, so that our Father God forgives us when we offend him and act foolishly, disobeying him. We ask that you make us worthy of you, of him, and of God the Father, our Virgin Mary, and the Holy Spirit.

We thank you God the Almighty Father, for allowing us to work and love us through Saint Nicholas of Bari . Thank you for allowing him to intercede for us before you, your humble servants.


In addition to everything that Nicolás de Bari did in life, after his death he left a legacy, and continued to help everyone who asked him for help, for them, we want to share some prayers so that you can ask him with faith and receive the help you require. .

sentence 1

Great Saint Nicholas of Bari , my beloved patron saint, today I come to beg you to intercede for me and keep my humble home in a harmonious, loving and peaceful environment, so that no one can hurt me or my family.

Listen to my petitions and attend to my pleas, protect the Holy Pope, our Church and all the creatures of the earth so that we can love each other regardless of our differences and achieve unity in a single people that loves the same God.

Pray an Our Father and Hail Mary.

sentence 2

With this prayer to Saint Nicholas of Bari , we ask you for the most needy families. Every time I go to mass, I can only think of our Lord and Saint Nicholas of Bari masses and it is inevitable not to ask for those who do not have the same fortune as me, are sick or are homeless.

Prayer to Saint Nicholas to ask for his protection

Saint Nicholas of Bari , I want to thank you for each of the favors you grant to all of us who turn to you. Today, I want to implore your protection, your mercy and your kindness.

Protect every creature on earth so that they no longer have to suffer from need, be helpless or affected by disease. Help us understand the miraculous power of love for the other, inspire us to serve, just as you did.

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