Psalm 140 Catholic of the Christian Holy Bible

Psalm 140 Catholic of the Christian Holy Bible

Psalm 140 Catholic is a psalm that makes us reflect on pride and wrongdoing, its consequences and how we can overcome it (or avoid it) in the name of God. We invite you to reflect on this psalm in a deeper way.

psalm 140 catholic

The Catholic Psalm 140 includes a series of verses where we ask God for his assistance to protect us from all evil and from those people who use violence to incite us to sin.

This Psalm 140 shows us why we should watch our thoughts, words, and deeds, because when we don’t, our tongues can be as deadly as venom from a snake.

Deliver us Lord from evil tongues, from sin and from pointing out or judging others unfairly. The evil one is always looking for new ways to incite us to disobey you and act in bad faith, give me strength not to stumble or fall into his tricks.

The Catholic Psalm 140 also tells us about pride and how if we are not careful we can fall and get caught in its nets. Our refuge is always God, he is powerful and his word always gives us clarity.

God, through the Catholic Psalm 140 reminds us that he is always present and willing to listen to our pleas and cries, and that only he can protect us and guide our steps in the face of absolute darkness.

Father, I ask you, do not allow me to be seduced by the offers of the evil one, do not allow his plan to be executed and my soul to be lost. Do justice, and forgive me when I don’t come to you and get carried away by my passions and low instincts.

Psalm 140 Catholic: You and only you have the power to expel demons, make them writhe in pain and return them from where they came to burn for all eternity for their sins.

Beloved Father, I ask that those who wish me ill and speak behind my back feel that their lips choke them. Do justice Father, and unleash your wrath on the violent and ill-intentioned. The righteous, we will always give you thanks.

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