For Him to Desire Me Sexually, an Effective Prayer

For Him to Desire Me Sexually, an Effective Prayer

The article that we are going to develop deals with a topic, although not very common for some people, if there is another number of people who have specific beliefs and use prayers to resolve particular situations in their lives. We will talk about praying for him to want me sexually . We invite you to learn more about the subject.

Prayer in couple relationships

When there is a relationship, it is not only about sharing feelings of love, fidelity, sincerity and trust; It is also about the shared desire for sexual relations and that this is an important factor for both spouses, it must be cultivated and cared for so that it is more and better lasting for both parties.

It is equally possible that it is the case that a relationship between a couple is maintained even if it is not by marriage union, in this case some people look for a way that that person always maintains the desire for her.

In this case, they usually resort to special methods that are used for this purpose, generally they can be prayers and other rituals used to make that desire for the other person stronger and more lasting.

In relation to the above, we must say that there is a prayer for him to desire me sexually, this can be done by both members, although it tends to be a little more common from women to men.

Prayer for him to desire me sexually

This sentence is the first with which we can determine to the reader that with it the person who needs it will achieve that the other wants it and that this desire is equal between the two people.

I beg you, goddess of passion and love, that the person I desire is also pending and desires me the same. I am confident that you will help me, and for that reason I am indebted to you. If you grant it to me, I will always honor the power of your favor.

That (say the person’s name) wants me, wants to be with me, thinks all the time and never stops thinking about us spending a night together. So be it.

As we see in this prayer for me to desire sexually, the Goddess of desire is asked directly, that the flame of desire and passion is maintained, strengthened and that the person for whom it is begged is totally in desire with the other.

For you to want only me

This is another of the prayers that exist so that the person who is by our side does not see anyone else and always keep in mind that other person with whom they have a related relationship, also with this prayer it is achieved that person has no eyes for anyone else and cannot think of any other.

The Goddess of love is asked to only think sexually of the person who makes the prayer, to dream about her and have all kinds of fantasies in the sexual part; that keep in mind the very smell of the person, that is always in her mind and see her as the most beautiful thing in the world.

You are asked to increase your desire and that of all the people that exist on earth you only have eyes for this one and that you want to be in your bed.

So be it, I trust and hope in you.

Prayer for a man’s sexual desire

The prayer for him to desire me sexually in the case that it is for the man to desire the woman specifically, is treated in the same way and the Goddess of love is asked, because that man only has eyes for that certain woman.

It is asked that you desire her with all your heart and have no desire or vision for other women. Likewise, it is requested that the woman with whom he wants to be united is always in her thoughts and that he dies of desire for her, and that he is not calm until he has tried her or been intimate with her.

For a woman’s sexual desire

Unlike the above, there is also a prayer for him to desire me sexually in the case of a man for a woman, that is, a man can do it so that a certain woman desires him intimately.

In this prayer, as in the two previous ones, the Goddess of love is asked and mainly it is asked so that the woman that a certain man wants is aware of him in all possible ways.

Likewise, he will ask for any other man that exists in her life to move away from it and from his path, he asks that if he currently has someone, he stays away from that person’s dream and his thoughts and desires are only for the man who makes the supplication through prayer.

In the same way, he is asked that if that woman currently has someone to see him as if he were the man who made the supplication, and only see him. That she goes crazy for him and thinks of him at all times and depends on him for everything.

Prayer for sexual desire in the couple

As a last option of the prayer so that he desires me sexually, it is the one that works directly with the couple, this request can be made to the Goddess of Love in the event that the same chemistry or the same desire between the two is no longer observed.

This can be used in marriages or couples who only have an affinity relationship or outside of marriage as such, what is sought with it is for the couple to maintain their sexual desire and to recover that feeling of desire in both people.

We wanted to finish with this series of prayers so that that specific person has a great and true sexual desire for you, we must clarify that if it is carried out with true faith and continuity, the wishes and requests given in it will be fully fulfilled.

How do prayers for sexual desire work?

To increase sexual desire between couples, a series of tools such as aphrodisiacs and even certain rituals such as spells, etc. are used. However, it must be added that there are also all these sentences that we have already determined above.

We must determine to the reader that apart from the rituals, spells or aphrodisiacs that can help in this type of situation, there is something also called love and sexual magic. All this is determined by the energies that form the Universe.

In the same way, setting aside all these aids that are also valid, are the prayers that we have already determined. We described the most used ones above but they are all contained in a single encompassing which is the prayer for him to desire me sexually.

As with all common prayers, so that they have their effect faster, the constancy of praying them and the time dedicated to them, the ideal is to pray them as a normal prayer daily and repeatedly, and above all having the full and absolute confidence and faith of the answer.

When to pray this prayer?

As we said before, it is convenient to do them when the magic and desire in the couple seems somewhat cold or the passion is fading and the sexual encounters between them look or feel distant.

In such a case, the prayer for him to desire you sexually is special and recommended for this type of case already mentioned. We can tell the reader that although the results will not always be possible, they can be improved with perseverance and faith.

The same prayer can be made in cases where the couple has not yet been established, but nevertheless there is attraction between the two people or that there is already a relationship.

In this case, the days in which the person feels more attractive to themselves will be prayed, since this increases their power.

As a final piece of advice, we must tell the reader that we must not leave everything to God and the Saints, we must put our own will so that the result of attraction is firm and we have good results.

We can also try some love techniques that exist as rituals and even some foods to fan that burning flame of desire in the couple.

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