A prayer for football and win a game

A prayer for football and win a game

In the world there are many football fans who perform some unique rituals before a match and in many cases usually include a prayer for football.

If you are one of those fans who usually give blessings and strength to your team through prayers for football, in this article we leave you some that will be very useful to you.

prayer for football

Soccer is a sport that brings together a large number of fans worldwide, some more passionate than others and who take part in the most amazing adventures to watch a game of their favorite team.

Many fans and even athletes use amulets or regularly perform some rituals, which are part of their customs before or during a game.

However, it is a bit difficult to imagine that many fans, in addition to their hymns, songs and slogans, as usual, also include a prayer for football that allows them to have a good game.

Here are some of the most common sentences you will come across when it comes to this sport.

Before a soccer game

God the Father, Lord of heaven and earth, whom you created as a ball.

May your name be sanctified and glorified by all players and spectators of all peoples.

Come to all your kingdom of joy, friendship, peace, justice and universal brotherhood. May your will always be a celebration of love and hope.

May your beloved son Jesus show us the way and give us a sporting spirit. 

May your Holy Spirit bring us together and help us to respect our adversaries and, if necessary, to accept defeat.

If we are the winners, let us know how to congratulate the losers
with a handshake and humility.

Forgive our deception, our cowardice, our failures,
our violent attitudes, our hurtful words,
our rejection of others, our discouragement, as we forgive those who mocked or did not trust us. 

Do not let us fall into the temptation to dominate others,
to crush others, to play too personal
to show off and always deliver us from evil. Amen. 

Prayer to Saint John Bosco the Saint of Sport

Saint John Bosco is considered the patron saint of this sport and some players and fans dedicate a prayer for football to this saint before starting the match:

To you Saint John Bosco, who is an example and radiates the values ​​of a good game, who preaches and defends the value of friendship, brotherhood, respect, solidarity and discipline.

Guide all of us who love and practice this soccer, give us strength, determination and courage when stepping on the pitch.

Oh Saint John Bosco, I ask you to give us your help and blessing on this day so that we can achieve a good performance in this meeting and enjoy a victory.

We know that your help is essential to achieve the long-awaited triumph and enjoy the glory of having achieved this goal.

Keep danger away from me and from each player, protect us from accidents and injuries, give us strength, concentration and agility on the field to be superior and more effective than our rival.

Avoid any inconvenience during the game and keep anger, hatred and violence away so that they do not take over our hearts at any time,

From the moment the kick-off whistle blows, let’s do our best on the court and convey to everyone present the joy, respect and friendship that should characterize a Christian and a good athlete.

I put my prayers in your hands and I tread on you, do not set aside this prayer, beloved Saint John Bosco, because I know that you are good to those who trust in you. Amen.

fan’s prayer

If you are a faithful fan of a soccer team, there is a prayer to help you win the games:

Almighty and eternal God, I direct these prayers to you with the greatest confidence and faith, so that you help the (Name of the team or selection) to obtain victory.

You know that it is my favorite team and I always follow it, that is why I ask you to help them in this game that is about to be played and it is decisive for their continuity in the championship.

Move away from them any bad streak that follows them and that the team works like the gear of a machinery in optimal conditions, for this meeting.

Give each player strength, courage, mettle, spirit, resolution and audacity, trust each other and work as a team to win.

Do not allow them to decline before fear, before the audacity of the rival, before the severity of the weather, before the fans who oppose him, before some wrong decision of the referees or before the statistics.

I know that if you are on the court, Father God, there will be no inconveniences that affect them because with you everything is possible. Hear my pleas and don’t stray from this team for a single moment. Amen.

For a good arbitration

Perhaps one of the things that most worries soccer fans is the performance of the referee, so we leave you with a small prayer below so that the work of this important facilitator in the match will do very well:

Lord, today we ask that in the game played by the team (Name of the club or selection) the referee is a good facilitator of the game.

Give him the serenity and patience to understand athletes and the pressure they are experiencing right now.

Give him the ability and speed to be at the right time and place to make the right decisions and punish any rule violation fairly.

Allow him to be humble, correct and fair when exercising his authority on the field of play. Give wisdom and intelligence to decide based on justice and respect for each player.

That he be able to apply the rules and ensure that they are respected, so that we have a fair and impartial game, that he diligently carries out his function and avoids making mistakes in his decisions.

Lord, protect and bless all those who participate in this game, give them light, free them from danger and remove from them any intention of surrendering to anger or violence, that there is respect and we can witness a good game.

Thank you Lord for allowing us to enjoy this sport that we love so much and for hearing my prayers. Amen.

to win a match

Lord, I ask that (Team Name) get the victory today and that the joy of victory invade our hearts with the whistle at the end.

Father, may the ball turn this day in our favor, may the success of this team and the joy that this sport gives us manifest before our eyes today.

Give them the victory they are looking for and that their fans expect, do not let them falter or bow down to the rival while they are on the field of play. Amen.

To play soccer well

Many athletes expect to have a good performance when they go out on the field, this soccer player’s prayer is ideal for that:

Jesus Christ teacher of love and faith, you who guide us at every moment.

You who gave me life, showed me the way and gave me the necessary gifts to continue and fight for my dreams and my passion.

Let me play well this day, play a clean game and let every goal be in your name.

I ask that each of my colleagues achieve a good performance in the same way and be part of your blessings.

Help us to grow and prosper, always with you and from your hand Lord Jesus. Amen.

for goalkeepers

O Father and Lord of heaven and earth, here I am before you, humbly prostrate, asking for your help.

You know very well what my dream and my passion are, you know that I strive every day to achieve my goals and objectives.

Today I ask you for the game that comes next and for which I have prepared so much, give me speed, sagacity and sharpness, the moment the ball approaches me.

oh my lord! I am in your hands, help me prevent my rivals from scoring, to do my job well.

Under your grace I beg, having full confidence and security in you that today I will receive your glorious help. Amen.

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