The Meaning of Coffee Reading and Interpretation

The Meaning of Coffee Reading and Interpretation

The Coffee Reading is a very old act and it is about the prognostic skills that some people have in studying the definition of images that are formed in a cup or mug of what is left of the coffee; and each of those created figures have different meaning in our past, present and future. Follow this article, you will love it!

coffee reading

Coffee is not simply a comforting or relaxing drink that many people usually drink in the morning or at any time of the day, but it also always manages to be a key point to get to know or find out a little more about us.

Coffee Reading is an art or skill of predicting and studying through coffee. Its beginning dates from when its existence was first known and it dissipates in the tradition of humanity. The Turks, Arabs, Lebanese and Europeans debate its origin, thus showing that they have been practicing it from generation to generation.

This reading is based on the preparation of a strong and dense coffee that leaves a significant trace of blur when drunk, leaving the energy that a person transmits to the cup where it was ingested by holding it and having drunk it very slowly.

There are different ways of reading coffee and Turkish coffee is generally used, although it can also be made with ground coffee of any kind as long as it is not instant coffee.

Through this you can know the past, present and future of the person through figures that create the leftovers of the cipo or coffee grounds inside. Each shape or figure has a different meaning, which in turn changes depending on the area where it appears inside the cup.

The Coffee Reading is rarely done , however, many are interested in knowing what the figures, shapes or images that appear in the cup symbolize.

Translating coffee is the work of expert or experienced people who have obtained their knowledge through their descendants or someone they know who has this gift. There are those who also learn through studies, manual instructions and recommendations or advice from experts.

Whatever the arguments indicated above, it should be noted that the shapes are not only at the bottom of the cup, but also appear on the walls and edges.

Coffee Reading Interpretation

In the Café Reading there are many forms and ways of doing or interpreting them, among them we have:

  • Sometimes they simply read the coffee grounds as a prediction of what the future will be like.
  • On the other hand, a horizontal line is imaginarily drawn dividing the past and the future, where the upper part of the cup is the future and the lower part is the past of the person being consulted.
  • Last and not least, but possibly the most complete, is that the reading is done by dividing the cup into four parts, this expressing past and future, including the negative and positive of both, considering which side the handle is on, that is, taking into account whether the person takes with the left or right hand.

Before continuing to develop this interesting topic, let’s first learn about the main ingredient in coffee reading, its meaning and properties.

What is Coffee?

Coffee is a highly stimulating hot infusion whose name comes or derives from a tree called coffee, where the grain is extracted, roasted and ground to obtain the preparation of said drink and is characterized by its excellent flavor and aroma.

His properties

  • It is a diuretic
  • Helps free the mind and creativity
  • Help diabetics control this disease.
  • Drinking coffee in the morning is excellent to recover your spirits.
  • It helps you control the headaches a little.
  • Many people use coffee powder to heal wounds.
  • This drink has medicinal properties
  • Recent studies have shown that coffee is an excellent antioxidant.
  • It has given excellent defensive results against Parkinson’s disease and heart disease.
  • It is always recommended to consume it with measures.

After knowing this short concept of what coffee is and its properties, let’s continue developing this interesting article.

How should coffee be prepared?

In order to prepare the coffee, a series of steps or indications must be carefully followed in order to obtain a good Coffee Reading, below, we detail:

  1. The coffee that should be used has to be finely ground, for no reason should it be instant.
  2. It is placed to heat the water over medium heat, when it has already boiled, place a teaspoon of coffee and another of sugar for a cup of water.
  3. Let it boil again for a few seconds and stir counterclockwise.
  4. Let the coffee cool.
  5. We put the coffee to boil again, and then leave it to heat over low heat and finally serve in a cup.
  6. It is left to rest so that the person takes it little by little and leaves a little coffee.

Elements to Consider in Coffee Reading

To be successful in Coffee Reading, certain elements must be considered, which will be described below:

  1. The reading must have power to obtain what you expose; it always has to be done in a white cup so that the figures can be seen.
  2. The cup must have straight walls and a very wide circumference, this in order to be able to observe the shapes very well. The approaches of the figures show you a very particular characteristic and that is that the images that are created on the walls of the cup symbolize the present, those in the background, specifically at the base, personify the past and those noted on the edges or edges represent the future. .
  3. Sometimes the figures are noticeable in the tone of the coffee, but they are also created in the empty and blank parts left by the coffee cipo.
  4. When carrying out this process, countless serenity and tranquility are required from both people, that is, from the reader and the consulted person.
  5. The images are endless and can be presented in the form of letters that symbolize the name of the person, the numbers show us the time.
  6. The figure should not be interpreted, that is, what can be seen at first perspective is what has priority, if you try to discover other images as a second observation, it will be affected.
  7. It is recommended that the area or place where the Coffee Reading is going to be done emanates a space of peace, concentration, even being accompanied by docile and pleasant music. We can also give it a touch of aroma with a good incense, this in order to help carry out the meditation.
  8. If on any occasion the reader is able to perceive a vague or blurred word for the one being consulted, this consulted person can contribute in saying or reporting what he or she can perceive.
  9. Experience, perception and fantasy are very important components that the person who will carry out the Coffee Reading must have .

How to Analyze Coffee?

In this part we will tell you some recommendations on how to explore the Café Reading :

  • When drinking the coffee it should be made from only one part of the cup.
  • At the end you will think and concentrate on what you want.
  • Let the coffee grounds dry.
  • From that moment the reader is able to study or interpret the reading.

Another recommended method for coffee reading

There are several techniques for Coffee Reading , that will depend on the reader and the way that allows us to carry out this ritual. Next, we will explain one of the preferred methods that can be done by the first opinions observed:

  1. The person takes the cup and drinks his coffee very slowly and concentrates on what he wants to know.
  2. Leave a minimum of coffee in the cup, then place a little coffee powder inside it, turn it three times so that the little that is of the coffee circulates along the walls of the cup and then pours the residue onto a plate. .
  3. By doing this process you will perceive and notice figures at the bottom of the cup, in which with your observation and concentration you will begin to interpret the meaning, depending on the focus of the image on the cup.

It is recommended to write on a sheet of paper the figures that cannot be seen or deciphered, since some people who are fond of studying Café Reading rely on certain readings to complement the information.

Meaning of the Image in the Cup Position

In this part we will talk about the positions of the cup where the image of the Coffee Reading can be represented . Each position has a different meaning and you can notice words, letters, numbers, objects, animals, among others.

  1. At the bottom of the cup: it refers to the emblems that are located on the left and symbolize the events that occurred in the past.
  2. To the right of the cup: the images located in this place create a review of the future, which means situations to come.
  3. On the edge of the cup : the figures located on the edge refer to an experience of the present.
  4. On the handle of the cup: there are symbols that are discovered on the handle or around it; in these cases they refer to disputes in the home.
  5. Position in the center of the cup: in this part it refers to matters that will occur in the future, which would express that it may or may not happen.

It is important to know what meaning the size of the images has, and when the figures or symbols are large, it indicates that the appreciation is positive. This assessment is visible depending on its dimension, if the image is small it reduces the appreciation of the size. That is why it is advisable to decipher highly visible figures and not confusing images.

How to Learn to Interpret the Figures?

Currently there are numerous enthusiastic people with many skills for the interpretation of the Coffee Reading . In reading there are different ways of seeing the figures and that depends on the person’s utopia or imagination and even on how they look at it.

It is important to indicate that the reading of the cipo or the coffee grounds must always be done within an argument, corresponding to the events and messages with the consultant’s scenario, so that the information makes sense and can be deciphered in the best way and well conveyed to the querent.

Meanings of the Figures 

There are many typologies or types of images; and its meaning varies according to the prototype. We will only mention some of them and they will be the ones that are most present in the Café Reading.

Geometric figures

Circles and squares:

The circles: means that your destiny is open to optimizing your financial appearance or your professional approach.

  • With a dot  inside: indicates baby on the way.
  • With small nearby lines : energy drawbacks.

Squares:  This figure in the  Coffee Reading  instills well-being, peace, and conformity or harmony.

The lines: in this case it depends on the type of line, among them are:

  • Divided: means decisions to be made.
  • Flat: indicates that something material is about to come.
  • Straight : they predict that you are about to make a pleasant trip.
  • Claras: a journey between cities.
  • Wavy: you are going to suffer a great disappointment.
  • With inclination: means frustration at the business level.
  • Forked: decisions to be made.

The points: the meaning of the diversity of points in the Coffee Reading will depend on the type of point. We will explain it to you below:

  • Creating a triangle : indicates that a very close person will ask for assistance and if it is within your reach you should help them.
  • Continuous thick: you will find a new friendship, in order to establish a very firm union of couple, this applies in case you do not have it.
  • Thick black dots : an indication of money income that you have to take advantage of and not waste.
  • That are formed from the sand: just as you perceive money you will waste it. It can also be a loss of a considerable amount of money due to an incorrect investment or it simply gives us a signal that we must be alert.

Triangles: are often unexpected and vary depending on the focus or orientation of the triangle. If it points up it attracts prosperity and if it points down it brings failure. The filled triangle refers to the fact that you are going to give a gift and the empty triangle indicates that you are going to be married.

Meaning of Other Types of Figures

It is possible that other figures appear that are not very common in the Café Reading but that also have their meaning and importance. Next, we name them with their respective explanation.

The Pyramid : predicts the triumph of your desires come true. If more than one pyramid appears, it indicates that there will be more success and if two pyramids are intertwined, it means that there are two significant purposes that are refuted.

The arrow: shows that the answer to the question you believe has it in mind. If the arrow is pointing down, it indicates that the answer you are looking for is yes, if it points to one side, the answer may be maybe, and if it points down, the answer is denial.

The Spiral: indicates that if you made a very important decision, you will get the answer immediately.

The Crossroads: affirms that you must remain stable when making a decision and that you do not let yourself be persuaded by other people.

Number Meanings

Numbers: are also present and usually represent some period of time.

Observing a number means that an important event will occur on some definite day, week or month that will depend on the number that comes out, that is, if the number 7 comes out it indicates that in 7 weeks, days or months an event will happen to you important. These are the most common numbers in the Café Reading .

  • 1: indicates that for quite some time he has had a purpose to obtain and that he is in favor of achieving it, since he has the contexts in his favor.
  • 2: represents a risk between two women, that is to say that he has a rival and the altercation will begin as soon as possible.
  • 3: shows that you will have family plans and will talk about bringing a baby into the world, this applies in case you do not have one.
  • 4: symbolizes that you will have problems with the couple, but that you will solve them without any problem.
  • 5: It is a great number, since it indicates that in a short time you will know love, but it does not know its permanence.
  • 6: reveals alliance and protection in the family.
  • 7: This is one of the most authentic numbers, as it shows the ambitions and fantasies that will be fulfilled in a short time.
  • 8: personifies concern with previous unresolved problems.
  • 9: Shows various plans on a professional and financial level, but does not endorse success.
  • 10: reviews a long time of well-being and happiness.
  • 13: Appreciate the desire to make a specific or very special person happy, but unfortunately that attempt will fail.

There are also figures of letters, animals, objects and plants.

Meaning of the Letters

The meaning of the letters only shows you the initials of the names and surnames. Together, you can appreciate complete words of phrases and this at the end of the cup makes a review of something related to the past.

Meaning of Animals

You can also manage to interpret images of animals, such is the case of some that we will name below and give them a brief description.

  • Bee:  teaches you a period of luck, where your problems can be overcome
  • Eagle : represents that your dream come true.
  • Spider: tells that you will enjoy triumphs in business.
  • Seahorse: develop your efforts and learning.
  • Puppy dog:  represents friends and symbolizes that you will frequent many people.
  • Crab : reflects mood swings and possible illness.
  • Snail: this figure symbolizes that you have not reached your potential.
  • Dolphin: this image personifies friendship and protection.
  • Elephant:  personifies the assists obtained.
  • Cat: family secrets that will come to light.
  • Lion – Shows loyalty and kindness.
  • Leopard : indicates difficulties, risks and dangers.
  • Butterfly:  indicates that great signs of prosperity will appear.
  • Sheep: it is the convenient time to realize all your goals.
  • Pato – people near your house who speak ill of you.
  • Dog: you will always have a faithful friend.
  • Porcupine: who abuse your kindness.
  • Frog and toad:  you will have a long life
  • Mouse : problems with a friend, you lose agreements or treaties.
  • Tiger : talks about how much effort is required to get ahead after a cruel past.

Meaning of the Objects

The meaning of these images varies according to the figure and many of them are combined with esotericism, however, we will explain how to decipher them at a general level. 

  • Carpet: In childhood you had a great friend.
  • Anchor:  You must trust what your intuition says.
  • Harp:  indicates that you are very sensitive.
  • Ice cream cone:  childhood friend who will come back to your life.
  • Cane:  it is not the best time to do business.
  • Bicycle: it  will be the best time to achieve your goals.
  • Easel:  you will get a great artistic ability.
  • Cabin:  enjoy your free time at home.
  • Box –  you will receive excellent responses of something desired.
  • Bed: bad decisions made.
  • Camera:  they will look at you or detail a lot.
  • Bell:  indicates good news.
  • Lock: there is a secret that you should not say for nothing.

This theme of the Coffee Reading is quite broad and deep, it is important that if you want to perform this ritual you do it with the reader who has knowledge and skills with this gift.

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