Mirror Hour 01:01 Meaning and Interpretation With Guardian Angels

If you come across the number 01:01 while looking at the time on your cell phone, you should not make fun of it because it is a spiritual letter addressed to you in particular. This letter concerns your private life, that you should try to decipher the mirror hour 01:01 by relying on the various divinatory supports that exist, namely the angelic interpretation, the interpretation of the guardian angels, the interpretation of the numerology and that of the Tarot de Marseilles.

Meaning of 01:01 with guardian angels

If a mirror hour tells you 01:01 this means that your guardian angel has entered into communication with you through the hour. This communication carries a message about your life, it is about love (it seems that a person is in love with you). Analyze your feelings if they remind you of someone in particular. Getting away from all social ties is a bad attitude, so try to find balance by letting a possible love come into your life.

This hour also designates a concrete personality, so be careful not to fall into the trap of narcissism, you are not the navel of the world, review your behaviour with others. You hold a leadership position in everything you do, it’s a characteristic inherited from your parents, and it gives you a charismatic look that often makes people around you uncomfortable.

Which natural stone is linked to the mirror hour 01:01?

The special hour 01:01 is an hour symbolizing love, sentimental balance and the protection granted to you to warn you of those carrying dark thoughts. This mirror hour is also linked to a precise natural stone endowed with specific virtues and in accordance with your personality, thus allowing you to be more receptive to good vibes and spiritual messages.

Thus, in order to be able to know the stone corresponding to you the most according to this mirror hour which appears to you regularly, carrying out a personalized lithotherapy test is the appropriate solution. You can then take your destiny into your own hands by carrying out this test and thus put all the energies and spiritual guardians into action to allow your desires to be realized.

Angelic interpretation of the mirror hour 01:01

It’s 01:01 a.m., you have just captured a mirror hour, quickly go and listen to what your guardian angel

say. This is the guardian angel Elmiah, whose period of action lasts from 1h00 to 1h20, he brings you a good sign, it is success that knocks at the door. This angel takes care of your protection while offering you the energy necessary to accomplish positive changes in your life, as well as the beginning of beautiful things. If your dominance is artistic, you will be a bearer of inspiration.

Thanks to the angel Elmiah, you succeed in your projects, and you will discover new paths in your life that lead you to the best. It also helps you to find your interior serenity after the conflicts and the confusions crossed in life, it says to you “after the rain it is the good weather”. Finally, it is the angel Elmiah who is in charge of giving you intuitions about people who want to hurt you as well as the hypocrites who smile at you in the face but stab you once their back is turned. For this: Listen to your intuition provided by your guardian angel Elmiah through a mirror hour of 01:01.

Numerological meaning of the hour 01:01

The equivalent of the mirror hour 01:01 in numerology is 2, because of the sum of 0+1+0+1=2. The number two designates the couple, the union of two people, the soul mate … etc. It places us in the theme of love, if you are single you will soon meet the person you have been waiting for. If you are in a relationship or common-law, this means that your partner will finally get down on their knees to offer you a ring. Number 2 can also tell you about your qualities and your faults. He tells you that you are good at being a diplomat.

You have the possibility of settling any confusion between people easily, you ensure your role of intermediary well. From this quality that you possess emanate, tempting opportunities and promising chances that must be seized. As this number also tells you about your hypersensitivity which prevents you from controlling your feelings. You are also a very intuitive person, that’s why you manage to feel the kindness or the cruelty of the people around you, but it’s not always good because often it leads to relationship difficulties or excessive mistrust, relax -you.

Interpretation of the mirror hour 01:01 with the tarot

The arcana designates the card of the divinatory tarot game which reveals mysteries that only people with mediumistic gifts can explain. It is part of the divinatory supports such as guardian angels and numerology, which provide humans with indications concerning their life.

The tarot arcana of the mirror hour 01:01 is the Bateleur and symbolizes a beginning, a new thing or a start. It informs you that you demonstrate daring and exemplary vitality that amazes the people around you. You are endowed with a creative mind and fertile with good tips.

Arcane Positives

The juggler’s blade lets you know that you will soon experience a new chapter, a new process will begin, and it is also a movement in your life. In the field of the heart, it would be the birth of a beautiful love story if you are single, or a positive impact in your current relationship if you are in a relationship, why not a marriage proposal? In the field of work, it is the design of a new project or the appearance of new solutions to the difficulties encountered in your work, do not worry, your pitfalls will disappear in the near future.

Negative point of the arcana

In the event that this arcane comes out upside down, it’s a bad sign, it alludes to a scheme, a manoeuvre or manipulation. The juggler will play the role of an illusionist who exerts visual deceptions on the spectators to convince them of his surreal gifts. Here, he will do everything to embellish reality, to the point of lying and deceiving to achieve his ends. Be very suspicious, there is someone hiding truth from you that you have the right to know. This person’s favourite sport is manipulation, be careful!

Summary and advice of the arcana

In love, it indicates a transitional phase rich in events and actions, it could be a new romantic encounter for someone who is not committed. On the other hand, for a person in a free union, it is the resuscitation of the relationship or even a new start. The relationship will be built on more solid and secure foundations.

On the professional side and on the job site, the juggler tarot believes that this is the right time to change jobs, especially if you are in the commercial field or in education. In finance, this is excellent news, it is a purchase or sale of real estate, there will be new real estate to acquire and price negotiations with a banker.

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