Prayer to Dominate My Macho Husband Now

Prayer to Dominate My Macho Husband Now

What woman has not wanted to subdue her partner? This is really a desire of every female who wants to have under her feet that being she loves, so that he does everything when she wants, especially if he is a macho man. That is why the Prayer to dominate my husband, every day becomes more popular. Today we show you how to pray it and the benefits it brings to your relationship.

Prayer to dominate my husband

One of the privileges that we human beings have is the opportunity to live as a couple, for this we go through a process of falling in love, consolidation of the relationship, until we get married.

These experiences are stuck in our hearts because they are characterized by love, communication, respect, loyalty and a healthy coexistence where both people treat each other equally.

This last aspect is essential to achieve a lasting relationship, however, sometimes the woman meets a man who does not accept treating her as his equal and does not recognize that she has the same rights as him.

Many times this is due to the upbringing given by the parents, who consented to everything and made him believe that he was superior just because he was male.

In this way he develops as a macho man and demands that his wife and children do what he says, he always considers himself to be right and believes that he can have many lovers while the woman is only responsible for the house.

Such a situation is cracking the marriage or any other love relationship that is attempted with such a person, the day coming when tired of so many attics, insults and disrespect the woman decides to leave him.

However, some decide to continue fighting to maintain the marriage, they want that individual to change and for happiness to prevail in the family. They make a thousand attempts to achieve it.

If this is your case and after doing everything your husband continues with the same attitude, but you do not want to leave him. So, it’s time for you to use a weapon that, according to popular belief, is effective in solving these events.

We are talking about the prayer to dominate my husband, a powerful tool for those situations that you thought impossible to solve.

Why a Prayer to Subdue your Husband?

As we said before, the prayer to dominate my husband becomes a powerful ally for difficult cases in the couple. Why pray it? In response to this question, we can say that there are millions of women in the world who believe in its benefits.

They pray with faith, asking God, the saints, the Virgin Mary or any character they believe works miracles, so that their husband changes and becomes a submissive, attentive and loving being.

The saints who are asked for more help of this type are San Marco de León and San Cipriano. We will talk about the first in the next sections, while we can say that many people are afraid of the first.

According to many believers, the fear of San Cipriano arises because some devotees use it for bad things, witchcraft and evil. Despite this, if you visit different electronic pages you will find that this saint is invoked for various purposes in love.

Of course, here we are not trying to act in a bad way, on the contrary, the prayers that we put at your disposal have the objective of collaborating with you so that you save your marriage and make the relationship more bearable and harmonious.

You will never feel abandoned or disappointed, when praying the prayer to dominate my husband you will see how you will go from unhappiness to happiness and he will once again be that companion who values ​​you, loves you and respects you.

Next, we share with you four prayers to subdue the couple, we will also let you know their benefits, we will tell you how to pray them and we will put at your disposal some rituals that you can perform to complement the prayers.

As an example of this, the following video explains instructions to prepare a concoction to dominate a macho man.

Strong prayer to dominate a macho husband

This prayer is addressed to God and is heard by Him from anywhere, however, it is recommended to perform it at an altar, either in a church or a chapel of your choice.

If you want to have more privacy, look for an intimate place where you can create your own altar, there you can light candles and incense with the aroma you prefer. This scent will help you focus and heal both body and mind.

Once you have done this, proceed to pray the strong prayer to dominate a macho husband that you will read next:

My Lord, with your power you get the whole world to be at your feet, likewise I have to see (Mention the full name of your husband) surrendered in my lap. I ask you Lord to think only of me.

At this moment I want to have dominion over him, that like a meek little lamb he does whatever I ask, that he only lives to fulfill my wishes without complaining at any time.

With this prayer I conquer you beloved (Say the name of your husband) you will see me with such beauty that you will only want to be by my side, your eyes will see me, your body will only feel mine, your lips will kiss my lips.

There will be no complaints or regrets, there will be no reproaches or fights, we will always be the same, happy and content in our home.

My God, grant me what I ask of you right now, giving me the power to dominate (Mention your husband’s full name), today, tomorrow, and forever. So be it.

Prayer to San Marcos de León to Tame, Overcome and Dominate

Before seeing the prayer to San Marcos de León, it is convenient that you know although he was not one of the twelve apostles of Jesus Christ, his name is printed in the Holy Scriptures because he was one of the authors of the Gospel.

Some theologians do not know if Saint Mark met Jesus, others affirm that when he describes the arrest in Gethsemane he does not speak of Christ but of himself, as he manifests in the following biblical quote: “ Now a young man followed him using nothing more than a cloth over his body. They grabbed him, but he left the cloth and ran away naked ” (Mark 14:51-52).

For many he was the first Bishop of Alexandria in Egypt. The truth is that in Venice a square bears his name and he was appointed patron saint of this beautiful place.

John the Baptist once described Mark as ” the voice of someone crying in the desert ” (Mark 1: 3), metaphorically others said that when he spoke he heard like a lion roaring.

As a result of this fact, it is represented with a winged lion and is called San Marcos Bravo de León. The wings of the animal that symbolizes it are the product of Ezekiel’s prophecy, in which he visualized the evangelists as or with winged creatures.

The preaching of the evangelizers can be done in different ways, through songs, praises, with poetry or music. For Marcos, the perfect medium was through writings where he narrated landscapes of the life of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

With the prayer to San Marcos de León to tame, you can overcome, dominate or tie a man, woman, husband, loved one, partner or even an enemy. Also, it is used to dominate someone at work or children who are rebellious.


In addition to the effects that were mentioned above, the famous prayer of thought to dominate my husband, allows you to achieve other things that you long for, whether it is something material or spiritual.

So you can pray it both to get love and to get a house, a car, a job, a girlfriend, spiritual peace, money, prosperity, luck, health and much more.

Use the positive energy of your thought by repeating with faith and devotion:

Inside his mind, you are, thought, that’s why I ask you to think only of me and only dream of me. Tie him to me with the shackles and chains that symbolize San Marcos de León.

Amansalo, so that he comes to me docile and dominated that, although he is among many people, he only wants to be by my side, that his tranquility and peace be me, If he dares to leave, make him come back and not want to return to another place.

With two I see you, with three I tie you up, I drink blood and the heart that has to tame I give you love. With the father, the son, Saint John and the Holy Spirit. Think of me, think of me, think of me. beloved Jesus.

Powerful Prayer To Dominate My Partner

This is another prayer that allows you to have total control of your husband, this time it is addressed to Jesus Christ and says:

Jesus Christ is my protector at all times, that’s why I’m not afraid of the dark, or the visible, or the invisible. Only He, with his power, allows me to dominate everything around me.

This is how you are under my domain, thinking and believing only in me. Your eyes see me with love, your body desires me with passion. There is not a single moment that you want to be away from me.

Today I dominate you (mention the name of the person) with the intercession of Saint Mark, Saint Luke, Saint Matthew and Saint John the Baptist who will act on my behalf so that God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit may grant me everything my heart longs for.

Here I have to see you meek, dominated, docile in thought, ideas and action. That’s how I want it and that’s how it will be, Jesus Christ will grant it to me.

Strong Prayer to Desperate a Man Fast

The last prayer to dominate my husband is addressed to Saint Helena, who is asked so that he quickly despairs of you. We suggest you pray the prayer for nine consecutive days.

Every day, when repeating the prayer, light a candle that can be white, pink or red. Safely repeating:

Venerated Saint Helena, owner of three nails that you found on the mountain, with the first you protected your son, with the second the navigators of the sea. The third I humbly ask you to tame this man.

Lend it to me beloved saint, to nail her heart and tie my name with that of (Mention the name of the person you want to despair). Today, tomorrow and forever dominated by me will be.

Who, like you, beloved saint, for this wish to grant. His eyes must see me beautiful, his heart must love me, his desires will be only for me, you make me grant it.

He should not have peace of mind until he sees me, he will also not sleep and he will only think of me. He will come to me faithful and loving and at my feet he will rest. It will come without anyone preventing it, it will come, it will come, it will come.

Benefits of the Prayer to Dominate my Husband

Among the benefits and advantages that these powerful prayers provide, we can mention:

  • Your husband will start treating you well.
  • You will have full control over it.
  • His love will be yours alone.
  • He won’t yell at you or offend you.
  • Only with you will he want to be.
  • It will stop being sexist.
  • He will listen carefully to everything you have to say.
  • It will allow you to make the important decisions.
  • Manso will always be.
  • He will be proud of you.
  • Love will bloom.

Correct way to pray the prayer to dominate my macho husband

Remember that you are imploring divine intervention to solve your love problems, so we recommend you;

  • Be completely sure of what you want and how you want it.
  • Pray with faith and devotion.
  • Concentrate on what you are doing, don’t think about anything else while you pray.
  • Visualize your husband next to you meek and dominated.
  • Pray in a quiet, quiet place, where no one can interrupt you while you do it.
  • You can light a candle and incense when you proceed to pray.
  • Also, you can do the following spell to dominate your husband, boyfriend or lover and make him obey you at every moment

We are sure that with the advice given in this article you will manage to dominate that person you love so much, but do not forget that:

Love is a voluntary act that is strengthened by respect, communication, passion and loyalty. Add these elements to your relationship.

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