Catholic Christian Prayer for World Peace

Catholic Christian Prayer for World Peace

World peace is a noble goal that many have pursued, however, as noble as this goal has been, it has also been a very uphill road, that is why today in this article we will talk about the  Prayer for World Peace integer .

Prayer for Peace of Father Ignacio Larrañaga

There have been many who have prayed for peace throughout the world, that is why we are going to collect some of the prayers for peace in the world in this article, later we will reflect on them, this article has as its purpose help those who want to contribute their grain of sand to the cause.

Lord Jesus, you wisely guide the history of your Church and of the nations, listen now to our plea. Our languages ​​are confused as before in the tower of Babel. We are children of the same Father that you revealed to us and we do not know how to be brothers, and hatred sows more fear and more death.

Give us the peace that your Gospel promises, the one that the world cannot give. Teach us to build it as the fruit of Truth and Justice. Hear the imploration of Mary the Mother and send us your Holy Spirit, to reconcile hearts and peoples in a great family.

May the Kingdom of Love come to us and confirm us in the certainty that you are with us until the end of time. Amen.

As can be seen in this prayer, Jesus Christ is asked directly, he is asked motivated by the fact that Jesus indicated the path that humanity had to follow when he came to earth. They name the tower of babel, where the origin of languages ​​was given years ago, but it also speaks of the fact that we are all children of God the almighty father, therefore, they are asked to help in peace and teach us the path of love to stop hating each other between brothers.

You can see how in the prayer Jesus Christ is asked to give us the peace of which I speak in his teachings, he also asks that he teach us to be peaceful, this part of the prayer is the one that has the most weight because, although it is It is true that asking for peace is good, learning to be peaceful is a step for it to really manifest itself in our hearts as humans.

The prayer ends by asking God to come to us again, but now we will be his kingdom of love, this because he will be with us to guide us now, letting us see that in the company of Jesus there are no impossible things for humanity, he also says that Jesus is with us always, until the end.

Franciscan Prayer for Peace

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace! That where there is hatred, I put love; where there is offense, I put pardon; where there is discord, I put union; where there is error, I put truth; where there is doubt, I put faith; where there is despair, I put hope; where there is darkness, let me put light; Where there is sadness, I put joy.

Oh Master! Let me not seek to be consoled as much as to console; to be understood, how to understand; to be loved, how to love. Because giving is how you receive; forgetting, as it is; forgiving, as one is forgiven; dying, as one is resurrected to eternal life. Amen.

In this prayer you can see that you pray directly to God the father, but unlike the previous one, the request is not that he bring us peace, on the contrary, he uses us as a means for us to achieve peace, in addition, in In this prayer you can clearly see that we ask God to help us fight against the shortages in the world, that is, if love is needed, we are the ones who give that love.

Here we can see that the objective is not selfish, the reason is because we do not seek good for ourselves, but rather how to contribute that good to the rest of the world, that everything we receive is used as a means to give peace to the rest of the world. In addition, we can confirm that the objective is that God helps us to be a guide for other people.

Pope Francis Prayer for Peace

Almighty and merciful God, Lord of the universe and of human history. Everything you have created is good and your compassion for the man who leaves you time and time again is inexhaustible.

We come to implore you today to protect the world and its inhabitants with peace, moving away from it the destructive waves of terrorism, restoring friendship and pouring into the hearts of your creatures the gift of trust and readiness to forgive.

Giver of life, we also pray for all those who have died, victims of the brutal terrorist attacks. Grant them reward and everlasting joy. May they intercede for the world, shaken by anguish and misfortune.

Jesus, Prince of Peace, we pray for those injured in terrorist attacks: children and youth, women and men, the elderly, innocent people and those who have been attacked by chance. Heal his body and heart, may they feel strengthened by your comfort, keep hatred and the desire for revenge away from them.

Holy consoling spirit, visit the families who mourn the loss of their relatives, innocent victims of violence and terrorism. Cover them with the mantle of your divine mercy, may they find in you the strength and courage to continue being brothers and sisters to others, especially to foreigners and immigrants, bearing witness to your love with their lives.

Move the hearts of terrorists so that they recognize the evil of their actions and return to the path of peace and good, respect for life and the dignity of every human being, regardless of their religion, origin or social status.

God, eternal father, compassionately listen to this prayer that rises towards you among the noise and despair of the world. Full of trust in your infinite mercy, trusting in the intercession of your most holy mother, strengthened by the example of the blessed martyrs of Peru, Zbigniewa and Michata, who you have made courageous witnesses of the gospel to the point of shedding their blood, we address you with great hope, begging for the gift of peace, asking that you take away from us the whip of terrorism, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

In this prayer we can see how the holy pope decides to ask God the almighty father very humbly for peace in the world, here he prays leaving aside his position as pope, he also recognizes the goodness of God, making it clear that he loves us despite that we constantly abandon it.

The pope asks God to protect the world due to the increase in terrorist attacks in recent decades, these attacks have taken the lives of many innocent people, have destroyed families and have been committed by people who have the absence of God in their hearts Therefore, the Pope asks God to give people the strength to forgive them and the terrorists to redeem themselves.

God was the one who gave life to all of us, that is why he is asked to have mercy on us, he is asked that those who have died as a result of the bestial and savage terrorist attacks, have a reward in the hereafter, that is to say , happiness.

Later Jesus Christ is asked to heal those people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time, to heal their spirits and give them comfort, the latter in order to forgive those people who have so much absence of God in their hearts that they are capable committing such atrocities, another reason to heal their spirits is so that they are not filled with impure desires for revenge.

It could be said that this prayer is very powerful because it also asks the Holy Spirit, therefore, this prayer invokes the powers of the Holy Trinity, it asks the latter to cover all those immigrants who for some reason had to abandon their homes in order to survive, here she is clearly asked to fill them with love, so that in this way they can start a new life leaving aside the pain.

The prayer ends by asking God to listen to these prayers and thus fill the hearts of those who commit vile acts with love, in this way he recognizes that a heart can change if it is filled with the love of God and thus could work for the good of the world.

Prayer of John Paul II for Peace

God of infinite mercy and goodness, with a grateful heart we invoke you today, Christ God reconciled the world to himself. May your voice resound in the hearts of all men and women, when you call them to follow the path of reconciliation and peace, and to be merciful like you.

Lord, you speak words of peace to your people and to all who turn to you from the heart. Help us to break down the barriers of hostility and division and to build together a world of justice and solidarity. Lord, you create a new heaven and a new earth.

We entrust the young to you. In their hearts they aspire to a brighter future; strengthens their decision to be men and women of peace and heralds of new hope for their peoples.

Father, you’re doing germinate justice on earth. We ask you for the civil authorities. so that they strive to satisfy the just aspirations of their peoples and educate young people in justice and peace.

Encourage them to work generously for the common good and to respect the inalienable dignity of every person and the fundamental rights that derive from the image and likeness of the Creator imprinted on every human being.

Grant them wisdom, clairvoyance and perseverance; do not allow them to be discouraged in their arduous task of building lasting peace, which all peoples yearn for. We pray for all who believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Guide their steps in truth and in love. Make them one, as You are one with the Son and the Holy Spirit. May they bear witness to the peace that surpasses all knowledge and the light that triumphs over the darkness of hostility, sin and death.

Lord of Heaven and Earth, Creator of the one human family, we pray for the followers of all religions. May they seek your will in prayer and in purity of heart, and adore you and glorify your Holy Name.

Help them to find in you the strength to overcome fear and mistrust, so that friendship grows and they live together in harmony. Merciful Father, may all believers find the courage to forgive one another, so that the wounds of the past are healed and are not a pretext for new suffering in the present.

Grant us that this be done above all in the Holy Land, this land that you blessed with so many signs of your Providence and where you revealed yourself as God of love. To the Mother of Jesus, the Blessed Virgin Mary, we entrust the men and women who live in the land where Jesus lived.

That, following their example, they listen to the word of God and have respect and compassion for others, especially for those who are different from them. May they, with one heart and one mind, work so that the entire world is a true home for all its peoples. Peace! Peace! Peace! Amen.

In this prayer you can appreciate the meeting of multiple religions, here the late Pope John Paul II, together with authorities of other religions raised his prayer before God asking for reconciliation and peace for the entire world, he was asked to invade the heart of all of us humans, in this way we could be more merciful like him.

This  Prayer for World Peace  had as its main characteristic, that God was asked to help us break down the barriers that made us fight among ourselves, here God was asked to help us build a world where people can live without hating each other, where they can be fair by following God’s example.

Here God is told to take the young people, because they are the future, therefore, it would be best if they grew up with his love in their hearts to guarantee peace in the future. God is the one who sows everything on earth, in other words, thanks to him everything in the world can be achieved, that is why we pray directly to him, also to educate young people with Christian values.

As you can see, this prayer recognizes the importance of sowing love in the hearts of the new generations, in this way peace can be truly guaranteed in the future, all young people who welcome God in their hearts will grow up to do good, That is why in this prayer so much is asked for young people, the reason is that the evil with which they are growing at the moment is appeased.

Last conclusions

As can be seen in the  Prayer for Peace that each one of the religious has made, they all have something in common, God is asked to instill a little of his love in people, this with the reason that they can be strong enough to forgive, also so that they move away from those paths of terrorism and can live in peace with the rest of the world.

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