Effective and fast prayer to get a job

Effective and fast prayer to get a job

Getting a job can be a stressful task for many people, in some cases it can also be very difficult, that is why in this article we bring the Prayer for Work , which has proven to be quite effective and powerful in helping people.

Prayer to find a job

Jesus, eternal heavenly father:

My father, my guide and strength, I praise you my savior, You have here your son who has sinned, but who adores you, You are praised for your love, your eternal goodness and the security that you give us Father, that for you who Everything is possible and you can do everything, Because your grace is immense and you never abandon me And in moments of agony you never let go of my hand.

You are bread, you are life, you are love and consolation, In the shadows your light guides me, I come to you, kneeling, my beloved Father, I come again to pray for your eternal goodness, for your protection, Because I know that, from your hand , I will fear nothing and I will lack nothing, Because you, my lord of kindness, help the burdened, I beg you to alleviate my worries, I beg you. I ask that my request be answered, relieve my pain and my burden.

Father, my beloved risen Jesus, Look at my needs and help me to bear them I beg you for a new job, my father Because I know your plans are perfect, but I feel cornered I come to you to make my job request I need that job to support me family.

I know that you, in your enormous kindness, will not let me down Because I will not fear from your hand and I will feel relief I beg you, father, that my longing be conceived quickly.

Blessed and heavenly Father. I know that you will open doors and windows of hope for me. I know that in your immense mercy you will find a decent job for me Help me, my lord, to be patient and be rewarded Make me have a decent, prosperous and stable job Intercede in my request to establish myself financially Make me a provider and bless my food I beg you for that job or for starting my own business Help me in my burden, I beg you my lord.

You Father, fill the hearts of your children with peace of mind Relieve the heart of this deer of yours who needs you more than ever Do not abandon me in this moment of despair Take my hand and show me the path I must travel Support me in this moment of despair that only you know how to alleviate I know that you never leave your children alone Because you are a Father full of mercy In this hour of despair and lack I take your hand, feeling relief and hope You who know the desires of my heart know that I need that job

That it be a job that pleases me and fills me as a person. My God, thank you for your love and kindness Thank you for loving me and forgiving all my sins I believe in you, Amen. Blessed are you forever, Lord! Then pray an Our Father to gracefully end the prayer for a job. God will listen to your request if you do it with a lot of faith.

In this prayer you can see how Jesus Christ is asked for help directly to get a job, he is asked for strength and guidance to know where to look, in addition, he is also asked for help because for him there are no impossible things. This prayer shows that in itself it works as a constant prayer, this is motivated by the fact that we must ask with perseverance and faith for Jesus to intercede for us.

Jesus is asked to look at our needs, the better than anyone understands what it is to have them, therefore, he is asked to help us get a job. It is also trusted that since Jesus Christ is kind, he will not leave our request unattended. Jesus Christ is seated at the right hand of God the father, therefore, he can intercede for us before God much faster and ask for us.

Prayer to San Judas Tadeo for Work

O faithful servant, who accompanied your teacher in the work of teaching the word. You who shared bread with Jesus, I cry out for your presence in this place. May your light energy give us well-being.

I come worried about my work and I come to you to find comfort. My work is vulnerable and I fear for my stability. I take care of my family and with my work I support their well-being.

I beg you holy patron, I commend my soul so that you heal it from all evil and give it vitality. I need your help to find a job and improve my finances. I admit that I have forgotten you, but I promise to honor you with devotion.

Be a faithful believer so that those who do not believe, believe. So that those who do not know about you, know you and witness the benefits of your power. Lord, beloved, of impossible cases, I ask you for help in my work.

I ask you for help especially for this reason, (In this part of the prayer the request is made to the saint with all possible faith). Thank you San Judas Tadeo. Amen.

In this prayer, San Judas Tadeo is asked for help to give us his support when it comes to finding a job, the reason is that he was by Jesus Christ’s side and accompanied him in his work, for this reason he can intercede for us before Jesus to help us in our search. Also in this prayer you can see that the person who prays it shows that she is desperate, that is, she does not hide her true feelings.

Prayer to the Holy Spirit for work

Holy Spirit: The sign of love of the Supreme Being and his only begotten son, Jesus, You, who illuminate the world with your resplendent light and your unconditional love, approve my request that, with great humility and simplicity, I make in your name.

Today I need your trust and security, so that the gift that the everlasting God keeps for me, is a stable job that comes into my life.

Holy Spirit, guide my steps on the right path, so as not to fall into conflicts with adversaries or obstacles, which prevent obtaining full employment. Fill my soul with your divine will, motivate my hopes and shield my body, my hardworking hands and my tired face, that worthy work never lacks in my life.

Holy Spirit, You, who are the seed of Christ on the cross, who were scattered throughout humanity, to save us from our sins, spread yourself in my life now, so that the work I need may flow in it.

Spirit of love, unique alert from our almighty Lord, God, and his son, Savior of each one of the beings that inhabit the Earth, that today, be your will that triumphs, forever and ever. Amen and amen.

This time the Holy Spirit is asked, this  Prayer to Ask for Work has as a particularity that it appeals to the love that God has for his son Jesus, also to the way in which the holy spirit illuminates the world with love, therefore, in the name of said love asks that you listen to our plea to get the job that we so much need.

He is also asked to guide us, with his guidance we can go further, without failing along the way, without tripping over obstacles or people who want to harm us, so that, in this way, we can follow a path in a straight line that leads us directly to what we are asking for.

Last conclusions

As you can see, all the prayers to find a job have in common that we show our desperation before God, also we always ask the entity (either a saint, Jesus or the Holy Spirit etc.) to which we are praying to intervene as a mediator to help us.

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