Chakra alignment, what is it and what are they for?

Chakra alignment, what is it and what are they for?

Our body is made up of 7 chakras or also known as energy points, it is these points or areas where the greatest energy charge is concentrated. In this post we are going to know how the alignment of chakras is, what is it and what is it for? Do not stop reading it, the topic contained here will be very interesting.

Chakra Alignment

The alignment is nothing more and nothing less than balances each one of the energy points, this is done through an Eastern technique that is known as reiki, through this mentioned technique it is possible to transmit energy by various means such as pendulums , hands, volcanic stones, quartz, crystals, magnets, to align the energy chakras of the human body.

As previously mentioned, they are the energy zones or points that govern the human body, each of these points regulate the expulsion of bad energies that we must release from our body. For the alignment or unlocking of the chakras to be carried out perfectly, the entire flow of energy that transits must be put into operation, this in order to open each and every one of the chakras in their entirety and this makes us we can keep totally healthy in mind, body and spirit.

The chakras that make up our entire body are the 7 psychic and energetic points that control our entire body, and through each of them it is possible to regulate or control both the entry and exit of the energies that our body manages to perceive or attract. The chakras that our body has are located in areas such as; the coccyx, the crown, can also be located in the plexuses, or can even be located in the various nerve and vascular filaments between tissues.

If we talk about the physical, each of the chakras that are in our body control a specific organ or gland of our body, which are connected to the various parts of our body and that to different parts of the body that They vibrate at the same frequency. Every part of the body system; the organs or glands connect to a specific chakra as mentioned above and each of these chakras connect to a color vibrational frequency.

It can be mentioned that the heart chakra is distinguished by the color green, this chakra also controls the thymus gland, in the same way it is responsible for the perfect functioning of the heart, bronchial system, lungs, lymphatic glands, circulatory system, the immune system, as well as also, the hands and arms.

There are various circumstances that can unbalance or unblock our chakras, but the main reason that should be highlighted is stress, since through it the defenses of our body go down completely and through this they manage to attract various emotional and physical disorders in our body. Therefore, reiki not only acts on a physical level, but also emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

If positive energy flows through our body, we will feel good, calm, healthy, positive and in excellent spirits. When, on the other hand, our spirits are very low, sad, discouraged, depressed, dull and blocked, it is because our body is energetically very charged and polluted and therefore an energetic cleansing and a very good alignment of chakras is needed.

It is important to mention that when our chakras are correctly aligned, the body has a positive and harmonic energetic connection and on the contrary, when any of our 7 chakras is not correctly balanced, our energies do not work well and that is when it is said that in our body there is an imbalance and it will be affected by this energy failure.

For a correct balance, a specialist must be consulted, for example, therapy centers in order to be able to solve the situation we are facing, and in this way we can eliminate all that discomfort that is afflicting us (whether physical or emotional) and in this way you can again enjoy a life full of peace and tranquility.

Each chakra is located in a particular area and with a specific purpose they are not located within our body at random, each one has a specific location and function to fulfill in our body and to improve it 100%.

It is relevant to mention that there are various types of meditation that can help us with the alignment of the chakras, and that in this way we can fully balance the inner energy of our body.

After the alignment of your chakras begins, you will feel the changes in your mood, you will feel happiness, joy, security and friendship. In order to balance your chakras you must take a deep breath, concentrate, relax your whole body and connect your mind only with positive energy and block any thought or positive energy that can interfere with the alignment of all your energy.

What is it for?

You may wonder what the alignment of the chakras is for? Next, we will answer that question that arises in your mind and we will describe what it is for and how it can help us improve or heal within us and how we should proceed with the alignment:

  • The alignment of the chakras helps you to progress in your daily life since it eliminates the bad energies that can affect you, it eliminates the energetic blockages of your system.
  • It blocks the escape of energies so that in this way the tiredness of our body can be relieved, as well as the feeling of reluctance and discouragement that may be affecting our body.
  • It is very important to mention that if our chakras are correctly aligned, your body is filled with positive energy and in this way it heals your inner body and your physical body.
  • The alignment of the chakras. Relieve your heart and any sadness that may not be afflicting you, eliminate from your life any hatred or resentment that may have been stored in your heart for a long time and that hurts you.
  • Your aligned chakra manages to open your mind and in this way it is possible to sharpen your sixth sense, in this way doors are opened so that positive and good things can come to your life for you and your surroundings respectively.
  • Your day to day begins to flow positively and therefore good things begin to go well in your life and that of your entire environment such as; health, prosperity and love.
  • Being energetically aligned helps you reduce stress, negative things, hatred, grudges, worries and all those bad thoughts that come to your mind.
  • What can be highlighted most about what the alignment of the chakras is for is that once you start this process you begin to feel good about yourself, open your internal vision and feel located, aware and with a very defined mind about what What do you want and where are you going?
  • Open the paths for good and positive things to come into your life.

What are the chakras?

Since we know what the alignment of the chakras is, it is important to know what the chakras are, the Sanskrit word chakra which means a wheel of light or is also known as a wheel of energy, and this word refers to the connection that exists between our mind and our body through various energy centers (chakras).

As is already known because it has been mentioned throughout the section, our body is made up of 7 chakras, which are connected to each other through different energy flows within your being and, therefore, they can be considered as those in charge of regulating the different parts of the body and their connection with the universe.

It should be considered that, for oriental medicine, our body is considered as a “whole” where the mind (energy) and respectively the body (matter), are deeply connected. It can be said that one is totally involved with the other and vice versa.

But it is also important to mention that when considered to be part of energy it can also be related to; nature, the earth, the cosmos, etc. Therefore, a human being cannot be treated independently, but rather, all kinds of energy flow within him and, in order to heal ourselves, we must balance both internally (ourselves) and externally (with the universe).

Benefits of Chakra Alignment

Each of the chakras that make up the structures of our body are totally connected, which is why their correct functioning will depend on the stability of the other respectively, in this way it can be said that we are going to enjoy one and maintain good energy in harmony, clean and aligned, we are more connected with our inner world and our creative potential arises in great proportion.

The alignment of our chakras begins from highest to lowest, that is, ascending in a way that is related to the universal consciousness, it can be mentioned that the most basic chakras are the physical or the earthly, which are the first three and after that the more subtle and spiritual ones continue to alienate upwards.

To proceed, activate or align the chakras or the energy zones that our human body possesses, it provides us with the following benefits. Next, we are going to know each of the benefits that they provide us. As well as each of our chakras, which as we already know are 7 in total and what they mean or provide us with:


  1. It is located in: the perineum
  2. If it is not aligned, it generates: envy, lust, gluttony, shyness and lack of concentration.
  3. To activate it you can: dance, run or walk (preferably barefoot).
  4. Meditate on: on topics such as health and beauty.


  1. It is located in: the sacrum bone
  2. If it is not aligned, it generates: addictions, sexual apathy, neurosis.
  3. To activate it you can: swim, dance.
  4. Meditate on: raise awareness and open your mind.
  5. anahata

It is located in: the heart

  1. If it is not aligned, it generates: lack of creativity, selfishness, heart and respiratory diseases, inability to love.
  2. To activate it you can: forgive others and yourself, breathe very deeply, inhale and exhale.
  3. Meditate on: on universal love.
  4. vishuddha

It is located in: the throat

  1. If it is not aligned, it generates: throat and thyroid diseases, communication problems.
  2. To activate it you can: express and communicate everything you feel, sing.
  3. Meditate on: serenity and self-confidence.


  1. It is located in: the third eye, between the eyebrows.
  2. If it is not aligned, it generates: insomnia, distrust, mental confusion.
  3. To activate it you can: repeat the OM mantra several times, attend a therapeutic center to receive therapies.
  4. Meditate on: develop spirituality, intuition, inner light.


  1. It is located in: the crown.
  2. If it is not aligned, it generates: depression, hopelessness, loneliness, lack of concentration, arrogance.
  3. To activate it you can: fast, practice
  4. Meditate on: a union with the divine and eternal power.

Where are the chakras of the body located?

 As already mentioned, there are 7 chakras that make up the body and they are located in specific areas of our body and each of those are the following:

First Chakra (Muladhara Chakra)

The first chakra that is located in the perineum, in this area is where our genitals and anus are located, this chakra blocks any feeling of fear that we may have, and at the same time helps us to mature, as well as to make the best decisions for our life.

Second Chakra (Svadhisthana Chakra)

Our second chakra is located at the base of the spine, that is, specifically in the lower back, it can be mentioned that it is between the obligor and the pubic bone. As far as is known, this chakra is blocked respectively with guilt, but when our entire body is in perfect harmony, this chakra works perfectly and in this way we will feel capable of overcoming any situation.

Third Chakra (Manipura Chakra)

For its part, the third chakra is located above the navel specifically, this chakra is the one that gives us the stability that helps us improve every day, as well as being able to grow as people and transform ourselves. It blocks with shame.

Fourth Chakra (Anahata Chakra)

The fourth chakra is located just behind our heart and it is the one that allows us to continue moving forward, as well as being in charge of us being able to communicate with others and also being in charge of us being able to establish personal relationships, either ; couple, friendship or simply a family relationship. It is blocked with pain and sadness.

Fifth Chakra (Visudha Chakra)

This chakra is located just behind the throat, and it is in charge of increasing creativity, and in the same way it helps us to have free expression, therefore, to understand ourselves better. It is blocked by lies or self-deception.

Sixth Chakra (Ajna Chakra)

The penultimate chakra is specifically located on the forehead and is known as the third eye, this chakra is the one that respectively unites us with divine spirituality, the cosmos and space. It is blocked with individualism and selfishness.

Seventh Chakra (Sahasrara Chakra)

The seventh and last chakra is the one located in the crown, more specifically behind the head, this chakra is the one that manages to locate us with infinity, as well as with the eternity of the mind, that is, with the energy that does not understand or of time and much less of space. It is blocked with the feeling of attachment to the world.

Mantras to align the chakras

If our chakras encounter some type of imbalance, it can affect us in a negative way since it causes us discomfort or frustration and in this way your whole world is completely altered since the energies of your body do not flow normally and your body remains stagnant. and preventing correct operation.

For this reason, when all our chakras become unbalanced, we must find a way to balance them in their entirety so that they flow normally again and thus feel good again. There are various styles or ways to align the chakras and one of them is through mantras. .

It is important to mention that mantras are sounds that are emitted when we are reciting some type of prayer in particular, these prayers are designed to calm our mind and meditate, there are various existing mantras that can be used to balance and align our chakras by means of this method. For this reason, here we are going to describe mantras that will help you unlock each of your energy points:

  • Proceed to sit on the floor, with your back completely straight, place your legs one on top of the other, squint your eyes and relax completely.
  • Then you must proceed to put all your attention on the chakra that you want or must balance, placing all your attention of your mind on that point of your body and in this way now all your attention will be focused on the chakra that you need to heal.
  • The existing mantras are diverse, for example we can mention the following; “Lam”, “Om”, “Yahm”, “Ram”, etc. The ideal is that each of these mantras, when using them, lengthen the last letter of the mantra as much as possible and in this way you can emit the vibratory sounds that you require (for example, “Lammmmmmmmmmmmmmm”).
  • After you are clear about the mantra that you are going to use following the previous recommendations, you must continue visualizing the mantra that you have to heal and balance and concentrate totally. When you finally manage to obtain the required concentration, you must rotate a spiral of light clockwise.
  • When, through total concentration and the use of the mandra of your choice, you find yourself better with yourself. You must spin a whirlwind of energy and thus find out which other energy point you must heal and balance.

Mantras are sounds that, by constantly repeating themselves, generate manifestations of spiritual energies. As previously mentioned, there are various types of mantras and they all have a specific general function; pronouncing a mantra slowly and deliberately, for example, the mantra that is known as pharaoh is used to make astral travel easier.

The indicated way of pronouncing this popular mantra is by breathing deeply and, as already mentioned, the last syllable should be lengthened as much as possible, for example, it should be done, as well as, always keeping in mind that breathing is not must force.

The mantras, in addition to being sounds that are emitted, are gestures and positions that are made with the hands and fingers, thereby helping to balance and channel spiritual energies so that the mantras fulfill their specific function, which is to balance that chakra that you want to heal completely. Both the hands and the fingers must be placed in a specific position and this must be completed with the realization of energy circuits with our body. In this way all that energy will take its course and will begin to channel.

Align the chakras with meditation

With the use of meditation, it is also a good option to achieve the alienation of our chakras, with meditation you can control and unblock all those chakras that are unbalanced and with this you manage to clarify and connect each one of your thoughts and feelings, and in this way This way you will connect with your inner self and at the same time this self will connect specifically with the rest of the world.

When we go into meditation we have the ability to calm our mind, when our mind is totally calm our body will completely relax and we will achieve a great sensation of peace, pleasure and absolute well-being.

There are various existing types of meditation that you can use to control any of those 7 chakras that may be unbalanced inside you, and through meditation you enter a meditative state and you manage to focus on any of the 7 chakras. Once you enter a state of meditation, your mind generates the power to unblock and interconnect everything so that the energy flows in its entirety, the meditation should last approximately half an hour at the start of the session, you should try to relax the mind and just focus on the meditation.

gems and chakras

The use of gems is another good option to achieve the perfect balance of the chakras, since gems are precious stones that emanate from nature and like everything that comes from the earth, it is full of positive energy and therefore it will help us control , balance and unblock each of our chakras, giving it the strength and vitality to heal. The human being is part of the world just like the stones, so they are very helpful for our energies.

To recover the correct functioning of the energies of your body, you must place the gem on the chakra that you want to heal, and after the gem is positioned where you must enter into meditation using the indications that have already been given previously, in order to achieve the objective of seeking the balance of our chakras. If you want you can play relaxing music and in the same way light an incense of your choice to make relaxation more effective.

chakras and yoga

Yoga is another very effective option to achieve a perfect alignment of the chakras and the most used within Eastern cultures, with yoga you get to totally strengthen your body and thus achieve optimal physical conditions through this exercise, to do yoga The use of deep meditation is also required since through meditation and yoga you can find a way to heal the bodily discomforts that afflict you.

Through the various yoga postures, the mind is sought to leave the body through a deep meditative state and through it an intense connection with the cosmos can be achieved.

When you start with the yoga exercises you must first start with a good relaxation session which will induce you to meditate in which you can pronounce some while if you want, then you are in the meditative state that you require you can start with yoga exercises, in this way begin to concentrate on balancing all the energies of your body and in turn be at peace like the whole world and what surrounds you.


Reiki is a type of spiritual therapy that aims to transmit vital energy through the hands, many people associate reiki with magic, but most totally ignore all the mysticism that surrounds this practice and only focus on seeing it and Use it as a relaxation and meditation therapy. Through which we seek to alienate each and every one of the chakras that may be unbalanced and through reiki we can also cure any type of illness such as physical and spiritual self-healing.

Reiki is an ancient practice that only seeks to completely harmonize your being and your body through universal vital energy in order to harmonize, block and control all the chakras of our body and mind, also as previously mentioned through reiki. you can treat and heal physical and spiritual illnesses, thus finding the physical and mental balance you are looking for. The Japanese monk Maiko Usui was the person who discovered this great healing technique.

A maximum duration of reiki should last approximately 45 minutes to balance and align the chakras, the patient or the person who requires the alignment must remain completely on their side and dressed, during the session relaxing music will be played and aromatherapy incense will be lit leg a more optimal relaxation of the person who needs it.

The therapist will begin to place his hands in the different areas where the chakras to be healed are located and by laying on his hands he will make the energies flow. The patient has to go into a total and deep relaxation to feel a great sense of peace and tranquility, it is normal that many people in the middle of the session can fall completely and soundly asleep, we must bear in mind that this does not affect the result at all end of therapy.

Many patients state that they feel sensations such as; tickling, heat, cold in various areas of the body, this will occur as the energy flows throughout the patient’s body.

It can also be mentioned that certain sensations are experienced such as; float, see different colors, feel different emotions that emanate from the outside of our being, in the same way there are patients who comment or state that they feel absolutely nothing during the session, of course this does not mean that the session does not work the sanctions that can be feeling will depend on the patient’s state of health and who is affected, the number of therapies that the patient will need will be indicated by the therapist according to their evolution.

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is a good start for a person who wants to start with meditation as a tool for mental control and balance, meditation is very easy and effective, this practice will help you relax, balance your energies that need to heal and enter into a total relaxation with your body and your soul. Guided meditation helps you in its entirety to; develop inner peace and reconnect with the present, as well as reduce your stress, improve your health and make you appreciate the little moments in life.

Meditation has the ability to transform and eliminate all that negative energy that may be invading your body, through this practice you can release all that bad emotion that hurts and is not good for your body and mind, the sensations of; fear, rage, insecurity, sadness completely blocks you and does not allow you to flow, but guided meditation will help you to reorganize and let your energies flow.

There are various types of guided meditations that come to make a good option for what we are looking for, we will mention some of them:

  • traditional meditations
  • Relaxation and body scan
  • meditation with visualization
  • Affirmations
  • meditation with binaural tones

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