Do you know what God's promises are for the family?

Do you know what God’s promises are for the family? Discover them here

For almost everyone, the family is a very precious asset, since it is what gives, in a certain way, meaning, direction and purpose to life. That is why in this post, we will dedicate ourselves to offering you a description of the promises that God has left to protect the family, to guide it and bless it, in accordance with Christian principles.

What are God’s promises for the family?

Normally a promise refers to someone’s commitment to carry out something or give something.

If the promise comes from someone trustworthy, it implies that it will have power to transform the mind and attitude of the person to whom it is promised, as this lights the flame of hope in that person, who may be depressed, fearful or worried.

Now, when we talk about God’s promises for our family, these are the commitment that He has made to us and our loved ones.

But the greatest and most significant thing is that God committed himself by grace and love to us, he did not do it out of obligation, nor because he was forced to do so.

That is why the Almighty, who, as we know, is a whole being, fulfills what he promises. Hence the great value of his promises, since there is no one more reliable in the entire universe than God.

Forever, He made, fulfilled and fulfills His promises with works through His words and He has said that His word is eternal and cannot fail. In this way, he created the universe, the earth, and everything in it.

It is not for nothing that the Bible explicitly points out that the Word of God is sustained by everything that exists thanks to Him, as expressed in Hebrews 1:3.

As He promoted the institution of the family from the union of man and woman, He left us the promise that He would be faithful to it, that He would consecrate and strengthen it through love.

This is what he confesses to us in Psalms 117:1,2, in which he clearly offers us a great promise regarding families and says that his faithfulness is forever.

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Which are?

We can point out some of the promises that the Holy Father has left us reflected in the Holy Scriptures, in order to verify how the Holy Father took care to watch over her forever. It is advisable to review and read them customarily in such a way as to reaffirm them all the time. Thus, we have the following promises.

of prosperity

These promises refer not only to the economic area, but to all areas of our lives, since the prosperity that the Lord offers us is very broad.

As children of God we have access to all the material blessings that He has destined for those who love Him. Whenever the Lord is honored in a home, there will be prosperity.

By virtue of the fact that we were redeemed by the Holy Blood of Christ before God, we returned to being honest, fair and upright in his eyes and thanks to his forgiveness God tells us that our house will have an abundance of blessings.

This is how we read it in the Bible, which is not human philosophy, but divine, which says that in the heart of God is the reward for all the upright, just and good, as Proverbs 14:11 indicates.

Joshua also in his verse 1:8 asks us that, as a family, we respect his law and do according to his Word, because in this way He makes us the promise to make us prosper in each of the projects we undertake.

Similarly, in Psalms 115:14, the word of God calls for the family to be encouraged when it says: “ May the Lord increase you and your children !

We must, then, increase our belief in God as Savior and instill in our children that faith and trust in the Lord, so that his blessings of prosperity are poured out on the family.

For its part, Psalm 23 tells us that God is our shepherd who watches over each one of us, members of a family.

of salvation

We see how each word of God involves, in one way or another, great promises for each one of us and, therefore, for our family environment.

In these passages he tells us that the whole family will be saved, both spouses and children, from eternal death, from guilt, from depression, from debts, from bitterness, from shame.

In short, of any ties they have, because the family is safe in the heart of God and, even when some members do not believe in Jesus, He promises us that they will believe, thanks to the constant prayer that must always be maintained with great faith and obedience. 

He explicitly tells us that:

  • there is no need to decline
  • You have to stay focused on this promise
  • you have to pray to get it
  • you have to trust in God
  • we must make known the Word of the Lord.

It is a simple routine that God asks us to do in order to receive this wonderful promise.

Thus, with our example, those who do not know Jesus will know and love him. It is important, then, to stay firmly focused on God’s promise that our family will be saved by our faith.

We are asked to keep in constant prayer, to ward off sin, which separates the family from God, and to repent from the heart, if we have fallen into temptation, change direction and return to the true path, which is Christ.

We find it in Romans 10:9, which tells us that by confessing ourselves devoted to the Lord and believing in Him from the heart, we will be saved.

Also in Acts 16:31, where we are assured that by believing in Jesus Christ, we and our home will be saved, thanks to the Word of the Lord that is preached at home.

We can highlight here knowing and knowing how to give due value to the promises that God makes us, as people, as a family and as a church. He protects us from falling into sin, since we are more alert and aware of the snares of the evil one.

Faithfully believing in Jesus Christ, according to the book of the Acts of the Apostles, will save the whole family, so parents are recommended to cultivate that belief in their children by confessing Christ as Lord and Savior.

of blessing

As a reward for their righteousness and honesty, God showers blessings on every home that honors Him. The family is thus gratified with all kinds of goods, for proceeding in a fair manner and according to the divine mandate.

Knowing that God blesses our home, there is peace in the heart and there is no longer fear of any disaster, disease or shortage.

Jesus tells us not to be mortified by the situations that may arise at home, since He will always be ready to send his blessings, no matter what circumstances you are going through.

This promise that God will send his favor and blessings to the righteous households must be trusted, for these are the ones that:

  • keep their faith in what the Lord has said
  • take steps of obedience
  • seek to please God
  • they are heartily sorry for their sins
  • come to the Lord to seek his guidance, and
  • reconcile with the Lord.

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of faith

As everyone knows, faith is the certainty and conviction that we have in the word of God, as Acts says in 11.1. That is why we can point out with all propriety that faith is blindly trusting that God’s promises will be fulfilled in a timely manner.

If we have that faith rooted in us, then we will have the ability to ask and make that promise manifest in the family environment.

Faith must be experienced and enjoyed at every moment of our lives, trusting that God will do everything that needs to be done for us in the right time so that things happen according to our wishes.

This is referred to us by Hebrews in 11:6 when highlighting the importance of faith to be able to please God and that whoever approaches Him must believe it with fervor. Likewise, Romans reflects it in 1.17, which affirms that the justice of God is revealed by faith and that the just will live thanks to it.

As children redeemed by God, praise to God must be professed within the family and His promises of faith must be known in order to be able to maintain a relationship between its members in accordance with divine precepts.

Christ must be received by everyone in the family, invite him into their lives and surrender to him, because he is faithful and true, he wants the good for each one of the members.

For this reason, it is correct to know the promises of life that we have predetermined for our homes, which we can find referred to in the Holy Scriptures.

Of health

As children of God, it is His Will that we have good health. For this reason, in this regard, he has foreseen from the Old Testament itself, precepts in which he speaks to us and indicates how he protects our health.

Thus we find in several verses mentions about our health and healing in which the Holy Father gives us his promises and instructions on how to maintain health.

For example, from the Old Testament we already find expressions of promises about health that the Almighty offers us. Let’s see:

  • Exodus 15:26, infers us to listen to him and carefully follow his commands and laws so that we do not fall into any disease.
  • Deuteronomy 7:15. Here the Lord promises us that he will remove all diseases
  • Psalms 103:3-4, in which he tells us that He is the one who forgives, heals, rescues and gives favors and mercy.
  • Isaiah 57:18 tells us of the promise of healing, guidance and comfort to those who are grieving.
  • Jeremiah in 33:6 promises that he will bring medicine and healing and will reveal times of peace and truth.

Also through the Holy Spirit, God has made himself present with his promises so that the family is the ground in which that seed of love, faith, protection and conservation of health grows and thus be under the good protection of the Lord.

In the New Testament we can also read:

  • James 5:15 which tells us about the prayer of faith that heals and sin that is forgiven.
  • Mark 16:18 which promises that he will lay his hands on the sick and they will recover.
  • 3 John 2 tells us that the promise of prosperity in everything and in health.
  • Luke 6:19 tells us about the healing power that came from Jesus.
  • Luke 9:2: how Jesus sent them to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.

How can we activate them?

We have already seen that the promises that have been given to us by God the Father to each of his creatures.

Through the Holy Scriptures we have them at our disposal to make use of them whenever we need them and thus be able to lead a more pleasant life in accordance with divine designs.

Now, to put them into action we must carry out the following steps:

  1. Fill mind and heart with a vision that the promise has already been fulfilled.
  2. Meditate on the promise day and night until it is real in your heart.
  3. Focus on the promise and not the circumstances.
  4. Constantly proclaim the promise out loud.
  5. Take hold of the promise.
  6. Act and speak as if it were the truth.
  7. Do not doubt the power of God’s promise.
  8. Decide to accept what God says.
  9. Always believe, speak and act until you get what is promised.
  10. Not giving up.
  11. Always do the will of God.

When one is truly convinced of the power of God’s promises, and that everything can be unleashed by faith, our life becomes an adventure of optimism, victory and faith, leaving behind that boring religious routine.

God did not create us to live immersed in negative circumstances. On the contrary, He established all the conditions for us to live happily, without disturbances. But we were tempted by the evil one and everything went wrong.

However, God had mercy on us and sent Jesus to our rescue and we were saved by his promises of salvation, faith and blessing.

Thus, any adverse circumstance that arises is merely a temporary obstacle, which is annihilated by the power of the Word of God through its promises.

The seven general promises of God

Now, in addition to the aforementioned promises, there are seven promises that God left us in general for all his children. These are:

  1. Matthew 28:20, when he tells us that he will always be with us
  2. Genesis 28:15, tells us that he will protect us
  3. Isaiah 41:10, assures us that it will strengthen us
  4. Hosea 2:21, tells us that he will answer us
  5. Psalm 32:8, tells us that he will guide us
  6. Exodus 33:14, promises us rest and
  7. Jeremiah 31:3, reveals to us that he will always love us.

The Holy Father asks us, through what he instilled in the apostles, to keep, respect and spread these promises that are his Holy Word, so that others may also become aware of them and strive to attain and enjoy them.

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The importance of the family according to divine precepts

We already know that the family is the most precious treasure of every human being, regardless of their status in terms of wealth and assets.

If we don’t have a family, it can be said that we don’t have anything. This is how God made it known to us in the teachings that he left us through Jesus.

Hence, it is necessary to strive to preserve the family, protect it and keep it together, as God’s promises tell us.

When the family is united, everyone goes in the same direction, all members work as a team, persevere together. This is indicative that everything can be achieved.

The family union is one of the institutions bequeathed by God through his promises in which he tells us that he will stay with her, strengthening her.

Now, we can ask ourselves: why did God create the family?

Well, basically for four fundamental reasons; namely:

  1. To glorify God in the relationship established between husband and wife, as expressed in the 1st letter of Corinthians 10:31.
  2. Because it represents the relationship of God with his people and that of Christ with his church, as indicated in Ephesians 5-6.
  3. To further God’s plan. We see that in Deuteronomy 6:2.
  4. Because it is the main teaching center of love and faith, according to Deuteronomy 6:7.

In the Bible we have countless examples of how He fulfilled each and every one of the promises He made at the time, not only promises to protect the family, but also individuals.

This tells us that we can confidently believe in his Word, that he will watch over the integrity of the family, of the home.

In addition, as our commitment to the Lord, we must make our children also believe in God and in his promises and that they declare Him from the heart as Lord and only Savior.

It is recommended to read among family members what the Lord offers us in the Bible for family well-being, so that everyone is aware of God’s promises, and thus be able to profess it, put it into practice and keep it for dissemination. future generations that will emerge from that family.

When we are at home, it is important to receive Christ in our hearts, to give him our life and that of that sacred place, because he is authentic and his truth transcends all generations.

The particular promises of God in our life

By discovering God and what he can do for each of us, we realize his great power and mercy, since he gives us so much, despite our faults.

It is said that He already has promises destined for each of us. And it is so!

Perhaps we have not perceived it, but some we have already received, others not, but they will come. Most significantly and importantly, we must learn to recognize those promises and the blessings they bring us. For this, it is necessary to maintain a correct attitude so that these blessings are fulfilled.

The Bible is our manual through which we can guide ourselves and learn how to perceive, receive and keep those promises and blessings. We cannot lose faith, hope and trust in God due to daily vicissitudes.

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When we feel discouraged, we distance the possibilities that those promises will be fulfilled and the blessings that we well deserve will reach us, if we have been consistent with the Lord.

God speaks to us through his Word, embodied in the Holy Scriptures, where we can find so much advice, guidance and warnings to always be on the right path and be able to enjoy the promises of life that He has prepared for each one of us.

It is appropriate to note that by acknowledging God as the Only Lord and Savior, we are extending his blessings, promises and favors to each member of the family as well.

It is important to do this acknowledgment of the Lord with a willing and convinced heart that He is the Savior.

There are many promises that are contained in the Word of God for each one of his children. It only requires that we recognize him and give him all our trust for those promises to come to us.

Now, from the promises that God established and instilled in his Son Jesus, He, by coming to live with us, bequeathed us many teachings about how the family should be.

jesus and family

As we all know, Jesus restored the family and highlighted it as an institution to be commended and respected.

The question that corresponds to us is how to contribute in a particular way with God so that his promise to protect the family is fulfilled.

We can obtain the answer from daily coexistence in our family nucleus:

  • supporting each other with family
  • helping others
  • collaborating with our church in its community activities
  • evangelizing through the Word of God in our community and
  • praying and praising our Lord at all times.

However, there are some basic things that Jesus told us about the family. Let’s see what He tells us about it through Jesus in the Bible:

  • In Genesis 1:27-28 clearly Jesus tells us that God created man and woman to be fruitful and multiply, so that they fill and dominate the earth.
  • In Genesis 2:24 God tells us about marriage as the creative basis of the family, so it has priority and live according to God’s mandates.
  • In Deuteronomy 6:6-7 reference is made to the spiritual life of the family, in which the children must be told all the time about the words of God.
    • According to this verse, they must be taught God’s commands as inspiration and blessing.
  • In the 1st letter of Chronicles 16:28-29 it is highlighted that when the family praises the Lord together, a bond of peace, joy and well-being is created between them, deepening their family relationship, since they receive the direct blessing of God.
  • In Psalm 127:3 we are told that children are part of that blessing that He grants us, so we must love them, educate them and make them share in the good things that God has given us.
  • In Proverbs 6:20 we are stressed about the importance of children’s obedience to their parents, teaching them the commandments of God. Through them, the children learn to recognize the wisdom that emerges from the parents’ mandates and the blessing that is obtained from them.
  • In Mark 3:25 God emphasizes the importance of maintaining the family unit, since a divided family cannot stand. It is essential, then, to spend quality time together, both at home and on the go.
    • It is recommended to go for a walk and share, play sports, carry out community activities together, attend church and pray together to glorify God and maintain peace and harmony.
  • In 1st Timothy 5:8 we are made aware of the importance of caring for and providing for each member of the family.
    • You must be aware of the needs and difficulties that the person may have in order to help and guide them.
    • It is essential to offer love, faith and advice to overcome the situation, just as God gave us help when he sent his Son Jesus to die in our place.
  • In 1 John 4:16, God wants to make his love clear to us and therefore He remains in us, always ready to help us.
    • Each member of the family must, therefore, be willing to ask for forgiveness and to forgive, to trust in the goodness and love of our fellow human beings, just as He and His Son do with us.
  • In Proverbs 4:1-2 he tells us about the instructions and corrections that we must make to our children, so that they do not stray from the right path.
    • It is relevant, then, to take time to talk with your children and teach them to make good decisions, giving them the proper explanations.
  • In Psalm 128:1-4 we find that we should fear the Lord, since that will bring us joy, prosperity and we will have a happy home full of blessings from the Lord.
    • However, we must clarify that fearing God does not mean that we are afraid of him. Rather, it means giving him due respect for being the Creator, giving him the reverence he deserves as our Lord and Savior, and honoring him for all that he represents to us as his creatures.
    • The Lord grants us blessings for fearing him and for obeying his commands. We have, for example, blessings of:
      • offspring, with children raised according to the teachings of Jesus
      • enjoyment and abundance of priority goods
      • family sustained in love and in harmony
      • income thanks to a decent salary product of work in accordance with our skills and knowledge.
    • To fear the Lord is to give him the reverence and respect that he deserves. God values ​​and rewards that we recognize his lordship and wisdom over us and that we live within his will.
  • In Proverbs 17:6, we are presented with the importance of each and every member of the family, so in this verse we are told to appreciate the contribution that each one has to give.
    • As we know, for a family to be well consolidated, each of its members must be recognized; namely: father, mother, children, grandchildren, grandparents, cousins ​​or uncles.
    • Everyone is valuable for who they are, for their efforts and for what they give as compassionate human beings, who help in times of illness or need.
    • Children, for their part, must learn to listen to what their parents instill in them, and thus know what to do to grow as better human beings.
  • In Proverbs 22:6 we are told that the teaching that parents should give their children so that they do not stray from the right path.
    • Therefore, they must instruct in the truth of the Word of God, in the love of Jesus and in the divine precepts, with which they will have a solid spiritual foundation.
    • That learning that children acquire from their parents and from the teachings of God will serve them today and for a lifetime.
    • Therefore, parents are required to take responsibility for these teachings towards their children and instruct them in the way of the Lord.

As children of God, we must believe and trust in his promises. They will be given to us according to his Will. It is required, therefore, to remain faithful to his Word, since nothing is impossible for him.

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We must always be diligent when it comes to acting on those promises, for He will fulfill them. God does not lie and, even when we are unfaithful, He will continue to be faithful to us.

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