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Holy Rosary: ​​Sorrowful Mysteries of Tuesday and Friday

With the reading of the following article you will know everything about the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Holy Rosary, you will also learn that they are prayed on Tuesday and Friday, in addition to some other prayers.

Sorrowful Mysteries

The holy rosary is made up of several prayers, these in turn are called mysteries and each one has a category.

There are, for example: the Glorious Mysteries, these deal with the resurrection of Jesus, there are the Mysteries of Joy that recount the childhood of Jesus and the Luminous Mysteries, these have as their theme what was the public life of Jesus and deal with issues from the process of passion to the grave.

The ultimate goal of the Sorrowful Mysteries is to call for reflection on how Jesus Christ had the strength of spirit to sacrifice himself so that the sin of humanity could be forgiven.

The Holy Rosary on Tuesdays and the Holy Rosary on Fridays correspond to the Sorrowful Mysteries. Taking a few minutes a day to pray to the one who sacrificed his life for us is the least we can do, taking into account the pain he endured in order to forgive our sins, in this way we also show him our love.

The mysteries record the life of Jesus from his infancy to his resurrection. These Sorrowful Mysteries  have the objective that those who pray and have an active faith can feel the love of God and how his energy fills them inside, these prayers narrate from the moment of his death until the moment in which he stood next to Maria.

All these prayers are a guide through the life of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Sorrowful Mysteries go from his passion to his death on the cross, where he sacrificed himself for the sin of humanity.

The objective of these prayers is not to pronounce empty words, it is about really reflecting on what the life of Jesus was, how he gave his life for the world and how his love for humanity is infinite, the objective is that when they say the prayer it is so sincere and strong, that it feels in the heavenly kingdom.

Initial Prayers

Before beginning, it is important to emphasize that at the time of prayers, attitude matters, we must be aware of what Jesus could have felt at that moment, the pain he suffered on the cross, the humiliation he received and the feeling of helplessness of his mother seeing how her son received a punishment worthy of criminals.

Opening Prayer

A prayer is made to prepare the body, mind and soul to be able to feel in the depths of their hearts the pain that Jesus felt during the entire process of crucifixion. Afterwards, a sign of the cross is made, God is asked to remove all evil from our lives and remove anyone who wants to harm us.

First Sorrowful Mystery – Jesus and the Prayer in the Garden

As was usual with Jesus, he left for the Mount of Olives, he was not alone, his disciples went with him, they accompanied him, later Jesus told them “pray so that you do not fall into temptation” later he began to pray, he He asked his father “the almighty” if it was his will to take a chalice away from him.Jesus did not want his will to be done but that of his father, he was quite clear when asking for it, just at that moment he receives a visit from an angel from heaven, this encourages him, meanwhile Jesus only prayed harder and harder, his sweat it was comparable to a lot of blood.Once the first mystery has been told, a moment will be taken to reflect. Later it will be followed by 10 Hail Marys, and a Glory to God. As well as a prayer.In this prayer he asks Jesus to forgive the sins of humanity, to free people from hellfire and to take everyone to heaven, especially those who most need God’s mercy.

Second Sorrowful Mystery – The Flagellation of the Lord

Pilate in front of the entire population, as is tradition, said: you are used to having a prisoner released for Easter. Who will they choose? Barabbas criminal and thief or Jesus? The clamor of the crowd was clear, everyone was clamoring for Barabbas to be released and for Jesus to be condemned.

Pilate asked once again what he was doing with Jesus to which the crowd again cried out for Jesus to be crucified, Pilate for the third time asked before the crowd what wrong Jesus had done to be crucified but the crowd had been clear and concise, they wanted Jesus to be crucified.

Pilate, in order to please the people, released the thief Barrabas and immediately ordered that Jesus be flogged. Christ was tied to a column while he was whipped and flogged, without contemplation they hurt him without mercy and when he was finally released he gave in to the pain.

Third Sorrowful Mystery – The Crown of Thorns of Christ

Jesus is taken to the praetorium courtyard and there they summon the entire court, only to see that the flogging he suffered by the soldiers was so brutal that his flesh was left in the open air, to cover it up he was covered with a purple rag, but not there. everything was left, he was also humiliated, insulted, spat on and slapped.

Just in case all of the above was not enough, Jesus received another humiliation, a torturous crown of thorns hammered and nailed to his head.

Jesus had his head broken by his crown, mockingly he was no longer known as the king of the Jews but now they called him the king of mockery, the ministers and the people in general only clamored that Jesus be crucified.

Fourth Sorrowful Mystery – Jesus carrying the Cross

With the cross that he carried on his back, Jesus marched straight to Calvary, that place in Hebrew is known as “Golgotha”, from among the crowd they choose a man named Simon, this man was from Cyrene, he had a farm.

Simon was chosen from among all to help carry the cross that Jesus carried. In addition to Jesus there were two criminals after him, they took 2 other thieves to die with Jesus.

Everyone was sad to see the passion that the Lord Jesus was living, but it was surprising how he carried it, the love he had when he screwed it up, he carried the cross with love, love for us humanity, that’s why it became the holy cross .

Fifth Sorrowful Mystery – The crucifixion and subsequent death of Jesus

Jesus, known as the king of the Jews, despite being nailed to the cross, stands firm despite the great pain he could suffer, opens his arms and stretches them as much as he can. The soldiers try to divide the robes that Jesus was wearing, they even throw dice to decide who is going to keep it, in this way they fulfilled the scriptures that said they would divide their clothes and cast lots on them.

To the left and to the right of Jesus were the two evildoers, Jesus exclaimed: Father, forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing! Later he only exclaimed: Father, I am going to put my spirit in your hands! Jesus cried out that he was thirsty so a soldier soaked a sponge in a glass full of vinegar that was there to later give it to the Lord Jesus to drink, when Jesus tasted it he exclaimed that everything had already been fulfilled.

At the foot of the cross lay the Holy Mary, Mary the wife of Cleofas and Mary Magdalene, there was also one of Jesus’ disciples, John.

Just seeing that Jesus cries out to his mother: Woman, there you have your son, then he tells John, there you have your mother, everything went dark for a moment, later Jesus exclaimed again that he was putting his spirit in the hands of his father heavenly, after that, finally, Jesus of Nazareth had died.

Reflection on the Sorrowful Mysteries

Once the recitation of the Holy Rosary on Tuesday and the Holy Rosary on Friday have finished, it can clearly be seen that in these Sorrowful Mysteries Jesus Christ traveled a path full of pain and suffering just to be able to forgive the sins of humanity.

Through the recitation of these mysteries, in the reading of the first prayer one can appreciate the pain he felt at having been betrayed. In the reading of the second Sorrowful Mystery you can appreciate and feel how he suffered by being flogged, spat on, humiliated and slapped in front of the crowd.

With the reading of the third Sorrowful Mystery you can feel his humiliation for being recognized as the king of the Jews having been the bearer of a crown of thorns. In the fourth Sorrowful Mystery, his pain is seen for having been forced to carry his own cross despite being so hurt.

Finally, in the Fifth Sorrowful Mystery, it can be seen how, despite continuing to be mocked, his love for humanity was so great that he asked the heavenly father to forgive them because they did not know what they were doing.

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