Prayer to Save Marriage in Christianity

Prayer to Save Marriage in Christianity

There are times when the couple’s relationship is shaken by a crisis or a conflict that threatens to destroy the stability of a marriage. For this there is the so-called Prayer to Save my Marriage , which is a prayer that if you pray it with full faith, every marriage can be recovered. Learn about this prayer in detail below.

Prayer to Save Marriage in Christianity

Dear Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we thank you for the precious present of the sacrament of marriage. Grateful for the fabulous gift that is my spouse, whom You, finished destiny, planned for me from all eternity.

Help me, my Lord, to be generous in my marriage, to give him everything for my spouse, without hiding anything, without expecting anything in return, and recognize and thank everything he (she) does for me and our family. daily, and it’s a lot.

Please give strength and protection to our marriage, as well as to everything else that is connected with us. Help us to pray together every day. Enable us to have confidence in You every day, in the way that you deserve it.

Please allow our marriage to be profitable and open to Your will in the privilege of reproduction and care of life. Help us to raise a strong, trusting, loving family, full of faith, an authentic domestic Church. Dear Blessed Virgin Mary, we entrust our marriage to you, protect our family always under your mantle.

We have complete trust in You, Lord Jesus, as you are always on our side, and continually seek the best for this couple, bringing all the best, including the crosses that you have allowed in our marriage. Adored (name of spouse): You and I are one. I promise that I will always love you and be loyal to you, I will never leave you, I would give my existence for you. With God and with you in my life I have what I need.

Thank you Jesus, You are the great greatest servant. We adore you. Amen

Morning Prayer for Marriage

The morning prayer for marriage is a prayer in request to our almighty Lord, to bless and defend our marriage from all weakness, gossip, false rumors, and whoever wants to separate us or who wants to see us argue will be separated, that any impediment that comes across in our marriage be removed.

Marriage is the strongest bond between two people, a bond of love sanctified by our God, so praying for it will be so beneficial to heal any inconvenience or wound that could affect the relationship, and thus love and peace will flow. through family and home.

«Lord, do not make it possible for the love that binds me and my partner to be lost, that in our hearts the desire to want to fight to form a better home sprout in our hearts.

Grant us wisdom, so that each decision we make affects us positively, help us in times of greatest difficulty in our relationship, and thus emerge triumphant from our setbacks, and we become more united and linked.

The doors of our hearts must be opened to spiritual renewal, so that everything returns to normal and we do not suffer more damage in the relationship.

Do not make it possible for us to never separate, so that my children do not experience the pain of parental estrangement, because we know that it is hard to face, and the consequences that will come from having the children face these facts, and never feel alone due to the absence of a father or a mother.

Give blessings to the pact of love that we have made at the altar, before your eyes one day, before all my companions and relatives, so that such seal of love never breaks or dissipates, and remains for the rest of our lives, until the death separates us. Amen”

Pray Together the Prayer for Marriage.

They must agree (if possible) to perform the prayer for marriage together. It is an act of compassion that they will be performing for their maintaining their union. They have to take time to pray together. Let us keep in mind that when you pray together as a couple, nothing will be able to stop the blessings that you will obtain in your prayer.

Husbands, understand that you have to share your existence with a being of greater weakness, such as the woman: consider her with respect since you are co-heirs of the grace that Life grants. Thus, nothing will be an impediment to prayer. (1 Peter 3,7)

God is one with you, God is love, marriage is love. Love endures over whatever comes, it will never cease to be. [1 Corinthians 13,7-8]

Let us thank God for the gift of our partner, we are called to be one with them in time and in eternity. Do not stop praying then this portentous prayer for marriages, you will not know repentance if you do it. The Lord bless you and make you a holy marriage in love.

Prayer that is transforming Marriages

Marriage is not simply about a couple, but about a trinity, where the third element is God and we have to make it possible for Him to be an essential component of it so that it is a healthy union.

If someone revealed to you that there was something you could do to make your marriage last a lifetime that you would only spend five minutes a day doing, would you commit to it? The answer that the couple prays daily to this prayer, that is all that is needed.

In this article we will present prayers to save the marriage of a large number of couples. All of them are simple but powerful prayers for marriage which you should make part of your daily routine. We must make supplications for marriages, for our marriages and for your marriage.

Why Pray a Prayer for Marriage?

Currently, marriages have suffered many attacks from society. In recent times, people are invited to live an existence in freedom “without ties” or commitments. Contemporary society seems to provide quick exits to marriages through instant divorces. They intend in one way or another to destroy the association within the authentic Christian marriage.

There are many great varieties of prayers, however, we will offer you a prayer for marriage . A converting prayer for married couples, which we hope you will find useful in closing wounds and agreeing on a new beginning.

Profound results have been seen in various marriage retreats, within which there are certified programs, which if followed properly can lead to the salvation of your marriage. Consider this prayer of the spouses as a gift for you and your loved one, for which we invite you to pray this prayer together.

Advice Before Prayer for Marriages

It is to be guaranteed to pray slowly, giving each other a hug or holding hands and seeing each other’s eyes as much as possible throughout the prayer. Will you be able to do it?. And you should not be shy about talking before or even better after praying together, just talk and feel present for each other.

It is recommended that, through the prayer that is converting marriages, try to remember the first time you saw each other, when you met your spouse. Also remember the day of your wedding. He or she is still the same person.

Perhaps in your life there have been many challenges that were not expected at that time, but both have overcome them together, and the providential fire of their pain and their love has transformed them into the unique body that they are now, and that is beautiful. .

What is the Best Time to Pray for Marriage?

You can perform this prayer any time you want. But our recommendation is to do it at dawn. Jesus woke up very early and went to pray on the mountain alone. He then enjoys that moment, in the stillness of the early morning and fervently prays the prayer for marriages.

The planet itself, requires the testimonials of solid and beautiful marriages, it is desperate for that light. We must create a culture that values ​​marriage and family, these words are said with respect. Marriage and family are sacred sacraments of God’s incalculable Love for the world.

“In such a way that what God has joined together, let it not be separated by man.” (Mark 10,9-10) You must not allow any person or anything else of a lower level than you, to separate you and your spouse. The prayer for marriage if possible should be done daily requesting protection.

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