Learn how to pray to Jesus for the job my son needs

Learn how to pray to Jesus for the job my son needs

Prayer to Jesus is a fundamental part of the spiritual life of every Christian because of the many benefits it brings us. That is why in this post we will dedicate ourselves specifically to learning how to pray to Jesus for my son’s work.

Prayer to Jesus for the job my son needs

As Christians we must always try to cultivate our relationship with Jesus and one of the best ways to do so and communicate with Him is through prayer. This is confirmed by Matthew 6:5-8 when he tells us that prayer is an intimate dialogue between God and us to show him that our genuine desire is to be with him.

Matthew also tells us that it is necessary to speak to him from the bottom of our hearts, letting him know our needs, that we are not merely repeating phrases just to impress others, but rather to have that personal encounter with Him.

In this article we want to give examples and indications of how to establish that dialogue with the Lord Jesus to present our dreams, plans, events and prayers to achieve his intercession before God the Father.

Of course, according to what Matthew expresses, God already knows what we want and need, but sometimes it is necessary to express it with words, which pleases the Father, so it serves us as a relief for our anguish.

By offering our prayers to Jesus, we are strengthening our relationship with him, drawing closer to his heart, and making our conversation more fluid and fruitful.

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In this particular case, we want to establish a conversation with Jesus to express the concern of a mother or a father for their son, who is unemployed and urgently needs to earn his daily bread honestly in order to support his family, which requires an economic income and thus be able to meet their basic needs.

We know how complicated it has become today to obtain a decent job that meets our fundamental requirements and satisfies our hearts.

That is why Jesus is turned to intercede for the affected before God, raising a prayer with great faith, so that the Almighty provides him with a job according to his knowledge and skills and with sufficient remuneration to maintain his home and power. live in peace.

In this sense, the following are examples of prayers that can be made to Jesus in order to ask for help for a son, so that he can get a good job.

We hope that these prayers will inspire those in need for similar cases and allow them to open their hearts and converse confidently with Jesus.

sentence 1

“Beloved Father, I bless your Holy Name and I am grateful that you have always heard my prayers.

I come to you, my Lord Jesus, to beg you to help me before your Holy Father and mine, so that you help my son in the need that afflicts him at this time.

He is in need of a decent job according to his skills and abilities as a recently graduated civil engineer, which will allow him to support himself, his wife and their little baby with which to satisfy their basic needs.

I know that he has done all the diligence and steps that have been requested of him before different organizations and companies in the area requesting his hiring, but so far all efforts have been unsuccessful.

I can tell you that my son is a person with deep-rooted spiritual and moral values, that he faithfully fulfills his duties and that, despite the difficult circumstances he is going through, he has never strayed from the path of God, he has always been consistent with their faith and attentive to the requirements of our doctrine.

That is why I intercede for him, not only because he is my son, but because I know that he is a good person, educated and instructed in the religious principles of our faith.

My Jesus, you know their economic situation and precariousness. I have been able to help him within my limitations, but I know that with your indulgence and mercy, you will intercede for him before Almighty God. That is why I cling to your promise: “ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find”.

Grateful for your infinite love for all of us and, especially, for my son, who even though we are sinners, pour out your blessings and mercy on us.

Keep blessing us, grant my son the appropriate job that he so much desires and needs, and allow him to successfully pursue his career there, executing it in the best way, in a professional, pleasant, ethical environment with good interpersonal relationships.

I hope, my Blessed and Forever Beloved Jesus, that, above all, you give him the sustenance required by my son to solve his economic hardships without greater complications than those derived from the dynamics of work.

Lord Jesus, listen to me, you are my hope, I trust in you and I hope for the help that I am waiting for my son. Forgive the faults I have committed and that may have offended you. I repent of having sinned and ask for your forgiveness and absolution.

Thank you my Jesus, Lord of justice, salvation and hope. Thank you very much my Lord Savior!Amen.

sentence 2

Jesus, my great Lord, forever!

You are my guide and strength in so many moments of sorrow that I go through. I always find your friendly hand, strong and comforting, that rescues me from vicissitudes and gives me the rest and peace that my afflicted soul requires.

Today I come to you to honor you, adore you and thank you for the favors granted.

But I also come to you to help my son in these difficult times that he is going through and he needs your advice, help and help urgently.

You know him and you know that he has been a careless, unconcerned person, because he was not on the right path, since the evil one had attracted him to the path of perdition.

Drinking and dishonest women had him caught in their clutches, making him commit impure acts, not according to our faith.

I, as his father, advised him on many occasions, but I feel that I was not as forceful as I should have been. I lack strength and courage to face it. I left him in your hands, My Lord, so that you could rescue him from that underworld.

You, with your infinite mercy, have entered him and little by little he has been reconsidering and becoming aware that this bad life did not bring him good things. He already got it!

Thanks to you, to your Word and because with your guidance I was able to make him return to church and begin to let himself be guided by the minister and by the readings of the Holy Word that we now do together.

Thank you again Blessed Jesus!

But I reiterate that I come to you because once again my son needs you to help him in this difficult economic situation in which he finds himself.

He has returned home, his wife and children have forgiven him, but he finds himself without a decent job to support his family.

That is why I implore you today and ask you to help him get that job he is missing.

You know that despite the circumstances, he was always a good professional in his area of ​​administration, which is why I ask you to allow him to get a job in that area, because I know that is where he will have good results very soon.

His repentance is true and now he just wants to praise you, adore you and thank you for the blessings you pour out on him.

I know that he can count on you, on your forgiveness and on your protective mantle that keeps him away from all evil.

And I come kneeling to you, my Beloved Jesus, to thank you for your immense goodness and protection towards my beloved son.

I fully trust that you will give him the job he urgently requires, because you, my Great Lord, are always attentive to the overwhelmed. You always alleviate the concerns of those who with sincere faith beg you for your Holy Blessing. Just like I read in Isaiah.

My beloved risen Jesus, see the needs of my only son and help him solve them with a new job.

I know that you, in your enormous goodness, will not leave him helpless. Hold him in this moment of despair and guide him towards the job he longed for. What is a job that pleases you and fills you as a person.

Likewise, I hope it will serve as a personal growth and make you a more collaborative, understanding, helpful and responsible person for your duties both at home and at work.

My Savior Jesus, thank you for your love and kindness, thank you for loving us and forgiving us all our sins.

I believe in you. Blessed are you forever, Lord!Amen.

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Sentence 3

Merciful and kind Jesus! Always present in my prayers to praise and adore you for the many blessings you have granted me.

Lord on this day I want to thank you for the opportunity you give me to be able to talk to you and that you listen to me.

I want to thank you, my Jesus, for the sacrifice you made for all of us by dying on the cross to redeem us from all our sins.

That is why Father, I recognize you as my Lord and only Savior.

I ask you to forgive me for all the offenses that I may have committed by action or omission, by disobeying you and having stopped doing what you like.

I humbly promise to try to change what you don’t like and cultivate everything you like about me.

Blessed be forever Lord!

Today I come to you, on the occasion of interceding for my son, who has just graduated as a lawyer with many merits, so that he can get a job as soon as possible, since both he and all his relatives are currently going through economic circumstances. difficult that require you, my Lord.

That is why I make you this prayer so that you get the right job for your condition as a new professional, so that by your infinite mercy, guide you towards the places and people who can help you in this situation.

My Lord Jesus, I ask you to keep him from all evil and all danger, because he is a sensitive person, without any malice and inexperienced in professional interpersonal relationships.

I beg you to watch over Him, who is very devoted to you, always studious of your teachings and clinging to our faith.

Keep him away from all evil that may arise before him. Protect him with your sacred mantle, make him a professional, fulfilling his duties, respectful of the laws and faithful to the divine precepts.

I ask you, Lord, that you may find a workplace where you can develop professionally and personally, harmonious among colleagues and supervisors and with a good level of income, which is what we require at this time.

I know that you are always with us accompanying us and ensuring our safety.

I also ask you to watch over my son in the workplace where he has to work.

I have no doubt that you will hear my prayer and grant my request, because you have always been magnanimous with my requests and because you are merciful to us.

That is why I dare to take that word and cover my son with your precious blood, so that you keep him under your protective mantle at all times.

I want to thank you, Lord, for that wonderful son that you have given me, because I know that you have contributed everything for him to be the person he is today.

Help me lead him down your path of love, kindness, and dedication.

In you I trust your mighty name of Jesus.

In your hands I left my son’s life.Amen.

Comments on sentences

These prayers are deeply felt, since they must be made from the heart and are of the type that please the Lord.

They are a request made to the Holy Son of Almighty God, creator of heaven and earth, so that in his infinite mercy and benevolence, he intercedes before the Father and grants him the requested favor.

In this case, which is about getting a job, the person, when requesting help, exposes to the Holy Father the urgent need of the needy brother for whom he is praying, the unfortunate situation that he and his relatives are going through.

He also points out the painful causes that led him to fall into such a critical situation and the desire to redeem himself before God, with the promise not to make the same mistakes again and his commitment to consecrate himself to Our Lord, accompanying his prayer with praises and action of Thank you.

He also gives an account of his conviction and faith that this favor will be granted to him, since the King of Kings will listen to his cry, since He knows our hearts. In addition, he left it in the Bible, in Matthew 7:7: “ Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it will be opened to you .”

Therefore, based on this verse, petitions and prayers are presented to Jesus.

important elements

Now, how do we pray? Knowing how important prayer is, it is opportune to know how to prepare our prayer to Jesus, but many times we remain speechless, because we do not know how to begin, what words to use, how to address God.

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In this regard, the Bible offers us many examples that can help us. Hence the relevance of constantly reading the Holy Scriptures and following their teachings.

However, as a guide, we will point out below some important elements that should be part of our prayer. Let’s see:

  • Adopt an attitude of praise, adoration and humility, recognizing the greatness of Jesus Christ, Savior, and remembering how He sacrificed himself for us.
  • Express our total trust in him, letting him know our dependence on his goodness and will and confirming that his intercession is the best thing that can happen to us in our lives.
  • Present our petitions, in which we ask you to come to our aid and help us solve and satisfy our physical and spiritual needs.
  • Recognize the importance of forgiveness, request your redemption and commit to Jesus that you will not sin again.

Likewise, we let you know that, for our part, we are willing to forgive and offer grace to those who have offended us. With this we make a moment of self-examination of our actions towards our peers.

In this regard, at this point, we must ask ourselves the very personal question: are we sufficiently transformed to offer forgiveness to those who have offended us? This deserves a deep reflection on our part.

  • Ask for the support of the Lord to protect us from temptations and help us not to fall into evil.
  • Request that he impregnate us with the Holy Spirit so that he gives us the due strength and not give in to the evil one.

Why should we pray?

To answer that question, simply by quoting what James tells us in 4:8, where he tells us that this is the way to approach God, it would be answered.

And that is exactly what prayer does: it brings us closer to the Father, since through it we have the opportunity to open our hearts to Him, we can tell Him what we think, ask for His support and comfort, and seek His message of wisdom.

It is a time of conversation, of dialogue, not only to talk to him, but also to listen to him and enjoy his company and his advice.

This reason alone would be enough to pray for, but there are other reasons why we should pray. Let’s review a few:

  • For God to be glorified . When making our prayer we must understand that in some way we are glorifying Him, because we are questioning Him, who is the one who knows and solves everything. For this he deserves to be glorified!
  • Because we must follow the example that Jesus gave . We can see the relationship of love and prayer that Jesus always had with his Father, while he was on earth.

That is why we must also have that same relationship of love and obedience, which is demonstrated through the conversations we have with Him in our prayers.

  • To receive physical and spiritual healing. Thanks to his infinite mercy in granting us requests for health and forgiveness of sins, we can have physical and spiritual health. This confirms to us that prayer is effective and has power.
  • Because if we ask, we receive . This is how he left it expressed in many biblical quotes, such as Matthew 7: 8-9 and with this it is corroborated how great is the fatherly love of God towards his children.
  • Because it shows confidence in God’s mercy . By presenting our problems to Jesus, we are showing him that we trust that he will solve us by his infinite mercy, we will come out of the difficult situation well by his Holy Grace.
  • To receive your peace. Through that conversation with Jesus, we can receive calm and peace for our soul that is sometimes overwhelmed by the bustle in which we continually move.

By praying, we can give Jesus those worries and problems that we have and He does not let us live and trust that He will solve them adequately. As Philippians put it well in 4:6-7.

We do not have to face the vicissitudes of life alone. If we give ourselves to the Lord, He will give us the peace we long for.

In such a way that it is important to cultivate our relationship with God, to “converse” with Him through prayers, since this will make it easier to approach Him with all confidence to speak to Him and expose our needs.

We can, then, more easily receive his mercy, his grace, his peace.

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ways to do it

In the various examples of prayer passages in the Bible, we see different ways of addressing Jesus Christ. Now, by invoking the Holy Spirit, we can understand everything that Jesus said and thus be able to know the ways to speak to him.

The different permanent ways of praying that we know allow us to pray for:

  • Bless God. We all know deep in our hearts the blessings to be given to Jesus, for all that he has done and the redemptions we have received from the Lord, for which we pray to him. That is why we present our adoration to him through prayer.
  • ask for forgiveness Through this prayer, we invoke the Father to forgive us of the faults and sins committed, making the firm resolution not to fall back into him, to seek the Kingdom of God and his divine grace.
  • Intercede on behalf of another . It allows us to request on behalf of another person the Lord’s permission to solve a problem or forgive his faults.

It is possible to do this kind of prayer also for the enemies.

  • Ask him what we need. We propose and ask Jesus to resolve a pressing situation for us, which requires his help and assistance.
  • Give thanks. We wholeheartedly thank Jesus for a favor granted, be it for a joy, for a resolved sorrow, for an event or the satisfaction of a need.

This is what Saint Paul advised in 1 Thessalonians 5:18, when he told the Thessalonians that they should give for everything.

  • Praise him . In this type of prayer, we give all kinds of praises and glories to the Lord for being magnanimous, merciful and pious towards all his children. It is like a song that is made to God for his greatness and omnipresence.

To praise God, what is indicated in the Fourth Part of the Catechism of the Catholic Church is recommended.

How to make a prayer to Jesus?

Here are some things to consider as you begin praying to Jesus.

  • Find a quiet place. Even though you can pray at any time and place, but in order to achieve the greatest possible concentration in order to express what is on your mind, it is better to do it in a quiet place, without distractions.
  • Set aside a certain time of the day . Find the right time during the day to pray. It is suggested first thing in the morning or before bed.

To do this, it is important to turn off the television or radio and put the cell phone in silent mode so that there are no interruptions.

  • Pray with other people . It is possible to pray in a group, but you must have discipline, respect for the act of prayer and give it due seriousness.

It is said that praying with another person can help strengthen your relationship with that person and with God.

praying in group
  • Pray out loud or mentally. This decision will depend on which method is more comfortable. Sometimes it is recommended to do it out loud to keep the thread of what is being expressed to God.

But, if you want to pray in private and there are people around, you can do it mentally.

Anyway, God listens one way or another, what matters to Him is when it is done from the heart.

  • Kneeling, sitting or standing. In any of these positions you can pray. For some, kneeling is the best because it shows humility before God, apart from the fact that, according to them, it helps them prepare mentally.

However, sitting, standing or even lying down are also valid positions, what matters is the concentration on what you want to communicate to God.

  • Write the prayer to be prayed. This is also a valid option, since this way the mind is not distracted when talking to God. Also, it is very useful, because if we get distracted, we can easily get back on topic.

It is suggested to start a prayer journal, if you always choose to write your prayers. On the other hand, this allows us to observe the progress in the way of praying, which corroborates the way in which God has worked in the person.

  • Call Jesus by name or adjectives of affection. Thus, we can say “Dear Jesus”, “Kind Jesus”, “my Lord” or any other name that we know may please him.
  • Recognize the greatness of God. It is important to praise God for being the creator of the world and of all things and life on Earth. This makes it great.

In addition, he takes the time to listen to the problems and hardships for which a solution is being claimed.

  • Thank God for his goodness and mercy. We already know that Jesus is merciful, loving and generous. That is why it is important to include praises in each prayer, to thank for everything in life, for all the blessings that he has given you and for answering your prayers.
  • Turn your feelings towards God. The Lord knows everything we think and believe, because of the situations he has been through and because of the feelings he has.

Praying to Jesus is not only about telling him these things, but about establishing that personal encounter with him through communication.

  • Ask for forgiveness of sins. It is recommended before any other request, ask forgiveness first for sins.

Forgiveness is asked for having failed and ask that it give us the strength not to sin again and to be better in the future.

  • Sometimes you can sin by being envious of a colleague, being mean to a brother, losing your composure before someone, or giving priority to material things before your relationship with God.
  • Sinning is not just serious and big things like stealing or lying.
  • Tell God the problems and ask for his help. The Almighty God wants you to turn to Him for any situation you are going through and ask for his support.
  • We must remember that God knows what is best for us, so we must accept his answer, which may not be what we expect.
  • You can also ask for health, for help in a complicated circumstance, for personal relationships or any other need.
  • Pray for those who have problems in the environment in which they live. Intercede for those who have a need or problem. It could be for a family member or for people from another country or for nations in conflict in the world, who are suffering. This strengthens faith.
  • Ask God to understand his answer. Sometimes we do not understand why certain things happen, when our request to Jesus was totally different.

But what happens is that Jesus has ways of responding that are difficult to detect, especially if we begin our spiritual encounter with Him.

It is important that we make a request to him that allows us to identify the signs that he sends us in response to our prayers.

When praying, you must be convinced that God answers, so you have to be attentive to his answer and not get ahead of yourself.

  • Thank God again and end the prayer. Always be grateful every time you pray, because there are many blessings that are received from Jesus.

So at the beginning and end of a prayer you should give thanks, which helps to have the right attitude.

You are thanked for listening and for the good things you know you are about to grant us.

It is suggested to pray in a different way each day, following what is presented on a day-to-day basis, depending on what is being learned or what is happening in that personal encounter with God, depending on the needs and the blessings received.

  • How to be consistent in prayer
  • Prayer is a practice that we must cultivate daily for our own benefit, but especially for the glory of God. It is therefore essential to be consistent and persevere in prayer whenever we can. This will give us strength and faith in what we ask of Jesus.
  • Pray at all times and for all the situations we go through or for the people who come to mind.
  • Continuously intercede for our brothers in faith.
  • Always invoke the Holy Spirit and ask him to give us the precise words to pray with wisdom, according to what pleases God.
  • Always approach the heavenly Father with daily prayers, short or long, according to the inspiration of the moment. This produces great joy and strengthens the relationship with Him.
  • Raise miraculous prayers to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ always based on faith and trust.
  • Fully trust that what is granted is a divine miracle that glorifies, but also provides the opportunity that the spiritual request made to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ will be promptly attended.
  • Always surrender body and soul to the Savior every time a prayer is made, so that all the sins of which one is sorry may be forgiven.
  • Pray constantly praising God and thanking him for all he has done for us and asking for his support, comfort and strength.
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Can I talk to God and can I listen to him?

This is a question that we all ask ourselves when we begin this personal encounter with God and the answer is found in the Bible itself and it is definitely affirmative.

In the Old Testament, it is revealed to us that Abraham, Moses and the prophets always spoke with God and listened to him. In fact they left their writings in which they made reference to it.

Regarding the New Testament, we find that Jesus teaches us how we can establish a relationship with the Holy Father God and all of this was documented through the apostles in their different letters and books.

This experience of prayer that is heard and answered by God has been had by thousands and thousands of people for many centuries.

Reliable evidence is the saints, who are an example that in different times and under different circumstances, God has sought out certain people to communicate with them and “talk” and they have even been able to respond by maintaining a true dialogue with Him.

In this regard, it has been conclusively stated that:

  • To listen to the Lord, it is necessary to learn to contemplate him in his proper dimension, which one must know how to understand.
  • We must also learn to perceive his presence in our lives, in the sometimes imperceptible details that require a lot of attention on our part.
  • It is necessary to pause within the daily routine to dialogue with Him, through a space that must be reserved in a very special way for that conversation.

Finally, let us keep in mind what Pope Francis pointed out to us about prayer in his audience on May 1, 2013, in which he said: “ Each one of us, including you boys, girls, young people, so numerous this morning, should ask themselves: What space do I leave to the Lord? Do I stop to dialogue with Him? Since we were little, our parents accustomed us to start and end the day with a prayer, to educate us to feel that the friendship and love of God accompany us. Let us remember the Lord more in our journeys .”

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