Prayer to the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe

Prayer to the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe: Step by Step

Today we bring you an article about the prayers of our Virgin Mary of Guadalupe, who today is considered the patron saint of Mexico. Every day there are many people who entrust themselves to her power and ask her to intervene in their lives and help them achieve prosperity, peace, love, success and much more. We will teach you different prayers so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and devotion.

Prayers to the Devotion of the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe

Below we leave you with some of the most used prayers to make a request, ask for help, request protection, among other things; to the Virgin of Guadalupe.

Prayer of the Virgin of Guadalupe

« Most Holy Virgin of Guadalupe, Mother of God, Lady and our Mother. We come here to prostrate ourselves before your holy image, which you left stamped on Juan Diego’s Tilma, as a sign of love, kindness and mercy. The words you said to Juan with ineffable tenderness still resonate: Juan, my dear son, whom I love like a little and delicate one.

When radiant with beauty you appeared before his sight on the Tepeyac hill. Make us deserve to hear in the depths of our soul those same words. Yes, you are our mother, the most tender and compassionate mother. That you left everything for us and allowed us to be with you under the mantle of your protection, remaining imprinted in your image of Guadalupe.

Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe, show that you are our mother and defend us in temptations, comfort us in sadness and help us in all our needs. In dangers, in illnesses, in persecutions, in bitterness, in abandonment and at the hour of our death, look at us with compassionate eyes and never separate from us. Amen « .

Second Prayer to the Virgin of Guadalupe

« O Immaculate Virgin! Mother of the true god and mother of the church. You, who from this place show your clemency and your compassion to all those who request your protection; Listen to the prayer that we address to you with filial trust and present to your son Jesus, our only Redeemer.

Mother of mercy, teacher of the hidden and silent sacrifice. To you, who go out to meet us sinners, we consecrate on this day all our being and all our love. We also consecrate our life, our jobs, our joys, our illnesses and our pains.

Give peace, justice and prosperity to our peoples; since everything we have and are, we put under your care, our lady and mother.

We want to be totally yours and walk with you the path of full fidelity to Jesus Christ in his church: do not let go of your loving hand.

Virgin of Guadalupe, mother of the Americas, we ask you for all the bishops, so that they lead the faithful along paths of intense Christian life, love and humble service to God and to souls.

Contemplate this immense harvest and intercede so that the Lord instills a hunger for holiness in all of God’s people. He grants abundant vocations of priests and religious, strong in faith and zealous dispensers of the mysteries of God. Amen « .

Third Prayer to the Virgin of Guadalupe

« O Virgin of Guadalupe! Mother of America. Spread your protection over all the nations of the continent and renew their fidelity to Christ and the Church. It arouses purposes of equity and rectitude in its rulers. Protect the brothers of Juan Diego so that they do not suffer discrimination. Take care of the children and keep the unity in their families. May your clemency, your compassion and your protection always be manifested from this image that is your image. We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen « .

Prayer to the Virgin of Guadalupe for Protection

This prayer of the Virgin of Guadalupe is mainly used by those who want to ask for protection from a threatening situation, difficulty, setback or from an enemy:

« O Virgin of Guadalupe! Teach us to always work on the path of good, to follow the teachings of your beloved son Jesus; as he himself in his word educated us.

We seek your blessing and guidance to follow the commands of your son, who is our redeemer and savior.

Beautiful lady of heaven and earth. You, Glorious brunette from Guadalupe, who have always shown us your goodness when full of problems we have come to you, who have covered us with your protective mantle when we have cried sincere tears before you.

Pure Virgin of Guadalupe, Blessed Mother of God. I ask you to intercede before your son Jesus so that he may be my defender and guide, so that he allows me to find all the doors open to my path and my paths clean and clear.

Ask the Holy Spirit, to be my north and fill me with intelligence and wisdom in my decisions, so that I can move forward and find the best solutions to the obstacles that are in front of me. In this way, to be able to get away with what afflicts me and does not allow me to sleep.

Oh my lady, how full of grace you are! Immaculate Virgin of Guadalupe give me your light, give me strength to continue. Give me your powerful mediation so that the miracle I am waiting for can finally arrive.

Oh, most holy lady of Guadalupe! You who are in heaven, come to my aid, because for you there are no impossible because you are miraculous. That’s why I entrust myself to you today, so that your hands never stop blessing me.

Oh pretty little mother! Pray for me and for all your children, never stop praying to God for us sinners. Amen « .

At the end of the prayer you can make the request for which you are saying the prayer and then pray three Hail Marys, followed by an Our Father and a Glory Be. It is recommended that if you are going to pray this prayer, you do it for seven consecutive days.

Fifth Prayer

« O Holy Virgin of Guadalupe! Mother and queen of our country. Here you have us humbly prostrate before your prodigious image. In you we entrust all our hope. You are our life and comfort. Being under your protective shadow and in your maternal lap, there is no reason to be afraid of anything. Help us on our earthly pilgrimage and intercede for us before your divine son Jesus at the moment of our death, so that we may be able to achieve the eternal salvation of the soul. Amen « .

Prayer to the Virgin of Guadalupe to Intercede for the Solution of Problems

If you have a problem for which you are not able to find the solution, do not worry, this prayer to the Virgin of Guadalupe is ideal for it.

« Oh my mother from Guadeloupe! Most Holy Lady, daughter of God the Father, you who are pure, full of glory, sweet and blessed; do not leave us without your help dear mother, deliver us from all dangers and help us in need. Favorably solve our problems, however difficult they may be, because we know that nothing is impossible for you.

To your merciful heart, completely full of love, magnanimity and sweetness, and before the feet of your sacred image, today I want to entrust you with my difficult and almost impossible problems, anguish and pain. I prostrate myself before you and put my desperate needs for which I find no way out, for being superior to my human strength and that you; As my mother, you know well.

Problems for which I see no solution, difficulties that seem insurmountable to me, afflictions that overwhelm my heart and soul; causing me to feel overwhelmed, alone, abandoned, disgusted and upset. For this reason, my holy mother of Guadalupe entrusted him to you, so that you do the impossible to give him a satisfactory solution.

O glorious Mother! I am sure that with your power of mediation, with the love you feel for all of us, your children and with your immense kindness, you will not let the anxiety and despair that invades me today and suffocates me, remain hopeless. In your blessed and holy hands I commend my life, my faith, my hope and my whole being; never leave me and never leave me. Mother, give me your help and your protection and make me bless the father, the son and the holy spirit. Amen « .

Sixth Prayer to the Virgin of Guadalupe

« God of power and mercy, how great you were to bless the Americas at Tepeyac with the presence of the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe. May her intercession help all men and women to accept each other as brothers and sisters.

For your justice be present in all our hearts and let peace reign in the world. We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ; your son who lives and reigns with you, by the holy spirit and by you, almighty god who knows no impossible. Forever and ever. Amen « .

Seventh Prayer to the Virgin of Guadalupe

« Holy Mary of Guadalupe, pink mystic: intercede for the church, protect the sovereign pontiff and listen to all those who invoke you in their needs. Just as you could appear at Tepeyac and tell us: I am the Virgin Mary, mother of the true god. Make it possible for us to be able to reach your divine son through our Faith. You are our sweet hope in the bitterness of this life. Give us an ardent love and the grace of final perseverance. Amen .”

Eighth Prayer to the Virgin of Guadalupe

« Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe, I ask you on behalf of all my brothers in the world, the grace to bless and protect us. Give us a proof of your love and goodness as we offer you our supplication and prayer.

Oh Most Pure Virgin of Guadalupe! get us from your son, the forgiveness of our mistakes, the blessing of our work; the remedy for our diseases, the solution to our needs and everything you consider convenient for our families.

Oh holy mother of god! Listen to the humble pleas of your children, who today before you we leave at your mercy; in the confidence of your love that is the reflection of the infinite love of your son Jesus. That together with the father and the holy spirit he lives and reigns forever and ever. Amen « .

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