Learn how to have faith in God, despite calamities

Learn how to have faith in God, despite calamities

It is very important to learn how to have faith in God not only in the moments when good things happen to us, it is also necessary and very important to have a lot of faith in the difficult moments of our lives. For this reason, we must always keep in mind the great love that our Lord manifests with us, as well as the great commitment that he manifested through our Savior Jesus Christ, at the moment in which he sacrificed himself for our sins.

Learn how to have faith in God

It is extremely easy to feel faith in our Creator, when our life is going through good times, full of abundance and happiness. Things get complicated when bad things begin to arise in our lives, it is just at that moment, when many wonder how to have faith in God.

To learn how to have faith in God, you need to believe in the promises he has for us in the Bible. In addition, it must be understood that our creator is love and peace for us. He only wants us to have faith in him.

His great love for us is manifested in the sacrifice of his son Jesus Christ, with the aim of saving all men and women from the sins committed throughout their lives and thus being able to be part of the kingdom of God.

Many times the problems that develop in our times lead us to not understand the glory of God very well and therefore many do not learn to develop the faith they should have in the Lord. That is why in some cases people wonder how to have faith. It must be understood then that having faith implies believing and being faithful in God.

You should not look at the problems whether they are consecutive to bad actions carried out by you or through external agents. Faith can be very difficult for people to feel, whether you are one of those who were raised under Christian precepts or are developing your love for God now.

Many people find it hard to believe in someone they don’t see, hear, or feel. However, we must understand that to have a true relationship with Jesus you must have a true faith. It is important to know then that faith is a gift from God and not something you have to look for on your own.

don’t give up on god

It should be kept in mind that doubt is part of the characteristics that human beings naturally possess. So it is very common that there are people with certain problems to believe in the Lord and it is not necessarily difficult to believe because they do bad things, it is rather a very human feeling.

The important thing in these cases is that you must have the desire to honor that greater power that created us, it is in this way the easiest way to achieve the task over time and find God with ease. Well, we are his magnificent creations and he is the one who sees everything and can do everything.

Even in the Bible it is said that one of the followers of Jesus found it difficult to believe in his word, it is thanks to the resurrection process that he was finally convinced that Jesus is our Savior.

Faith is the grace that allows us to be saved, since this is a gift that God gives us if we open ourselves to his presence in our hearts, with the aim that no one glorifies, that the Lord be the one who leads us towards his miracles merciful.

It is important to understand that faith is a feeling that is achieved by itself, it is a gift that the Lord gives us for being his children eager to love him, it is the feeling that helps us believe in his glorious word. (You can perform the high level intercessory prayer )

Study the story of Jesus

When you make a thorough study of the story of Jesus, it is easier to believe in God. Although there is no real archaeological evidence of Jesus, he is a historical figure who existed. There are even a large number of experts who believe that he was a real man.

Jesus was a real person, who glimpsed words and acts that brought with them a great social and political impact in the history of humanity, specifically in the religious aspect. This makes it much easier to feel faith in him.

There are books with which you delve into the history of Jesus, such as the “Diary for the study of the historical Jesus” and “Studying the historical Jesus”: a guide to sources and methods. In the same way, ancient historians stand out, such as Josephus and Tacitus, who were in charge of writing about the life of Jesus and also of his followers long before his life was known in the world.

Believing in Jesus as the Son of God

It is necessary to know and keep in mind that Jesus is the son of the Lord and was sent to earth as a sacrifice. According to the Bible, Jesus is killed for imparting radical teachings related to God. He was placed on the cross as a sacrifice to save us from our sins.

In the Bible it says that after three days of death he rose from the dead and thus created a bridge between sins and our Lord. On the other hand, the best way to understand that the act of Jesus was to solve our sins is by reading the Old Testament where God orders the sacrifice of his animals and crops in order to obtain forgiveness.

That is why God sent his son to earth, in order to take the place of that ancient ceremony and thus win forgiveness for all people. In addition to this, the great love that God feels for us is demonstrated, because he does not want to lose everyone who believes in the grace and mercy of his heart. Our Lord is the way and the truth in life.

acknowledge your sins

It is extremely important that you recognize all the sins that you have committed at some point in your life. Since as a human all have sinned by word, deed or omission, that is, we are capable of disobeying the commandments of the Lord. (Do not stop learning about spiritual liberation )

Sins can be very small, as in the case of a little lie, or a sin as serious as in the case of murder. Also an example of this is when you do not want to comply with a rule or treat a person in an impolite and pleasant way.

It must be understood that to become a real follower of Jesus you have to admit all the sins you commit. Those who do not admit and repent of their sins will fall short of the glory of God.

When you sin you are not necessarily a bad person, this means rather that we are not perfect people as God is. In fact, in the sacred writings it is indicated that Jesus was the only human being who lived without committing any type of sin.

Sin makes no human being worthy of living eternal life with God. Yet God is so merciful and loving to us that he made it possible for us to achieve union with him in his kingdom.

At the moment when Jesus gave his life for us, our sins were released only and exclusively if we accepted that we are sinful beings that we have to love and repent of the bad actions we commit.

Understand that God loves us

It must be understood that God loves you no matter what you do. Well, as the Bible says, God is perfect and good for us. Despite this, he has rules that can be considered strict and even awkward at times, but these exist for the purpose of keeping humans safe from himself and in turn very happy.

However, we must be very clear that if we do not follow these rules, he still loves us very much and wishes us so much good that he wants us to have an honest and full life. (See article: Prayer to succeed at work  )

On the other hand, although God cannot be seen, he always responds to us through faith. It is thanks to her that the world is as we know it.

Pray to God for faith

When you begin to believe that Jesus is the son of God, begin the stage in which when you pray you ask God for forgiveness, trust and faith. It is important that you begin to recognize that you have sinned just like any other human being. In turn, it is for this reason that you should begin to ask for forgiveness for those sins committed.

The moment you pray for the first time to tell God that you are a follower of the word of the Savior Jesus, it calls itself the prayer of salvation. This is the first and only initiation process to become a true follower of Jesus, a Christian at heart.

You have to explain the mistakes made to the Lord, with humility, always making clear your imperfection as a human being. You also need to explain your desire to turn away from sin and continue to be guided by the wisdom of Jesus. In the same way, it is very positive that you ask the Lord to help you improve and in this way grow spiritually.

Prayers are the best tool to have a good communication with God and in turn a liberation from sins, cleansing us from the evil that Satan produces in us.

Dedicate yourself to a life consecrated to God

It is extremely important that we have a life full of God’s teachings, because it is not enough to say that we love God and recognize our sins. We must approach the Lord from the heart to connect our lives with Him. (See Article: The power of prayer )

On the other hand, we have to strive to recognize and overcome every sin committed. In this personal struggle we will emerge victorious, this is called repentance of sins, an important step as a good Christian.

On the other hand, you don’t have to worry if you don’t do all that process in one go. Being a better person is a fairly complex process that will last a lifetime. That is why it matters so much that you allow God to guide you in every step you take towards improving your life.

Baptize yourself as a symbolic commitment

Baptism is an extremely important ceremony as believers in Jesus. It consists of immersing a person in the water and then raising it again. This one hundred percent Christian process symbolizes the death of the old self and the rebirth of a life truly open to God.

The Bible calls for all believers to be baptized. However, it should be known that if you are not baptized it does not mean that you will not be able to go to heaven. On the other hand, in Acts 2:2, it says we must repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus, in order to obtain forgiveness of sins and in turn receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

It is important to be clear that the Holy Spirit is the spirit of God that dwells in each of the believers and is also the main guide to get to know the path of good, away from evil. It should be mentioned that in some cases they only sprinkle water on you as a symbolic baptism.

Hold on to faith in difficult times

It is extremely important that we set aside time in our day to talk with the Lord. If you spend some quiet time talking to God, you will be able to establish a stable relationship with him. (Learn more about  high-level intercessory prayer to ask for God’s mercy )

This is the best way to learn to listen and feel every action that God performs as a guide for our lives. Thank God, you will feel prompted to perform certain actions or simply feel an absolute peace that comforts you when you are reading a biblical passage.

The closer you are to God, the easier it will be to gain faith in him, at times when things are much more complex for you. When you find yourself in easy times in your life, it is recommended to read devotionals, study the Bible and pray a lot.

These actions are very good to feel very close to God. Some are in charge of worshiping the Lord while doing work in nature, such as gardening, singing, going to work, anywhere you can worship God.

It is important that you worship the Lord for his goodness and in turn that you ask for enough strength to have an unshakable faith, he will reveal himself in your daily life, because God is always with his children.

study biblical passages

The Bible contains the sacred writings that are full of stories that speak of truly faithful believers to God, who went through great trials in very difficult moments of their lives.

These types of stories found in the Bible can help you feel more easily connected with the Lord. The Bible speaks of a long line of believers who have had to face great heartaches, illnesses and very great losses and despite this, they managed to remain with faith and conviction of God’s goodness.

When the death of Jesus happened, the first Christians were frequently arrested and even killed. In some books that are part of the New Testament, as is the case of Romans 1 and 2, Corinthians and also Hebrews, letters were written that were made during that historical period.

In each letter he describes the fear that the believers felt, but he also describes that despite this they met and with it they made their faith grow. The apostle Paul was one of those tormented. He describes himself as a humble man of faith, a true example of a Christian.

It is important to know that the betrayals that used to arise in these times are also described, including Jesus was betrayed by one of his closest friends, one day before being crucified.

Jesus is an example of faith, because he had a very firm faith to fulfill his destiny and is even the most powerful faith and symbolized as the best example to achieve true faith in God.

look for jesus

Jesus is the one who can give you strength in difficult times. It is good that you look for it when you are praying and reading passages from the Bible. It is recommended to ask Jesus to give you the strength to endure whatever situation you are experiencing. He is the only one who will give you the strength to get through this difficult time.

No matter what situation it is, if you ask Jesus to grant you peace and help you to disappear anxiety, he will lead you to comfort. This does not mean that Jesus will solve every problem, however, his strength will help you to solve every difficult moment. (See Article: Miraculous Prayer of the Holy Spirit )

Ask Jesus to show you hard lessons

Regardless of how you feel, it’s good to pray that you ask Jesus to reveal to you any methods for learning from the experience. When a period of time is spent reflecting and reading the Bible, you can pray more discerningly. This allows you to be wiser throughout every complex circumstance of your life.

If you struggle with the pain of losing someone you love, you will realize the importance of spending time with those you love. These types of revelations do not release your pain but they help to get closer to those people you consider important in your life.

It is Jesus who will be able to recognize your path, lead you to prudence and straighten your paths.

Spend time with other people who have the same faith as you

It is very good that you find a group of believers who can help each other to strengthen their faith in God. This will give you as a result, a community in which you can trust and support you in difficult times.

It is good to know that you can learn from the wisdom of other believers. In the same way, you have the option to share your experiences in order to help others who need to believe more.

Local churches are a great way to socialize with other believers in God. If a traditional service seems uncomfortable to you, you can be part of a contemporary one. However, you should know that even if you don’t go to church you can search for Christian meetings even online or attend Bible studies somewhere like a coffee shop.

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