Inner Peace, Prayer to Get It and Be Free

Inner Peace, Prayer to Get It and Be Free

In our daily life we ​​sometimes go through difficult, distressing and even painful situations, which make our lives desperate and sad. To do this we must try to get out of these situations and regain our peace of mind. In this article we are going to talk about the prayer for inner peace , which we so much need.

Prayer as a source of peace and spiritual freedom

There are various situations that make people lose their inner peace, falling into situations of anguish, concern, restlessness, calm, etc. This is due to multiple problems and situations of the daily life of the human being.

These situations mostly generate very heavy burdens for the one who is experiencing it. However, God in his infinite love is the medicine for all our problems and situations.

In his teachings, he tells us: “Come to me, all who are burdened, and I will give you rest . ” These situations of anguish, restlessness and anxiety can allow our internal peace to be lost.

When this lack of peace occurs in human beings, it is when stress occurs and the person can feel tired even of the life they lead, without hope or peace.

In these moments and we must always keep in mind and as a north the figure of our Father God, and holding his hand and raising a prayer for inner peace and tranquility we can achieve freedom from what torments us.

In the Holy Bible we observe in some verses that deal with the issue of peace and how to achieve it through God Himself, it is important to keep this in mind.

In Philippians, as an example of the above, the following phrase is cited that we must always keep in mind: “The peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”

What happens when there is no peace?

As we said before, there are various situations that cause peace to be lost from our lives. We can determine such situations as follows: anguish, stress, pressure due to certain problems that make us anxious.

However, we must always keep God in our lives and allow him to enter our spirit through prayer or direct communication with him, and thus be able to recover the peace that we so much need in the soul.

Another biblical phrase that we find in Corinthians 13:11 is: “Live in peace; and the God of peace and love will be with you”

What allows the peace of God?

When we manage to have peace and freedom in the soul, this allows us to live calm and serene, even if we have many problems present in our lives. If we put ourselves in the hands of our Father God, we should not have doubts and be confident and calm that he will help us at all times.

Why is this happening?

We achieve peace whenever we are under the beautiful presence of God and thus we obtain that our worries and anxieties go away from our lives and that spiritual and corporal peace that we so much need reigns.

We can make a prayer of peace to free our spirit and be in the constant company of that peace that is only transmitted by God. It is advisable that before praying we open our hearts and take a deep breath so that our faith is activated if it is asleep in our spirit.

Prayer to have peace and free us from anguish

This powerful prayer is made asking our Heavenly Father to heal our souls and hearts, and since he is the only one who knows our needs, grant us peace in our spirit through this prayer.

Therefore, we ask it in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, acknowledging that he is the owner of all the power and glory that exists. Also that he remove from our heart and soul all the anguish, despair that are not his own in our lives and help us feel that peace that only he produces in our soul and body.


With this prayer for inner peace, we can start our day to day and as time goes by, the Holy Spirit himself will begin to put adequate words in our spirit, so that we can express it in a positive way.

We must ask the Holy Spirit to teach us to pray, and later we will begin to say the words more fluently through prayer. As advice for the moment of praying, we can play music to serve as inspiration.

The way in which God listens more to the prayers of his children are those that come from his own spirit and from a sincere heart.

It is important to know that when we pray in the body we think about problems, this causes problems and obstacles and later we will begin to have negative thoughts and disbelief will invade us.

We must remember that before presenting your needs to God, he already knows them. We must before beginning to adore him and later we must proceed to prayer.

From that moment we will feel the direct connection with the Spirit of God itself.

Later we will proceed to make the prayer to achieve peace and above all keeping in mind that we will be able to see results, all this having a true faith in the spirit.

We must bear in mind that everything we request from the Heavenly Father, we believe granted, since what we ask of him is granted by his great love and mercy for each of his children.

Prayer to God for peace of mind

Likewise, and in this same order of ideas, there is a prayer to recover tranquility and peace of both the spirit and the body and also to put aside and remove everything that causes us harm and affects our spirit and our mind.

“Beloved Father, I protect myself in you so that I am never disappointed, help me and remove the evils that grow in my mind, protect me and keep me safe. Through your name lead me on the path of good, as I wish to find peace.

I place my hands on your life. Amen”.

Short prayer for inner peace

With this short prayer for inner peace, we can also ask Almighty God to grant us inner peace and free us from any kind of anguish and suffering that is affecting us in our daily lives.

“God Heavenly Father, at this time that I find myself suffering, I ask you to grant me the necessary strength to cope with the anguish and burdens that I have. Show me Lord your love and compassion that as your son you will dispense me.

Grant me your mercy and help me so that day by day we can do things right. Father, always stay by my side and do not let me fall or perish. Amen.”

The prayers that exist for the healing of the soul and spirit are generally simple, however their effectiveness occurs when we communicate directly with God in an intimate and profound way.

In this way God will listen to our prayers and thus tranquility and peace will return, removing from our lives all the restlessness, anguish, fear, sadness, worries and change our mood for the good of ourselves.

Prayers to reduce stress and have peace

Likewise when we present feelings of anxiety, we must say prayers to have a calm and peaceful mind.

We shouldn’t care how this is our life, we just have to think that we need to take a deep breath and remind ourselves that there are things in life that are out of our hands.

What we must do is put our attention on things that we can control, such as inner peace. When we work on our own feelings of the heart and mind, we will be able to help ourselves, our family and friends.

Some people think that through prayer we can do this effectively. Prayer and meditation are usually positive for health, mainly in cases of reducing blood pressure. When we feel physically well, it can generate peace in a difficult moment. So that we keep in mind at all times to concentrate and pray to God at all times.

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