Full Moon Meditation: Why is it practical?

Full Moon Meditation is one of the techniques to meditation that has very effective results individually, but especially for humanity, if you want to know about the Full Moon meditation, you will find it in the indicated article, and we will comment on it. what it is and we will teach you each of the steps so that you can do it the right way.

What is Meditation?

Meditating is one of the techniques that allow people to control their thoughts, guiding them to obtain levels of consciousness charged with positive energies, which leads to healing processes. When we meditate we are a channel of energy, which allows us to improve various areas of our lives, including the physical plane, the mental plane and the spiritual plane.

This force is born from the will to do good and it is found in all religions, they are called differently, but in essence, they mean the same thing. Meditation is a technique of relaxation and connection with our unconscious side, we are always connected with our conscious side and that is why it is so necessary to disconnect and be able to reach another level of more harmonic energy.

We must recognize and much more in these times, that our conscious mind is full of information that it receives from everywhere and we rarely choose what we want to think about, nor are we aware of how it feels, what it responds to and how it responds. We are full of bad habits and our life is controlled by a series of emotions, which are sometimes harmful.

Meditation is a skill that we must develop, it is the training of our mind and contrary to what most people think, meditating is not putting our mind blank. It is about achieving attention and learning to manage difficulties, strengthening peace, love, tranquillity, compassion, and optimism, among other feelings, full of positive energy, to combat those that are full of negative energy.

Full Moon Meditation

As we have already mentioned, meditation is about channeling energy, we know that during the Full Moon phase there is much more energy, which is available to everyone. It is opportune that meditation practices be carried out in groups, which allow channeling that great amount of energy and using it to promote the conscious development of our world.

As has been shown in the Universe, processes and movements are cyclical and our planet is in or is part of that cyclical energy that allows ebb and flow processes. Our satellite the moon is also part of these cycles, where flow cycles occur in a proven and visible way, such as tidal changes, which is a demonstration of its energetic influence on the planet.

This is one of the tests that allows us to affirm that performing the Full Moon meditation generates a greater availability of energy for those who practice it, if we add people to this equation, since the efficiency in attracting the energy that can be channeled during the meditation of the Full Moon, it can be multiplied remarkably, if we compare it with the energy that can be generated in a meditation in a waning phase or performed on a full moon but by one person.

That is why, for the meditation of the full moon, it is recommended to be done in a group, to magnify the energy. It is important to highlight that in addition to the energy provided by the full moon phase, we also have the influence of other astrological factors, which are individual for each person, therefore, we cannot create expectations about the group of influence. of the energy of the full moon.

It should be noted that the group performing the full moon meditation can generate a large amount of energy, however, this will have an individual influence on each of the participants, because we are influenced by factors, individually and not as a group.

The practice of full moon meditation allows us to focus on our emotions, as well as to control our thoughts, when we make meditation a habit, we can access another level of consciousness, get in touch with our true essence and put it to the service of humanity.

Relevant features

The moon by itself has no influence on the work, however, at the right time when the orb of the moon is fully illuminated, it is the time that indicates that there is a free and unhindered alignment between our planet Earth and the star. King, the Sun. Being the solar center, the source of energy for all life on Earth, we can in these moments of alignment, make an approach that is directed to God, the Creator, the center of life and intelligence.

The wisdom of making this type of approach is based on all the historical experiences of ancient civilizations and the numerous religious festivals that refer to the moon or a zodiacal constellation. Another characteristic is the generation of the esoteric Law of Cycles, which is symbolized by the intensification of the brightness of the moon followed by its decrease, which shows the flow of energy.

Performing the full moon meditation in a group to enhance the energy that flows at the time of this phase, as a service to humanity, is another characteristic of this type of meditation. It is important to highlight that the work does not start from scratch each month, it is an addition that is built month by month, so the contribution that each one can make to meditation is of the utmost importance.

As it is a meditation of a group nature, each individual has a level of development and understanding, however, the joint work through group effort is consolidated as a functional unit that allows maintaining a fluid condition, which does not affect the power of the energy that flows through it, so it is of the utmost importance when participating in this type of full moon meditation to be aware of giving and not receiving.

When preparing to do the full moon meditation, it is very important that small talk can be done to help participants focus, unite and elevate thoughts with a goal.

Full Moon Meditation Initiation

If you are interested in knowing the benefits of meditation, there are excellent articles in this blog that can guide you in reference to this topic, for the moment we can highlight that one of the practices that allow people who execute it on a regular basis, is to maintain mental, physical and spiritual balance that translates into a series of benefits, which make our quality of life improves, this seen from the individual aspect, however, meditation also has an important positive impact on the consciousness of the world, when done as a group.

So meditation is a practice that can have a strong positive impact on humanity when a group of people join together to channel positive energies, such as the energies of love, light and strength and they are directed To raise the levels of consciousness of humanity, there can be no mistake, it is a guaranteed success in reaching the objective.

One of the advantages of the full moon meditation is that every month of the year we have a full moon cycle, that is, there are twelve opportunities to channel the great amount of energy that the moon offers us. The best way to enhance the energy is to do the meditation in groups, however, if you find yourself alone, you can stand in front of a mirror, which will allow you to enhance the energy of the full moon.

We must seek a relaxed, harmonious space, for this we can use dim lighting, which promotes this type of environment, for this we can use aromatic candles, which also contribute to the energy of the environment where we will perform the full moon meditation.

The meditation of the full moon is also usually carried out in open sky environments, we can meet with our companions to meditate on a beach, in a garden, in a park, this allows a direct connection in the visualization of the full moon and directly use the illumination that they offer us.

Remember to avoid distractions is the best to achieve the necessary level of concentration, we recommend turning off or putting your cell phone in aeroplane mode and warning people who are not participating in the group meditation, but who share the space, please do not interrupt them. Already ready with the environment, we must then position ourselves comfortably, with our back straight, our shoulders and arms relaxed, in front of the partner who accompanies us in meditation.

The way to organize ourselves is free, here we suggest focusing on a partner, however, a wheel can be held where unequivocally, we will be in front of someone who shares this great moment with us. When we all take our place then we can start.

Let’s initially concentrate on our breathing and perform deep inhalation and slow exhalation through the nose, our closed eyes can contribute to the state of concentration that we need. After taking between 5 to 10 deep breaths, we are going to take our breath towards our abdomen, visualize how the air enters our abdomen and how it comes out through the nose when we exhale.

Relaxed, there is no rush, we are beginning to inhabit our body, in control of our inner Self, we can open our eyes and look at our partner. It is possible that some restlessness appears and you must control it, stay calm and allow it to flow, and keep your gaze fixed and relaxed on your partner for at least 15 minutes, after that time you can close your eyes again and remain silent, for 15 more minutes.

Allow yourself to feel and recognize each of the sensations, the cold, the light or heavy of your body, the heat, breathe, if you lose focus, do not judge yourself, do not feed the thoughts that intervened in your concentration, recognize them, identify your influence and refocus. Open your eyes, face your partner, breathe and thank your partner for the opportunity to share this energy, thank yourself, the moment.

As we can see, the meditation of the full moon is an enormous opportunity to channel a large amount of energy, which can be directed towards the benefit and elevation of the state of consciousness of humanity, which translates into global well-being. We invite you to be part of this great meditation practice

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