Cosmic Laws and their spiritual meaning

Cosmic Laws and their spiritual meaning

The Cosmic Laws must be fulfilled and respected by all those who make up the universe, its principles are the foundation that human beings are capable of creating our future, you want to know about the cosmic Laws, you are in the indicated article, in a way simple we will show its important spiritual meaning.

The Cosmic Laws and their spiritual meaning

The world as we know it today is a changing living being, which evolves and we can realize it, just by taking a simple look at our surroundings, but our world is also a part of the universe. Cosmic Laws exist since ancient times, but we must prepare ourselves, know them and know ourselves. It is important to stand in the context that there is a new way of seeing life, situated in this new paradigm, we can be happier, live in peace and harmony.

Human beings are destined to evolve and for this we must develop spiritually, but we must understand that spiritual development is definitely an individual work that is carried out within each person. However, it is of utmost importance that we understand that despite being an individual development, we cannot do it alone, we need to relate and interrelate with others.

It is also very important to know that this relationship is not to change others, but to learn from them, because when we want to change that other person, we are definitely distorting their purpose. We must as people accept that each situation is a learning and each learning transmutes ignorance, bringing us closer to wisdom. In order to build a new civilization, with levels of satisfaction for all, we must harmonize ourselves.

For this, it is essential to study the Cosmic Laws or Universal Laws and apply the principles that help us to travel the path, until we reach wisdom. When we accept the existence of the Cosmic Laws, which are the ones that sustain a universal order and decide to obey them, then we become part of that team of makers, which contributes to the construction of a new evolutionary moment in the current civilization.

Accepting the Laws will give meaning to our existence on this planet, each experience will become a learning experience, because we will understand that everything has a purpose that will allow us to recognize the Law that governs it. This is the way that will allow us to transcend conflicts, illness, pain and the change of plane, that is, death.

We are beings that incarnate on this planet and we are at a lower energy or vibratory level, so if our goal is the achievement of mastery, of wisdom, we must be subject to Cosmic Laws. Cosmic laws must be applied equally to everyone, both those of us who are incarnated, as well as those who are between incarnations.

It is fulfilled in the same way by the Ascended Masters, it is irrelevant whether the ascended master is incarnated on Earth or his status is even higher and he has become a Guardian Spirit. Therefore, to reach Ascension, which is the goal of every incarnation, we must evolve and for this we must know and understand the Cosmic Laws and incorporate them into our daily lives.

In most cases, incarnated human beings find ourselves in mental and bodily situations, controlled by day-to-day disturbances, when we allow our minds to be filled with thoughts of anguish, uncertainties, sadness, anxiety, among other negative feelings, our body will begin to respond to these causes, generating a negative effect that translates into disease.

But after the ancestral knowledge of the cosmic laws, we can in a controlled and efficient way, begin to handle this type of situation, because at the moment in which we begin to understand the laws by which our existence must be governed in order to elevate our spirituality, we will begin to feel peace, recover the health of our body and mind and abundance will begin to come into our lives.

The people who incarnated and came on this planet, have life linked to material laws, we are socially obliged to abide by the norms and laws of humans, which allow us to form our organized society in an honest, responsible and committed manner. , for the man.

However, in complying with human, material laws, we ignore that there are universal laws, under which we are also obliged to develop, which, like human laws, we cannot fail to respect, since by disrespecting or failing to comply cosmic laws, we will begin to have problems in our development and spiritual growth, which is the ultimate goal for which we reincarnate.

The Universe is governed by a great law, our planet is only a part of that great unity, so it must also be governed by that universal law, everything that exists, what we see, as well as what we do not see and do not even imagine or even does not exist, it must be governed by this law.

We can then imagine that it is an extremely complex law, our body is governed by a Natural Law, since our incarnated body is made up of the elements of our planet, while our spirit, being made in the image and likeness of God, It is governed by a spiritual Law.

Being our mind the expression of the spirit and our soul, but that responds to reason, it is also governed by spiritual law, it is understood in this way, because the mind is the conscious of the incarnated human being, but it is the expression of the soul and of the spirit. Each of the human beings that inhabit this part of the universe has a personality and even when we believe that we are an individual unit, we are all part of a great Unit, which is the entire Universe.

Based on the foregoing, each person is individually responsible for violating the Law, which will have a consequence on their individuality, reflected in health, in their interpersonal relationships, in the economy, among others, however, it also has an impact on everything that is outside of your individuality, because it exists within this Great Law, the Law of cause and effect, which we will discuss in detail later. The important point is that all of humanity, as it is interrelated and forms part of a great Unity, will reap the effects of the errors or ignorance of many.

That is why we can see in our world so much suffering, so much pain, so many illnesses, so many wars and deaths, although not everyone is guilty of the wrong causes or transgressions of universal law, the effects can affect the lives of many, who they will have to learn and grow from those situations.

The laws that govern the material part are frequently transgressed by people and the truth is that immunity is the reason why there is no change in this behavior. The laws that govern our well-being, both in the mind and in the body, are also unfulfilled, however, the resilience and endurance capacity of our organism, makes the non-compliance with the laws that govern it, be noticed late , but the time comes when we get sick and sometimes death is irremediable.

When we fail to comply with the material laws, it is possible that we will be corrected, because there are those who take care of it, to guarantee its compliance, however, in the spiritual laws the same does not happen, however, believing that because there is no one to watch, there is no consequence, it is the biggest mistake that human beings have made so far.

Inside our soul everything is filed, in our conscious mind we have the memories of this current embodied life through which we travel, but in the unconscious memory that governs our soul, everything we do out of ignorance, due to ignorance of the laws is stored. cosmic. This memory does not have a finite capacity, so it stores our programming of all past lives, our wrong causes, inherited transgressions, because we cannot forget that we are one.

This memory will keep all thoughts and feelings, no matter how temporary, depending on the energy that has been generated, positive causes or negative causes will be generated, which will have their effect on the life of this person. That is why the cosmic law has a spiritual meaning of the utmost importance, because the more spiritual we are, our actions will be more attached to constructive, harmonious, generosity feelings, therefore the effects will be pleasant.

These effects, which are recorded also in response to the causes, will be part of the present or future incarnations. However, not following and respecting the cosmic law will generate causes that will also be stored in that inexhaustible memory and its effects will be powerful, but this time they will not be satisfactory rewards, but effects loaded with negativity, which can affect the life of this person. person, equally in this incarnation or in the next.


The Cosmic Laws were written in ancient Egypt, this was information kept only for a few, its creator was Hermes Trisgemitus considered the Father of Wisdom, additionally he is the discoverer of Alchemy. All the information that was generated by this sage, was transmitted by word of mouth, it was after the only verbal handling of the teachings, that what we know today by the name of Kybalion began to be written.

From the teachings of Hermes Trisgemitus, Hermeticism arises, which is the compendium of religious and philosophical beliefs based mainly on the writings of Hermes Trisgemitus, among which we can review the Book of the Dead, the Corpus Hermeticum, the Emerald Tablet, the Hermetic Texts, among many others. Hermes Trisgemitus lived in the twentieth century before Christ in Egypt. According to history we can indicate that he lived in the same historical time of the patriarch Abraham.

His prestige lasted for ages, he is recognized as Mercury according to the Roman denomination, he is also recognized as the Egyptian god Thoth, who is in an intermediate place between God and man. He was also recognized as the God of Wisdom in Greece, he was considered the father of all sciences. The Kybalion is a book in which we can find all the teachings of the philosophy created by Hermes Trisgemitus and that we know today under the name of the seven hermetic principles.

This incredible spiritual guide was produced at the beginning of the 20th century, the people who dedicated themselves to compiling all this information called themselves the three initiates, so the book does not have the name of an author, but rather it is an anonymous group.

Apart from Hermes Trisgemitus, most of the metaphysical teachings of the Count of Saint Germain are attributed to him, who is said to be one of the reincarnations of the Master Hermes. The really important thing is that everything is created wisdom that was previously exclusive to a few, today it is available to everyone.

The Universe as the center

The Universe is designed to work in perfect harmony and conscious projection, it is made up of a series of dimensions and realities, which go far beyond what we can perceive with our senses. Everything that exists in it is united by energy and we must begin to open our minds to paradigm changes, of how we have been perceiving our environment, which of course includes the cosmos.

It is important to recognize the existence of three planes, the physical, the mental and the spiritual, in order to understand how they are related, because they are all united. We human beings find ourselves developing in a material plane, which contains seven dimensions and in order to move in those dimensions, we have more than the physical body that we recognize.

These spaces or energy centers of the body are known as Chakras. As we can identify, there are seven laws that allow us to flow in physical existence, despite the fact that they were released for the use of all and in this way build that new civilization, many do not understand them and others ignore them.

Without the understanding and incorporation of these laws in our life, we are far from wisdom. The important thing is that you are reading this information, which is an excellent opportunity for you to become part of the builders of the new civilization.

Cosmic Laws

As we have pointed out in the brief history of the origin of the cosmic laws, they were created by Hermes Trisgemitus and were later written in the Kybalion, which literally says “The principles of truth are seven: he who understands this perfectly, possesses the magic key before which all the doors of the Temple will open wide.

The cosmic laws are the essence of the teaching, they are the laws that we must consciously incorporate into our lives, in order to achieve a life in unlimited abundance. When we speak of unlimited abundance, we include all aspects of life, obtaining from the understanding of these cosmic laws the continuous spiritual growth. To the extent that we control and grow spiritually, we will achieve our goals and purposes more easily.

Through cosmic laws we can achieve success in a more spiritual and less material way, finding balance and real coexistence with nature, we must recognize material wealth only as a component of abundance, not as abundance itself. .

Additionally, the cosmic laws and their fulfillment will allow us to enjoy the path of life, because as we grow spiritually, we grow in all aspects, we improve in health, in our relationships and the feeling of well-being becomes part of the day to day. We come to this world to develop and evolve, therefore, we are called to experience the divine that resides within us and for this we must begin to recognize the miracle of life.

When we actually recognize the miracle of life in everything around us, that is when we will begin to understand the reason for our existence. The origin of all creation is the spirit, the process of creation is the mind, and the object of creation is the physical universe, of which our body is a part. The set of these three components of our reality, spirit, mind and body, is what governs the cosmic laws, because even though they are three planes, they are actually a unit.

Let’s take a superficial walk through the realities of today’s world, so that we can put our minds in the context of the importance of incorporating Cosmic Laws into our lives and the urgent sum of all to respect the Universal Law, because otherwise, we are destined to lose more than we have built.

It is no secret to anyone that the economic systems that prevail in the world are not sustainable at all, because the overexploitation of resources threatens the balance not only of ecosystems, but of the planet itself. Therefore, we can speak of a machinery of environmental and social destruction.

What is known as the new world order, led by large financial groups, multinationals that capture resources and human beings, drug trafficking, arms smuggling, tax havens, white slavery and even the Church, among others, they have their participation in this global destruction machine, they are not even close to fulfilling the Cosmic Laws.

In addition to the individual action of these groups, there are the cooperators, who are essential to disguise the destructive actions of the aforementioned groups as legal, these are the governments and the unions who sell social and labor rights to the highest bidder. Do you recognize this structure in your country of origin, or where you live?

They form a constellation that moves away from the Cosmic Laws, in which there is no respect for others, for life, for nature, therefore, belonging or being part of it, moves us away from respect for the spiritual laws.

It is possible that all of us have somehow transgressed the spiritual laws, at some point consciously, at others due to ignorance or omission, but it is evident that transgressing the Cosmic Laws negatively alters the order of the Universe, because the universe is energy, at different degrees of vibration.

Aware of the importance of the Laws, we are going to start commenting on each of the Cosmic Laws, so that there are no doubts about their necessary implementation in our lives and they have a positive impact on our world as part of the universe.

The Principle of Mentalism

The human being always talks about the power of the mind, but there are very few who really develop this power. The mind has an amazing capacity to transform, we are capable of creating what we believe, therefore, we can create new realities using concentration, will and wisdom.

The principle of mentalism literally says “THE ALL is Mind; the Universe is mental. It is extremely important to be able to understand this principle that we are aware that there is only one creator God, it really is not important at this moment, what is religion that you assume for your life, in the end, even if they call it different, they all have a God. creator, a supreme God, who controls and governs everything, therefore, is one and is the same God of ALL.

From religious principles we all know that our God made us in his image and likeness, if our God is the creator, then we are creators, it is possible that as humans we are based on the fact of accepting that we are creators, but we do it with real tangible materials, but in ¿Where is that creation born that we later build?, it is born first in our mind.

We just then recognized the power that has gone unnoticed for so long, such as the creative power of our mind, we took it for granted. Now that we are aware of the power of our mind, we can then do what we want with our lives, we can build our own universe, because it depends only on our mind.

It is very common to hear that the day will pass as we assume it will, if when we wake up we decree that everything will turn out as planned, it will be and if something does not turn out as we think, we must grow from that experience, recognize the law that applies to situation and in this way we will be closer to wisdom.

What we believe about ourselves is what others will see, if we are successful, optimistic and believe we are the people with the best luck, because people like us will be the ones who will be part of our environment, because we cannot forget that we will attract our peers. The principle says that the Universe in which we live is Mental and therefore will respond to what we choose to think. Learning to control our thoughts is the first step to start building the Universe we want for ourselves.

The Correspondence Principle

The laws of nature affect without distinction, we are all equal before it, what affects above, affects below and vice versa. That is to say that in the universe the effect that a small particle can have is as important as the one that a larger one can have. Everything is a reflection of everything, everything is codified and interrelated.

The principle of correspondence literally says “As above so below, as below so above”. It is a true growth when we manage to understand that everything that happens in our material world, happens in our spiritual world, if we then come to understand our material world, we will understand the spiritual one.

This analogy makes our work easier because by understanding one we know the other and in this way we can get to know each of the planes. He is familiar with the phrase that says that how you look on the outside is how you are on the inside, because that is the easiest way to understand this principle.

When we enter a teenager’s room and find it all messy, it’s not that the boy is messy, it’s that he is inside, he’s at a point in his life when he doesn’t know what to do, he’s not a child, but he’s not he is an adult, therefore his interior is a mess. The common mistake of parents is to ask him to order his room, but they do not help him to order himself inside, therefore, the mess continues, until he achieves his internal order.

But also those who are extremely rigid with the order, reflect the same mental rigidity. This is an example from everyday life, which can help us understand this principle of correspondence.

This principle is one of the best tools to detect lies, people always have a body reaction when they lie, if a person is committing to do something with you, and adjusts his hair, touches his face, among other gestures not usual, is lying. What is inside is outside. One way to use this principle is when we feel sad or depressed inside, fixing ourselves on the outside will help us feel better.

The Vibration Principle

Everything moves, everything vibrates and vibration is a way of knowing the state of things, as our mind is capable of creating, changing, modifying, the movement and vibration of things can be modified by our mind. Herein lies the importance of controlling our thoughts, our word. Let’s not forget that our word is vibration, so it is transformative.

The principle of vibration literally says “Nothing is immobile, everything moves, everything vibrates”. When we analyze our brain we can recognize that it is made up of two parts, a part that is the conscious state, which we control and is where our decision-making power is located, and an Unconscious part, which is the one that serves as a bank of reserve, where the programming and memories even of our past lives are found.

It is important that we know that it is our conscious mind that is connected to the spiritual, this is so because we can only change things if we are aware that we must make a change. For its part, the unconscious mind is the one that is connected to the soul.

As we can imagine, if we find ourselves in a universe that evolves, that changes, then everything is in constant movement, we as people are always looking to be better, to develop ourselves, to grow, therefore, we are in constant movement.

Crises like the one we are experiencing at this time of pandemic generally appear when we are rigid, crises are necessary to make us move, but after crises we are definitely better. It is always a concern that people express when faced with the loss of a family member, an accident, some situation that makes them react in some way.

These situations in opportunities are necessary, so that people value, recognize the existence and importance of something, that is why we must always grow from difficult situations, from crises.

People who don’t make decisions, the universe will make them for them, but it won’t stop. What should we understand from this principle? Because we must be prepared to accept the changes that occur in our lives, we cannot cling to anything, not material things, not people, not jobs, nothing at some point will change. , because the universe does not stop.

We must also understand that what we live today will not be repeated in the future in the same way, so when people want to repeat something they experienced, they are disappointed if they want to reproduce the moment in the same way, they can improve it, but it will never be Same.

To understand it better we must be aware that matter is made up of millions of atoms, which move and change energy levels, which are transformed, therefore, the vibration will behave in an extreme way, it will be low or high, being recognized as the highest vibration that occurs in the spiritual.

At both extremes the vibration levels are either so low or so high that we are not able to perceive them, however, we are in contact with everything and therefore, sometimes we have those sensations that we do not know how to explain, such as when we enter a place and we feel that there is a good or bad vibe.

Do a mental exercise and locate yourself in a natural, pleasant place, it can be a beach or a mountain, and notice that the energy you feel just by imagining it is a positive energy. These places recharge us with that energy, that is why, whenever people are in this type of natural spaces, we hear them say “come back with your batteries recharged”.

It is because our body is renewed with those atoms of excellent energy quality. On the other hand, if we are in a place with low vibrations, they will absorb our energy and we will feel exhausted, defeated. But we have the best medicine to counteract bad energies, our Mind, as we are what we think, because we must make use of it and give ourselves vitality and enthusiasm.

We are then forced to have happy thoughts, so that our body reacts to them, if we have negative thoughts, if we are depressed, our body will respond to it and begin to deteriorate. The moment we change our way of thinking and fill ourselves with good energies and positive thoughts, we will begin to heal.

At this moment you must be wondering, but how then do you explain the reason for our aging, simple, according to cosmic laws our body regenerates constantly, however, we are programmed to think that it is the duty to age and also that our body deteriorates.

But today we are knowing and understanding that this can be different and that fifty is not necessarily the peak and the fall towards an old age full of pain and medication begins, we are in the capacity to be able to change this, because we have a creative mind, we are in a universe in motion, which vibrates at the frequency that I decide, therefore, we can change that “reality”.

Our body listens to us, but also recognizes our doubts, if we believe in diseases, our body will recognize them, so our immune system will be weakened, but if we believe in health, then our immune system will be strengthened. In his mind is the change of his own universe.

The Principle of Polarity

This principle shows us that everything has two poles, nothing is unique, everything is double and of course they have their opposite pair. What does this principle mean that similars and opposites are the same? Everything that is opposite is identical in nature, all truths are only half truths. Finding ourselves in a Universe where everything has its partner, we must by nature live in balance.

The principle of Polarity literally says «Everything is double; everything has two poles; everything, its pair of opposites, the ends meet. This is one of the principles that allows us to recognize where the center or middle is really located and understanding it will allow us to make great changes in our lives.

We can do a simple exercise and you complete the opposite of each of the words that we will say next: Man/…….; Tall/……; Hatred/……; Peace/……. and this way we can do it with everything. What is the mission we have in our life, to learn to build a life in which there is harmony of opposites, that is, we must learn to stand right in the middle. The book of the Kybalion where all the cosmic principles or laws are found says that “opposites are equal in nature, but differ in degrees”.

What we must understand about this law is that we can be talking about the same and only the degree in which it is being expressed will change, that is, there are no differences in the temperature of the climatic stations, if we did not have the reference of the degrees , we could not recognize that it is cold or hot without the reference of degrees, because we were simply talking about temperature.

When we recognize that below zero degrees is cold and above 40 degrees is hot, even when we are talking about temperature, we have the reference that allows us to differentiate between cold and hot. It is exactly the same when we see a good person and one who is not so good, what is different in them is the degree to which goodness or evil is expressed, but we are talking about the same thing.

When we then drive ourselves to extremes, it becomes much more difficult to find the balance, to find the middle or the middle place where there is peace and harmony. The closer we are to the middle, because the closer we will be to God, we are in this world to evolve, we are called to find that middle point, to be able to live in harmony, because everything is a unity. To the extent that we move towards the extremes, conflicts will manifest.

As we have just understood in the principle of vibration, we can find two levels of vibration, the low one found in the material and the high one found in the spiritual, but now with the principle of polarity, we are able to recognize that it’s about the same thing.

As we achieve harmony, identifying the midpoint in our life, we cannot live in the material world without growing spiritually, we will not find spiritual growth, if we do not order the material world. Let’s begin to unite the cosmic laws that we have mentioned, first the Universe is Mind, what is above is below, everything has its equal, the extremes touch, that is to say, that we are capable of changing the universe, that as I am inside, I am outside and that if I walk in the same direction at some point I will return to the starting point.

If a situation arises that places us at one of the extremes, I must create the opposite energy, to find the middle point, we will work with elements of the same nature and reverse extremes with their opposite pair.

The Principle of Rhythm

Everything flows, just imagine a wave that reaches the shore of the beach and goes away, based on this principle we can then recognize that what goes up, goes down, that everything that goes to the left will go to the right. As there must be balance in the Universe, there are compensation movements. Therefore, it is normal that we have periods of strong learning and others that are calmer, we cannot forget that as we become aware in life, we can more easily find balance. It is a natural law.

The principle of Rhythm literally says: “Everything ebbs and flows; everything has its periods of advance and retreat; everything ascends and descends; the rhythm is the compensation.” The Universe, as we have pointed out before, is in constant movement, so in this movement we can have forwards and backwards.

It is demonstrated through the laws of physics that life describes a pendular movement, where the processes of birth, growth, development, multiplication and death are repeated without stopping. Let us remember that the same thing that happens in one plane is repeated in the others, that is, in the physical, mental and spiritual planes.

This is so true that we fill ourselves with sayings and phrases that point out this pendular behavior, “after the storm there is always calm”, that is, after situations of sadness, those of joy will come, changes can happen in a short time. or in longer times, but change will always occur, we must learn to control that pendular movement, so as not to fall into unwanted polarities.

We must understand in knowledge of the laws prior to the law of rhythm, that we are in constant change, in constant movement, in constant vibration, that everything depends on the degree of expression, so we cannot pretend to be permanently happy, but neither can we being permanently sad, always that pendular movement, will move us towards one of the feelings that we are setting as an example, and we are obliged to find the means.

The Principle of Rhythm also warns us that we must learn to make the most of good times, but it also gives us the opportunity to understand that we can handle the Principle of Rhythm at will. If we are in an excellent economic streak, I must save for less profitable moments.

With the cosmic law of rhythm we have the opportunity to recognize whether or not we are stuck in a polarity that does not favor us, how many times have we not seen in others that they are immersed in poverty, in sadness and nothing takes them out of that state, it is because they are polarized.

A situation like this can happen to us and we must recognize our pendular movement to get the most out of it, swimming against the current is not the same as swimming taking advantage of the current, since the effort will be less. How can we achieve it, knowing ourselves and recognizing ourselves as a triad made up of the Body, the Spirit and the Soul, let us remember that we said earlier that the spirit corresponds to the conscious mind, it is our willpower?

Our soul corresponds to the unconscious mind, it is that programming that we bring from past lives and our body is the executing vehicle. If we manage to order our levels of existence, we will be able to reach that place where the movement of the pendulum does not affect us. By logic in the journey of life in this great school, we can recognize that the greatest forces of movement are received by the physical body, it is the one who receives the greatest blows.

Our emotional part is in second place in the pendulum journey and lastly the spiritual part, which as we can intuit is the one that receives the least pendulum movement, so as we go up the level of the body until we reach the spiritual is where we will find ourselves in a serene and calm rhythm. As we indicated, meditation is one of the tools that most help us to reach those higher levels, helping us to control the ravages of everyday life.

The Principle of Cause and Effect

It is also recognized as the law of Karma, everything happens according to a law, therefore, every cause has an effect, so we must assume that luck does not exist. If our mind has a transforming power, our thoughts and our actions are directly responsible for what we experience. In our mind is the change we want, if our thoughts are positive and very bright, so will our lives be, so we change the future.

The cosmic law of Cause and Effect, also known as the law of Forgiveness, says verbatim: «Every cause has its effect, every effect has its cause; everything happens according to the Law; luck is nothing more than the name given to an unknown law; there are many planes of chance but nothing escapes the Law». There is no way to escape from the Law and being a law it must be followed by everyone and its non-compliance will inevitably bring consequences.

Everything that happens in our lives we have generated at some point, it does not matter if it has been consciously or unconsciously. We cannot forget that we come from another plane in which we have chosen our family, we have designed our life purpose and we come to this world to learn and evolve.

Being aware of them we cannot say that what happens to us in life is the product of chance, it is simply that we do not know what law governs the situation or the moment lived. We cannot speak of chance if we have a life plan, a life purpose and we are destined to evolve. It is normal as humans to have a certain resistance to accepting that the negative situations that happen to us in life are also our creation.

In order to understand what we are telling you about, we must internalize that we are made up of countless causes, which are not necessarily from this plane that we are living, but rather come from other times. That these causes do not even have to be remembered, that they are found in the programming bank of the unconscious and that they can even be inherited, from our parents, grandparents and more, in reality it is an infinite chain.

When we stop in our current life, we have other planes of causation that come from our environment, from friends, from the schools where we study, among others, and we are the sum of all of them. That is to say, we are the result of everything that has influenced our mental pattern and that we assume to be true, we are in this life with the freedom to choose and that is what we know as free will, but we must be aware that it is the only opportunity that We will have to choose our thoughts.

If we have been understanding everything that we have discussed up to this point, we are then able to identify that this is the opportunity to take charge of our lives. When we are then in that process of selecting the thoughts with which we want to redirect our lives, let’s not assume the role of victims, because it will not help us grow.

It is of the utmost importance that we understand and accept that although we do not remember it, in the numerous lives lived before this one, we have been generating causes, which bring their consequences, if they did not happen in the life in which it was generated, it is because Therefore, many times we ask ourselves why me? This question will stop coming to our minds when we assume that some previous cause generated it.

How many times we say, but this one if you are lucky, you are lucky, it is simply the effect of having carried out good causes in the past, which are being rewarded in this life. In the case of not having complied with the cosmic laws in past lives, you may find yourself stuck in difficulties. This is the reason why people are born in poverty, with illnesses, but there are also those who are born healthy, in economically stable homes, for example.

The important thing about this is that we come to this world to grow, evolve and heal, we must learn the lesson, it is the opportunity to be aware of new knowledge, it is what we know as “karma”, while the reward is “dharma”

Karma can be eternal, however, we can stop it if we decide to forgive, it is not a simple action and we are not going to deceive what we know as destiny, doing an intellectual act to say I forgive you, but be full of resentment. To forgive is to forget, to forgive must fill us with peace. Let us not forget then that we will reap what we sow.

The Generation Principle

It is time to pay twice the attention “Everything has its masculine principle and its feminine principle” If everything in the universe complements each other, if we are capable of transforming and creating with our mind, if the similar attracts the similar, then absolutely everything that exists complements itself, so generation occurs on all planes.

What is the importance of the principle of generation, that with the combination of the principles we can create mechanisms that have greater spiritual strength, this being the true secret of the universe, the cosmic laws and their spiritual meaning. The cosmic law of Generation literally says “Generation exists everywhere.

Everything has its masculine and feminine principles. Generation is maintained on all planes”, this is a principle that is closely related to the principle of polarity, however, it is closely related to creation. It does not mean that it is exclusive to the reproductive act, this is only one of the manifestations of the principle, but not exclusive.

It is of the utmost importance that we understand that all human beings have a feminine part and a masculine part and if we base ourselves on the principle of polarity, we must find the middle point. Being men we cannot place ourselves at the extreme macho, because we will stop being intuitive, perceptive and being women we cannot place ourselves at the extreme feminist, because we will lack confidence, power of decision. Therefore, we must avoid polarizing ourselves, we are called to evolve and develop in a balanced way, our masculine part and our feminine part.

We can then identify ourselves with the Yin-Yan symbol where the black area is the Yin which represents the feminine energy and the white part the Yan which represents the masculine energy, both in absolute harmony, where one ends the other begins. In addition, the center of energy in the feminine is the masculine and vice versa.

We see this way of complementing energy in many couples, although we attract similar people, we also attract people with the polarity that we lack in our lives. That is why we can see how people who are relaxed, shy relate to extroverted and even aggressive people, however, we cannot forget that the opposite poles are the same and that they are only different in the degree to which they manifest themselves.

We must then harmonize the opposites to achieve balance, that is why we manage to find totally dissimilar people, but who complement each other in an extraordinary way, it is because they have managed to achieve that balance, in which neither depends on the other. When we understand each of the cosmic laws and learn to identify and use them, our lives will achieve harmony, peace and happiness without any difficulty.

Premises to apply the Cosmic Laws

It is of utmost importance that we not only read each of the principles, but that we understand the message, the reason for their existence, the power that each of them has, that we practice recognizing them in every situation of our lives. In order to achieve its understanding and application, it is necessary to have a spiritual discipline in our lives, we cannot stay in material life, pretending to grow spiritually.

Developing spiritual growth needs our commitment, to be able to build the path, because if we do not do it in a responsible and disciplined way, we really will not be able to fully develop the universal principles. To the extent that we are disciplined, constant with our spiritual growth, our will will be strengthened and therefore we will have greater control of our emotions, our responses, our attitudes and consequently less vulnerable to being manipulated.

It is also important to exercise our mind, in the most physiological way that we can refer to our mind, is to recognize it as a muscle, being then a muscle we must strengthen and develop it, that simple. Therefore, another of the premises is the exercise of the mind.

We must learn and strengthen visualization, if we keep a mind focused on the obvious, on what we see, on what we touch, it will always be a weak mind, therefore, it will be extremely difficult to apply the principles we have been talking about.

One way to strengthen our mind is by performing meditation exercises, meditation is one of the most beneficial tools, since to the extent that we control our thoughts, we will be able to visualize more easily, because we will have a concentrated and strong mind.

Of course, one of the premises must be the understanding of the laws, it is not simply an act of faith, it is logical that as apprentices we do not understand all the information that the seven principles provide us, but what we must be very clear about is that faith is based on knowledge. Miracles exist, but they are not surprising, unexpected events, miracles are part of the spiritual world and knowing how they occur is part of the knowledge that we must acquire, in order to enhance their occurrence.

As we can see, the cosmic laws are the ones that govern the universe, our planet is part of the universe, therefore, it is logical that they also govern the planet, life is part of the planet and humans are part of life, then the seven cosmic laws, govern everything, in the different planes, physical, mental and spiritual.

It is extremely important to be able to achieve change in civilization and to be able to evolve, that we understand the cosmic laws, that we make them part of our lives. One of the ways to get started on this path is to always be surrounded by positive energy and prevent bad energies from being close to us.

The importance of always staying surrounded by positive energy is that energy is the amalgam that holds everything together in the universe and on the different planes, therefore, it is essential that it be positive. Being full of good energy and in knowledge and understanding of the seven cosmic laws, will allow us to maintain control of our life, our health, the environment where we live, our creative thoughts and our feelings.

To the extent that we advance on this path of light and spiritual growth, we will be able to transmute vices and turn them into virtues, so we will turn illness into health, hate into love, the negative into the positive, creating a world full of virtues and in full harmony.

As we can see in this article, the cosmic laws are the laws on which the universe works, as we could well realize throughout the reading, we are all part of the universe, therefore, the laws are also to be fulfilled by us. .

They are a guide that does not help us stay balanced, achieve control of situations, recognize the learning of each of the situations that are presented to us in this journey called life and that also allow us to carry it out in abundance, harmony, peace and love of mind, body and spirit. We hope that from this moment on you will consciously recognize that you have a divine power within you.

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