Christian Values

Christian Values: What are they? Examples and Classification

With the reading of the following article, we will talk about  what Christian Values ​​are , their definition and how they are related to a good life following in the footsteps of Christ, also how these are closely related to life in society.

What are Christian Values?

The easiest way to see what they are is to understand them as the actions that direct the course of our lives, the way we treat others, the way we let God make changes in us, by forming us according to the word of God. In the bible, we get many values ​​that we were not very practicing or lacked before.

The bible is the written word of God, this was made in order to leave a life guide for all the rest of humanity, therefore, by living under the biblical concepts and having the  Christian Values  ​​present in our day to day , we will forge a good relationship with God and, therefore, with our neighbor.

To lead a life based on these values, it is necessary to preach his word, the commandments he left, all the learning that we can obtain through reading his holy bible and the great amount of values ​​that we can learn from there.

It is recommended to start preaching the word of God and its values ​​with children, the reason is that children do not have malice, they are sponges ready to absorb knowledge, for this reason the best thing that can be done is to train them with Christian Values, that way they will grow up to be good men and women.

Another way of looking at Christian Values ​​is like; a set of rules and principles written in the holy bibles, in this way an order could be imposed in society, so the human being could function correctly in his life, therefore, it is recommended that all those Christians of all life and , those who are starting in religion have these values ​​in mind when making decisions.

Normally the values ​​have their well-established base in the Holy Bible, this acts as a guide to indicate to the human being what the world around him is like, also to be able to live following the principles that Jesus left us, in this way they could be a positive influence in society.

Studying Christian Values ​​in depth  , love stands out because this feeling allows us to positively influence people, also everything around us. It is also considered that fidelity is of the utmost importance to develop a correct family life, as well as in the most religious aspect of our life, since this is how we show God the due respect. By developing the value of fidelity we also honor God the Father, because by remaining faithful to Him we will be faithful to others.

What are Christian values?

Christian Values ​​are of vital importance for the human being, these were created by God and inherited to humanity through the holy scriptures, in this way men and women could perform correctly in daily life. The main values ​​are listed below:

  1. Faith
  2. Love
  3. The respect
  4. The honesty
  5. The loyalty
  6. Modesty

There is a great variety of Christian Values, all of them have very important meanings, when used in the correct way they make people have an influence on their environment that can be considered positive. It is important to preach these values ​​through the family to the new generations, in this way it is guaranteed that the relieved generation will be made up of good men and women.

Types of Christian values

There are a large number of Christian Values, these are passed from the practitioners to society through their customs, the most representative form of these values ​​in the human being is to see the principles that each one has, therefore, below, A series of categories will be listed in which the values ​​are explained and divided.

Personal values

Personal values ​​are intrinsic to each person, these are the basis for each person to develop their personality in a certain way throughout their lives, these values ​​guide the qualities that people acquire throughout their lives, In such a way that they can be, for example, good students, if a person has positive values, their results in every aspect of their life will be positive.

Each virtue and value that a person has is subject to change, therefore, these depend on the culture in which each person lives, also on the stage of their life in which they find themselves. Values ​​are transmitted through the experiences of each person, therefore, they have the power to influence the spaces where people are, therefore, the values ​​that are appropriate to these characteristics are:

  1. The honesty.
  2. Respect.
  3. The tolerance.
  4. The responsability.
  5. Socio-Cultural Values

The values ​​of this type are considered as the principles that each person has, they can vary according to each person, although many are also provided according to the society in which the person lives, that is, some values ​​are acquired by upbringing and, others are acquired according to life in society.

According to the history of humanity, values ​​are adaptable to each space and social activity, they even vary according to the time in which one lives, therefore, it is valid to say that the values ​​of two centuries ago are not the same as the values For this reason, the Bible has a series of personal values ​​to be the basis for establishing a society.

All these values ​​are acquired since we are babies, sometimes we acquire them in a subtle way, that is, by seeing them and copying those patterns, in this way we do not realize that we are acquiring a value for our lives, for this reason, it is important that as a family we take care and project good values ​​and also good principles, so our society will be full of members with good teachings.

home values

Home values ​​are that set of rules that are taught and practiced first at home, usually from children, the correct learning of these principles affects each person passively, then they are reflected in the behavior of these people in society .

As the values ​​of the home are reflected in society, it is important that the family teaches good values ​​and virtues to its members, in this way each person will have good morals. It is good that values ​​such as love, truth, tolerance for what is different and respect for others are promoted in a home. If each member of a family has these values, they will be civilized members of a society.

Spiritual Values

Spiritual values ​​are classified as important because they determine some behaviors in the behavior of people, these values ​​are represented according to the behaviors that people put into practice on a daily basis. These values ​​are closely related to the beliefs of each person, also to the culture to which they belong.

As these values ​​are so related to culture, it is normal that they allow the person to have a connection with God the father, these values ​​are better developed through the faith and beliefs that a person has, beliefs obtained by the places they frequent or for his upbringing

These values ​​can be learned and also developed throughout life, in this sense you are invited to receive a moral education, this is because these values ​​affect the behavior of each person, also in their customs, the following will be listed best known spiritual values:

  1. The hope.
  2. Faith.
  3. The truth.
  4. The harmony.
  5. Material Values

Material values ​​are all the principles that, in one way or another, make a person adequately develop economic stability, it should be noted that in an honest and honorable way. These values ​​are adapted to the person and to the tastes of each person, therefore, they respect the tastes of each person when it comes to dressing, among other aspects.

To be considered good values, material values ​​must be followed by a series of principles, virtues and ethical and moral values, since these values ​​without control or education can trigger greed and all other kinds of defects.

Values ​​in the Family

The values ​​in the family are made up of a series of virtues and principles, each family has its own, although it is possible that they coincide with others, these values ​​depend mainly on the beliefs that its members have, also on their culture, the head of the family He is the main person responsible for ensuring that the members of his family receive good values.

These values ​​can also be defined as a long list of rules that are specific to each family, these make each member of each family can relate to each other in a good way, these family values ​​are generally transmitted from parents to their children, that is, , from generation to generation.

The values ​​of the family are based on respect, each family must have members who respect each other, they should also feel love with each other, in this way they will take care of each other, they will also celebrate the achievements of the other, they should also have a spirituality to communicate with each other and seek God in times of need.

Judeo-Christian values

The group known as Judeo-Christian has several names with which they refer to it, there are people who call them “Hebrew Christians”, there are also people who call them “Jewish Christians”, this religious group is to which the title that we currently know Christianity, this because they went through a stage of conversion from their Judaism to the teachings of Christ.

The Jews as part of their stage of change decided to live in accordance with the teachings of God, therefore, they accepted Jesus as the son of God and also as their messiah, they followed all the teachings that He left us, these Judeo-Christian values ​​are what which are currently known as Christian Values, are faithfully oriented to live under the word of God the father.

Catholic values

It is said that Catholic values ​​are closely related to the teachings obtained through the word of God, these values ​​are transmitted to society through the church, the goal is to be able to influence as many people as possible with positive values, so that they are good citizens.

Many of the catholic values ​​are used daily in normal life, for example, faith, besides being a value, is also one of the most important principles of the bible, it belongs completely to the spiritual world, this with the intention of establishing a better connection with God the father.

Fidelity is another very significant principle for Catholic families, many people have set aside this value of their teachings, in fact, they even detract from its value, therefore, these families have members who are disloyal to each other and to the rest In the world too, there are other families that remain faithful not only with God the father but also with their family and their respective partners.

Moral values

These values ​​are those that are intrinsic to each person, morality can vary from person to person because not all think in the same way, therefore, the actions of a person when doing something that could be correct or not, It totally depends on each person, because many could agree or not, this will be good or bad depending on the values ​​of each person.

Types of moral values

Generally, the moral values ​​that each person has are acquired as children, these as they grow up they develop them in one way or another, these values ​​are generally developed from the person’s home and according to the implementation they go changing or not.

These values ​​denote a personal development in those who execute them depending on whether they are good actions, or for example, living honestly, always being sincere and showing kindness and empathy in all situations. The moral values ​​that should be found primarily in a person who wants to live honestly are listed below.

  1. Gratitude
  2. Respect
  3. Amistad
  4. Goodness
  5. Dignity
  6. Generosity

Human values

Human values ​​can be defined as virtues, these depend on the culture that each person has, also on the moral belief they have, for this reason, in many places an act is considered inappropriate but, in other places, the act is not inappropriate but rather recurring and acceptable.

As each culture has its own opinion, its own customs and so on as what can be classified as correct and incorrect, it is valid to say that the culture is governed by the opinion of each person. Human values ​​should be classified more as principles that help personal development than as virtues.

Human values, being determined by culture in many cases, tend to remain in force over the years, this means that culture, when modified, its values ​​can also be changed, this is the reason why, despite the fact that the traditions of many places undergo changes, the values ​​remain the same.

There are values ​​that are considered should remain unchanged, this because of the importance they have, these values ​​define the life of the human being in many cases, they are usually learned from childhood and mark the way forward for these on many occasions, these they are in charge of determining how positive or not a life will be.

Human values, unlike the ten commandments of God, are not written in stone, therefore, it is not as if there were a list of all of them, these values ​​are given many times by the places that each person frequents, this at the rate that human principles and values ​​can change according to the changes that it undergoes.

The human value of responsibility could easily be considered the most important, this value has the power to lead the human being to be successful, if someone wants to have an honorable and successful life, they should have this value above any other, honesty is not only a human but a religious value, but it is just as important as the previous one.

All human beings have a series of values, these were obtained according to their upbringing and way of life, these allow them, according to their morals, to distinguish good from evil, therefore, values ​​and morals help Humans set goals, visualize them and, consequently, fulfill them, in this way they would achieve their objectives.


The best way to define ethics is to define it as public morality, in other words, ethical values ​​are shared by a series of people or professionals, the reason is that these ethical values ​​accompany professions and groups of people, a way To see this is that, by ethics, a doctor must attend to any patient who comes to him, regardless of the conditions, regardless of who he is.

Ethical values ​​are intended to influence people’s behavior, that is, classify people’s actions in such a way that they adapt to the context that needs it, ethics is universal because the ethical values ​​of a profession will be the same Regardless of what country you are in, the best example of an ethical value is the Hippocratic Oath that doctors take.

Finally, ethics could be considered as a set of public moral values, therefore, whoever wants to belong to a certain group must adhere to these values ​​and, therefore, it could be said that ethics is nothing more than a type of control, The reason is that in the event that a situation arises that is adverse to the person’s wishes, they have to behave in accordance with the ethical values ​​of their union.


Faith is considered as a spiritual value, this because faith is believing in what you do not see expecting, but having the conviction that it is real, Faith is highly defended in the Holy Bible and is an almost essential requirement. For every good child of God, this is usually related to someone’s ideals and, therefore, gives him what he needs to fulfill his desires and goals.

Religions almost in their entirety usually take faith as their basis to belong to them, there are cases such as that of the Christian church, in this faith is the motive by which the human being can achieve everything that is practically impossible, in short, faith in Christianity is treated as an intangible object that allows you to achieve what you set out to do.

Therefore, the spiritual value of faith should be developed according to the capacities of each person, yes, respecting what is previously established in the Holy Bible, in this way a life full of good achievements is guaranteed.

Importance of values

Values ​​can be considered as a set of virtues imbued in the human being, acquired through teaching, for example at home, they can also be acquired naturally, that is, by observation, through family influence, Values ​​could be considered as a series of vitally important principles necessary for families to live together in peace.

It is considered that without values ​​it is impossible for a person to develop adequately in his life and in society, values ​​are nothing more than virtues that govern the acts and behaviors of each person, thus allowing them to achieve success in all goals. that they establish for each area of ​​their lives.

It is known that the human being is a creature of habits, therefore, he also behaves according to the habits developed throughout his life and, the values ​​that he has been developing, in human interaction his relationships can even be strengthened according to the values ​​that each one has, in other words, by not having principles and values, society would be lost.

The  Christian Values ​​are seen as good qualities, these are present in all people and, they show the importance of their beliefs, principles and virtues, the values ​​can be developed to a greater or lesser extent, this depends entirely on the person in question. question. Below is a list of Christian Values ​​and their importance at a social level.


Respect is considered one of the most important virtues, the reason is that this is a quality that gives men the power to understand others, appreciate and value them, accepting their good qualities, also accepting that all people are different and each one has both its own personality and what makes it special.

A clear example of respect is; the one that the Japanese do when leaning forward a little in front of others. All people deserve and are worthy of respect, even if they do not respect it, the reason is that this is a personal value, therefore, even if others do not have it, we do, it is for this reason that we have to act with based on our personal values.

Respect is not only related to other values, the practice of this virtue generates other positive qualities, for example, in a work environment, respect can generate the creation of friendships for life. Respect is the main basis of tolerance, therefore, here is another example of the relationship of this value with other virtues, a society that respects others, is a society in which the success of its inhabitants will be reflected.


Love is not only a feeling, it is also classified as a virtue, even considered as one of the main  Christian Values , it is the most important value that should be developed in society, through it many advances have been achieved in all aspects of life in society, this value motivates people to go out in search of what makes them happy and in doing so, they do it well because it is what they love.

Generally, interpersonal relationships are based on this value, social relationships also use this principle as a basis, this value is represented in aspects such as friendship, although it is also reflected in families. This value is better explained in the Bible because here the great sacrifice that Christ made for humanity is narrated, he let himself be crucified out of love for all humanity, therefore, we could consider love as a gift from God.

This fact is narrated in a better way in the Bible in the book John 3.16, here it is talked about how God to show his love for the world sent Jesus to earth, He did it with the intention that all people could repent of their sins and, therefore, seek expiation for them, accepting Jesus in their hearts.

The love of God is the greatest proof of love that has existed in the world, there is none that compares to it, therefore, love is considered the main basis of each of the values, this is also a very extensive topic and has been the subject of debate throughout history, it could be considered a quite controversial principle.


Freedom is considered as one of the Christian Values ​​that allow people to carry out their functions in life correctly, this value is in all human beings but each one experiences it differently, this value is manifested in the society through the customs and actions of its members.

If in a society, community or group there is no freedom as a value, chaos will soon be present, the reason is that the human being by nature has freedom as something intrinsic, therefore, the development of this is important both in people, as well as in the social context in which they work.


Justice is one of those values ​​that are considered the most important within its category, the reason is that this value aims to seek a relationship between the good of people, that is, the individual good, and the good of society. , that is, the common good of all the people who live in a specific place.

Justice is a value, principle and even considered a right, according to the laws of most countries, justice is a right of each citizen, justice seeks equality between each person, also fairness and honesty, there are those who they relate justice to freedom, however this is a somewhat risky comparison because justice is only responsible for giving freedom to those who really deserve it.

The tolerance

Tolerance is a value that is of great importance, the reason is that through this is that the human being can live in harmony, this value goes hand in hand with respect and peace, the reason is that this value has tolerating acts that are beyond our control but that do not affect us is the main quality. This value is very present in developed societies.

The main pillar of tolerance is freedom of expression, that is, each person in full use of their faculties can say what they want, can give their opinion as much as they want and can present their criteria without fear of being physically or verbally attacked, all this under the premise that all human beings are unique and, therefore, differences are something that must be learned to tolerate.


When we talk about equity, we talk about a very important value because the basis of this is that all members of a society, regardless of race or color, even social status, should receive the same respect equally, even the same treatment, This value is well applied in Asian societies, specifically in Japan, where everyone, regardless of conditions, is equally respected.


Peace is considered a value, this is very necessary for a society to develop fully, this value is based on being able to maintain tranquility in all contexts, that is, peace at a social level, peace at a person level. Peace should generally be present in all social circles because, since there is no peace, it is very certain that there will be a lot of discord in the environment.

This value is of the utmost importance because it can generate great changes in a place, this value aspires to achieve harmony in all environments, also tranquility, it is said that peace is a gift given by God the father, in the Holy Bible this is described as a being full of peace, everyone who comes to God in search of it will be blessed with it.

As you can see, peace is established in the Bible as a value, although it is also seen as peace is just one of the many qualities that God the Father has to offer to everyone who goes in search of it. The sacrifice of Christ on the cross was also an attempt to achieve peace, He wanted to prevent human beings from continuing to live in constant wars and sin.

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