Prayer to Get the Money Efficiently

Prayer to Get the Money Efficiently

One of the great concerns of the human being is to cover all his needs and that of his family. When he can’t do it, he turns to God, saints, and other popular figures for help. Such is the case of the effective prayer for money, which is a powerful prayer that prayed with faith allows us to solve the economic situation we are going through, even if it is very difficult. Here you will find different prayers that have this purpose.

 Effective prayer for money

Before introducing you to this prayer, it is necessary to explain to you some elements that will allow you to enter into its historical context. First of all, we must remember that since the beginning of humanity, man has tried to understand what for him is inexplicable.

This is how he began to believe in gods whom he worshiped with devotion, he also did the same with statuettes and images. Religion has tried to channel these beliefs, an example of which is Christianity.

Christianity uses the Bible to explain everything that exists in space before and after Jesus Christ, this is one of the religious doctrines that has had and has the most followers worldwide.

With it, one begins to believe in a unique, true, all-powerful, omnipresent God and creator of everything that exists. In turn, it is believed in his son Jesus Christ who came into the world to redeem us from our sins and obtain eternal life.

Now, the branch of Catholicism, unlike other Christian groups, has also named numerous people saints, this has been the product of a humble existence, dedicated to God, having performed miracles and demonstrated other virtues during their existence that make them worthy of such designation.

Parallel to this, other characters emerge in the popular ideology who, although they do not have the approval of the Catholic Church and are not considered saints, have gained followers and devotees. One of them was Jesús Malverde, revered by the Mexican population, who attributes countless miracles to him.

Saint Malverde’s biography is presented in the following video, then you can read part of his story in the following paragraphs.

Who was Jesus Malverde?

This popular character was born in 1870 and died in 1909, both events occurred in the town of Sinaloa, located in Mexico. He was a bandit and highway robber. His real surname was Campos, but he was nicknamed Malverde because he hid in the green thicket to carry out his assaults. He was a Catholic man who frequently attended the church in his town.

When he carried out his misdeeds, he could be heard saying his famous phrase ” help my people in the name of God “. This is why many considered them a kind of Robin Hood who helped his fellow men in need.

The stories of his life are mixed, making it impossible to decide which are real and which are fictional. It is said that his way of acting is as a result of the death of his parents due to hunger and the exploitation of some landowners.

It is also stated that he was a working man, mason or worker in the laying of the Mexican railway networks. The truth is that he was characterized by stealing and looting wealthy people. This caused him to be denounced and become a fugitive from the law. Despite a fierce pursuit, the same people protected him, which made it difficult to capture him.

Regarding his death, there are multiple versions, one of them is that the police authorities found him and murdered him in cold blood. Another version is that a member of the gang betrayed him and handed him over to the law.

The most widespread story explains that in a confrontation with the police, he was wounded and gangrene developed, knowing that he would not survive and that they were offering a large reward for him, Malverde asked a friend to hand him over, collect the money and distributed among the poor.

Why is the effective prayer for money prayed?

For everything explained in the previous section, Jesús Malverde Campos was considered a saint in his town, receiving nicknames such as “the generous bandit” or “the saint of drug traffickers”.

The Christian church does not consider him a saint despite being venerated by a large crowd, while Catholics consider him an example of a pagan devotion defending bad customs and habits.

All this has not prevented that, since his death in 1909, people began to make requests of him and proclaim that thanks to him they had obtained favors and miracles, especially criminals.

For many, Malverde is capable of healing the sick, providing blessings, finding lost objects and even protecting individuals who are dedicated to drug trafficking.

In addition, its protection also reaches people who want to illegally cross the border with the United States. In addition to this, he is invoked to help the poor who have to be taken to a criminal trial.

As you can see, the effective prayer for money addressed to Malverde has its origin in a series of beliefs and superstitions born of a people who consider him their saint and protector.

Make it known that Jesus Malverde is not only prayed for money, it is also done in the face of illness, a difficult situation, prosperity, to get a job or any particular case that you want to request.

Places where Malverde is worshiped

The first place in which Jesús Malverde Campos is venerated is in his home state of Sinaloa, but his veneration has spread throughout Mexico.

Chapels have been built in numerous places, where believers light candles, pray to him and place offerings to him. The most famous are those of Culiacán, Tijuana, Badiraguato and Chihuahua, as well as the one located on the highway that leads to the city of Aldama.

Likewise, the popularity of this saint of drug traffickers has been growing in Colombia, a country characterized by constant scandals related to drug use and trafficking. Another geographical space where he is venerated is in Loa Angeles, it is inferred that this originates from the number of Mexicans who live in this area.

Different prayers for effective money

Even though the prayer to Jesus Malverde for money is the most effective, then we will introduce you to this and other prayers that can help you achieve what you want to obtain.

Prayer to Jesús Malverde to have money

If you are in a desperate economic situation, you find yourself without money and you do not know what to do, this is the ideal prayer for you.

Today, I implore you in this prayer, revered saint Malverde, grant me the wishes that I beg you in this prayer. Today I am desperate because of the money that has disappeared from my life, leaving me in despair.

That is why I come to you, so that you minimize this pain, my fervor will be so much that if you grant my request you will be worthy of all my love and devotion. Help me, beloved saint, in this moment and in this hour that my heart implores you.

Holy, holy, holy you are and all the poor you protect. Money I want to have to buy everything I want to own. Help me, beloved saint, today I am under your protection.

Oh, wonderful Malverde, help me to emerge triumphant from this disturbing event, take away all the bitter pills that I am going through today. I beg you and I ask Malverde to be happy to see me, because only my beloved Saint will hear my request (Repeat what you want to achieve) and the money will come to me.

Thank you Malverde, for this favor granted, soon, soon I will see myself swimming in a lot of money and I will say goodbye to so much despair. So be it. 

Prayer to Jesus Malverde

This prayer is not dedicated to any specific request, so you can pray and add other paragraphs where you express the favor you want to get.

Patron of the poor and bandits, today I want to see my favor granted. Make me your apprentice to live that way. May I lack nothing and may everything I have reach me. Teach this anxious heart to be more generous.

Today I need you to alleviate my suffering, grant me, beloved saint, the grace of your collaboration so that this moment does not become even worse. Beloved Malverde, help me right now and take this torment away from me.

Oh, Malverde, beloved saint, at this moment I invoke you since I am your faithful devotee. Thank you I give you for your attentive listening that everything bad bursts. Today I ask you to help (Express what you want to achieve). Listen to me, Santo Malverde, in your arms I want to see myself. Thank you, thank you, thank you, grant me this request. 

Prayer to get a job

On this occasion the prayer should be prayed by those who are unemployed or who have an occupation that is not to their liking.

Malverde, holy and hard-working man, I know you can hear me, that’s why and today I come to implore you. I want to get a job where what I earn is enough for me.

May the job I ask of you be what I want, a good salary and security I want with this job for which I pray. Give me serenity sir, take away my laziness and I will carefully fulfill all the obligations.

I promise to worship you and never forget you. Malverde, beloved saint, thank you for the favors granted. Remember me at all times and allow me to move forward for the work I want to achieve. So be it.

Prayer for protection

Beloved, Mr. Malverde, today I come to you, protective spirit. I know that you have been the benefactor of everyone who needs you, I find myself helpless and that is why I implore you to see me with decorum and alleviate this torment that I feel.

The evil that stalks me will soon vanish because your protection will cover me. Protect me today and always, without any harm reaching me. I pray, I pray Malverde so that you can grant me what I ask so much of you.

Help me, mighty Malverde, give me your protection, take care of me from all danger and wrap me up like a child. There must be no darkness on the path that I have to travel.

You will keep all enemies away from me, every gossipy and malicious person who wants to act against me. I know that all this you will grant me. So be it.

If you want to complement this prayer, making a more specific request, you can invoke divine protection against illness or something unfair. After having recited the prayer, proceed to repeat three Our Fathers and three Hail Marys.

Other prayers to Jesus Malverde

If you are one of those people who find it difficult to achieve true love, get the person you love to stay by your side or simply attract that being you like so much, the prayer that we present below is ideal for you.

It does not matter if you are male or female, in the following video you will be able to listen to powerful prayers to get the love of your life. Watch it carefully.

Recommendations to pray the effective prayer for money

Both for the prayer to Jesús Malverde for money and for any other prayer that we previously mentioned, we recommend:

  • Find a quiet place where you can concentrate to pray.
  • Make a small altar with a Malverde statuette or iconography and place a green candle.
  • Light the green candle.
  • Pray with devotion and faith.
  • Repeat the prayer for seven consecutive days and at the same time (it is recommended that it preferably be in the morning)
  • Believe in what you are doing, this is essential for Jesús Malverde to hear your prayers and grant you what you so vehemently desire.

We hope that the information offered in this article has been to your liking. We take this opportunity to invite you to visit the following electronic pages with content typical of popular belief.

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